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[Short Drama 2018] Hymn of Death // Death Song, 사의 찬미

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New still cuts from  'Hymn of Death'






Shin Hye Sun’s character Yoon Shim Deok is Joseon’s first soprano. She is a modern woman who stood in front of the crowd with her talent and effort. She was an outspoken person even though the norm of the era did not allow women to be active or independent. Viewers can feel the captivating charms of Yoon Shim Deok in her sorrowful attitude.


The production team of “Death Song” revealed, “Shin Hye Sun is an actress with great acting skills who captures the delicate changes in emotions and who has the power and energy to lead the drama. She is perfect for portraying Yoon Shim Deok, a woman who has the pain of being in a tragic relationship and living in a hopeless era. Please look forward to Shin Hye Sun’s perfect and unique acting in ‘Death Song.'

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SBS [사의찬미] - 2차 티저 / 'He Hymn Of Death' teaser ver.2










[Making] LeeJongSuk X Shin Hye-sun filled the filming scene with atmosphere of love

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7 hours ago, Ni Wen said:

Yes!!!! One more day to go before the premier. FINALLY!!! :lol: Looking forward so much!

Me too! :D

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3 Reasons To Tune Into Lee Jong Suk And Shin Hye Sunâs âDeath Songâ



3 Reasons To Tune Into Lee Jong Suk And Shin Hye Sun’s “Death Song”


SBS’s much-anticipated drama special “Death Song” finally premieres on November 27.

The drama will tell the tragic romance between Joseon’s first soprano Yoon Shim Deok (played by Shin Hye Sun) and her lover and genius playwright Kim Woo Jin (played by Lee Jong Suk).

Below are three reasons to tune into the drama:

Tragic Romance

“Death Song” will focus on a sad love story that happened around a hundred years ago. Although Yoon Shim Deok was famous for being Joseon’s first soprano, she was not able to live a happy life with her lover. Kim Woo Jin also threw himself into tragic destiny for Yoon Shim Deok. Lee Jong Suk and Shin Hye Sun’s acting skills will reenact the beautiful love story from the past on-screen for viewers.

Kim Woo Jin’s Works

“Death Song” has been adapted into many different forms such as films, plays, and musicals, as the story of two lovers from a hundred years ago has also attracted people of the modern day era. SBS’s drama version adds a new element of the works by genius playwright Kim Woo Jin.

Kim Woo Jin and Yoon Shim Deok fell in love through writings and plays. They were able to keep in touch through writings they shared with each other. The drama will also focus on Kim Wooo Jin’s works that portrayed the sadness and pain of the dark era when his country was colonized.

The Historical Background Filled With Pain, Agony, And Romance

The historical setting of “Death Song” is a hundred years ago during the period of Japanese colonial rule. People writhed in pain of losing their own country and fell down due to authorities that oppressed freedom. Young elites living in that era were in agony because the knowledge that they had carved the sadness of losing their country even deeper into them. Ironically, a lot of romance also bloomed through these dark times because new culture and knowledge flooded in.

The three episodes of “Death Song” will air on November 27, December 3, and December 4 at 10 p.m. KST.



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2018.11.27 Lee Jong Suk IG Update: 마침내 #사의찬미 오늘 방송합니다.. 오늘 밤 10시에.. 넷플릭스도? 방영하나 봐요! 
Translation irene7an IG:
Finally "He Hymn Of Death" broadcast today.. tonight at 10pm.. Netflix too? 
On air please watch! 

Credit: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bqrqxi6Ba-e/





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[He Hymn of Death] PILOT Ep 1 spoilers, Lee Jong Suk ♥ Shin Hye Sun

Posted on Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Article: Naver 'He Hymn of Death' Lee Jong Suk  Shin Hye Sun, tortured as they perform their new drama..  tragic romance begins  

1. [+1176,-47]
The atmosphere is amazing. Lee Jong Suk's eyes and his narrations are daebak. 

2. [+642,-61]
I really like the Lee Jong Suk x Shin Hye Sun combination. They match so well! Lee Jong Suk's acting is really good. I'm looking forward to next week. ㅠㅠ

3. [+537,-32]
Seriously, what are they going to do with the air around Lee Jong Suk? It's a pity that there are only 3 episodes for this drama. The clothes, dialogues, acting skills, I want to watch it again. 

4. [+358,-10]
Been a while since I've watched a historical drama. It's interesting. Looking forward to next week. 

5. [+288,-18]
Lee Jong Suk was bleeding while being tortured, but he was shining.. Been a while since my heart fluttered and it was because of Woo Jin. ㅠㅠㅠ

6. [+105,-3]
Lee Jong Suk's deep voice gives life to the atmosphere of this drama.. 

7. [+76,-4]
Lee Jong Suk's eyes and his voice did everything. 

8. [+70,-4]
Lee Jong Suk's acting is daebak. It was above my expectations. He's so cool! It's only a pity that there are only 3 episodes. How am I supposed to wait till next week? ㅜㅜ

9. [+77,-12]
Because Shin Hye Sun says her lines pretty quickly, I don't think she fits the atmosphere that historical dramas have.. 

10. [+120,-39]
I was looking forward to this, but the female lead's diction doesn't match with historical dramas. What a pity. 



Article: Naver 'He Hymn of Death' Hints of suicide in the beginning → Lee Jong Suk · Shin Hye Sun's first meeting, "For the sake of Joseon" 

1. [+265,-21]
Lee Jong Suk matches historical dramas really well too. His voice is so good. 

2. [+149,-27]
The quality for this short drama is good. Lee Jong Suk and Shin Hye Sun have good visuals. 

3. [+95,-11]
It's interesting. Lee Jong Suk is good in historical dramas. 

4. [+45,-4]
I like everything, but the singing parts were too obvious that she lip-synced them. 

5. [+139,-101]
Looks like Shin Hye Sun can't act. She does her 'My Golden Life' acting on her own in this drama. It's a historical drama, but her vocalization is light and it sounds like a goat. 

6. [+58,-20]
What are they going to do with Shin Hye Sun's vocalization? Her visuals are good, but her acting is worse than I thought. It's such a pity. 

7. [+36,-5]
I thought about what happens if Choi Hee Seo takes up Shin Hye Sun's role instead. 

8. [+33,-6]
The colors and the atmosphere are really good. Woo Jin-ah ㅠㅠㅠ









something to tide us up while waiting for Net***x sub. or will there be sub tomorrow?

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[MV] So Hyang (소향) - 가슴만 알죠 (Only My Heart Knows) (사의찬미 OST Part 1 _ He Hymn of Death OST Part 1)


Listen on

Melon https://melon.do/ebyWWZgsR

Genie https://www.genie.co.kr/detail/albumI...

Spotify Itunes Information

Title : 가슴만 알죠

Release Date : 2018.11.27

Artist : So Hyang (소향)

Drama : SBS Drama Special 사의찬미 (He Hymn of Death)

Album : 사의찬미 (He Hymn of Death) OST Part.1

Genre : Drama, OST

Published by 다날엔터테인먼트 (Danal Entertainment)

Agency : 더하기미디어




[resize output image]



"He Hymn Of Death" Clips on YT and SBS site 


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