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[Drama 2018-2019] Memories of the Alhambra | Recuerdos de la Alhambra, 알함브라 궁전의 추억

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Lots of Soompian comment on running and limping/or lack of.


When one is chased or shot at, and the adrenalin is on, one forgets about pain.   He limps and uses cane because of pain, not because one leg is shorter than the other.

When one plays this game to the grandmaster level 100, one gets lots of practice running...on the streets!  This beats any workout at a fitness center....at least there, one can wear comfortable clothes and stay in air conditioned rooms.

Many policemen are not that fit, unless they are young and newly graduated.  the rest just have to pass the yearly physical examination.


Some soompian comment on the logic/or lack of

The premise of the story was illogical.... trying to make logic out of the illogical (like broken bathroom door)  just hurts one's head.  This reader doesn't bother.... just goes with the flow and see what happens at the end.


Some soompian mention about the relationship/skinship/or lack of between CEO Yoon and human crying faucet Hee Joo

This is a 16 episodes complex action sci-fi, so the story stays with the game development, with the romance on the side.  In any case, Hee Joo is sensitive and emotional and cries easily (even her friend the guitarmaker commented on it in the 2nd episode).  Note how she almost vomit seeing blood all over CEO Yoo's clothes and then the sudden shocking violence when he shot the soldier dead.  Bet a sheltered flower loving guitarist has never seen anything like that.... Amazing she did not vomit on him, but she is tougher than she looks (kept going into dangerous area as level 1 EMMA while getting shot at)!  There are people who cry and those who rarely do....that's her nature to cry.  Let's see if she will cry when she becomes Mrs. Yoon #3!


As far as skinship, it is hard to do a lot of skin when someone is trying to pierce your hide, with a gun or an arrow or a sword!  The smell of human blood tends to dampen one's libido....  This account a great deal for the lack of ardor on the part of CEO Yoo toward the (2nd) love of his life.  He sees blood and death, she just sees a sad/tired/depressed Ahjussi!  CEO Yoo really hits the lottery with #3.   There are also 2 smooching scenes in the story, which is more than some other dramas (look at dae jang geum….54 episodes with ….zero), so what more does the audience needs?


At the end of this story, the game will probably be shut down, since it is too dangerous, even without the anomaly that happened.... It is strange to see grown men running around, dodging left and right and fall down on the street... some may get hurt, even if there is no zombie in their game.

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I would like to give my point of view about the kiss scene . For me it’s not forced or just inserted to satisfy the fans but there’s a reason behind . At that point of Jin woo’s  world is collapsing .

SJJ should be banned from writing. She's a mess. I'm so disappointed now. Psycho writer!!!!  The leads didn’t end meet at the end and barely had screentime lol.Worst ending ever.     Where a

My translation might be wrong, cuz I'm not that good in Korean, but I tried?! BTS (Phone conversation): HB: If you look at the script on the phone .. like this (small) SH: No, if you tu

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2 hours ago, sanika said:


Sorry about the late reply. I just saw this post. The plot sounds AMAZING! Do let me know when you plan to start publishing it. Also, if you can draw, you could think about posting it on LINE Discover?


I have developed a Html page generator (I have some IT development skills), so I would choose a hosting, when the time comes.

I quickly translate some presentation texts that I made and that will be used to make a topic in the fanfix forum when the script is finished. For the time being, there is a risk of errors on the part of the automatic translator. It must be taken into account that these texts are not made to be read today, and that I just post them here quickly, in a rather invisible way.

Spoilered, to avoid off-topic on this forum dedicated to MOA. To avoid violating the rules of the forum, it will be better to answer me in a private message than to continue a conversation here.




The story is 90% in the same style as the original drama, written by scriptwriter Song Jae-Jung, of whom I am an unconditional admirer:
- A story that progresses rapidly without time-out.
- No unnecessary or filling scenes.
- Use of secondary scenes to clarify the plot, the rendering of the characters, present a rich content in itself.
- Frequent and surprising twists and turns, major plot-twists.
- A series of events that are impossible to predict.
- An important depth on the psychological and existential levels.
- Chilling scenes that give you goose bumps, because of their mysterious or grandiose side.
- Jubilant, two-way conversations, surrealist, due to the "mise en abime".
- Strong and sincere emotions, as in all dramas.
- Romances and poignant situations to break your heart.
- Action, suspense and a good dose of horror.
- The respect of the rules of the manhwa of the season 1.
- A story that crosses the boundaries of Imagination.


The specificities of season 2 are as follows:
- Exposition of a coherent interpretation of the phenomena encountered during the season 1.
- More explanations, reinforcing the logical side of the story.
- New rules and unknown phenomena derived from W universe.
- A very strong cohesion from beginning to end, resembling a gigantic puzzle.
- A tangle of situations and meanings overlapping over the entire plot.
- More riddles and complexity, testing the brain.
- More time for comedy.
- A plot that goes crescendo from beginning to end.
- A more spectacular side.
- Some situations bordering on the limit of what is usually shown in a Korean drama.
- Some situations that can be quite harsh or disturbing, but without any mature content.
- A decidedly more advanced orientation, to compensate for the fact that Season 1 already established the basic concept.
- A story that goes beyond imagination. ^^


"W Season 2" is not a book or a fan fiction, it's a drama script.

This script is structured to be transformed into a screenplay that can be used in the production environment.
A screenplay contains information about transitions between scenes and visual effects out of context to the story that only make sense on a screen.
As it stands, this script lacks some elements, which will have to be integrated into the screenplay, such as additional descriptions reserved for production, but which would spoil the pleasure of reading.


The specificities of a script compared to a book are as follows:
- Only scenes that would be seen on a screen are told.
- Descriptions are limited to what can be seen in each scene.
- There is no out-of-context element told by a narrator, such as a historical summary.
- There is no internal description of the characters' states of mind, or of aside on their past life.
- The story always takes place in the present.
- Descriptions are kept to a minimum in an effort to be concise.
- The literary style, without being totally absent, is simple and direct.
- Some screenplay elements are already integrated in the script.
As a result of all this, the pace of the story is 2 to 5 times faster than in a book.


The W2 Four Worlds script has two objectives.


1 - Propose the script to MBC, or other Korean channel (in case of rights buyback).

The drama was written in script form to have a useful value in the production environment.
This is necessary but still not enough, because it would have to be reworked to obtain a 100% professional screenplay, with all the difficulties that this implies.
- The first difficulty is the time and effort required, without any certainty of a result.
- The second difficulty is the professional mastery necessary to write a screenplay.
- The third difficulty is to evaluate time correctly. Is an episode 30 minutes, less or more, and by how much?
- The fourth difficulty is the interest that a television channel could have in such a project.

For a Korean channel to accept such a script seems almost impossible to me, and I don't expect it.
I would already have to have a way to contact the right person, and that's already a major obstacle.
I only want to start the process because the story demands it.
A refusal is almost certain, even if the producer would find the story very interesting. There are many other reasons that stand in the way, and that it would take too long to summarize.
I will give at least one: the script can only be proposed in English. The Korean translation would cost at least $15,000 without any certainty that the translator has done his job properly.
The story of W2 Four Worlds may just be impossible to adapt in a drama!


To remedy this problem, I am considering two possibilities:
- Work on a limited number of passages in the form of screenplay. Propose the beginning of the story, a summary of the episodes, the synopsis, selected excerpts and spoilers allowing a producer to have a quick view, since a producer rarely has time to read all the scripts sent to him. Then wait for a feedback, which will allow me to know if it is worth investing in rewriting a screenplay. Or if the project is acceptable, offer the script that will be reworked by a scriptwriter from the television channel. Even if many aspects of the story are ousted, its realization in one form or another seems more important to me.
- Find a way to contact (and I don't know how) the writer Song Jae-Jung. For advice, find out if the story has the potential for adaptation, or if it would be of interest to them. Working in partnership, as often happens with screenwriters. He would be the most qualified person to make a real screenplay, improve the story, erase its defects. A person for whom, whatever the result, I can have complete confidence. However, I think she needs to be more interested in her own projects, so again, I have no illusions about that.


2 - Offer the script to the public, mainly fans of the drama "W".
Since production by a television channel is unlikely, another means of publication must be provided.
Presenting a simple script to read, more difficult to understand than a book, is not an option.
This is why this script must be adapted in the form of a drama-photo, or photo-drama.
Here too, the time required to complete the project is very long.
It seems impossible to me to conduct both the drama-photo adaptation and the screenplay adaptation together.


A drama-photo is an original concept, of which I have not found any precedents on the internet, to my sad regret.
It's different from a photo-novel, an illustrated story, a series of subtitled screenshot, or a comic strip.
It is a way of proposing a story so that the reader has the impression of seeing a drama on television rather than reading, a complete immersion. We can say that the reader ceases to be one, and becomes a spectator.


A drama-photo has three characteristics:
- Each line of dialogue is preceded by a photo of the interlocutor with an expression that matches his or her words.
- Large images are inserted regularly, to break the rhythm, to immerse the spectator in the atmosphere, to give him an idea of the places, characters and situations.
- The font regularly changes size and color, depending on whether it is a description, dialogue, thought, written text, thought flashback, narrated or narrative flashback, future flashforward, hypothetical flashforward, voice-over, narrative voice-over. This effect is studied by being light and not disturbing, to reinforce the direct understanding of a scene.

The drama-photo produces the same effect as if you were looking at images, by reading a subtitle, as in a real drama.

The purpose of the drama-photo is to give the viewer time to immerse himself in the images, which summarize the characters' attitudes in a direct way, without needing a description for each of their expressions.
The illusion generated by the drama-photo is capable of making emotions feel more deeply.
It can be said that the time saved by reducing the script descriptions is compensated by visual effects, taking some time to be appreciated.


From a technical point of view, the drama-photo suffers from a few imperfections that I ask you to forgive.
The constraints are terrible, and the hunting of images difficult. It was impossible to ensure impeccable consistency.
- Sometimes a character does not wear exactly the same clothing from one scene to another.
- The backgrounds don't really match, but most of the time it's invisible thanks to the close-up view.
- The brightness between two characters in the same scene is not always the same. This defect has a positive effect, it is easier to discern character changes in a dialogue.
- However, within the same scene, the same character keeps the same brightness.
- The photo montages are not professional, but I hope they are of sufficient quality.
- The locations shown are not always exactly where they should be, or have dissonant details.
- Some secondary characters did not have enough image sources, forcing a compromise between facial expression and what it should have been in the text.


Ideally, I would like to not publish anything until everything is fully completed.
First I stuck to the goal of finishing writing the entire script before anything else.
For the publication of the photo-drama, I hesitate. Can this be done by script arcs?
Any early publication will cause enormous frustration for the viewer, the frustration of not being able to read the rest for weeks or months. More seriously, it means losing touch with history, which requires significant continuity in memory. The realization of the drama-photo is very long.
- Writing the script for an episode takes at least 15 hours full-time, not counting the correction phases.
- Turning an episode into a photo-drama takes just under two weeks.
The first episode must be published as soon as the script ends, at least for demonstration purposes.
This may result in the publication of two or three episodes, and then perhaps a dozen more. But then I don't see too many exits. Hence the following section on a possible collaborative project.


Getting involved in another person's project is very difficult, so without risking disappointment, I don't expect to get help.
But I propose just in case. Maybe there are some hardcore "W" fans who might feel motivated.
The main problem to be encountered is to read the story a little early, in a state where the pleasure of reading is far from optimal. The other problem to encounter is to read the story without being able to finish it at a normal pace, and therefore to suffer terribly from not knowing the rest for weeks.
Overall, anyone who wants to help will find a real creative pleasure and the joy of being at the heart of the subject. On the other hand, it will seriously spoil his reading pleasure.

************** Beta readers **************
The simplest form of contribution, at least in appearance. Consists in detecting the various problems of the story, things that are not very comprehensible, script errors, which could be missing for the viewer and which I do not detect because I have everything in mind. It can also be a critical feedback, on scenes lacking tone, or various ideas for improvement.

************ English language proofreaders ****************
I use DeepL, which provides a high quality, but not perfect, machine translation from French to English.
The correction can be a simple detection of irrelevant expressions in the final English text.
A more successful correction work would be to also use DeepL, and possibly a reinforcement via Google Trad or other tool, to assess the relevance of the translation. It is easier to speak French for that, even if some words are recognizable.

************** Image hunters ***************
This consists of reading episodes whose number of large images is not complete (50 or more images per episode), then searching for images that could correspond to the scenes described.
Either images that can be used as is, or that could be used for photo-montage.
This requires finding them on the internet, but above all using software that can make screenshots of various dramas.

************** Picture editors ***************
Characters handling photo editing software, such as photoshop, with a certain ease.
This consists of reading the uncompleted episodes in large images, and making all kinds of photo-montages.
Scene that changes from "real" to "image", incrustation of characters in scenery corresponding to a scene, creation of posters or posters for the drama. A talented graphic designer could even draw portions of manhwa.
Being assisted for large images would allow me to focus on staging the small images of the dialogues.






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24 minutes ago, frankreich said:

Can someone translate the making video? I only understood Hyun Bin saying something at the end about Jinwoo, lips, kiss, and eating. Hahaha

Oh I can make a sentence with that but that will be too R rated :lol: *pervemodeon*


I think we go more pervy with the bts vids than the actual scene :lol:

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2 hours ago, Kasmic said:

Welcome to Soompi! Wow you are indeed a newbie lol! Your first post too. :D

This BGM will be released together with the full OST album so it might take longer. (Generally within a month after the drama ends - though this being pre-produce maybe earlier) All the instrumental music of any kdrama tends to released with the full album and only the OSTs are earlier. 


Oh alright. Gonna wait for it. Thank you for your reply. Nice to meet all people here :D

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39 minutes ago, Kasmic said:

Oh I can make a sentence with that but that will be too R rated :lol: *pervemodeon*


I think we go more pervy with the bts vids than the actual scene :lol:

a really? all I can understand is HB keeps saying Jinwoo is in a hurry :lol: I don't know the rest and now I'm curious lol


29 minutes ago, haha1999 said:

What's the rating like for ep 13 or 14?

Ep 13 : 9,3%

Ep 14 : 10%

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28 minutes ago, haha1999 said:

What's the rating like for ep 13 or 14?


Nationwide: 9.316%

Seoul: 11.841%


Nationwide: 10.025%

Seoul: 12.996%



The BTS video is so cute, Shinhye calling Hyun Bin and elderly and ahjussi cuz he can't use the phone:lol:

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3 hours ago, JojoCx3 said:

I just finished watching the episode ...... my Sejoooooooo is back finally :bawling::bawling:

I can't wait till next week to watch the final episodes ;( anyways ..... from the trailer, they didn't find a solution to the game?! what if they get rid of Emma? maybe it will be okay? cuz she's the one who made the game like this? and wth did Soojin do? why did she apologize? why did she commit suicide? and did she cheat on her husband before? I know she cheated on Jinwoo with CHS, but why commit suicide now for it??? and what if she's the one who killed her husband? maybe she put something in his drink before he went out to meet Jinwoo? :/

Soo jin committed suicide because Yu ra said that HS also died knowing he was being cheated on..

essentially the two men in her life and she became a cheater towards both.. plus that raises question on the child and people contemplating if the child is his or his..


Maybe all Emma has really done is create a shield around the person.. so that the world can't see the person..

e.g. maybe sejoo was always with family but the shield wouldn't let others see him..

who knows maybe was even sleeping in the same house in korea

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12 minutes ago, enigmatic_zephy said:

Maybe all Emma has really done is create a shield around the person.. so that the world can't see the person..

e.g. maybe sejoo was always with family but the shield wouldn't let others see him..

who knows maybe was even sleeping in the same house in korea


Oh ......! then poor Seju he can see his family but they couldn't .. that would make it even more sadder! I was wondering how did he come to Seoul in what 2 days? 1 and half days? I mean Jinwoo can't fly, but he can transfer money to him to come back to Korea but idk your theory makes me more sad for Seju ;(

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Some Soompian comment on the attempt suicide of Pediatrician Soo Jin.


She felt guilty that she was the cause of the death of her 2nd husband at the hand of her 1st husband.  In effect, she destroyed the lives of both men.  Her current life living with a cold calculating father in law who rejected even his own grand son, plus the loneliness of her situation (it's obvious that she no longer works so she doesn't even have that to keeps her occupy) drove her to try to kill herself.  Being a physician she should have no problem getting tranquilizer.   Some audience dislike her... this reader thinks she is a decent woman who made mistakes and who is depressed, living with the weight of her sins.    Last scene, she is on a ventilator and should do fine when the drug is out of her systems.  She needs to be around to take care of her child.


#2  yu ra is another kettle of fish all together.  She represents all the biting, poisonous crawling creatures in the animal kingdom (spider, viper, bat etc..) plus prickly things in the plant kingdom (cacti, saw grass etc...).  She needs to be around to pay for her sins....with a serial number and stripe clothing.


#3 Hee Joo should change her name to Emma and plays Recuerdos de Alhambra while wearing a veil with Fatima wrist band and gypsy clothing.  Her Ahjussi will go ga-ga and propose to her on his knee, while shooting zombies.  Funny, but he is taken with her, after he met Emma.  would be funny if she becomes jealous of her computer game self!  She needs to be around to turn scowling Ahjussi into a smiling Jin Woo....and teach him Spanish!  Perfect song for them is Sabor A Mi.

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4 hours ago, sanika said:


The IT guy didn't delete her because he had a crush on her, no other reason. Think about it, according to JinWoo, the blurring between the virtual and AR worlds happened because there was real violence in front of Emma. She couldn't delete the real weapons, so she made the hurts became reality instead. That is the real threat of this game, the biggest flaw. Added to that, she also possibly "kidnapped" SeJu from the real world to keep him safe. Seems like she is doing to the same to JinWoo in the next episode to "save" him from the police. Of course she is the peace maker but her method of enforcing is a bit twisted. My original point was to deal with the flaw of the game and save the company. Seems like Emma is the flaw and in order for the game to be launched, they will have to delete her.

If this is the case, then HJ shud go see Emma fast & claim her man :lol:


Also many complaint abt fan service. What's wrong with the fan service? I LOVE FAN SERVICE. Please do more fan service...the more extreme fan service the better :D its not everyday we see PSH & HB romancing on the screen & when MOA ended, dunno when we will see them opposite each other on the screen again, let alone doing this type of fan service...so writernim pls let PSH & HB do lots more fan services in these last 2 episodes



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1 hour ago, enigmatic_zephy said:

Maybe all Emma has really done is create a shield around the person.. so that the world can't see the person..

e.g. maybe sejoo was always with family but the shield wouldn't let others see him..

who knows maybe was even sleeping in the same house in korea

Its great if that is the case, the idea  that probably SJ has been staying with his family all along...now if the same thing apply to JW, I wonder whose bed he has been sleeping on from the time he disappeared? :P

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omg. I just realized that HB teased PSH, that's why she hides behind him lol this ajeossi.

cmiiw he said "Jin Woo is in hurry right now. it's like he lost his lips." which PSH respons "the lips line is dissapear." and he said again "Jin Woo is really in hurry"




and why did the PD-nim embarrassed lmao they are all so cute

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2 more episodes? Why I feel so sad now....

only one weekend I will see our OTP together? Oh NO, I'm not ready this drama to end, no matter the ending is.

Writer-nim please keep writing flashback after flashback ... and more flashback, I really love it.

Seeing HyunBin and PSH acting is something else, I'm not talking about the KISS, they are together is so .... cannot describe, but they are so powerful together.


Eddy Kim ost feels like the spring is coming soon. But Without Park Shin Hye and Hyun Bin??

I already miss them.:bawling:




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2 minutes ago, JojoCx3 said:

My translation might be wrong, cuz I'm not that good in Korean, but I tried?!

BTS (Phone conversation):

HB: If you look at the script on the phone .. like this (small)

SH: No, if you turn to the side like this, you can read it.

HB: urgh, annoying.

SH: Elderly .. Ahjussi-ya, ahjussi

HB: Ahjussi (in a surprised way)

HB: Do you like looking at it (the script) on books,  or the iPad? 

SH: Books.

HB: Right. (then idk what he said, can't hear him well, but heard "I'm like this (event)????" :lol:)

SH: Your eyes hurt.


BTS (Kiss scene at the end)

HB: Jinwoo is in a hurry.

SH: oh? 

HB: Jinwoo seemed to be in a hurry, for the lips, all, forced to eat it all away? (I think he means Jinwoo was hungry for the lips? lol)

SH: Lips line disappearing.

HB I told you Jinwoo is in a bit of a hurry.


Yes, HB is right, Zinu is in a hurry - That Breitling watch only can stall 4.5 minutes? LOL

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