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[Short Drama 2018] Hymn of Death [Death Song] / 사의 찬미


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Shin Hye Sun Shares Thoughts On Reuniting With Lee Jong Suk In Upcoming Drama

In a recent interview, actress Shin Hye Sun talked about her upcoming drama “Hymn of Death” and how it felt to work with Lee Jong Suk for a second time.

Earlier this week, Shin Hye Sun was confirmed to be starring opposite Lee Jong Suk in the new SBS short drama series as Yun Sim Deok, Korea’s first professional female soprano. Lee Jong Suk will be playing the role of her ill-fated lover, the genius playwright Kim Woo Jin.

Shin Hye Sun explained that she had chosen to take the role because she had been moved by the tragic love story of the two real-life figures. “I first heard Yun Sim Deok and Kim Woo Jin’s story on the radio before I debuted [as an actress],” she recalled, “and there was something romantic about it that made my heart flutter. I was amazed when I found out that I had the opportunity to play this role.”

She went on, “Although the filming schedule is rather tight, it’s all right because it’s a short series. I do feel pressured in regards to my acting, but it was something that I wanted to be a part of so badly that I didn’t want to let [the opportunity] slip by.”

The last time Shin Hye Sun and Lee Jong Suk worked together was five years ago, when they both appeared in the KBS drama “School 2013.” The actress shared that she was looking forward to acting with him again, noting that many of her acquaintances had praised Lee Jong Suk’s professionalism.

“We go to the same gym, so we’ve run into each other a couple times,” she remarked. “At any rate, he’s a senior actor that has really succeeded. People around me say that there’s a lot to learn from him, so even though [filming] will be short, I plan to learn whatever I can from him.”


Shin Hye Sun recently starred in the hit KBS drama “My Golden Life,” which came to an end on March 11.


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On 3/16/2018 at 9:15 AM, stargazer187 said:

Whoaahh.... I love LJS!! and i'm in for this!!! When will this be aired??? 


Wait, just done reading the plot review, the original story ended with death?? Will this drama follow that ending too??? Oh noooo... not again!!!


Filming starts in mid April. It's only two episodes long and I don't think it has a very big budget (otherwise LJS wouldn't be doing it for free). So even though an airing date has not been announced, I can't imagine it's very far into the future.


In real life, the singer had an affair with the writer, who was married and had a wife and child back in Korea. On the boat ride back to Korea from Japan, the pair jumped overboard and committed suicide. The sensation was in part responsible for the song becoming widely known, so I think it would be difficult to avoid either event in the drama. But we'll see. Maybe they will shift the focus more on other elements (I already read that Woo Jin will have an expanded role from the film, with more emphasis on his work.)

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Actor Shin Hye-sun and Lee Jong-seok have confirmed their appearances together. In the meantime, the movie 's praise of the company' s famous movie released in 1991 is also getting attention. 

In the drama, actress Rosie Hee was the first and best soprano of Yi Shi-duk that will be played by Shin Hye-sun. In addition, Kim Ji-suk, who is a lover and a new playwright of Yonsei Duk who will be in charge of Lee Jong Suk, was actor Kim Woo-jin. 

It is a movie based on a true story, and the atmosphere of the film 's praise of the company' is overall heavy as it played a role in drawing the dark era. The feeling of a film movie of the nineties that was natural at the time is now a classic and even heterogeneous. 

Yoon Sung-duk was a new man, Na Hye-seok, who said, "Jeongjo, which was like a life for a woman at the time, was 'not a morality nor a law, but a hobby.' She falls in love with the married playwright Kim Woojin. Those who love Japan and South Korea several times and throw themselves in the Genkai Sea. 

The movie 'Pyeongmi of the company' depicts the wandering young people in the miserable reality under the Japanese colonial rule. The drama 'The Pantomime of the Company', which will be broadcasted as a two-part drama in the future, has a great expectation of viewers how to portray the difficult times of the times. Of course, Yun Hyun-seon and Lee Jong-seok will draw Yoon Chin-duk and Kim Woo-jin are attracting a lot of expectations. 


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  • Guest changed the title to [Upcoming Short Drama 2018] Hymn of Death // Death Song 사의 찬미 - Lee Jong Suk, Shin Hye Sun, Lee Ji Hoon - 2-episode special

Image may contain: 2 people


Yun Sim-deok, Korea’s First Professional Soprano




Soprano Singer Marks the Beginning of Joseon’s Music Industry 

1926 marked the first year of Korean popular art. ‘Chunhyangjeon,’ one of the best known ancient novels of Korea, was adapted into an 18-chapter changgeuk, or Korean traditional opera by master singers. That year, the film “Arirang” directed by Na Un-gyu(나운규) instilled nationalism in Korean people. The film later stirred a boom of Korean movies. 

In particular, soprano singer Yun Sim-deok’s album ‘In Praise of Death,’ which is set to the tune of the waltz ‘The Waves of the Danube’ by Romanian composer Ion Ivanovici, flew off the shelves, although a single album was worth hundreds of thousands of won based on current values. The song signaled the opening of a new era of the recording industry. 

First Korean Student at Tokyo Music School 

Yun Sim-deok was born in Pyongyang in 1897. She was the second daughter in a family of four kids with one boy and three girls. Her family was poor but the four children were all able to receive modern education, thanks to their devout Christian parents. 

Yun stood out among her siblings for her musical talent. She graduated from Gyeongseong(경성) Girls’ High School and worked as a teacher for about a year. Then she went to Japan to study as the first Korean student who secured a scholarship of the Government General. She attended Aoyama Gakuin, an educational institute in Tokyo, before entering Tokyo Music School to study vocal music. Yun was the first Korean who was admitted to the school. 

Encounter with Kim Woo-jin 

In Tokyo, Yun mingled with many Korean students. She was a girl of masculine spirit and had a cheerful personality, as her nickname ‘tomboy’ indicated. After meeting male students a few times, she didn’t hesitate to drop the honorifics when talking to them. She had a number of scandals with male students. A student named Park Jeong-sik(박정식) even became lovesick after all his efforts to win her heart ended in vain. In 1921, Yun joined a road tour in Korea with 30 people. The tour was aimed at raising money to operate a group of Korean laborers living in Japan. During the tour, Yun met Kim Woo-jin(김우진) for the first time. 

Kim was studying English literature at Waseda University at the time. Born to a big landowner in Jeolla Province, Kim was already married and had a wife and children in his hometown. However, while participating in the road tour for two months in Korea, Yun and Kim became intimate with each other. 

Singing Heyday, Harsh Reality 

Yun enjoyed her heyday as a singer when she returned home from Tokyo in 1923. Upon arriving in Korea, she held a vocal recital at the Central Youth Center in Jongro, Seoul, making her debut as the nation’s first professional soprano. She gave a number of solo performances afterwards, but singing solo didn’t really ensure income for her. It was customary for students sent abroad by the government to work as teachers at public schools after returning home. Yun waited for months but she wasn’t given any teaching job. Yun rose to fame as the nation’s top singer, but she was in such a difficult situation that she was concerned about her livelihood. 

She couldn’t get away from her financial difficulties as a singer of Western classical music, so she chose to become a pop singer and actress. From then on, Yun suffered from numerous scandals, including the one indicating that she would marry a rich man in Hamgyeong Province. 

Kim Woo-jin, who returned to Korea around that the same time, wanted to pursue his career in literature and drama. Faced with opposition from his family, however, he left home and went to Japan in 1926. 

‘In Praise of Death’

Around that time, Yun headed to Japan, too, as the Japanese Nitto recording company in Osaka proposed to record her songs in July 1926. When the recording work was completed on August 1st, Yun asked the head of the company to record one more song entitled ‘In Praise of Death.’ It was based on the Western classic ‘The Waves of the Danube,’ with Yun writing lyrics to music herself. 

Earlier, Yun sent a telegram to Kim Woo-jin and asked him to come to Osaka. She said she would kill herself if he didn’t come. Kim received the telegram in Tokyo and hurriedly came to meet her. On August 4th, the two jumped into the dark sea from a passenger ship that was taking them from Simonoseki to Busan. Both were 29 years old. 

The shocking double suicide of a single modern girl and her married boyfriend who suffered from hopeless love created a sensation in Korea. Yun’s last album became an unprecedented success, selling 100-thousand copies. The figure was considered extraordinary at the time. A phrase in ‘In Praise of Death’ reads, “Life, you are running through a vast wilderness. Where are you going?” People imagined that this song, featuring Yun’s sad voice and the lyrics apparently representing the futility of life, was the last word of the singer, who was frustrated by the reality of her culturally-deprived home country and a formidable barrier of Confucianism. 


Credit: http://world.kbs.co.kr/english/archive/program/program_koreanstory.htm?no=101062


Photo edited by @ibru

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On 15/03/2018 at 3:53 PM, Riman Rakshit said:

Calling the Jong Suk squad here:blush: I'll bring popcorn! :tongue:


@ibru @Rania Zeid @ezze @kembie @asiaren @lanieqp0415 @Whitebox @Vera Vera @frozentundra @gilaswan @nonski @bahara @chelsita


Please tag others whom I might have missed




Jong Suk is not taking any fees for this drama because he likes and is close to the PD nim and also to show his appreciation for short dramas:)


@meechuttso I am glad they already know each other^_^  Shin Hye Sun also said she and Jong Suk goes to the same health clinic so they met a few times

cr: ljskwbwithjs via @ibru


Thanks for the tag! I've been meaning to respond but life got the better of me... :bawling:

Looking forward to this drama, no matter how short, because LEE JONG SUK! So starved of good dramas (I've been rewatching WYWS because... Lee Jong Suk. Hahaha). This is gonna be one major melo drama, but I think he's always wanted to do some tragic melodrama, right? Whatever the case, I'm hoping the writer does a good job with this. Can't wait!

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Does anybody know when this drama will be aired? I’m really excited for LSJ and SHS. This is a serious project where they will be able to show their talents. Let’s cross fingers! This is such a dream painting, I can already predict it’s going to be a tearjerker.

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[While You Were Sleeping” Co-Stars Lee Sang Yeob And Lee Jong Suk To Reunite In New Drama]
A. Kim March 26, 2018
Lee Sang Yeob will be reuniting with “While You Were Sleeping” co-star Lee Jong Suk in a new SBS short drama series! This upcoming drama also marks Shin Hye Sun‘s reunion with Lee Jong Suk in five years.
On March 27, Lee Sang Yeob’s agency Daydream Entertainment confirmed, “Lee Sang Yeob will be appearing in ‘Hymn of Death’ as Kim Hong Ki, the son of a wealthy family and also Yun Sim Deok’s (Shin Hye Sun) fiancee. He will be showing great chemistry with the other actors.”
The two-part series “Hymn of Death” follows the tragic love story of famous female soprano Yun Sim Deok and genius playwright Kim Woo Jin (Lee Jong Suk). It will be produced by producing director (PD) Park Soo Jin of “Doctors” and “While You Were Sleeping” fame. Lee Sang Yeob is said to have decided to appear at the news of PD Park Soo Jin directing as they had previously worked together for “While You Were Sleeping.”

“Hymn of Death” will begin filming in mid-April.



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On 26/03/2018 at 5:49 PM, meechuttso said:


From http://search-now.tistory.com/5692

From http://www.updownnews.co.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=87552



LJS done with YG, looking for new agency, in talks with YNK, the management agency to which SHS belongs.  The plot thickens....



I think YNK Entertainment main focus are on their actors and actresses. I don't think YG is the same. I could be wrong. 

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Here are the cast for anticipated dramas of 2018!



Lee Jong Suk & Shin Hye Sun have confirmed to lead a 2-episode short drama series to be directed by the PD of While You Were Sleeping. The drama is titled Hymn of Death which will follow the tragic love story of Yun Sim Deok (played by Shin Hye Sun) and genius stage drama writer Kim Woo Jin (played by Lee Jong Suk). The drama will depict a love story that bloomed during the Japanese Occupation of Korea.









Full article: http://kdramabuzz.com/here-are-the-cast-for-anticipated-dramas-of-2018/

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From http://www.newsen.com/news_view.php?uid=201804031002220710




From http://www.diodeo.com/news/view/2772038?platform=hootsuite


Lee Jong-Suk, Signs with YNK Entertainment ... Same pot of rice as Shin Hye-Sun (official)


** same pot of rice - same family


The upshot of this news is that LJS had already recently established his own agency, called A-Man, and so he'll be 'managed' by both A-Man and YNK. I presume he is the majority owner or CEO of A-Man and he's big enough now such that he can bypass the normal management fees that other talents pay - depending on the arrangement between his A-Man and YNK, he'll get to keep some unspecified percent of whatever YNK charges through the partnership. Good for you, LJS! B)


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  • 2 weeks later...
[Sports Seoul, Sung Kyung reporter] Lee Jong-seok's 'Pyeongmi of the company', which is raising expectations, has finally entered its first filming. 

Actor Lee Jong-seok made his first filming of 'The Pardon of the Company' at SBS Tanhyun Production Center on the 15th. He is scheduled to act with actress Shin Hye Sun, who is going to act as a heroine, but Shin Hyesun has not been put on the spot yet. 

As a result, the 'praise of the company', which has been attracting attention as Lee Jong-seok's next film, has begun to spur the second half of the year. 

In addition, 'Pyeonmyeo' is a full-fledged lineup, including Lee Jong-seok and Shin Hye-seon, as well as male and female protagonists will fill the two-part film. The actors who took part in the shooting on this day boasted a solid performance. An official said, "Actors who are not star-level but have a sense of face are put into the actors." The two main characters are Lee Jong-seok and Shin Hye-sun, and the other actors are expected to have a small proportion, but various actors are expected to decorate the drama with a special appearance. 

In addition, Jong Suk's charactwr's wife will be played by  a new model actor Park Sun-im from supermodel. It is noteworthy that Park Seon-im who recently appeared on SBS 'Bravo My Life' will receive the attention of drama fans with Lee Jong-seok and his breath. 



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Lee Jong Suk Begins Filming For “Hymn Of Death”



Lee Jong Suk has begun filming for his upcoming drama “Hymn of Death.”

See Also: Lee Jong Suk Makes Donation To Charity Supporting Families And Children In Crisis

It was revealed that Lee Jong Suk took part in the first filming for the drama on April 15. Lead actress Shin Hye Sun was not present as filming centered around the actor as he worked with other cast members. Though the drama is mostly centered around the two leads, other cast members will be making notable, special appearances.

Lee Sang Yeob has also been confirmed to play Yun Sim Deok’s finacee, while rookie actress Park Sun Im from “Bravo My Life” will also be appearing as Lee Jong Suk’s supermodel wife.


“Hymn of Death” is a two-part series about the tragic love story between famous soprano Yun Sim Deok (played by Shin Hye Sun) and genius playwright Kim Woo Jin (played by Lee Jong Suk). Yun Sim Deok, a real-life soprano, released a song of the same name in 1926. The drama will also feature Kim Woo Jin’s lesser known works to the public.

The drama is slated to air in the latter half of the year.




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