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[Short Drama 2018] Hymn of Death // Death Song, 사의 찬미

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2018.05.01 Lee Jong Suk Filming “Hymn of Death”

Credit: @Yesgo100, @Hsy140912, @yesgo100, @k_0.5cm IG, @ijbsrh Twitter 

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“Hymn of Death” (2018 Drama): Cast & Summary




On March 12th, YG Entertainment announced that Lee JongSuk will play the lead role of the drama “Hymn of Death” (SBS 2018). The rest of the main cast also has been confirmed. Producer Park Soo-jin of ‘While You Were Sleeping’ (SBS 2016-2017) will be in charge of this new drama based in Korea 1920’s and on a true story.

The date of broadcast has not been fixed yet. Stay tuned for updates.


Hymn of Death (2018)




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Lee Jong Suk, Shin Hye Sun, And Lee Ji Hoon Receive Support From “School 2013” Writer

The writer of drama “School 2013,” Lee Hyun Joo, has shown her support for Lee Jong Suk, Shin Hye Sun, and Lee Ji Hoon. The three actors acted in “School 2013” and have reunited for SBS’s upcoming short drama “Hymn of Death.”
In “School 2013,” Lee Jong Suk was the main character while Shin Hye Sun and Lee Ji Hoon appeared as classmates. Writer Lee Hyun Joo and Lee Jong Suk also worked together on KBS Drama Special “When I Was the Prettiest.” Lee Hyun Joo sent a coffee truck to show support for the three actors and their upcoming drama.


Check out photos of the coffee truck below!





“Hymn of Death” was a song released in 1926 by soprano Yun Sim Deok, which marked the beginning of modern songs in Korea. A movie of the same name, starring Jang Mi Hee, was released in 1991 and it has also been adapted into a musical. The drama will tell the tragic love story of Yun Sim Deok and playwright Kim Woo Jin, as well as shed light on his works, which were lesser known to the public.

Lee Jong Suk will portray Kim Woo Jin, Shin Hye Sun will act as Yun Sim Deok, and Lee Ji Hoon will be composer Hong Nan Pa.



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[TV Report = Joe Hye-ryun reporter]

Lee Jong Suk revealed the scene of "Hymn Of Death" shooting. 





Lee Jong Suk "Hymn of Death' BTS photos

Credit: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bims1cWFWP4/?taken-by=joe_junho_97

Via @Vera Vera



Kakao TV Video about "Hymn of death" tragic story -->>







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2018.0513 @junho1652 (Jong Suk's Manager) IG Updated
Caption: 우진이 안녕~끝!!  
Translation by @irene7an: Woo Jin Goodbye~Ended!!  
Seems, Jong Suk has finished filming for "Hymn of Death".

Original Post : https://www.instagram.com/p/Bis6l9ZnA8i/?taken-by=junho1652




2018.05.13 @leeeee_seok IG Updated with Lee Jong Suk: SBS one-act movie - special feature "Hymn Of Death" Lee Jong Suk, night shoot, dark circle. I took an opportunity to take pictures all the way through the whole month.
(Google translate)

Credit: https://www.instagram.com/p/Bit8-k_gQTG/?taken-by=leeeee_seok


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So, Jongsuk continues filming Hymn of death? Or are these old photos that come to light now?:blink:

Well, whatever, I love seeing new photos of the shoot.:wub:

Cr: ssungssung_ee

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Soompi Announcement 

The Events Team will be launching The Amazing Hunt on Monday 11 June . Lots of fun , reputation points & prizes on the table . Come check this out & join us 


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