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[Drama 2018-2019] Memories of the Alhambra | Recuerdos de la Alhambra, 알함브라 궁전의 추억

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I would like to give my point of view about the kiss scene . For me it’s not forced or just inserted to satisfy the fans but there’s a reason behind . At that point of Jin woo’s  world is collapsing .

SJJ should be banned from writing. She's a mess. I'm so disappointed now. Psycho writer!!!!  The leads didn’t end meet at the end and barely had screentime lol.Worst ending ever.     Where a

My perve mode is still on and feeling well... "inspired"  @trust3 Im joining you with the pervy mode. But secretly speaking Ive yet to see PSH do any bed scenes I wonder if this will be her 1st. 

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Kdrama: Memories of the Alhambra

Review (ep 1-7): by cococassey

After months and months of my waning interest in dramas, Alhambra is the Matrix virus infecting and corrupting me with its memories, unable to escape its web of mysteries, like Jin Woo. So what is Alhambra exactly? It explores what happens when a guy gets involved in a game which becomes a nightmarish reality.


In the first few episodes, the leads are not typically the protagonists we want to root for. Jin Woo is not a likable character to be honest. He is oh so rude and blunt. What made me keep watching is that laughably long flight of stairs Jin Woo has to tackle to stay at Hostel Bonita. Though ultimately the turning point to cracktastic drama is when a zombie NPC (non player character) keeps popping up to haunt our lead and suddenly the story turned into a heart-pounding scifi thriller.


What will keep you glued to the screen is the drama’s depiction of Jin Woo’s gradual descent to ‘madness’ which gave him this hopeless vulnerability, and how he copes with his new nightmare through addiction to meds and alcohol. You’re wondering as to why this is all happening to him, how is he going to fight and survive it.


That specific scene where he locked himself in the shower (fully clothed, sorry), Hee Ju calls to check on him, and he pretends everything is okay (so as not to disturb her bday party) but he was so terrified and it was his lowest point. It was so heartbreaking to see the once so arrogant and proud Jin Woo as that.


Hee Ju comes off as emotional who cries off the bat, and I agree, but that makes her more real too. Not everyone is strong all the time. What I like about Hee Ju is yes she succumbs to feelings first, but after she gets her bearings, she’s calm and resolves the problem at hand. She cleans up Jin Woo’s mess all the time because of his 'hallucinations’.


Oh Hyun Bin…I understand all the Hyun Bin tracksuit love now. As Jin Woo eventually questions his own sanity, you’d expect an actor to act more and more hysterical, but his calmness makes you root for him that he can handle the latest hurdle and get past this. His understated portrayal of Jin Woo has the right mix of fragility and strength which makes me see why Hee Ju wants to protect him.


I felt I’ve gone through the stages with Hee Ju from wanting to smack the smugness out of Jin Woo’s face, to being deeply 'concerned’ about his well-being. This is why I can tentatively get behind the romance, though not all in yet. Jin Woo’s transgressions to Hee Ju do pile up, and the drama even said it outright Hee Ju is too good for him, through one of the drama’s best characters, Hee Ju’s little sister who is like a mini Jin Woo with her comical bluntness.


What is kdrama if it’s not deeply personal, and the personal stakes involved in Jin Woo’s past also makes everything deliciously murkier, with a dead ex best friend(who he may have killed), the traitorous ex-wife who suspects him, and the mysteriously foreboding father figure/mentor, who I’m expecting to be big bad any second because he is so good in Train to Busan, I may never see him in any other way now?


Come and join me, get addicted to the charms and chains of Alhambra. BTW, where the heck is Se Ju? He needs to be okay, drama, do you hear me?!



Kdrama: Memories of the Alhambra

Rating: 9/10

Review (finale): by cococassey

Guys guys why the outrage? Don’t you think we all owe it to Hyun Bin to let him rest and take it easy on the last episode of the drama? Poor guy, alternative title of this drama should be ‘The Hundred Ways to Torture Hyun Bin’. He seriously got thinner with each episode after that unforgettable badass performance as Jin Woo.


About that finale, I’m not as mad as people are over that sort of 'hopeful’ open ending. Honestly a lot of drama writers are in love with that. I thought before, ok if she just explained 'the bug’ why playing the game can get you killed in real life, then it’s all good. We kind of passed that hurdle. But she last minute added this 'instance dungeon’, the idea has its merits, but it was explained and executed poorly as there was not enough time.


So as the writer wants me to fill in the blanks on my own, I’m assuming that instance dungeon is a safe zone (Seju created) like 'Cafe Alcazaba’ where you can survive free from attackers, but you’re stuck in the game and frozen in time (Hello wreck it Ralph?). Maybe Jin Woo survived (as he is a living person) but was weakened after Emma deleted the bug off him, panicked and stumbled upon it, and got stuck there, escaping the reset? In my own happy ending Hee Ju will level up to be the new master to save Jin Woo, with allies genius brother Seju and funny techie Yang Ju, they’ll get Jin Woo out in no time. And Hee Ju will keep him far far away from playing games for the rest of their lives lol.


But boy do I need more peace and closure for Jin Woo after all he went through. Please something more. For him and Hee Ju. Though that ending takes away nothing from the fact that there’s simply nothing like Alhambra in dramaland yet, and I hope it starts a genre trend. It’s mainly a scifi thriller with a futuristic theme, but at its heart it’s still about very human things like love, family, and friendship kdramas excel at. There’s a tragic tone throughout, but there’s lightness and hope amidst it all.


The tale is how the camaraderie of four men with seemingly strong ties, was broken through jealousy, greediness, and pride. How both horrifyingly tragic and fitting is it that it’s the son who put an end to his father’s evil ways because of the professor’s own plans? On the other side of the coin, when Jin Woo was at his lowest, there were also friendships that lasted over and beyond life itself. Director Park has to have the most thankless job ever (no wonder he’s resigning) and an underrated role, love how his character hit that perfect blend of 'he thinks Jin Woo is crazy bonkers but he’s still concerned as a friend’. Of course I may never recover from the tragic fate of ever loyal Secretary Jeong Hun who can seriously give Hee Ju a run for her money as true OTP of Jin Woo.


Speaking of the romance, I’m such a sucker for that 'Florence Nightingale’ angle. When zombie Hyeong Seok started haunting him, Jin Woo was broken physically and his sanity hanging on a thread, he desperately latched on to Hee Ju as his light. Hee Ju, from feelings that started from gratitude and being in his debt, took care of him and never gave up on him until the end. I’m infatuated myself with him after this, how can I question Hee Ju’s feelings lol.

Hee Ju’s character was sorely underused. Even though she’s emotional, she’s so capable, nurturing, and the backbone not only of her family, but Jin Woo as well. He wouldn’t have survived this long without her strength. Another big minus for me is the lack of more good female characters in the drama. The writer can only redeem herself if she writes about the adventures of awesome sister Min Ju sometime in the future.


Finally, Hyun Bin. The heart and soul of this show. Jin Woo is Memories of the Alhambra. Hyun Bin is back on top of dramaland, and he so deserves it. He never overacts and his performance is so understated, but I felt for him throughout his roller coaster ride, the slow descent from an arrogant CEO to someone who is questioning his own sanity, truly one for the books. He suffered and survived on his own, not wanting to include others in the cursed bug, tried to make a new 'normal’ for himself and had the tenacious will to finish the game till the bitter end.

The ending left me with a melancholic feeling, but given the chance I’ll watch it all over again. All those memories with Jin Woo and Hee Ju are worth all the anxiety it caused me. Not the best of wrap ups, but what do we know? Maybe one day it’ll be raining, and you’ll hear a familiar guitar song playing, and when you look up, you’ll once again see that impish smirk, we already dearly miss. We’ll wait for you, Jin Woo.




More on Hee Ju…


Ok, I’m still annoyed by the bad rap Hee Ju’s character gets from netizens. I agree the writer could have used more of her. She is so capable. But the thought that she only needs to play the game full mode to save her man? Excuse me, she saved Jin Woo so many times in this show in just a grounded real life way, not fantastical or virtual (as per the show’s theme).


When he first encountered the murderous bug, and was wondering whether he was losing his mind, at the same time hurt physically, barely unable to fend for himself, she was the one by his side nursing him back to health. Secondly, after Jin Woo reached a new normal of sorts with his life, killing Cha Hyeong Seok’s NPC ghost with a gun when he shows up, real life monsters started to crash down on him with Prof and Yura out for his throat.


Hee Ju was also the one to give him his space and at the same time roused him out of that depressing time (on the 2nd birthday he ‘ruined’ for her). If not for her, he might not have the will and the strength to continue on with the impossible quest of finishing the game until the end. I guess I’m still not over it, huh.

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Lee Si Won Talks About Acting In “Memories of the Alhambra,” Watching “SKY Castle” As Seoul National University Alumni, And More

Feb 3, 2019
by L. Kim

Actress Lee Si Won from “Memories of the Alhambra” recently participated in a photo shoot and interview for bnt International.

In “Memories of the Alhambra,” Lee Si Won played Lee Soo Jin, a complex character who was neat and intelligent yet unstable and depressed. She said, “Lee Soo Jin is a very pretty knife. It’s a metaphor by the writer. She may be living under all the right conditions, but she is a very unfortunate person. I thought about what it would be like if I were in a situation like that and tried to put myself in that kind of misery, but it was really hard to endure.”

Her character was also hated by viewers because she separated Yoo Jin Woo (Hyun Bin) from Cha Hyung Seok (Park Hoon). Lee Si Won explained, “I think it’s a natural reaction from the viewers who were so absorbed in the drama. Even if they hated and condemned me as the actress who played Lee Soo Jin, I don’t want to let go of her hand. I want to understand her and be her ally. I focused more on personal feelings toward other humans than on love between men and women.”






Lee Si Won also talked about her chemistry with Hyun Bin and Park Hoon. She said, “Hyun Bin is a veteran actor, and I learned a lot from how he took care of himself. Park Hoon is very sociable. He made the atmosphere down-to-earth and took care of me well, so I was able to adapt quickly to the drama.”


The actress mentioned the drama’s ambiguous ending. She shared, “It ended with so much openness. I think the writer wanted to create a drama where the viewers can fill it up and interpret in various ways. From the viewer’s point of view, I hope Jin Woo will come back and be beautifully in love with Jung Hee Joo (Park Shin Hye).”



full article: 


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Hello thread.. long time no see after 2 weeks from the drama finale.. :relaxed: my try for this drama fmv but sources not good (any advice where I can get good sources of raw vid?) should be set in 720p and still will be.. Yashhh but I hope you guys check it on my YT and give it a like it will be soooo niceeee:blush:  



for the open ending, it makes me keep imagining them meet via a new dimension, so I will just end their story in my mind with this version: after they meet in that place where Jinwoo shoots the NPCs, they realized that is their way to reconnect, at that kind of world firstly. Then Jinwoo and Hejoo are going to have some privacy besides all the game players, after a long wait they already knew the code where they meet soon, that Granada hills. So Hejoo takes her flight immediately and the two gotta back together with love:heart::joy:

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It is very hard to see this forum now dead and deserted, except for the pictures of the lduc whom I thank.
I saw the first 13 episodes of the drama again with a good translation, and it was much better than the first time. Especially emotionally charged scenes, or certain secondary roles.

Meanwhile, I have progressed in writing W season 2, having completed episode 59, and therefore writing the last episodes, 60 to 66. I slowed down a little bit because I wrote a lot over a period of two months, and I ended up saturating. I prefer to save an authentic energy for the end.

I realize even more how effective Song Jae-Jung's writing is.
Often, she brings a plot-twist, then explains it afterwards, in the form of a flashback. This sometimes irritated some spectators. But if the scenes are written in chronological order, it loses all its flavour. The plot-twist disappears, since all the previous scenes will bring it gently. Finally, when the key scene appears, the viewer knows too much, and has been able to guess too much and anticipate what would happen. I am worried that I have written plot-twists that have become too apparent since then, having respected the chronology. Maybe if I reread the script and pay attention to it, I will detect plot-twists whose effect is not optimal.  Although concretely, I have also developed the habit of writing in her own way. Surprise first, then explanation. I love it when a scene is powerful and unexpected. I like to push the spectator out of his comfort zone. So I have to use what I learn, especially the principle of "pushing the limits".
I cut the pear in half and published the second episode as well.


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