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[Drama 2018-2019] Memories of the Alhambra | Recuerdos de la Alhambra, 알함브라 궁전의 추억

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I would like to give my point of view about the kiss scene . For me it’s not forced or just inserted to satisfy the fans but there’s a reason behind . At that point of Jin woo’s  world is collapsing .

SJJ should be banned from writing. She's a mess. I'm so disappointed now. Psycho writer!!!!  The leads didn’t end meet at the end and barely had screentime lol.Worst ending ever.     Where a

My translation might be wrong, cuz I'm not that good in Korean, but I tried?! BTS (Phone conversation): HB: If you look at the script on the phone .. like this (small) SH: No, if you tu

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Tyvm for the recap @Kasmic @katakwasabi @ktcjdrama and the preview translation @stroppyse :)


Yay for winning Poll 1~ I get to keep my Jinwoo DP until we got answer for Poll 2:wub:


I haven't watched full ep 13 it seems intense, the stream was always lagging I just gave up and decided to catch the subbed version the next day:tears:


One thing made me surprised from watching the clip, Yura's role turned out to be bigger that I thought, I thought she would just be an annoying ex, not the extent of involving herself with the investigation:unsure:

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37 minutes ago, greezlybee said:

Emma's special ability somehow makes it clear... but makes it hard to process at the same time.


From what I understand, Emma is the final key to finish the quest (I hope she's the last key) and it seems like the game is the problem. When SJ said he can't sell the game to Cha, I'm pretty sure it's because of the glitch he found. But if that is the reason, why did he call JW to buy his game? Then JW's exes are making me soooo confused.


3 episodes left yet questions keep on piling. 



Se Joo didn't call Jin Woo to buy his game, but somehow thinks he can get a help from Jin woo, bcz he knows Jin Woo is the CEO of J One and have a lot of engineer experts whom maybe can find the game error. that's why he emailed the game to Jin Woo. scared and stressful bcz of Marco and threat from Hyung Seok made him think only Jin Woo could save him atm. but unluckily he can't meet Jin Woo in Granada bcz of Marco. it's the conclusion that I get from ep 9 and 13.


the only one which make me baffled is Yura. what did she do this time? is there any relation with Prof. Cha? bcz when Park said to him to cancel the investigation, he said it's too late.

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Action packed, fast-moving episode. Even though we are still clueless about many things and the episode was going in circles but I liked it. 


  • HeeJu logged in as 'Emma'..200.gif?cid=3640f6095c1917f8503646636761c43f                                                                                                                                            I am not skeptical because I wanted Guitar woman as her ID, but  I have always been wary of Emma and HeeJu and the possible complication of them being the same. The game can not be trusted when it comes to real people as players, and now when there are two 'Emmas', at least for the game, I don't know what to say..!
  • So, we are back to the theory of Marco zombie and Cha zombie having similar fates. See this is what the writer has been doing; she makes us believe that a theory is false but then cleverly come backs to the very assumption that was refuted. We have been going back and forth all along. Though, the theory is still Jin Woo's assumption and I have decided not to trust him. 
  • Lets say we believe what Jin Woo is saying. It means the problem was with Emma's character; because she embodies 'peace' and therefore anyone who tries to disrupt the 'harmony', within the Alcazba cafe i.e any player who has tried to digress from the game rules would be punished for his vice and misbehaviour. That would explain Cha and Marco's death as they were both somehow violating the Alcazba cafe rule of being the safe heaven for players(Marco stabbed SJ and Cha was shouting and threatening on the phone, ooppss..you can't do that). But it still doesn't explain Seo's death...
  • If the problem is Emma's character, then delete her. However, deleting her now would be full of complications. One, because she knows where SeJu is and two, HeeJu has logged in as Emma..gahh!
  • I just loved how they played out the history and symbolism of Alhambra Palace. Starting from today, I am saving money to visit Spain. Even though that seems like Jin Woo in zombie dungeon quest..impossible! Haha.. but I will try!:D
  • Go Yu Ra. Now I wonder what has she told the police that they are arresting him. Judging from her character, I think she accused him of harassment or something. Though, it is only to make Jin Woo's ordeal much worse than it already is. But that will bring HeeJu in to the picture and I am glad that she is out there to help. It's never too late.. Emma and Zinu against the world..yaayy!!:lol:
  • Emma, Zinu and Bathrooms! Lol..!

PS. I changed my profile pic..I love my zombie!

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On 1/12/2019 at 8:56 PM, yuhotarubi said:

I'm gonna look at the bright side,tomorrow we're getting a hug scene :wub:

That’s the most scene I am waiting for :D...

well, watching it on netflix and than read all the recaps help me through all the flashback.

HJ played the game but not as JW ally, cause he is still as an ally to prof cha. Remember Jw once said to park that he can not break the alliance as long as both of them were alive.

I love the flashbackceptions here, in each one there would be an answer or a clue for the present or the next even. Do you know I almost rewatching all of MOA episodes just to look back and try to find why real player could be killed in the game. Just I said maybe this game has error or something interfering the previous game. And the answer was at alcazaba cafe, the only place that always raining and MOA song was played. Perhaps SJ made boundaries within the game that prevented users using real weapon or touch each other. So Marco who did not realized it, stabbed SJ with the real knife suddenly made an error inside the game. Before their quarreling they were already in game mode, because we could see Emma playing guitar, and Emma saw them fight. After they left the cafe, CHS who was also in game mode has come and waited for Marco for hours until SJ picked up Marco’s phone and answering him. I think if we could see the NPC or pirates or Emma or the rain at least one player was logged on, so we could see the different sight of JW jacket when HJ still logged on and after logged out. 

about the golden key, JW think he should give it to Emma after he reach level 100. That is the key to find SJ. just one poster here said SJ was hiding inside the game but since he is a fugitive now maybe the only wayto give the key to Emma is inside the church. But don’t ask me why it must be a church. It still dark for me. 

So, for me the final key is Emma... 



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What an action packed episode JW as a sniper is ooohla la to the highest level :phew: . I like the concept of flashback which connect JW assumptions and some clarification on game connection to Alhambra symbols (but the coolest part is I did not get lost following it):sweatingbullets:


JW and PD banters abt his relationship w HJ is really cute. With JW playfully asked him if he shld apologize - now we know that subway sanwich cannot only restore game health it can possibly cure a broken heart :D


Also like the way they played it on the romance dept.. it was just chill go w the flow devt between the couple. JW smiles within their crisis is just so cool coz he is determined in finishing the quest/ game becoz he already have the reason in doing so. .....

at least changing my dp to zombie panpan is worth it for this wk :tounge_wink:


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oknow the game makes sense


and i guess from overall perspective, programmer SJ always designed it to be a breakthrough kind of game'


The day the quest ends, the mirage of virtual disappears!


That's what i was always saying, the only way to end the game is to win it



Thsi also explains why presence of other humans doesn't stop the game.. it had to be emma for duel to stop.. so HJ in hospital was the obstacle and only her


why dead NPC keep reappearing .. the rule says no fight, yet fight happens.. so that affected the other rule.. rule says defeated and move on, but defeated kept re-appearing as if not defeated

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17 minutes ago, stroppyse said:

I don't see a problem with HJ logging in as Emma the player while there is Emma the NPC in the game, actually. The question is whether the game is going to conflate the two, but I don't see why it would. The key to the quest is clearly Emma the NPC and the Key to Heaven that JW has. I guess he's going to bring the two items together now, the Key to Heaven and Fatima's bracelet that is worn on NPC Emma's hand. I hope that brings some more answers.




Maybe it won't, maybe it will. The thing is, it is now been hinted that Emma was probably the cause of glitch and Emma is the game version of human HeeJu. It's like SeJu unknowingly transgressed the boundaries of AR world by putting up Emma. If real players were not dying while playing AR game, I would have understood your point of why should a game confuse between NPC Emma and HeeJu ID Emma. But since the game has all along been fusing between augmented and reality, I can sense danger about HJ being logged in as Emma. I could be wrong..it's like 50:50..


17 minutes ago, stroppyse said:


As for the glitch being NPC Emma, I guess I can buy that somehow having Marco stab SJ in front of NPC Emma triggered a glitch, but that still doesn't explain Cha's death to me. Okay, he was yelling and angry at the cafe, however, the restriction didn't seem to be all aggressive behaviour, but rather, actual fighting which he didn't do. Not to mention, the Secretary's death from the game since he wasn't aggressive at all nor was he in Alzacaba Cafe.



It doesn't explain Seo's death. No. I hope something does..

This is something that I inferred on my own. The episode did not indicate such a thing, in fact, it can also be inferred this way- because Emma saw a rule being violated in Alzacaba cafe that one player had stabbed another player hence from now on any player who violates the rule of physical fighting or player vs. player fighting, would be punished for doing so. You can not duel as long as you are playing the game. It's like Emma's version of punishing the bad kids..lol..scary version..:ph34r:


About selling the game. I think SJ was offended by the threat. I also think that he always wanted to sell to Jin Woo only but maybe Marco insisted of going to CHS first. Remember he was following the news of JW staying in Barcelona for tech exhibition. By the time he had the chance to talk to JW, it was already too late and the game had glitched. It was not about Marco dying and thats why not selling the game to him..he never wanted to do sell it to CHS. 


And yes..the episode has just raised the bar..and now I am like..bring on episode 14..:w00t:

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2 hours ago, stargazer187 said:

P.S. sniper JW is really cool! Whenever he shoots those assassins are really cool!I just can't hold myself from awe-ing him... :wub:


:sweatingbullets::sweatingbullets: Dame, seriously, can Jinwoo get sexier and HOTTER than this?!  :scream: *scream *nosebleed*faints* 

Hyun Bin at his finest! *drools*



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Today episode is so good for me.Too many revelation.  I love how emma look when Sj was being hurt by Mc.Our otp romance is far away but like some said their looks is so intense and can't wait for the hug and what wiil happen next.

@Kasmic I lose.I really really love my Emma profile. But i need to change hu hu hu.

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1 hour ago, deluluishealthy said:

Se Joo didn't call Jin Woo to buy his game, but somehow thinks he can get a help from Jin woo, bcz he knows Jin Woo is the CEO of J One and have a lot of engineer experts whom maybe can find the game error. that's why he emailed the game to Jin Woo. scared and stressful bcz of Marco and threat from Hyung Seok made him think only Jin Woo could save him atm. but unluckily he can't meet Jin Woo in Granada bcz of Marco. it's the conclusion that I get from ep 9 and 13.


the only one which make me baffled is Yura. what did she do this time? is there any relation with Prof. Cha? bcz when Park said to him to cancel the investigation, he said it's too late.

he must have asked yura to float around the story of JW-SJ being lovers once again.. and basically discredit JW and SJ.. 

they started affair, killed HS etc etc

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At this moment with only 3 episodes left I just hope that at least the last episode will revolves only HJ and JW and of course not to forget the captain of the ship minju. JW and HJ deserve a happy ending after all the sacrifices they have done especially JW who never had happiness since he was young . He who never really feel to love and be loved . Now he found it . He really deserves it. 

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1 hour ago, 12blbl said:

They keep replaying previous scenes :huh:.

Anyway so JW only need to bring the key to Emma to finish the quest? He didn’t need to go to the gate of something in Alhambra?

I think there has to be one more scene in Alhambra place. If SeJu is really hiding there then someone has to go and bring him back and check whether is alive or in his senses or not..

I also had the same question, but it is like- Emma is wearing Fatima's bracelet and JW has the Key to Heaven. So when the two items finally fall in place i.e the key is placed in Emma's hand, the quest will finish. It's like a symbolic, game version of the literal, religious history of Alhambra. That's why Emma was shown sitting inside a church..religious symbolism. 

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So, what I learnt tonite :-


1. lol... To JW for threathening CYJ. JW ordered CYJ to create a special weapon for him (what could it be?) based on friendship. In return, JW had to hire him as an executive if he lose his job. And JW replied only if he live.. :lol:


2. Park and Prof Choi meetings. Park said JW still limping in cctv while playing MOA. It must be because of playing, JW cannot feel the pain but usually, eventually the pain will be worst when he return to reality. Now, I doubt Park n Prof Choi is the evil one. I am happy seeing him shaken by the experience. Luckily he dont have a heart attack or collapse. A healthy man, huh! 


3. Really curious about Yu Ra. She really something. I hate her. Just because she is a celebrity, she can turn the camera on her? Hope she will be punished. 


4. Again, dangerous driving by our JW. Luckily the light turn green and he can move. 


5. Such a convenience game. You can track a player using this game. No need for other car navigation. All in one.. Make it available on market this game is. Everybody can replenish the energy from Subway. Just take me there! 


6. Oh Marco. You crazy evil manipulative frenemy! Might be CHS died without knowing the creator of the game. SJ 70/30 with Marco is fair, considering who create the game. But again, they wait at the Alcazaba cafe in Granada > Marco stab SJ with real knife > they start attacking each other in MOA til the forrest > Marci died in MOA (I bet the real body have no blood mark like CHS) > SJ back to Barcelona in Marco's apartment (it might because something he need to do) > back to Granada (after calling JW) by train and missing. 


7. JW purposedly make a distraction to himself so HJ was left alone. Not only HJ, we all feel sad looking at JW condition. 


Looking forward for tomorrow episode. In the preview, JW looks exhausted. Okay, I want him alive (HJ please revive him with a kiss). Reaching level 100 and hope to end the quest. Open the Key to heaven supposed will crash the palace (MOA)?. SJ might be alive but in no condition to travel? 


Time to sleep. GOODNITE! 

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