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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Here to Heart 温暖的弦

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On 10/27/2018 at 7:57 AM, celebrianna said:

@themarchioness, I’m hoping to get more clarity in this version. Perhaps it’s edited in a way that viewers can understand better. I’m just hoping they cut down a lot of YX’s scenes because it’s still 48 episodes long but episode 5 added a lot of new scenes. 


@celebrianna, How did things working out with Netflix having the same number of episodes but added scenes?  Did they cut out a lot of the repetition that we suffered through towards the end of the drama in order to make everything fit?


On 10/27/2018 at 7:57 AM, celebrianna said:

As to NX, I think the same for WN. I was already figuratively banging my head yesterday while watching both of them do things to create more misunderstandings between them. NX never answers WN’s questions directly. He’s usually telling her “it depends on who you trust”. Then he uses YX to make WN jealous which isn’t helping the situation at all. I don’t know if he’s testing WN’s reaction but the funny thing is it’s so blatant he’s using YX in these scenes that even YX knows it. He doesn’t even try to spare YX’s feelings either. This guy does things way too confoundly. Then there is WN too who let appearances suggest that she has a boyfriend and never outright refutes that it’s not true. To me they were just begging for heartache instead of being more direct with each other. :weary:

By the way, aren’t you afraid that the novel might make you dislike the characters? People seem not to like them much.


NX and WN really were their own worst enemies a lot of the time, but that's why we love them and root for them.  Or, it doesn't prevent us from loving them and rooting for them still.  ;) 


If I recall correctly, I think even during the initial watch, you struggled to understand WN at times, so I'm not surprised to hear that would still feel the same during the rewatch.  When I indicated I was having questions about NX the more I rewatched the drama, they related to his business dealings.  To briefly explain, I don't think he is "white" as we found him on original watch.  At least for me, on original watch, I never wanted to believe NX capable of using underhanded tactics to win his business contracts.  We all like our drama heroes perfect and it's easier to think of the second lead as the one who's doing the questionable stuff.  But now . . . Like ZLL, I don't think NX ever did anything illegal.  But also like ZLL, I don't think he was above manipulating things so they'd work out as he planned and hoped for.  It's a cutthroat business world.


As for the novel, maybe.  But on the other hand, I also like having questions answered.  Ultimately though it's a moot point since the book's not translated, so it's not like I can actually read it.


Regarding the additional scenes you mentioned, those were all posted to IG previously so I did see them already - just not within the context of the drama.  As for the song NX sings, "Without You," that you noted Netflix translating as, "If Without You," I just thought I'd point out that Netflix is actually more correct.  There is an "If" in the name of the song.  The title of the song in Chinese is, "如果没有你 (Ru Guo Mei You Ni)."  Ru Guo = If; Mei = Not; You = Have (Mei You = Don't have); Ni = You.  Personally, I'd have translated it as, "If there was no you," to better express the sentiment of that phrase.


Finally, on a random side note, I'm currently watching "Never Gone," and I think some of the filming locations were also used in "Here to Heart."  I've screenshooted some scenes so I can go back later and do a proper comparison between the two dramas.  I'll report back my findings!  ;) 


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I am a year late in discovering this gem of a drama but Ohhh what a discovery. Like most of you, I can't get enough of it and thoroughly enjoyed reading all the comments. Now I know I am not alone in drooling over this!   Thank you! 


I am interested in the (soundtrack) I know how to get hold of the songs, but I can't find any trace of the instrumental tracks. If you know the titles & where I can get hold of them or even buy the album, if there is one, please let me know. Have tried Youtube, Spotify etc. & no luck.

 There are 3 tracks I want to get hold of: 


1. Track during WN NX dance at the ball (Netflix Episode 4) Also played when he kisses her forehead on the London Big Wheel ride (NFLX EP 6)  & after they sing the Karaoke. (NFLX EP 17)

2. Track when they first meet on the 66th floor - the track starts real slow & then picks up as he goes up the stairs & ends when he stands at the window (NFLX EP 1). Same plays as he stands at the door to her art studio at her house on their breakup anniversary (NFLX EP 9)

3. Track when WN returns to Shanghai after fleeing to London & he catches a glimpse of her standing outside Shallow Cosmos in that blue & camel (beautiful outfit) (NFLX EP 37). Same plays again during ZLL, NX heart to heart after fencing  (NFLX EP41).




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On 5/23/2018 at 3:15 PM, [hF9] said:

Thankful if you could link the instrumentals also

Does anybody know the titles of the instrumentals please or has links to mv. Thanks! 

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