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[Drama 2018-2019] Memories of the Alhambra | Recuerdos de la Alhambra, 알함브라 궁전의 추억

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41 minutes ago, katakwasabi said:

My other question: why or how can HJ talk to Emma? HJ is level 1. Emna will only respond to above level 5 players. Hoho


32 minutes ago, stargazer187 said:

Ohh... you have a point in there. I almost forgot this. Now, I also wondered how could she talk to her. Is it maybe the programmer dude add some program that allows her to talk with her?  ;) I'm not sure tho. 


Though it's implied that HJ got to know Emma better, the latter hasn't still speak to former. Same wih Jinwoo, he got to speak to Emma without response the first time.

HJ admit to JW that Emma disappeared after a sentence. That means Emma is not answering her questions. HJ got to observed Emma only. 

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I would like to give my point of view about the kiss scene . For me it’s not forced or just inserted to satisfy the fans but there’s a reason behind . At that point of Jin woo’s  world is collapsing .

SJJ should be banned from writing. She's a mess. I'm so disappointed now. Psycho writer!!!!  The leads didn’t end meet at the end and barely had screentime lol.Worst ending ever.     Where a

My perve mode is still on and feeling well... "inspired"  @trust3 Im joining you with the pervy mode. But secretly speaking Ive yet to see PSH do any bed scenes I wonder if this will be her 1st. 

Posted Images

PHEW! I am so happy to be wrong about real people being the cause of the erratic NPC behavior :ph34r:

  • I kinda have a feeling that CHS might have been slowly killed by LSJ. She wasn't too happy about CHS revealing their affair without her consent and forcing her to make the decision to marry him to salvage her reputation.
  • It was also so satisfying to see Prof. Cha cowering in fear for once. I think that JinWoo would have continued to refuse to "prove" his innocence had he just been fired from his position, as realistically it is a correct business decision. What pushed him over he edge was the fact that Prof. Cha reopened the case, falsified documents and even enlisted YuRa's false testimony to screw him over. Prof. Cha will have to eat the humble pie and quit the company once JinWoo resolves the issue with the game and finds SeJu.
  • YuRa too has sealed her fate. Once everything is over, JinWoo will probably make public all the scandalous material he has about her. She couldn't have anticipated that she would lose the protection of Prof. Cha before making whatever announcement she has made in her urge to get even.
  • Director Park and IT Choi will surely be rewarded by JinWoo for being loyal to him till the end. Their bromance is not being appreciated. I find it telling that, since all the incidences started, JinWoo never once suspected that someone from his own company might be trying to do him in. He has steadfastly believed that it was a bug in the game. I find that telling about his faith in his people.


I am happy to be right about the fact that HeeJu's knowledge as a tour guide would be of importance to solve the quest :D

It is really frustrating that JinWoo is keeping his cards close to him. Even today,he didn't share the implications and his theories about the Key of Heaven and Hand of Fatima. He could have easily brainstormed with HeeJu who has the historical knowledge as well as of SeJu!How can she know what to ask Emma if JinWoon doesn't share the information he has!!!! So frustrating!


I am down-right ECSTATIC that Emma has a hidden function :wub:!

I am really loving how the author has combined the history of Alhambra, the  key and bracelet design with actual game function. I am just starting to be awed by the intricacies involved in the character design of Emma  :

  • Based on his sister of SeJu who is more like a mother, who provides him with security (safe-zone) to grow up and takes care of his hurts (Healer).
  • The character wearing the bracelet accessory (Hand of Fatima)
  • And the master stroke was making the character, both Emma and HeeJu, a classical guitarist! How else would the attention go to her hand specifically!
  • The finally cherry on the top is the music she plays is  "Recuerdos de la Alhambra", neatly tying it back with the central theme of the game.


On a lighter note

SeJu could be hiding in the Alcazaba ( Oldest part of the Alhambra built by Mohammed I used as a fortress for military purposes) Cafe :P He would have access to food and water as well as have Emma to keep him company and to keep him safe from NPC Marco :P


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Writer-min, please do not make SJ the killer of Marco. Please make it someone else (the bad guy). Because SJ is so young I don’t think he wants to hurt anybody. Even SJ was trembling when talking to Marco. The gun he used was when he’s on the game, not a real gun (unless Emma, switch it)??.

There was a glitch during Marco-SJ confrontation at Alcazaba cafe, I hope a hacker is the culprit. 

No no I cannot accept SJ involved in Marco’s death:dissapointed_relieved:

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[Memories of Alhambra] Ep 13 spoilers, Hyun Bin & Park Shin Hye


Article: Naver 'Memories of Alhambra' Hyun Bin figures out secret to the golden key with Park Shin Hye's help 

1. [+2097,-205]
Seriously, the development is too severe.. A whole episode is done with just flashbacks.. It's not just this episode, but ever since the 8th episode, there is no content. 

2. [+1214,-93]
Today's episode was a little too much... The key and Hand of Fatima at the end, and it ended..... What is this.. ㅠㅠㅠ

3. [+844,-18]
Go Yoo Ra is as disgusting as Agal Mi Hyang. 

4. [+864,-42]
Was I really watching the first broadcast of the show?????

5. [+527,-47]
Hyun Bin is insane today. 

6. [+413,-25]
There is really no new content for today's episode........ Was today's episode made for new viewers? They are reusing so many scenes... Ha... If they don't have confidence to make it 16 episodes, then end it at 10. 

7. [+342,-5]
For me, more than Se Joo going missing, I'm more curious about why Yoo Jin Woo married a woman like Go Yoo Ra, no matter how much he felt betrayed by his ex-wife and had married her out of anger. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

8. [+383,-14]
Hyun Bin using the rifle was so cool. Today's focus point is Hyun Bin. 

9. [+332,-19]
At this rate, I can confirm that the scriptwriter writes great beginnings that go downhill. 


Article: Naver 'Memories of Alhambra' Hyun Bin solves the mystery to master's key... Emma is the beginning and the end 

1. [+1577,-21]
Anything in real life can be used in this game and no one can fight around Emma. The weapons will disappear. But when Emma witnessed Se Joo getting stabbed by Marco, Emma failed to distinguish between real life weapons and game weapons, that causes an error. From then on, that blurs the line between reality and game. 

2. [+969,-16]
The drama is dragging out so much, but 1 hr passed by quicky watching it.... This is such a strange drama. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+869,-13]
I wanted the professor to be stabbed by the NPCs at least once, and it happened at the end~ The scriptwriter can read my mind. 

4. [+444,-12]
Please make it longer.... 1hr flew by so quickly. 

5. [+374,-3]
Professor, you should try and end things. Why didn't you do anything about it? 

6. [+216,-26]
I yelled, "God Shin Hye" whenever Emma appears. How did she make Emma so different from Hee Joo in terms of her aura, voice, and her eyes..? Her beauty is crazy too, but her acting is jjang. 

7. [+201,-47]
An hour flew by so quickly. I was so immersed in it while watching, but it ended. Even if there were too many flashbacks, personally, I don't find it slow at all. Seriously, Hyun Bin's and Park Shin Hye's acting skills are no joke. 

8. [+167,-13]
Just as I've thought, Emma is the beginning and the end. Park Shin Hye did really well doing both roles on her own. Emma's charisma and aura were no joke even when she had only appeared for a short while. I'm having lingering images. 

9. [+180,-36]
But there are too many flashbacks today. Please stop reusing the scenes.

10. [+120,-11]
Park Shin Hye is so beautiful as Emma. Wow. I watched with my mouth opened. It feels healing whenever Emma appears. 



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7 hours ago, stargazer187 said:

 I think the real key to this is still SJ. He's the creator, the one who created and programmed the game. So it is right for him to finish his task to return it to its ordinary state. I mean, JW thinks that giving the key to Emma will complete the quest. Completing the quest doesn't guarantee that the problem is solved. ;) 

somehow I also think this way, we still have 3 eps to go right? :sweatingbullets: 


6 hours ago, enigmatic_zephy said:

he must have asked yura to float around the story of JW-SJ being lovers once again.. and basically discredit JW and SJ.. 

they started affair, killed HS etc etc

this makes a sense. but to make the polices chase after Jin Woo, it means Yura ady give the police some proofs (?). is it a fake of DNA result document? but it's not convince enough.


7 hours ago, 12blbl said:

They keep replaying previous scenes :huh:.

Anyway so JW only need to bring the key to Emma to finish the quest? He didn’t need to go to the gate of something in Alhambra?

imo, Se Joo used the Alhambra Palace history as an idea (secret) when he build up his game. Alhambra Palace = his game. so it's not the Alhambra itself. it's like a personification.


6 hours ago, Celi67 said:

At this moment with only 3 episodes left I just hope that at least the last episode will revolves only HJ and JW and of course not to forget the captain of the ship minju. JW and HJ deserve a happy ending after all the sacrifices they have done especially JW who never had happiness since he was young . He who never really feel to love and be loved . Now he found it . He really deserves it. 

ME TWO PLS look at how Jin Woo smiles so sweetly when he saw Hee Joo come to meet him ughhh he loves Hee Joo vm :""""(



24 minutes ago, AlexandraReid said:
7. [+342,-5]
For me, more than Se Joo going missing, I'm more curious about why Yoo Jin Woo married a woman like Go Yoo Ra, no matter how much he felt betrayed by his ex-wife and had married her out of anger. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

THIS! I really want to see how Jin Woo decided to marry Yura orz but we only have 3 eps more, so it'll be wiser to use them for Hee Joo -_-

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7 hours ago, enigmatic_zephy said:

ok now the game makes sense


and i guess from overall perspective, programmer SJ always designed it to be a breakthrough kind of game'


The day the quest ends, the mirage of virtual disappears!


That's what i was always saying, the only way to end the game is to win it


That's brilliant! It matches with the story HeeJu told JinWoo that when the Hand of Fatima meets the Key of Heaven, the palace will crumble.


7 hours ago, enigmatic_zephy said:

This also explains why presence of other humans doesn't stop the game.. it had to be Emma for duel to stop.. so HJ in hospital was the obstacle and only her


why dead NPC keep reappearing .. the rule says no fight, yet fight happens.. so that affected the other rule.. rule says defeated and move on, but defeated kept re-appearing as if not defeated


That is what I was thinking as well but I think they made a mistake in today's episode where they showed that an NPC arrived when HeeJu was logged in with JinWoo in that tea shop. Does, HeeJu work as a shield only when she is not in the game?


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1 hour ago, katakwasabi said:

My other question: why or how can HJ talk to Emma? HJ is level 1. Emna will only respond to above level 5 players. Hoho


Good Catch! HeeJu could have formed an alliance with the IT guy who is above level 5 and based on their shared experience, she could be able to talk to Emma (?)

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1 hour ago, katakwasabi said:

My other question: why or how can HJ talk to Emma? HJ is level 1. Emna will only respond to above level 5 players. Hoho


I think there are two possibilities I could tell from watching ep13:

1. The "Healer" Emma did not respond to Hee Ju at all because Hee Joo is at level 1, HJ just said Hello, Emma and later she told JW that "Emma" kept disappearing after only 1 sentence and randomly coming back

2. The "Emma" in JW apartment is not the one in Alhambra Cafe. She even could have a conversation with the team leader :-?


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I'm here now chingus!


@Kasmic as promised, my zombie is now on the hunt for grinners :P 


even though HJ is not an active-leveled up player, she is still involved in the game nonetheless. I thought JW would not want her to be directly involved but I am glad he's not hesitant to ask her for help this time around B)


I think I am going to wait on any input today. I watched it and while it was intense, this is me:




So much was going on and being discussed. And while flashbacks were being used a lot, it did push the story forward (although it could have come earlier <_<) we could have had these clues in episodes 8-10. 




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2 minutes ago, alicenguyen95 said:


I think there are two possibilities I could tell from watching ep13:

1. The "Healer" Emma did not respond to Hee Ju at all because Hee Joo is at level 1, HJ just said Hello, Emma and later she told JW that "Emma" kept disappearing after only 1 sentence and randomly coming back

2. The "Emma" in JW apartment is not the one in Alhambra Cafe. She even could have a conversation with the team leader :-?



If I am correct, isn't Team Leader a player too? His level is way above 5. Hence, he was able to talk to Emma. However, interesting thing is that the conversation was so formal, like an exchange between humans. It had nothing to do with the game. :blink: so i am thinking only when Emma is surrounded by the game walls, then her power is activated???

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BTW Chingus,


Can you imagine the scene where JinWoo will finally meet SeJu?


JinWoo is half in love with him anyways and he will go to hug SeJu where as the latter will wonder who this Ajusshii is and why is he sexually harassing me ???





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Ok I finally caught up with this thread...this is so fun. "There's  a zombie (or more) in this thread...a zombie (or more in this thread.." (ME: still singing that annoying Plants vs Zombie song :lol:)


Back to this drama b4 I get a red card. :P Hope I will be coherent...zombies needs brains so maybe I lost mine with poll 1. :lol:


About SeJu, I think his hiding in Alacazba cafe where Emma is protecting him. The cafe is a safe haven for all players so his there waiting for JW to finish the game. Like what Emma did to stop the players from fighting she probably was able to stop Marco and SeJu fight. SeJu probably left the train and made his way to the cafe for Emma to help him.

I wonder what the legend means by handing the key to Emma, the palace will crumble. Woah I hope that means the game will crumble and end. I think JW, HJ, NPC Cha and Seo will be at that church. We we're given a spoiler of that scene and Park Hoon was holding a bouquet of flowers. I think that will be his last scenes for MOA. Zombie Cha finally rests in peace and maybe Seo too. 


HJ as Emma the peacekeeper. Like Choi said it was indeed ideal that he created Emma is his sister's image..oh I do hope Emma is the key to end this charade. I dont think HJ was able to speak to Emma, as Emma would fade out after her attempts to speak to her. Their encounter has always been brief.


Like @Sarang21 said flashback over flashback made it difficult to understand. Though with eng subs it was slightly easier. @stargazer187 I watched Ep 13 last night...confused as hell...slept on it, watched it again....still puzzled but got some understanding. Though still plenty of questions.


 As it looks, apart from the game the issues of real life events will attack JW. I think Prof Cha has made YR testify and go public that JW is crazy, obsessed with his exwife and wants to kill CHS for revenge. His even given her part of JOne shares for her involvement. Will be interesting how they will resolve this case. I do hope they find out how Cha died as well as Seo. Is it really game related or something/ someone else?



Beautiful sassy MJ and HJ together



and the real Emma:joy:






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3 hours ago, katakwasabi said:

Question: why was his limp gone at the end of ep13? Was JW in the game when the cops where chasing him? He ran faster than the cops lol :sweatingbullets:

Park explained that in the episode when talking to Prof. Cha. He said that Jinwoo’s brain couldn’t distinguish the injury when he’s playing. He started walking normally again in the train back to Granada and then had a limp when the servers went down. Now that it’s back up and he’s playing again, the injury he has disappears from his mind or something like that. 


Yes, he’s still playing the game. Just “taking a break” as he said to Heejoo in the restaurant. Hehe. There even was a soldier he shot while they were inside. I think that as long as the server’s up, he can’t get away from the NPCs because of how high his level is.

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Sooo I've finished watching ep 13, an hour passed by so quickly:tears:









I looove playful Jinwoo but why JW-YJ?? when will I get JW-HJ subway date? LOL I swear subway date is one of my wanted list because subway is in every modern dramas and couples always have a date there:P











my reaction : YESSSSS MY MAN!! SHOOT THEM!! SHOOT THEM ALL!!! :glasses: I love his posture when he is shooting here, how can he be so handsome, cool, sexy, hot, sooo perfect:wub: Hyunbin needs to star in another action movie, preferably as a sniper/shooter or a lot of this kind of scenes LOL



Emma is gorgeous:wub: Less makeup PSH is pretty but even more beautiful when she has bolder makeup, she suits it so much imo.


And what do you think of this statement? If JW proven to be innocent, what would be the consequence for him?



So it all started with Emma, and will end with Emma too? I discussed about this with a friend once on how the game seems to be built / revolving around her I guess I'm partially right since she is indeed a core character in the game:D


edit: I finally figure out how to make hidden content:sweatingbullets:

Edited by hyuuhikari
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9 hours ago, stroppyse said:

As for the glitch being NPC Emma, I guess I can buy that somehow having Marco stab SJ in front of NPC Emma triggered a glitch, but that still doesn't explain Cha's death to me. Okay, he was yelling and angry at the cafe, however, the restriction didn't seem to be all aggressive behaviour, but rather, actual fighting which he didn't do. Not to mention, the Secretary's death from the game since he wasn't aggressive at all nor was he in Alzacaba Cafe.

I think the glitch affected the whole realm of gaming. I assumed so from the scene in the alley where SJ shot Marco with virtual gun. Notice the flickering walls and ground that swept through the whole place. 

If that happens in Granada, it still makes sense, but why would it affect the gaming in Seoul as well (Seo and Prof.  feeling pain)

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7 minutes ago, katakwasabi said:

I call it. This will end as it was all in the game only. No one actually died in real life. It was a virtual reality sorta thing that would be broken once the key is used. And everything will return to the past year.

Haha could be.. because come to think of it this drama has no real villain they are all a victim of glitch hehe

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  • Jillia changed the title to [Drama 2018-2019] Memories of the Alhambra | Recuerdos de la Alhambra, 알함브라 궁전의 추억

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