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[Upcoming Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Jade Lovers 翡翠恋人

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Cute Jong Suk in BTS photos. Translation))))))) Because he is 5 Y.O Trallallaaaa))))))))))))))))    

Lee Jong Suk JADE LOVERS / BTS   https://weibo.com/u/5858384281?refer_flag=1005055013_   Emerald Lovers Rice Ball Official Micro

Jade Lovers Trailer [Lee Jong Suk x Zheng Shuang] #ZhengShuang and #LeeJongSuk's drama #JadeLovers reportedly has acquired the license to broadcast and will be out the soonest. After almost 4year

8 hours ago, aydenJ said:

Poor me...i may not be able to join the party celebrating js new project!!  Sukkie-ya just the right timing... You & me will be busy till march...but i'll be visiting here once in a while. Seems that my oppa is busy with school too..probably he is now becoming more motivated to finish his study. 

1930's was the period of civil war in China & the country also undergone revolution...it was a trying era i guess. So, we could expect the kind of 'disturbed' character jongsuk would play. Since he is allowed to make necessary changes to the script/character...there's not much information shared yet. Well, this is also marketing strategy. The lesser the better



oh hope u ll visit us as much as u can ayden... it ll be more fun if we are all of here discuss the drama when it starts :) hope u ll be less busy by then


7 hours ago, flashlight said:

according article, js can put forward his own opinion on the role

omg that is amazing right? 


yeh that's great nd acc to article  no kactor b4 was able to do that in cdramas ;) 

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6 hours ago, Sandy5959 said:

Another silent day had passed and no news from the production team :sweatingbullets: I'M BOREDDDD :( 

Posting some gifs of this gentleman to lighten my day hehehe :heart: 

@Sandy5959 B) Let's be a little more patient. Coming next month, pictures from fans will be swarming in and we won't even be able to catch our breath!! Haha... I think we need Mr Bean on standby mode next month in case anyone of us in here faint from over-excitement after seeing LJS's new look. :w00t:


Speaking of the devil... anigif_enhanced-32566-1430287118-3.gif :P


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Guest Yuan_IX

So just when I've have more free time these days to spazz til my heart's content but then there are so little news on his project that I now ended up posting ?X%#&~@9 to contribute something to move the thread along lol.


Since the drama production is a grand one, so I think there will be many beautiful costumes for the stars. So, I looked up some past posters of ShangHai on the fashions in the 1930's that I've included here. I'm intrigue with the vintage ShangHai fashions in that period, a combination of traditional and western influenced designs… They are not very practical in everyday wear these days but one would/could still wear them at formal events or costumes parties etc….





Credit the rightful owners of these beautiful images use in this post

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According to this news article, the producer of Jade Lover said they have finished writing the script and are now in the process of polishing it.

The story will take place in the prosperous Shanghai in the 1930s, and it will be different from a normal Cinderella story, both of the main roles will be well-born, with a complicated love-hate relationship. The story won’t have popular elements like counterattack, revenge, it will concentrate on the classic heirloom “jade”, and a love story about the two who are destined to be enemies.

“The script is the base of a drama, it can never be written crudely.” The producer said he paid a lot of attention to details from preparation stage and he did his best hoping that he can give the audience a good drama, without any regret in his conscience. 


Trans By:  amyhsk


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Guest Sandy5959
On 29/12/2015 at 11:23 PM, irenetan said:

@Sandy5959 B) Let's be a little more patient. Coming next month, pictures from fans will be swarming in and we won't even be able to catch our breath!! Haha... I think we need Mr Bean on standby mode next month in case anyone of us in here faint from over-excitement after seeing LJS's new look. :w00t:

  Reveal hidden contents

Speaking of the devil... anigif_enhanced-32566-1430287118-3.gif :P


Cuz my holiday is about to end and I'll be busy next month so I hoped sth will happen now that I can freely spazz hehehe But seems there's nothing new at least when I post this :sweatingbullets: Ok fine, I won't ask for more cuz I know my 2016 will be very eventful :w00t: And of course like you said, Mr.Bean has to be here 24 hours LOL :lol:


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They Talked about Jade Lover too


Lee Jong Suk’s contract with Wellmade will end on Dec 31


Source: StarNews

After his current contract with Wellmade ends on December 31st, Hallyu star Lee Jong Suk will be searching for new management while filming his new drama.


Lee Jong Suk has high popularity in China after his performances in ‘I Hear Your Voice’ and ‘Pinocchio’. His next step after leaving his current company has become a hot topic within the industry.

As a last project with Wellmade Entertainment, Lee Jong Suk decided to participate in the Chinese-Korean collaboration drama ‘Jade Lovers’, showing his loyalty to the company he has worked with for so long. ‘Jade Lovers’ is a fantasy romance that takes place in the 1930s, with a projected budget of over 400 billion won. It will be directed by Jin Hyuk PD, who first developed his relationship with Lee Jong Suk in ‘Princess Prosecutor’ and ‘Doctor Stranger’. Zheng Shuang, who played the heroine in the Chinese version of ‘Boys Over Flowers’ will be the female lead of this drama. (T/N: Not fully confirmed yet.)

In the first half of next year, Lee Jong Suk will be filming ‘Jade Lover’ in China while deciding on a new representative agency.

Comments (143):

(+554, -23) So it was a farewell gift to Wellmade… Yes! Hope he finds a better agency next and spreads his wings. Even though it was a small agency, Wellmade really didn’t do the work it was supposed to do

(+379, -17) Hope you find a good agency and get good activities!

(+346, -11) Hope you get an agency that can let you worry about nothing and focus on acting ^_^

(+296, -22) They lost Ha Ji Won and only had Lee Jong Suk left… of course they are still doing very well with their singers (T/N: Girls’ Day is under Wellmade Yedang.)

(+271, -14) So that Chinese drama was really a farewell gift ㅋㅋ Go slow and really find a good company

(+74, -2) Wow I am so happy I’m going insane… Wellmade goodbye… Hope Jongsuk-ie really watches which agency to pick this time ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

(+74, -2) Ya, he has finally left that company. It’s been full of issues since Ha Ji Won left and I was feeling sorry for him, this is good

[all the comments are similar so I will stop here]


Trans:  hitoritabi

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Statement from LeeJongSuk’s side


Source: Statement from LJS’ side.

Lee Jong Suk has taken an extended break and is now fully recharged. Thus, he plans to begin 2016 with a new project, to be followed by activities within Korea.

After his contract with his previous agency (Wellmade Entertainment) ends on December 31st, Lee Jong Suk wants to give deep thought to his next step before making decisions. Doing the drama ‘Jade Lover’ with his previous agency will serve as a beautiful final farewell to both parties. From now on, they have decided to support each other while working in different positions.

Towards his domestic and international fans who have given him unending love, support and encouragement, Lee Jong Suk wishes to repay them with the best acting. His focus is on acting at this time, so [acting] will be the highest priority on his mind as he decides on future actions.


Trans by: Hitoritabi

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