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[Drama 2018-2019] Memories of the Alhambra | Recuerdos de la Alhambra, 알함브라 궁전의 추억

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I would like to give my point of view about the kiss scene . For me it’s not forced or just inserted to satisfy the fans but there’s a reason behind . At that point of Jin woo’s  world is collapsing .

SJJ should be banned from writing. She's a mess. I'm so disappointed now. Psycho writer!!!!  The leads didn’t end meet at the end and barely had screentime lol.Worst ending ever.     Where a

My translation might be wrong, cuz I'm not that good in Korean, but I tried?! BTS (Phone conversation): HB: If you look at the script on the phone .. like this (small) SH: No, if you tu

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We start


As predicted. It was torchlights and the security guards (?)


Office dude contemplates JW's words to off the server


HJ calls office dude telling him JW has been found


JW walks out and fight some more NPCs

(Come on he is not reprimanded for trespassing? Come onnnn)


Office dude instructs to shutdown the Granada server.


But it seems like all servers are shutdown(?)


The game is dead! All servers down!


JW realizes his left leg is back to its condition before.


Oh no! SEO! JW sees Seo's corpse. I'm so sad. And Hyunbin is killing it. Dangggg 

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3 minutes ago, katakwasabi said:

We start


As predicted. It was torchlights and the security guards (?)

Wah ha ha.... As we predicted. 


We need recappers to sooth our heart of waiting for a week. tq

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Start.... hope we get some answers tonight


So it was HJ who sent the light to JW and saved him (OST pun intended) Even in hospita; JW is being attacked

Park orders shut down of server. JW limp is back and he sense it 












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Sobs.. i'm sad about seoooooo


Return to the recap


We are at a funeral? Or maybe not. I'm not sure. Maybe a morgue. But we are still in Granada.


Go Mama Seo! Get angry at them. They deserved to be yelled at. Hmph


HJ is in Granada too with office dude.


JW is no where to be seen. As usual he runs from his hospital room. Because thats what Jw does. And hospital workers are incompetent in this drama. Yikes


HJ goes searching for JW. I have no idea why she decided to go to the park.


HJ messages JW some stuff and says she miss him


What on earth JW. Where are you going?! Yish

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Continuing on


JW and HJ talk on the phone. HJ pleads with him about something. JW says something about the game. And hangs up. Typical JW.

But HB is killing it. He looks so sad and now i'm sad too. But seriously. Where are you heading?


We return to the morgue(?). Office dude and other workers talk about the game.


Side note: REAL QUESTION: did they carry out an autopsy on Seo?


Phone call from korea to office dude. Something about the server. What on earth

How did JW arrive at the Korea office? Omg logic is out the window


JW is enraged the server is down! He is pissed. Major pissed.

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The loss is real...and painful :bawling:




Park and HJ confronts Seo family:bawling:






JW is missing and HJ goes to find him. She sends him a text and says sh misses him. He calls her back and she wants to meet him but he hangs up..... NOOO JW dont be stupid u need her now :bawling:
















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Continuing on with pissed JW and also frustrated office dude phone call


JW says he found a key or something. And wants to continue the quest. He wants the servers to be up again.


Office dude says NO!


Theres a brawl at the office with JW and the server minions. And JW is sitting dejected on a chair or is he tied up because he was very erratic.


Papa cha walks in. And slaps him. Fuhh. 


Side note: i'm still trying to figure out how he arrived in korea, in the same outfit to boot haha


Ad break

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Prof Cha is holding a board meeting on JW. JW is at the company calls PArk and tells him to open the server. He can still play the game. PArk is going crazy with JW idea. 







JW passes out. Prof cha comes in and tells all the staff to leave. He wakes JW and slaps him






OOOOFFF!!! 2 slaps YAH!!






The Prof Cha leaves



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@Kasmic i actually thought JW needed to be slapped. He was too erratic. He need to come to his senses.


We continue after the ad break


The news about Seo's death is all over the media


Stocks tumble down.


JW's face is shown everywhere. Wow. I dont think he can make a comeback after this.


JW is no longer the CEO. He is dismissed.


JW is in the hospital and he sees seo. Oh no. Wait. What is this. Its a flashback. I thought JW was hallucinating heh


JW returns to his alchoholic state. And drinks like no tomorrow judging from the bottles around him


HJ comes visiting JW with programmer dude.


Side note: Seriously HJ. You can do far better than alchoholic JW. #sorrynotsorry


Programmer dude leaves but HJ decides to stay.


She tells JW its her birthday. JW brushes her off coldly. And now she's talking about her last birthday party with her friends. This exchange is exhausting to see huhu 


JW sleeps.


He woke up and HJ is in the living room watching tv. Ok. I'm confused whose birthday it is. Is it HJ's or JW's? Hahaha


Ad break


HJ successfully brings JW out of his house and they eat at a restaurant.


JW is driving. Side note: he needs to teach us his skills, since you know his left foot is not exactly in good condition to be driving haha

Edit: no need. He can totally drive. His right foot is fine haha.


Office dude calls HJ and wants to talk to JW. 

Ahhh i want to know what they are saying. It seems important.


Now we jump to sujin and papa cha. No idea what they are talking about. But sujin is pretty here. And theres also yura with papa cha (this is all told by office dude to JW via the phone call). 


Office dude is crying while talking on the phone with JW. JW is just staring blankly

 And as per usual theres a mini flashback.


It starts raining. So HJ brings an umbrella for JW. He starts talking about family or the lack of it(?)


JW asks HJ 'do you believe in me?'. HJ says yes.


That was sudden. Awkward imo hahaha

Side note: poor cane discarded lol


The end.



They start dating.

JW visits papa cha. It looks like he is playing the game in front of papa cha.



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26 minutes ago, katakwasabi said:

JW is driving. Side note: he needs to teach us his skills, since you know his left foot is not exactly in good condition to be driving haha

@katakwasabi He can drive without using his left foot, as they were all new automatic transmission cars. In an old car, you'd only use your left foot to start moving, for the brake and to change gears (here was where one needed it the most), but with an automatic transmission, you no longer need it to change gears. The right foot is more important.

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