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[Drama 2018-2019] Memories of the Alhambra | Recuerdos de la Alhambra, 알함브라 궁전의 추억

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I would like to give my point of view about the kiss scene . For me it’s not forced or just inserted to satisfy the fans but there’s a reason behind . At that point of Jin woo’s  world is collapsing .

SJJ should be banned from writing. She's a mess. I'm so disappointed now. Psycho writer!!!!  The leads didn’t end meet at the end and barely had screentime lol.Worst ending ever.     Where a

My perve mode is still on and feeling well... "inspired"  @trust3 Im joining you with the pervy mode. But secretly speaking Ive yet to see PSH do any bed scenes I wonder if this will be her 1st. 

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JW in the church. Cha appeared. JW took out the key dagger. He stabbed Cha with it.

Park arrived in church. He only found JW's cane. He's logged in!! and saw some pile of white dust on the floor. It's from Cha's body as we see in flashback. Some messages on screen appeared as Park touched the pile, it has the user name. Park saw another pile of white dust in another aisle. We see in flashback that it's from Prof's body.... Okay, I guess JW need to find Marco too? Will JW have to turn into white dust too??

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last fight of Cha zombie and Zinu..


it looks pretty intense.. Zinu stabbed Cha zombie heart with the golden key..  CEO is joining the game! OMG... he read his eye sight.. he found white powder ( cha’s ashes) wow that golden key destroys Cha’s body becomes crystal! Daebak!


CEO recognizes Cha body ashes.. and he saw other ashes to from killed NPCs.. Zinu saw Papa Cha zombie.. OMG so intenseee! I am trembling now... papa Cha look at Zinu.. Zinu cries.. stabbed papa Cha in the heart.. huu huu huuuu... :bawling:

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31 minutes ago, wenchanteur said:


Damn... you should enjoy W season 2... It is by thinking of vigilant spectators like you that I write it. And first of all because I am one too, to the point of being passionate. Even without a spectator, I would do it. The project is far from over, but I published the first episode in the fanfix section to show how it will look. And make people want to keep an eye on it for the future. I think the means used are capable of reviving magic. I feel it when I place myself as a spectator. I haven't had any feedback so far, and if you're interested, your opinion would be very useful.


Is it in the fanfic section? I would love to read and I will, once my head clears with the withdrawal symptoms of MOA. It takes at least a week for me to recover from a drama that I have invested in with my time and brain cells. I am sure you must understand that feeling too. Hehe..

And yeah, I am a vigilant spectator. Even in everyday life, I just happen to notice things that are completely oblivious to the person standing beside me. So, I can totally relate to you. Also, that is one of the reasons why I like writer SJJ's work.

You want feedback, I will nitpick your work..;)

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Park touches the fairy dust and the computer tells him something. He sees another pile of dust


JW sees Seo and walks up to him...crap Im gonna cry :bawling: he finds it so hard to stab him and he does by hugging him too. Seo dissolves now and JW is crying :bawling:


This is soooo freaking sad


Park knows what happens and breaks down too. 


JW is still in the church, Emma is here and he walks to her. .... crap next timeline


HJ calls Park, Park tells her JW was at the church. Park sees Emma


Jw is walking to Emma


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So will he stab himself after this?.....


We shall wait and see~


Continue recap..


JW is sitting dejected. And he hears guitar sounds. Its emma~


Now stab her! Evil laugh. (This did not happen)


HJ calls office dude.


I'm confused. Why cant office dude see JW. Did he arrive too late?


Anyong Emma says JW.


She asks for the key. And JW hands it in.


Anddddd...scene cut to office dude.


He sees a lump.


Its JW! JW is a lump of dust. HJ is still on the phone while all this happened. And rushed to the church.

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JW asks Emma something HE gives her the key. She takes it..pls dont stab him???


Park walks up to the alter theres a dust there....cRAP!!!! NOOOOOO


HE touches it then collaspes. HJ is asking what is wrong but he drops the phone.


HJ arrrives at the church . She sees the dusts and ask what is it.  The dusts flys up to the air all NPCs are disappearing. The server is going crazy. 

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  • Jillia changed the title to [Drama 2018-2019] Memories of the Alhambra | Recuerdos de la Alhambra, 알함브라 궁전의 추억

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