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[ Mainland Chinese Drama 2019 ] The Legend of White Snake 新白娘子传奇 (Alan yu and Ju Jing Yi )

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3 hours ago, lynne22 said:


I like Bai shu chen and Xu xian just like everyone else... but I understand you.... because for me it was always Xiao Qing's sad story that lingers firstly in my mind whenever I recall the 1993 version... 



She had a love story in the 1993 version? I don't remember anymore. :hushed:

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@Sobayaki about 1993 version


She does,,, I can't remember the exact detail anymore, but IIRC she and the guy had a fated red string, but it will resulted on his death... in the end.. she had to enchant him to forget about her to break their red string....  Sigh.. this is where I find her story to be sad...  at least for Bai zhuchen and Xu xian, despite their trial and tribulation, they have a happy ending...

But I guess for Xiao Qing, in the end she find peace in her latter life even if she's alone. 

I don't know what the new drama have in store for all the character lols.. but I hope the story will have a good flow and pace. 


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More Restrictions: China Blocks Out Broadcast Dates for Ancient Dramas
From March to June, no historical period dramas will be allowed to air in China.

In a new restriction rule set by the National Radio and Television Administration (previously known as SARFT), historical period drama serials will not be allowed for broadcast on television or online between March and June. Dramas affected by this new broadcasting restriction includes many wuxia, fantasy, historical, time-travel, and palace-themed dramas that have been waiting for broadcast.


The Legend of White Snake <新白娘子传奇> starring Alan Yu (于朦胧) and Ju Jingyi (鞠婧祎), which was slated for a March 27 premiere, has already been pulled from broadcast.


Cr: https://www.jaynestars.com/news/more-restrictions-china-blocks-out-broadcast-dates-for-ancient-dramas/

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New air date announced on the official Weibo - April 3rd :)


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14 hours ago, therewillbeddl said:


rough idea is that they will review the drama every 15th of the month to see whether the drama itself meet it criteria for airing. @liddi had also provided the translation for the below 





The news I've read so far do not indicate the ban to be anything beyond June. In any case, the latest news is  that due to the uproar from the ban, the restrictions have been eased and dramas can gradually aired from April onwards provided it obtains broadcasting license and the platforms adhere to certain restrictions:


- the network platform should report their monthly broadcast programs to the SARFT through the local bureau before the 15th of each month

- control the proportion of costume dramas, and the reality theme accounts for 60% of the annual broadcast plan

- Shows that do not get the online license, including the issuance license, the star license, the filing, etc., cannot be scheduled and announced in advance

Apparently the broadcasting platforms have all signed a guarantee letter to adhere to the above conditions.

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