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[Drama 2018-2019] Memories of the Alhambra | Recuerdos de la Alhambra, 알함브라 궁전의 추억

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SJJ should be banned from writing. She's a mess. I'm so disappointed now. Psycho writer!!!!  The leads didn’t end meet at the end and barely had screentime lol.Worst ending ever.     Where a

I would like to give my point of view about the kiss scene . For me it’s not forced or just inserted to satisfy the fans but there’s a reason behind . At that point of Jin woo’s  world is collapsing .

My translation might be wrong, cuz I'm not that good in Korean, but I tried?! BTS (Phone conversation): HB: If you look at the script on the phone .. like this (small) SH: No, if you tu

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On 1/16/2019 at 12:01 PM, Kasmic said:

More tvN stills

  Reveal hidden contents



Here is a clearer SJJ interview ...still some bits I dont understand and disagree but learnt to just let it go. That's her style. She should just stick to movies. 


@wenchanteur here's another SJJ interview that you'll enjoy. As a writer yourself and a fan of hers maybe you can/would understand her perspective more. Would love to hear you view on her interview. 


Thanks @maris1 for the link - https://channels.vlive.tv/BF37FF/vtoday/0.9780052


This part of the interview is breaking my heart and making me boil ...like seriously! JW love for HJ is what keeping him from going insane. How could she - SJJ not realise the importance of HJ role into JW life yet concentrate more on his guilt with CHS  :heartbreak: 



▼ Which direction will the two final episodes of the drama be developed?


Maybe Jin Woo's frustratingly complicated relationships will be solved. Honestly, I feel pitiful for Hee Joo if she becomes a couple with Jin Woo. Except for the title of "Plutocrat", Jin Woo is a character who has too many issues to discuss. If Jin Woo is supposed to take his relationship with Hee Joo seriously, he will have to handle more things and solve them thoroughly. I hope audiences will pay close attention to the story in which Jin Woo will pay his mental debt to Hyung Suk instead of his love affair because this really is an important thing to me.




Throughout the episodes, I don't find the romance between JW and HJ "forced".  For me as an audience watching the story unfold, their romance seems to me quite a natural progression.  I agree with the argument that for JW, after 2 failed marriages as well as finding himself in an extreme distraught situation because of the gaming, romance is most likely the last thing on his mind.  But for the exact same reason, we as human innately possess the ability to find outlets for tension and emotional distress and lean on those who understand and believe us.    I don't think JW considered HJ a romantic prospect in any way in the beginning.  But how HJ took care of him without questioning had somehow opened a tiny space in this heart for HJ (as JW had voice-overed on the train when leaving Granada) -- I think that was one of the reasons JW decided to initiate contacts with HJ, one year after the incident in Granada. 


I can somewhat imagine JW's mentality shift during that one year in the US:  Though still in distress, frustration, and guilt over killing CHS, with the passing of time, JW must have also become slightly numb, less overwrought, and more accepting to the eerie reappearance of zombie CHS and other crazy consequences of the gaming.   He went to see HJ, not because he had fallen for her, but because of some kind of belief that HJ, unlike others, would not see him as some mega lunatic.  HJ dismissed JW after finding out what happened to her brother, but at the end because of her consistent supports as well as her trust, it triggered the romantic feeling to sprout, trust to build on his part, and I think before JW could rationally think through whether he should/should not or even "wants to" have a new romantic relationship in that stage of his life, HJ had already become a supportive existence for him as we saw in the past few episodes.  


I read writer SJJ's interview with my mouth agape.  I find it difficult to accept the script writer's perspectives on JW/HJ's relationship - what a load of crap and to me a shallow explanation.  It doesn't take an expert to imagine the emotional mindsets of HJ and JW, but as a scriptwriter, the fact that she doesn't seem to grasp the emotional development of the characters she created really surprises me.   I don't quite understand how SJJ could own the storyline without those basic understanding of human emotions and possibilities.  

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So were nearing the end... And the only thing i didnt like in this drama is the ridiculous Game which sadly is a big part of the story. I can't believe what im saying but i find W's alternate world more believable than how this Game is being presented in the drama. 



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I also don’t understand why must JE pay mental debt to HS. The reason why  he looked for SJ so he can only start his relationship with HJ. In the episode where they had their first kiss he said if there’s only one person who can believe him then he will stay that’s he asked HJ and that was the reason why he continued to fight. Is the writer being lost of how the story is being developed . The romance between HJ and JW is not forced rather it is the pillar that make both of them strong. As what someone had mentioned here that W is more believable. 

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Hey guys! Just want to say, I love this drama! I started watching this drama on Tuesday and binge-watched it all day & I’m caught up & just finished eps 14 yesterday! 


The concept of this drama is refreshing and thrilling & major props to all the cast members! Throughout the drams though, I was wondering why they never thought of making armor for defense haha.


the only thing I really don’t like or maybe bc I watched it all in 2 days (this is just my opinion so pls no hate lol) is Hee Ju is crying wuth every scenario. I understand that it is her character & she’s vulnerable, but by now I thought I would see some character development that made her more stark or to see her actually playing the game but oh well. Besides that, I really like this drama! It kept me on my toes & the way of filming and editing editing (altho some are long and repeated) make it very suspenseful!

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1 hour ago, KymberleeD said:

its pretty quiet here... hmmmm! :huh:


are you guys still holding on...? 


is it Saturday yet...? 


no BTS so far??? 



I believe everybody is still here.... just taking the time to chill down after the writer's pr stunt. ^_^



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I’ll be holding to  the last episode. Cause of HB and PSH. And because of what I read about HB interview that at then everything will be solved and there will be magical romance . Let’s support MOTA

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Yeah Im still bitter, I cannot chill I thought I have but I its not working. Sorry but not sorry writer SJJ youve just made a real bitter anti-fan in me. Not that she cares. One word for her and I'll end it at that is "disrespectful" not just to PSH but all the casts and crew. Her lack of trusts in them makes me boil. I feel like HJ walking into a battle field of NPCs snippers without any armour or weapon... doomed for hurt then game over.  I cant believe thats how she wants women to be perceived as...:vicx::rage:


I shouldve posted these updates earlier but crap happens


To a more "respectful" interviews from child actress Lee Re - MinJoo









Read - https://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=109&aid=0003937078


From her interview, she said she really enjoyed filming and was sadden that it ended so quick. She loved working with all the casts particularly PSH, HB and even Chanyeol. Their care  and support for her made her very comfortable, free and natural in her role.  She really admired the talent, beauty and charisma of both leads including PSH and HB.  Furthermore she appreciates PSH for not only her care/ hugs but also support and advice so she too like PSH can later breakout of her child-actress roles. 


Like always LR can bring smiles to my face.


@scarletashin I believe it was you whom asked for OST album details. 

MOA ost album will be released as of 23rd Jan. Orders are now being accepted and shipping will take place after this date. It comes with 68 page album, pop cards, 1 CD of 25 tracks - including the 6 Osts weve heard, BGMs and even PSH and HB narration. Preorders will receive 1 of these posters (while stock lasts) Price roughly 44,600 won 


Track list - 



DISC (CD) .1
01. Little Prince
02. Elaine - Daydream
03. Believe (Hyun Bin & Park Shin Hye Dialogue)
04. Eileen - Is You
05. George - Memories of the Alhambra Palace
06. haejugo end (Narration by Hyun Bin) like
07. amount Dail - the I'm Here
08. eddy Kim - we maybe
09. the I'm Here (. Guitar Solo Ver)
10. unavoidable duel
11. magical beginning
12 Delusion and Truth
13. Discovery of new enemies
14. Death In Granada
15. Unreal reality
16. Mysterious world
17. Connection error
18. Casual encounter
19. Magical reality drawn in front of you
20. Bonnie hostel
21. Embarrassing event
22. Game nodded
23. Space in three dimensions
24. Game beyond limit
25. Recuerdos de la Alhambra


See links for orders -  http://www.applemusic.co.kr/shop/shopdetail.html?branduid=3358369&xcode=021&mcode=002&scode=001&type=Y&sort=manual&cur_code=021&GfDT=bml6W1g%3D




tvN IG released a countkill clip of CHS....15 kills! dragged out that much <_< 



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