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Hi dear shippers. I don't know if you guys know about this but Rarobd Team couldn't produce Radio Romance DVD instead they wanted to give the couple a gift in form of book to them. So they need fans help to participate in writing messages, supports or edits for this purpose. Kindly refer to poster below for more information.


  • Can write in English
  • No need Naver account. Just go to the link, write and send




The link:





Thanks for your attentions. Hopefully us, I-Fans would send alot of support because Dujun and Sohyun will read it. Let's show them some love :D:wub:


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Yoon Dujun mentioned Radio Romance casts


“Dujun-ssi recently you did a drama right?”
DJ : Yes
“Do you keep in touch with them after shooting?”
DJ : With the actors? Of course. We even meet privately. We also always have fun in our group chat

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