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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2019] I Will Never Let You Go / Legend of Huo Buo 小女花不弃


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2 hours ago, themarchioness said:


LOL, sorry, I know you'd like to know what comes after that scene, but I can only offer you "more" by way of what comes before that scene.  They're cute scenes though.  Looks like BQ plays a trick on Xiao Liu, which gets him out of their way, and CY knows it but goes along with it anyway.  :D  They're too cute.  Videos under the cut (there are three of them in one link, so keep swiping right!):


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Also, on the separate subject of the Emperor, I know I was pretty skeezed out when I finished yesterday's last episode (43) but with a cooler head today and after some additional thought . . .

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How likely do we think it that maybe the Emperor is playing QW, letting her think she's successfully seducing him while he tests to see how much she knows how much of a threat she'll be too him.  Because, here's the thing, as much as I mocked him yesterday -- and I do think it was weird to see him sleeping on the throne that one time; plus, I don't know, I've just never warmed to his character -- I have to also acknowledge that he's been pretty fair about CY so far.   I mean much as BJF would wish it otherwise, the emperor hasn't raked him over the coals for the LYK stuff and he was willing to listen to CY and take BJF to task for some of the stuff that he did allegedly in the emperor's name.  So he seems to be able to keep his wits about him, at least part of the time.  Which is why it was so shocking when the minute QW arrived on the scene, it was like all she had to do was bat her eyelashes and give him a teasing look at her neck, and he was smitten instantly.   I had a hard time respecting him for being led around so easily like that.  After all, if that's all it's going to take to bring about his downfall, all his enemies should just send their best femme fatales as emissaries to the emperor's court.  It won't take them very long to overthrow him, and they wouldn't even need the Biluotian treasures.  :P  Anyway, that's why after thinking things through a little bit more today, I started wondering if this was going to be yet another situation in this drama where all is not as at seems upfront. 


For the emperor's sake, I hope that's the case.  Otherwise, I'm just going to write him down as utterly useless.  :P 


Did I miss your recap for ep 43?  Your analysis of the emperor was so funny. Thanks for the clips - so cute. 

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The writing of the OTP romance in this show, in my estimation, is pretty good. The dialogue and the banter between CY and BQ are loads of fun and they're downright... ridiculously... adorable. That scene where she's just made him a meal for the first time and fishing for compliments about her culinary... and he plays it up and plays along. Utterly delightful. It's the sort of back and forth you'd expect from two intelligent human beings who enjoy each other's company.


I think the only time in this show that I've actually had some regard for DFS is when he tried to kill LQW. ;) Not only do you see his ruthless streak in full flight but it demonstrates all too clearly his utter disregard for the value of others that have no immediately value to him. He has strong solipsistic tendencies is where the plotting and scheming comes from. Ironically I think it comes from being sheltered and being allowed to do whatever he wants. We would expect someone who has trained in medicine to have some regard for others but for him, it's just one of his amusements. 


To be honest, I don't really understand how LQW thinks... nor do I want to. It's a head scratcher... actually that she believes that she "deserves" to be with CY or that she's owed some kind of relationship with him. For the rest of us normal human beings, it seems to be the height of arrogance but she lacks any kind of self-awareness or any genuine regard for CY to come to grips with what is blatantly obvious to us mere mortals. I doubt that she's in love with him... probably more in love with the idea of being with him than the man himself because she hasn't got a clue (despite spending one-on-one time with him) about what he wants or respects his wishes. To say that she's the female equivalent of DFS would probably be an insult to him but like DFS she's an over entitled, badly brought up teenager that probably needs a good spanking.

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Better late than never, right?  Here it is, my friends, the recap to Episode 41.  :)  Sorry it took so long.  Also, um, I may have had a lot of reactions while recapping... mostly irritation targeted towards BJF.  Please indulge me and bear with me.  LOL.  I never proclaimed to be an objective recapper.  ;) 


Episode 41 - Recap!




The episode picks up with BQ and Xiao Liu worrying over CY.  She doesn't understand how someone who was sent by the emperor to investigate Ming Yue Shan has now become a target of investigation himself.  BQ and Xiao Liu spend the entire night walking the distance from Dong Ping Jun to Xi Chu Zhou.  As they near the city gates, BQ holds Xiao Liu back and says that his picture is likely posted near the gates.  She asks him if he has a way to enter the city without going through the city's gates.  Xiao Liu says he does, but it'll be a circuitous route.


Also in Xi Chu Zhou is DFS, the Mysterious Man, and the right-hand woman.  They watch as the prison cart rolls past.  It's been changed to a padlocked box so you can't see who's inside.  BQ and Xiao Liu have also made it into the city and are watching the same thing.  She wonders who's inside and where everyone else is.  DFS wonders how the emperor could've acted so quickly.  The battle in the forest was only a few days ago and there's no way word could have traveled back to him this quickly.  He wonders if the emperor already knows that CY has the Biluotian stuff.  His grandfather doesn't think so.  Nearby, Xiao Liu says that it should be CY inside the padlocked box.  He comments that it's very heavy, which is why they're traveling slowly.  He guesses that the other people have already been sent ahead to the prison.  BQ wonders what CY could've done for the emperor to treat him this way.  The right hand woman asks if they should do something, and the Mysterious Man (who I'm going to start calling MM) says no as they should look for BQ first.  CY and BQ finally see the cart arrive at its destination.  Xiao Liu frets over how impossible it's going to be to save CY, as he guesses that box won't even be opened once it's inside the prison.  That's when BQ says they'll go to their store first.  She points out that Zhu Shou's also been captured.  She wonders if Zhu Mano's been implicated as well.  If they haven't already been, they can still use money to get some information.  If Zhu Manor has been implicated, then they'll find another way.  We get one more scene with DFS and his grandfather.  They're puzzling over whether CY's really been imprisoned or if it's a ruse on his part.  DFS recommends that MM retreat for now in case it's all a ruse, since CY's seen him once before already.  MM agrees and instructs DFS to send their people out to find out if CY's really been imprisoned.


Inside the prison, CY meets with the person who'd captured him and to make a long story short, yup.  This was all planned by CY in order for him to make it easier for him to investigate Ming Yue Shan.  Before the other person leaves, he tells CY that another person has arrived in the city and he also carries word from the emperor.  CY is surprised to hear this as he assumed the only other person the emperor would transmit information through would be the person he's speaking with.  The other person responds that this new person is someone CY is familiar with in the capitol, but the new person won't let identify him as he wants to give CY a surprise.


While they wait for this new person, Commander Han checks in on CY's injury.  He says he's fine and they can't call the doctor anyway as they may need to use him to keep up their ruse.  He admits he feels unsettled to hear that the emperor has sent someone else.  he thinks there are too many coincidences between him pretending to be sick and Ah Fu and the Biluotian stuff.  He knows it's unavoidable that somebody will become suspicious of him.  Commander Han asks if he's worried the emperor may have guessed at something, and CY admits to the hiding that he's been doing lately in order to avoid the Biluotian stuff getting into anydbody's hands (including the emperor's).  He also knows that him pretending he's dead is going to be the worst of the matter once the emperor finds out, as the emperor will only grow more suspicious.  But at least then he'll already be dead.  Commander Han observes that BQ will be devastated when she hears the news.  He sighs and says that for the sake of their future, he has no choice but to keep this from her.  He can't let too many people know about what he's doing and he doesn't want anybody to be able to read anything from BQ's reactions.  Commander Han does his own sighing.  He says that he and the others have discussed it, and the next day, they're going to let their heads be hanged from the city gates as only this way will their plans be flawless.  (OMG COMMANDER HAN.  YOU REALLY ARE THE BESTEST.)  CY tells him they can't do that, and Commander Han says only this way will people believe that he's actually been imprisoned.  CY has more regard for their lives than that though, and he says they'll think of another way to make everything seem real without their deaths.  (Commander Han is a better companion than Mr. Traitor Traitor Pants who's about to arrive.)


Speak of the devil, it's BJF, Mr. Traitor Traitor Pants.  I'm dying watching CY greet him so happily.  He has no idea what he's in for and it's breaking my heart already.  CY asks him how long he's been one of the emperor's special envoys and BJF says that two years ago, he became one of the emperor's secret investigators.  CY congratulates him (and I die a little bit more).  He tells BJF that he always knew he wasn't just another fish in the pond, and that one day he'd work for the sovereign. He just never imagined it'd happen so quickly.  BJF says they can talk about that later, as he should receive the emperor's decree first.  CY looks like he's starting to get a flavor for what's going on here.  He drops to his knees at once, as is the proper form to receive the emperor's decree.  In a formal tone, as if he were the emperor himself, BJF says, "Audacious Chen Yu, Zhen (how an emperor refers to himself) has always looked upon you as if you were one of my own children, but nevertheless you hid from me that you were Lian Yi Ke.  How bold of you!"  CY responds that he wouldn't dare, and BJF continues, "Zhen has already investigated you.  You collaborated with the traitors from Jiang Nan's Zhu Manor under the auspices of helping them repay a debt when in reality it's to work with members of a traitorous clan."  At this, CY really does look surprised as he asks, "Traitorous clan?  You mean DFS is part of the traitorous clan?"  BJF calls him audacious for trying to interrupt the emperor's decree before it's complete.  "Zhen will give you half a year's time to investigate matters.  During this time, you are not to have any contact with Hua Bu Qi."  I think he also goes on to say that CY's not to help her with the debt.  Honestly, I'm having to translate this entire conversation with the help of a dictionary at this point.  Haha.  Too many archaic expressions and whatnot... I think we get the point of what's going on here though, so I'm going to move on.


After BJF finishes the decree, CY collapses to the floor to accept it.  I think he's also still reeling from the shock of everything he's just heard.  And BJF, the wretch, just smirks and smiles as he leans over to help him up. You are such a jerk, BJF, it's not even funny.  The thing is too, it's almost like he's disappointed that CY hasn't received a harsher punishment from the emperor, because he goes on to comment about how the emperor's practically letting him off for the whole Lian Yi Ke stuff, but also warns that from now on the emperor will be posting people around him so he'd better not try and be some Lian Yi Ke.  As I listen to him, I can only think that in addition to ambition, BJF must have been nursing a deeply-rooted sense of jealousy all this time.  Which is so not fair to CY as he can't help having been born into royalty while BJF was not.  Ugh.  I can't stand watching BJF.


Fortunately for us, CY is made of sterner stuff and as he listens to his friend speak, he finally turns against him to ask if he's speaking to him right now as the emperor's special envoy.  BJF tells him to wait a little bit, to let him finish speaking first, and then they can go reminisce about the past.  Oh, he is such a donkey's behind!  He then reveals a box.  The top layer is a single, poisonous pill.  The bottom layer is a bunch of antidote pills.  CY asks him if this was his idea and BJF admits the emperor was looking for a way to control him, and he thought this was a great idea.  He then tells CY not to worry because he promises to deliver the antidote pill every three months.  After all, they're both working for the emperor.  It's only this way that everyone can be at ease.  CY nods his head like he gets it, and booooooy does he get it.  He repeats the comment that they're all just working for the emperor and then he kicks BJF away, asking him what he is.  BJF says he's the emperor's special envoy.  But CY doesn't care.  He snatches the box with the pill and takes the poisonous pill, and shoves it in BJF's mouth.  Oh, brilliant.  He then turns BJF's words back on him as he tells him not to worry because he'll be sure to deliver an antidote every three months.  BJF asks him how he can treat the emperor's special envoy like this and CY invites him to go tell the emperor that it was he who forced him to take the pill.  He then guesses that it was from YC that BJF was able to figure out that he was LYK, and that he was the one who tattled to the emperor about his alter ego as well as BQ and Miss Zhu being one and the same.  But what CY appears to be the most upset about is that BJF was obviously also the one who suggested to the emperor that he use BQ to threaten him.  It's kind of amusing how the tables turn and now it's BJF who's scrambling away from him like the rat he's turned out to be.  He even dares to use their friendship as a defense, but CY's not having any of that.  As he points out, he wasn't thinking of CY as a friend when he used BQ to threaten him.  He also warns BJF against fighting with him for the antidote pills as he'll just otherwise get rid of all of them now. As a result, BJF agrees to leave immediately.


Poor CY.  That just took a lot out of him and he collapses against a wall and coughs.  His injury!  He reflects on their conversation and once again repeats that he can't believe DFS belongs to the traitorous clan.  He says he's been too careless.


Elsewhere in the prison, BJF instructs his men to follow CY everywhere, to take action should he show any signs of rebelling, and to send work back if there's any information to be shared.  As the others leave, one person remains.  BJF asks for an update as to how the business with Zhu Manor is being handled.  His man says they went to the Zhu Family store to give them the news, but their head of the house, Miss Zhu, wasn’t there and the store clerk can’t make any decisions so for now, they haven’t passed on the news.  BJF tells his man to pass on that when Miss Zhu returns, he’ll visit her personally to tell her the news (something about protecting silver?).


BQ and Xiao Liu arrive near her family’s store and after checking it out, she wonders why its doors are closed.  She’s afraid her family’s store in Xi Chu Zhou has also been raided.  Xiao Liu asks her what they should do then, and she tells him that with all of the prince’s army locked up and Xiao Liu’s picture posted everywhere, he should stay where they’re at while she goes to check things out.  So say, she leaves and doesn’t even give Xiao Liu time to object.


BQ arrives at her family’s store and reaches the door just as the store clerk was about to exit.  He gives thanks to see her returned safely as BQ pulls him farther into the store find out what information he has.  She asks him if the store is okay and where he was headed.  He tells her he was on his way to the government office to see if he could learn any information.  Two days earlier, he received news that Zhu Shou had been captured.  The person who told him this wouldn’t say that he’d let Zhu Shou go, but he also wouldn’t say that he wouldn’t let Zhu Shou go.  His attitude was very vague.  He also asked after BQ, but the store clerk just told him that she hadn’t yet returned.  As BQ takes in this information, she asks how much he’s given in bribery money to some other official.  He tells her that the store doesn’t have a lot of ready cash at the moment, so he was only able to put together an amount that he guesses won’t be enough.  BQ tells him he did well, especially since rebelling is a serious matter.  She says that so long as Zhu Manor doesn’t get dragged into this matter, it’s worth spending the money.  BQ then says to the store clerk that she remember Zhu Shou once telling her that when she was in the sand caves he wrote a letter to her family asking them to send money.  She estimates they should be arriving in Xi Chu Zhou within the next two days and sends him to go welcome them while she goes to check things out at the government office.  The store clerk asks her if it won’t be too dangerous for her to go to the government office by herself, but she says that since they haven’t accused Zhu Manor of being a traitor, that just means they’re trying to get more money out of her.  


The store clerk takes his leave and BQ also follows him out to head in a different direction.  That’s when DFS calls to her from behind.  He takes her arm and says that so long as she’s okay, everything’s fine.  He tells her that he’s spent the past two days worrying about her – worried that she might have been captured and dragged to prison as well.  He doesn’t think that a girl like her should be stuck in a scary place like prison.  BQ smiles (it’s her fake, I want something from you smile) and thanks DFS for being so concerned about her.  She then asks if he can help her out with something.  DFS returns the smile and asks her if she remembers what he once praised her about when they were in the sand desert.  She doesn’t seem to remember as she asks him if he’s ever praised her, and he responds by pinching her chin and saying, “I praised the skin on your face.”  (He’s referring to her being thick-skinned.)  She, in turn, responds back that she has no one else she can count in Xi Chu Zhou anymore and asks him again whether he’s willing to help her.  DFS says it depends on what she wants help with.  If she wants him to help rescue CY, that’s an impossibility because he’s his direct competitor and because his crime is one of rebellion and that’s an offense he doesn’t want to be associated with.  But if it’s something else she needs help with, he says he’ll consider it.  BQ tells him that a lot of the places around the city that are the best and fastest places for sharing and receiving information, such as the gambling hall den, are all within his family’s control.  Therefore, she’d like him to use his contacts to find out how Zhu Shou is doing and whether Zhu Manor will be dragged in to this mess.  She then adds that for any other matter, she doesn’t want to bother him about that.  DFS is surprised to hear that’s her only request.  He asks if she doesn’t really need him to go rescue CY, and BQ just scoffs and purposely acts cavalier when she says, actually, she has the ability to get him out of prison herself, but she has her family to consider.  Plus, considering that his crime is one of rebellion, she doesn’t see she should get her family involved for a prince she only just met.  DFS asks if she, at a time like this, is still going to continue the pretense that she and CY only just met.  But instead of responding to that question, she just asks him again if he’s willing to help her.  DFS says he can help her by asking around, but considering the charges at stake, he can’t promise that he’ll turn up any information.  She thanks him and says if he finds anything out, he can send word to her store clerk.  Then she leaves. 


His right hand woman steps up to ask if they’re not going to capture BQ, but he tells her to wait a little bit more.  He still wants to find out whether CY has really been captured by the prince, and figures that his best source of information for that will be through her.  He adds that he’ll try testing her one more time later that night.


BQ meets back up with Xiao Liu.  He asks her what’s going on and she tells him Zhu Manor hasn’t been dragged in yet.  She tells him to go inside and hide while she tries to gather more information.  Xiao Liu says that’s not proper and that he should go with her, but BQ reminds her that the charge of rebellion is a serious matter.  She doesn’t know what side the person she’s intending to meet will fall on and thinks it’d still be safest for him to hide.  Xiao Liu has no choice but to let her go and tells her to be careful.


BQ’s on her way to the government office when she runs into Xiao Xia, who comments that BQ’s lost weight.  BQ responds that with all the stuff she has to worry about, how could she not become thinner.  She asks how come Xiao Xia’s all by herself, and the latter explains that she and Zhu Fu ran into the store clerk at the city gates.  They heard she was planning on visiting the government office and got worried, so Xiao Xia grabbed a horse and came directly over.  Zhu Fu stayed with the wagon, which also has the money on it, and is headed for the store.  BQ asks how much money they brought with them, and when she hears the amount she feels better because now she money she can use to bribe people with. 

BJF is still sitting around clutching his heart when CY walks by.  He asks CY if he’s going out and CY responds that the emperor’s message said nothing about needing to report his every activity to him.  BJF says he was just asking, as he would think CY would be afraid people might see him if he goes out now, which would ruin his plans.  CY tells him he knows how to be careful and to get rid of the men he’s posted to follow him; otherwise, he knows what will happen.  As CY continues on his way, BJF steps in to block him.  He warns CY against threatening him and reminds him that they’re the emperor’s people.  That means both they and he, himself, act according to the emperor’s instructions.  CY doesn’t even bother responding as he pushes him aside and leaves. 


As BJF watches CY leave, he thinks to himself that it was fortunate he had used a fake poisonous pill earlier.  Otherwise, he really would be poisoned and have to endure CY’s threats.  He comments on CY being bold and reckless, and says that he’s going to make sure to give the emperor a proper account.  (What a great friend, right??  So eager to bring down his friend.)


BJF’s man arrives at this moment to tell him that BQ’s outside asking to meet with an official.  BJF tells his man to send her to meet with him instead.  He adds that he should be careful, as CY has only just left and he doesn’t want them running into each other.  As BJF waits, he says out loud, “CY, the power and prestige that you showed off in front of me, I’ll make sure to get back from Hua Bu Qi.”


BQ enters the prison and wonders why the person she had wanted to meet with would want to meet with her there.  Xiao Xia asks if BQ is she should take her away, as she can’t afford to take risks.  BQ tells Xiao Xiao not to worry as, if they’d wanted to seize her, they would’ve done so when she was at the entrance asking to see him.  She suspects they’re just trying to intimidate her in order to better make a deal with her.  At that moment, Mr. Traitor Traitor Pants arrives.  BQ is surprised to see him.  He sends his people away and then greets her by saying that after making their acquaintances in Suzhou, he’s been hoping to have the opportunity to meet her with her again and he thinks it must be fate that has allowed them to meet again in Xi Chu Zhou.  (Puke.)  He then comments that she’s thinner than when he last saw her and wonders if it has anything to do with the local climate.  She responds by admitting that she is a little unaccustomed to the environment and climate, but it’s not something to be concerned about as she has BJF to be concerned on her behalf.  BJF says he can tell from BQ’s expression that she’s still a little surprised and he guesses it’s because she’s wondering why she’s not meeting with that other guy but him. 


[It’s worth noting that the “I/me” that BJF uses here when he observes that she’s, “Meeting with me,” is one that officials would normally use before their superiors.  For example, I explained previously that when the Emperor refers to himself when speaking with others, he doesn’t use the word, “I,” he says, “Zhen,” e.g., “Zhen orders you to go to Dong Ping Jun,” instead of “I order you to go to Dong Ping Jun.”  BJF’s use of “Xia Guan” instead of “I” in this conversation is the same thing.  But he’s also doing it on purpose to make her aware that he is a government official.]


BQ, “Xia Guan?  You’ve become a government official?”  She congratulates him, referring to him as she’s always referred to him as, “Bai Gongzi,” but quickly corrects herself to say that she’s congratulating “Bai Daren,” a recognition of his new title/position.  His Traitorness laughs and explains that he’s become the emperor’s special envoy and has come to Xi Chu Zhou because of CY’s rebellion matter.  He says there are some things he’d like to speak with her one-on-one about and asks Xiao Xia to step out for a little bit.  BQ turns and gives the Xiao Xia the go-ahead look, and so the latter leaves. 


After Xiao Xia leaves, BQ walks over to re-greet BJF but in a more respectful manner befitting of his station.  He responds that that there is no “special envoy” person there, as he’s always looked upon her as a friend.  (Gross.  Can’t help but notice the difference in how he couldn’t wait to show off his feathers in front of CY, but now he’s trying to play humble bird in front of BQ.)  BQ says if that’s the case, then she won’t bother to be polite anymore.  Referring to him as “Bai Dage” (Older brother Bai), she explains that her family’s tea business was just doing business with the tea trade in Dong Ping Jun and has nothing to do with the prince’s rebellion.  She’s scared over Zhu Shou having been dragged into prison and asks him, as the special envoy, to not mistake a good person for having done something bad.  BJF tells her not to worry as he’ll help her get to the bottom of things.  When she asks if he really will, he says of course he will.  But he also reminds her that this is a matter of rebellion, and with the manager of Zhu Manor having been with the Dong Ping Jun prince, it’s unavoidable to be suspicious.  With ominous music starting to play in the background, BQ asks what she must do in order to make sure that Zhu Manor doesn’t get implicated.  Mr. Nosy (and Traitor) Pants turns around and asks BQ what her relationship with CY is.  She responds by asking him what he means with a question like that.  He asks if she isn’t the Seventh Prince’s rumored daughter and the recognized little sister of Mo Ruo Fei, Hua Bu Qi.  He then points out that if she and CY are siblings, then that must mean she’s part of the rebellion too, so how dare she that Zhu Manor has nothing to do with it.  BQ responds by asking, “Who says I’m the Seventh Prince’s daughter?  My father was Zhu Jiu Hua.”  [She gives the name of her Ninth Uncle.]  I’m the tenth generation heir to Zhu Manor.  The Seventh Prince was infatuated with my mother, and it’s his business if he wanted to recognize me as his daughter, but you can’t just randomly link me with a traitorous vassal and make him my brother.”  She then asks him if he’s just purposefully trying to link the rebellion matter to her family. 


BJF asks, “You’re not the Seventh Prince’s daughter?” and BQ says, “Of course I’m not.”  She points out that her family has quite the position down in Jiang Nan, so how could they recognize someone else’s daughter as their heir and successor?  She insists that BJF not just listen to all the crazy rumors from outside and then mark her family as guilty.  BJF tells her to not be anxious, and she asks him how she can’t be when rebellion is a capital offense that people lose their heads over.  He just says though, “No wonder I’ve heard people say that you like the Dong Ping Jun prince.”  As BQ gives him a, “What?” look, he continues by saying that at first he thought it was weird, but now that she’s not the Seventh Prince’s daughter, he gets it.  BQ laughs and asks how she could like him (CY).  She again asks him to not link her with him (CY).  She points out that with her family only having one son in each generation, her reputation and moral integrity is of the utmost importance as she hasn’t even gotten engaged yet.  She again insists that apart from engaging in commerce business with CY, she has no other relationship with him, and says that if her grandfather heard about these rumors he’d no doubt jump into the river.  BJF asks her what kind of a relationship does she then have with him (CY), such that her family’s manager would be at Dong Ping Jun.  She says they only have business relations and if it hadn’t been for the tea stuff, she wouldn’t have even bothered coming to Xi Chu Zhou.  BJF says, “Oh, so it turns out I just misunderstood,” and then he adds, “I heard [you] like Lian Yi Ke.”  He reminds her of that time when MRF was bringing her back to the capital and they were ambushed, and asks if the person who saved her wasn’t LYK.  BQ admits that LYK once saved her life and so it’s only reasonable that she’d admire him.  But that just has BJF responding, “And you dare to say that you don’t like the Dong Ping Jun prince?”  Somebody, quick!  Give BQ an Oscar for her reaction.  “Oh my gosh!  Are you telling me the Dong Ping Jun prince is LYK?!  I thought LYK was some chivalrous hero.  I never imagined he’d be a traitorous prince instead.  How can he be like this?!”  (I seriously love her.  She is so smart and quick-witted.) 


In the same way that BQ has just been putting on an act this entire time, I doubt BJF actually believes her, but he says he believes her and the emperor will as well because given the reputation of her family, how would they come to work with a traitor like CY.  In a much more demure tone now, she asks “Bai Daren” if everything he just said is true and he says of course it’s true because how could “Bai Dage” deceive her.  This is where he then starts to lay the steps to extract a bribe out of her.  He first observes that her family has a store in the area and then wonders if Zhu Shou has any traitorous tendencies even if she doesn’t.  BQ rushes to reassure him that Zhu Shou doesn’t and then admits that actually, she was also with him at the Dong Ping Jun manor and it just happened that she happened to be away from the manor when the people came for CY.  Otherwise, she’d be locked up as well.  BJF says he already knew all that, but he trusts her as well as her family’s innocence, although he doesn’t know if other people feel that way.  BQ asks him what they should do then.  If things keep going on like they are, people will just mistake her family as being connected to the rebellion.  He says he has an idea.  Zhu Manor can make a statement that they knew nothing about this incident, that she was young and ignorant, and only followed Zhu Shou.  This way Zhu Manor can avoid implication.  But BQ doesn’t like the idea of placing all the blame on Zhu Shou’s head just to get out of this problem, especially when they’re still bound to suffer effects given that Zhu Shou is the manager of her family’s business.  She asks him to think of another idea, one that will solve the problem entirely.  That’s when BJF says that if her family pays a bribe and Zhu Shou writes a letter of guarantee, he’ll let him out.  He also adds that in order to allow the emperor to feel their sincerity, he’ll represent the emperor by accepting stock in their business and sending some of his people in to monitor things.  He asks if she’ll agree to the terms of that agreement and BQ says of course she agrees.  She thanks him profusely for his help and comments on her family’s good fortune as she never dared to hope for such an outcome.  She even adds that she just knew “Bai Dage” wouldn’t not help her.  As she starts to curtsey towards him, he stops her and says, “Between you and me, there’s no need to be so polite.”  (Puke again)  BQ thanks him again and tells him that in a little while, she’ll have someone send over the money.  As she takes her leave, BJF sends her off by saying that in the future, they’ll have to meet often in order to help the emperor earn some money, and she happily agrees.


As he watches BQ depart, BJF thinks to himself, “Using CY’s situation to take control of Zhu Manor without needing to use the army, the emperor should be satisfied with this outcome.”


As they leave the government office, Xiao Xia asks BQ if they’ll be able to get Zhu Shou out of prison.  BQ responds instead by telling Xiao Xia that if she should have an opportunity to meet with Yuan Chong again, she should find out what he thinks about BJF being a special envoy as well as CY’s relationship with BJF.  Xiao Xia asks if there’s something not kosher about BJF, and BQ answers in a very aggravated tone that he really made her uncomfortable.  Xiao Xia reflects upon that time when she, BJF, and Yuan Chong were captured by DFS.  Her impression of him then was that he didn’t have a strong sense of loyalty and was timid.  BQ disagrees and says he’s not the least bit timid; what he is sly and crafty.  She tells Xiao Xia that she suspects his purpose from the get-go was to have Zhu Manor pay out one million in bribe money in order to control their family’s business; yet, he wouldn’t say so up front.  Instead, he got her there step-by-step by making her plead for his help.  She also found it odd that he was so interested in her relationship with CY.  Xiao Xia asks if she and CY had a close relationship when they were in the capitol, and BQ tells her that she won’t keep it from her: CY is Lian Yi Ke.  She adds, though, that the fact that BJF knows that as well . . . she thinks back to Yuan Chong pretending to be LYK when they were all in Suzhou and guesses that must be how BJF figured it out as well.  She then tells Xiao Xia to warn Yuan Chong to be careful of BJF and Xiao Xia agrees to tell him should she meet him. 


They continue walking.  BQ says she hopes Zhu Shou will be released from prison without any problems and that Zhu Manor continues stays unaffected.  She’s annoyed though that she let BJF use this opportunity to infiltrate her family’s business, and she’s concerned that Zhu Shou and Zhu Fu might not be able to handle him.  She finishes her thought by saying that once they return to the store, she’ll have Zhu Fu send over the money.


A black-robed man walks along the empty street at night. 


At this same time, Zhu Shou is brought back to the Zhu Family store.  He falls to his knees when he sees BQ.  He apologizes for having slept too deeply that night, such that he wasn’t able to escape, which then resulted in her having to spend a lot of money to get him out.  BQ lifts him to his feet and tells him it’s not his fault and that they should instead direct their energies to finding a way to block BJF and his influence.  Zhu Shou says he’s heard everything from Zhu Fu and if all the emperor is worried about is that Zhu Manor may have also had a hand in conspiring against the state, and that’s why he’s sent someone to participate in their operations of the business, he doesn’t think this is necessarily a bad thing.  Instead, they can use this opportunity to improve their business with the emperor, but he recognizes that being close to the emperor is like being close a tiger, so he says they’ll have to be careful.  BQ says she’s also had such thoughts, but she’s still suspicious as meat pies just don’t fall from the sky (in other words, nothing comes that easily).  Zhu Shou responds that’s why they can only do what’s necessary as they’re not yet in emergency mode. 


Xiao Liu interrupts at this moment to ask Zhu Shou if he saw CY.  BQ wants to know the answer to that question as well.  Zhu Shou says when he was in prison, he tried to get some information out of the prison guards, but it turns out CY was taken to the bigger prison while he was locked away in a smaller prison so he never got to see him.  When Xiao Liu hears where CY’s been taken, he asks if that isn’t the worst prison to be at and Zhu Shou confirms it.  As BQ mutters CY’s name, Xiao Liu frets over how he’s going to escape.  He turns to leave, but BQ calls him back.  She tells him that if he acts like this, he’s just rushing towards his own death.  But Xiao Liu is determined.  He says even if he has to give up his life, he will break into the prison to see him because his debt of gratitude towards CY is as weighty as a mountain, and if CY dies, he’ll go with him.  BQ reminds him that CY wanted him to protect her and he’d agreed to it.  Xiao Liu tells her that, in his next life, he’ll protect her.  Just as he would leave again, this time it’s Zhu Fu who pulls him back.  He tells Xiao Liu to not act rashly.  He thinks there are a lot of fishy stuff going on with this business of CY being a traitor.  He’s afraid that if Xiao Liu just hastily and rashly rushes over there, he may actually mess up some big thing.  Xiao Liu asks what fishy things, and Zhu Fu says that ordinarily when it comes to matters of treason they would rather kill a 100 people, even if it later turned out they were innocent, versus letting one person go.  Therefore, if CY was really suspected of being treasonous, he finds it odd that BQ wasn’t also captured given that she was at the Dong Ping Jung Manor with CY and Zhu Shou.  He also finds it odd that Zhu Shou was able to be released so easily.  As BQ gives consideration to Zhu Fu’s thoughts, Zhu Shou says that Zhu Fu’s comments have reminded him of something.  He comments on the background of CY’s relationship to QW and how, to others, it looks like they have a very ambiguous relationship – which he then corrects himself to say, “a very good relationship” – which means that if CY wanted to rebel, then QW as the head of the Ming Yue Clan would’ve been more suspect.  But she’s currently imprisoned in the jail at Dong Ping Jun and hasn’t even been transferred to the bigger jail at Xi Chu Zhou.  Meanwhile, given that they only spent a few days at Dong Ping Jun, how could they be suspected of being traitors? 


After listening to Zhu Shou, BQ agrees there are a lot of plot holes.  She thinks back to her conversation with CY where he’d said to her that others would definitely suspect him, so he didn’t have a choice but to leave Dong Ping Jun and along with everyone else.  That’s when BQ mutters out loud, “CY, you bastard!”  The others ask what’s wrong with her and she just says hurriedly, “Nothing.”  Xiao Liu asks if she thought of a method to rescue his master, and promises that so long as she rescues his master, he’ll spend the rest of his life as her horse and ox.  BQ rolls her eyes and says with him so stupid, she wouldn’t want him to be her horse and ox.  She then says that since everyone’s tired, they should just go to bed and talk more in the morning.  Xiao Liu asks her if she’s not worried about CY, and she answers that she’s been tired for so many days now she wants to take a rest.  Although he wants to protest, she reminds him Zhu Fu and Xiao Xiao have also been traveling at break neck speeds and only arrived that day.  She again orders everyone to rest and reminds that in order to rescue CY, they have to have enough to eat, drink, and sleep in order to have the mental energy to think.  With everyone’s mind a mess, there’s no way they can come up with any good ideas.  BQ turns away from them with her arms crossed and as Xiao Liu starts to protest again, Zhu Fu interjects to tell everyone to return to their rooms. 


Left with no choice, everyone leaves and when the doors are closed, BQ sits down.  She says out loud, “if you really did hide this secret from me, then in the future, even if you try to be my horse and ox, I’ll turn a cold-shoulder on you.”  She then clasps her hands together and taps them against her head, and says, “CY, you planned all this, didn’t you?”


Outside, a black robed man appears in front of the store. 


BQ opens the door and steps out onto the balcony where Xiao Xia is standing guard.  She looks up at the sky and thinks to herself, “You’ve been captured for several days already.  If you really are just putting on an act, then you should at least send someone to give me a message.  Aren’t you afraid that I’ll worry?”


At that time, the black robed man walks around.  Xiao Xia notices him first and calls for BQ’s attention.  She looks over and then runs directly into his arms.  [I’m just going to interject here to say it is so obviously not CY.  Even from the viewer’s distance when he first appeared on screen (before we got the close-up) it was obvious that it was DFS.  For one thing, the men’s heights are different and this is especially apparent when BQ is hugging him – how can she not feel the difference?  Also, even with the mask on, you can tell that the face underneath is different.  Finally, once he starts talking?  It’s totally not CY’s voice although I think DFS’s trying?  If he is trying, it’s not a very good effort.  Overall, this is the worst fakery ever.  LOL.]  After hugging for a bit, the black robed man says, “BQ…” and that when she opens her eyes and notices that the hand clasped around her doesn’t have a scar on the back of it.  She thinks back to that time when she’d kicked and scratched at CY (all the way back when they’d hated each other) and knows.  But, nevertheless, she purposely pretends to not know and pulling away from him, starts to ask him a bunch of questions and comments in rapid succession, such as, “I thought you were locked up, how did you get out?  I thought it was impossible to escape from  that place, what’s going on?  Why have you been accused of treason?  Do you really want to commit treason?  Hurry up and tell me!”  DFS hugs her while calling out her name.  He then asks whether she’ll forget him if he remains locked up until his death.  She says she doesn’t know, and so he says, “BQ, forget about me.  Go be with DFS.  At least he hasn’t been charged with treason and I believe he is sincerely interested in you.  He won’t make you suffer.”  BQ responds, “Even though he’s not bad, you’re the one I recognized first.  I’ll never be able to forget you.”  At that, DFS can’t take it anymore.  He yanks her away from him in utter disgust as asks, “You’re going to distinguish between first and last even at a time like this?”  BQ pretends like she’s just figured out he’s not CY and says in a gasp, “You’re not…?” 


DFS takes off his mask and Xiao Xia rushes over to put her sheathed sword up to him.  He holds her off with a hand and says, “I just wanted to see if this was CY putting on an act.”


Episode ends.



Also, since I've posted recaps out of order, here's a LINK to Episode 42 in case anyone missed it or was waiting to read the recaps in order.  :) 


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48 minutes ago, luna2nd said:

I wish I could read the novel. Bummer 

Let me know if you want some spoilers I can PM you! (When I wake up, going to bed now haha)

29 minutes ago, roxnilla7 said:

Can you please PM what happens in the novel? Please and thank you! :D

PMed you a section! If you need more I can continue tomorrow :)

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On 2/17/2019 at 3:11 PM, biancardi said:

I guess for me, to expand on why I find DFS more interesting & compelling than any other character in this series, is because he is neither good or bad.  You aren't sure what side he is going to fall on. His character is ambiguous - like Snape from Harry Potter. Snape was a mean, nasty person to the kids (and that wasn't an act, he really was a mean, nasty person), but his backstory, how he took chances, that he turned out to be on the good side after all - despite what the rest of the wizarding world thought.  Millions of readers LOVED the Snape character - not because he was a shining heroic knight, but because he was mesmerizing.  JK Rowling didn't understand why so many readers loved his character so much.  It was because he was multi-layered.


DFS is like that for me - he is appealing, not just because he has a killer smile with dimples, but his character is complex, multifaceted and quite frankly, who knows which side he will wind up on - I find that the actor is very charismatic as well, so when he is on screen, my  attention goes to him - I love Bin Bin, but his character is so noble and lovely, he isn't as interesting to me (sorry!!) - What I mean is that I know what to expect from him, now that he no longer plays the duo role of CY/LRK with Buqi.  There aren't going to be twists and turns with his character - he doesn't have a redemption arc, as there is nothing for him to be repentant about.  The whole stuff with QW is an act, anyone that thinks CY means it really doesn't understand his character at this point, imho


 I also think DFS is the most intelligent of all the characters in this series.  He puts things together much more quickly than other folks do, considering he is basically working alone and has no friends to help him solve problems. 


Yes, his character is bratty, petty, vindictive, manipulative  and not always nice. But I do think he loves Buqi now and he isn't out to sacrifice her.  His desperation to marry her could be two-fold - one, for himself - he wants her (lust happens) and he even said, his life would be boring without her.  two - because he doesn't know that Chen Yu is LRK, he may not feel that CY can protect her the way he can - I think we all can admit that DFS can give the LRK a run for his money when it comes to martial arts.  I honestly think that the man isn't all right in the head, but I also think, based on the fact that he releases those that he catches, he isn't out to kill anyone needlessly.  In fact, he was grossly offended that Buqi  blamed him for the death of the suicide assassin.  


CY wasn't that nice to Buqi either initially - he purposely let her fall in the water, among other things, but he had the backup persona of LRK to be nice to BQ.  DFS doesn't have that type of persona to fall back on  - he seems to have a split personality, where he runs hot and then cold all within a split second - I love how Austin Lin's face can go from smiley dimples to a cold serious stare within a flash.  He is stalkerish, that is for sure and that is creepy beyond belief. 


But just like Snape, I find DFS's character to be highly entertaining and worthwhile.  I feel that DFS probably was just a privileged, spoiled and lonely kid growing up.  He has never had anyone say no to him before - someone that he cares deeply for (and yes, I think he does care for BQ deeply now), and he cannot beat her up or anything.  So, he is using the only tools he knows which are pretty darn anti-social and I do not condone it at all.  I hope for a good redemption arc - one where the others realize what he has done in the end had value.  


Unlike the death of Li Jing in TMoPB, where no one, not one person other than his sister, mourned for his death and only his crabby evil father knew that Li Jing weakened him so that Ye Hua could defeat him.  I still haven't gotten over THAT death.  I don't mind if a character I love dies, so long it has meaning and the main characters appreciate that sacrifice 


I hope this makes some of you understand why DFS is appealing to some of us here.  I don't ship him with BQ, as he is the 2nd male lead, but I wouldn't be unhappy if that did happen.  I do find it ironic about the complaints about DFS's behavior as this is why I don't like modern romantic K-Dramas that much. The lead male is often very abusive and nasty to the lead female and it is really difficult to watch.   Since I know in K-Dramas that the male will then fall madly in love with the female, I have a harder time with those dramas than one like this, where it is inviable that the 2nd male lead will not get the girl.


@biancardi I had read your post awhile ago and kept it in the back of my head. At that time, I couldn't quite see your character analysis on DFS, but after watching the recent episodes in raw then again in eng subs, I began to appreciate your break-down of his character. I watch some episodes with my mom over dinner and she actually likes him more than CY. Likely for the same reasons that you do! I personally still do not like how he pushes his feelings onto BQ and how his mind thinks that if he got rid of CY, he could have BQ, but I agree with you that he truly does care for her and is not out to sacrifice her. Also, I agree that he is probably the most interesting and intelligent character of all of them. I actually didn't like the part where he trolled by BQ and CY in the desert. As cute as it was, it didn't make sense to me because I do think that DFS had the smarts to have figured out BQ and CY/LYK's relationship way sooner. Anyway, just wanted to say you did a great job explaining DFS!!

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Omg another sweet video of CY and BQ!!! This time it's not about the scenes, but rather the moments and expressions (esp those of CY) :wub:



I foresee myself watching this many times to make up for the angst next week :tears:




Everyone is dying nooooooo. They aren't supposed to!


@nausicaay @12blbl @luna2nd dropped you a PM!

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It's here, finally!  My last recap of the week.  I feel like things are really winding up now, now that we're almost to the end of the drama.  It's hard to believe that for the VIP/raw episodes there are only four more day's worth of episodes left to watch.  Gah.  Anyway, let's not dwell on that just yet.  For now, please enjoy the below recap!  :) 


Episode 43 - Recap!




Bai Ma is securing the wagon with the tea goods as Zhu Fu walks past and compliments on his quick work that he did all by himself.  He says his mistress’s decision to keep Bai Ma on was, indeed, the correct decision.  As they start their way back to the Zhu Manor store, Bai Ma discreetly passes a note on to somebody else.  That note, of course, finds its way back to MM.  After he reads it, he tells DFS that BQ knows about Bai Ma’s familiarity with the region and has decided to keep him on.  DFS guesses that probably means she’s keeping him on in order to do something.  That means it’s likely that CY really was captured by the emperor.  MM says DFS has guessed correctly, as BQ has mobilized all of her family’s army in preparation of breaking CY out of his prison cart.  DFS says he’s curious to know how she persuaded the rest of Zhu Manor’s people to follow her to their deaths.  MM comments that in a few days, CY will be sent to the capitol.  He instructs DFS to send some people to ambush them, as can’t allow CY to fall into the hands of the emperor.  He even adds that DFS should take with them some fire arrows because if all else fails, he’d rather CY die than allow the emperor to get his hands on the Biluotian sphere and map. 


A caravan, led by BJF, travels through the city of Xi Chu Zhou to begin its journey of carrying CY back to the capitol. 


Outside the city, we see another caravan plodding along.  It’s BQ’s caravan.  She sticks her head out the window and asks Zhu Shou if they can’t move more quickly.  The caravan with CY as its prisoner is outpacing them and she’s afraid of losing them.  Zhu Shou apologizes and explains that their carriage was broken two days ago, so this is the fastest speed at which they may travel.  At that, BQ calls for Bai Ma’s attention and asks if he’s familiar with this area’s terrain.  He nods his head yes, and she asks if he’ll help show her the way on horseback so that they can travel ahead of the caravan.  With only Xiao Xia and Xiao Liu as her other company, BQ leaves behind Zhu Shou and Zhu Fu and instructs them to catch up to her at a certain meeting point.  Zhu Shou watches them leave and instructs BQ  to be careful, which she promises to do. 


After leaving the others, they arrive at a cabin where BQ asks one of her family’s army members if he’s by himself and where the others are.  He tells her that the others have gone on to hide in that place she’d dispatched them to (Qi Yun Shan).  She says, “Ah,” and then asks after BJF’s whereabouts.  He says he sent someone to find out, but they haven’t yet returned with that information.  That’s when BQ orders Bai Ma and Xiao Liu to go out and find out.  After they leave, Xiao Xia asks BQ  if they can trust Bai Ma when he’s only just joined them.  BQ tells her not to worry as she’s a good study of character and Bai Ma is definitely someone they can trust. 


In the forest, Bai Ma calls out to Xiao Liu.  He responds, “What?” and then pulls up on the reins of his horse in surprise.  He asks Bai Ma what he just called him and Bai Ma responds, “I called you stupid and you really are stupid.  You’ve been with me for so long and you can’t even recognize my voice?”  Xiao Liu looks at him in shock and surprise and asks, “Master?”  CY says, “Yes, it’s me.  Let’s hurry up and go.”  Xiao Liu is still spluttering in shock as they ride off together to meet up with Commander Han, who’s now dressed as a commoner.  By now CY has taken off his mask and after alighting from his horse, he asks Commander Han for an update on the situation.  They talk about how many men are with the caravan going to the capitol, how many men have been sent to receive the caravan, who they can rely on and who they can’t rely on, and shift their plans accordingly.  CY’s end conclusion is that, on this day, he must avenge his master (Ah Fu). 


Elsewhere on a cliff, MM and DFS are also discussing the terrain below them and where they’re going to post their people in order to set up their ambush. 


In the forest, the caravan that ostensibly carries CY as its prisoner continues on its journey.  At its front is still BJF who’s now cursing CY in his head.  He wonders what CY is up to and grumbles that he not only had to endure CY’s temper but now he has to work with him.  This leaves him with the hard work and thankless task of returning to the capitol with an empty prisoner’s box while he doesn’t know where CY has hidden himself.  He then swears that once he returns to the capitol, he’s going to impeach CY before the emperor.  


Around this same time, black garbed men preparing for an ambush position themselves in the forest.  As the caravan travels past, they grab their torched bows and arrows and start to fire.  More black garbed men fly in, while others use regular bow and arrows, while still more men fly in with hooks and chains to steal the prisoner’s box.  It’s a total ambush.


Back in the cabin, BQ wonders why the men haven’t yet returned.  At this moment, DFS arrives much to BQ’s surprise.  He asks how they could’ve thought to break CY out of his prisoner’s carriage with just the few people that they had.  She asks him what he’s talking about and warns him not to make such groundless accusations.  She was just afraid that Zhu Manor would be implicated and didn’t know what might happen to them on their way back to Suzhou, which is why she took action to post people along the way to protect them.  He doesn’t believe her.  As he looks down and holds his arm, which she now notices has a gash in it, she asks him if he went to intercept the prisoner’s caravan.  He admits it and asks if she wants to know the outcome.  Then he shouts out the order for “it” to be brought in.


“It” turns out to be a pallet with a covered body on it.  As BQ turns back to DFS, she reflects back to what CY had said to her the night before, “The person who killed my master will definitely come to try and break me out of the prisoner’s caravan.  I’ll be able to suppress the traitor and also finally get rid of the person who knows about your identity.  This was the best idea I could come up with.”  As the flashback ends, and BQ watches the pallet being lowered to the ground with its blood-splattered cover, she wonders if DFS not having been captured means that CY really did fail and was killed by DFS instead.


BQ asks DFS what he means by all of this.  He tells her that BJF ran away and CY was burned to death by their fire arrows.  He gestures towards the pallet and tells her that’s his corpse.  Xiao Xia tells BQ that they should just leave for Suzhou and not concern themselves with this stuff, reminding her that her grandfather must be missing her.  But BQ just continues looking at DFS and says, “He once asked me.  If he died, what would I do.  I told him I would definitely marry someone else, but actually, I wouldn’t.  I like him.  DFS, do you know why I don’t like you?”  “Why?” he asks.  “Because even if you do treat me well, for the sake of your own motives, you’ll still cruelly bring his corpse here before me in order to see my reaction and confirm whether it really is him.”  DFS objects to her characterization as he asks if that’s how she really sees him.  He says that CY is important to him for the same reasons that he’s important to the emperor.  He admits that he wanted her confirmation, but more than that, he wanted her to admit the truth, and stop deceiving herself as well as others.  He basically wants her to admit that she followed the prisoner’s caravan for CY’s sake.


Xiao Xia pipes up at this moment to yell at DFS.  She says he can tell with one eye how badly burned this person is, and asks how he can ask BQ to look at it.  Near tears, BQ yells out that she’ll do it.  She’ll look.  She was only trying to protect her heart, but if wants to see the truth, she’ll do it because she wants the same thing.  With Xiao Xia still trying to hold her back, BQ flips back the blanket and starts to cry as her body goes limp.  Xiao Xia holds her up and says to DFS, “With it burned like this, do you want her to have nightmares every night?  You’re always saying how well you treat her, but you keep making things difficult for her.”  She tries to leave with BQ but at that moment, another one of DFS’s men arrives to report that BJF escaped and after looking around, it is their belief that the person who was burned was the prince of Dong Ping Jun.  BQ breaks down into tears and her heartbreak is so real, even I’m feeling bad for her even though I know in reality, he’s still alive.  My interpretation of DFS as I watch his reaction is that he doesn’t feel wholly comfortable either, seeing BQ as she is, but he gathers himself up to give the order that his men are to continue their pursuit. 


After his man leaves, DFS tries to comfort BQ by saying that CY probably didn’t suffer through his death and promises to give him a proper burial.  (Because that’s supposed to comfort her??)  He then tells her that she’s not allowed to go anywhere and instead is going to return with him.  Xiao Xia asks him where he plans on taking her and DFS answers by telling BQ that if she doesn’t want Xiao Xia or any of the other people by her side to die because of her, then she shouldn’t keep resisting and instead behave and leave with him.  BQ answers, “It looks like you’ve already obtained those two things,” and DFS answers back, “It looks like you already knew about those two things.”  She glares at him says, “DFS, you profess to like me.  But it looks like you were just trying to use me to get to those two things and then kill me in order to get the treasure.”  DFS doesn’t quite understand what she’s saying though.  If she helps him to obtain those two items, why would he have reason to kill her?  BQ asks herself if he doesn’t know the full prophecy.  She then orders Xiao Xia to leave.  As she’s indicating that she wants to talk to him individually, DFS also sends his people away. 


Once alone, she asks him if he knows the full Biluotian prophecy.  He comments that it looks like CY told her everything and asks if she knows she’s the BIluotian priestess.  She repeats her question about whether he knows the prophecy in a more demanding tone, and so he tells her as he knows it – which is only the first part.  BQ tells him that’s not the whole of it and shares the next half.  I am heartened to see that DFS really didn’t know this second part.  He seeks to process this new information and asks if CY was the one who told her about it.  She confirms it and looks down at CY’s body (*heart tear*), while DFS reacts by saying this can’t be true.  He insists she’s lying to him, as she knows he likes her and would never kill her.  He accuses her of telling him this with the hopes that he’ll let her go, and says it’s impossible.  She comments on that the fact that he can make a decision like this and says that must mean he has a very high position in his clan.  She guesses he’s one of Cheng Wang’s descendants, and says, “Fine.  I’ll go with you.”  She asks him not to hurt Xiao Xia or the others and adds that with CY dead, she doesn’t want to live by herself anyway.  She tells him that whether they use her as a sacrifice in the end is up to them.  BQ then sits next to CY’s body.


DFS is still in disbelief.  He throws a cup, which has the others running back in.  When Hei Feng tries to hold him back, he shoves her away and tells her to shut-up.  She reminds him that MM had instructed them to bring BQ back.  But he tells her that if anyone dares to touch BQ today, he’ll kill them.  He then tells BQ that he doesn’t believe anything she just told him, but he’s not giving up either.  He intends on going to speak with his grandfather to find out the truth.  If everything she told him was a lie, he’ll come back to find her.


DFS leaves and poor BQ.  She can only sit propped up by Xiao Xia’s arms as she instructs her to send their family’s army back home.  She also covers CY’s body back up and instructs her to send two people to bury his body.  After Xiao Xia leaves, BQ collapses over the body in tears. 


The scene transitions in a flash of light and we see BQ’s entire caravan continuing on its journey.  BQ is back in the carriage with Xiao Xia and she looks miserable and bereft.  Xiao Xia says she looks tired, but with no inns nearby, she asks if they should find a place where they can rest for a moment.  That’s how, in the next scene, you see the caravan pulled over with BQ sitting under a tree with her head slumped over her knees.  Xiao Xia tries to offer her some water, but BQ refuses and just hides her face.  As Xiao Xia takes a seat next to her, they hear one of their men ask loudly, “Who are you?”  At the sounds of swords being drawn and people being killed, Xiao Xia gets up to investigate.  BQ hears her call out, “Bai Ma!” and that’s when she hurries to her feet and walks agitatedly in the direction of the noise.  She rounds the corner of the carriage and pauses.  She sees him.  He sees her.  (OMG, THIS REUNION!)  With every step BQ takes she increases her pace until soon she’s flying towards his outstretched arms.  Everyone else, on the other hand, is standing their guard against him as Xiao Xia demands to know who Bai Ma really is (since he’s killed so many of their people).  Xiao Xia tries to call BQ back, but she continues towards him anyway.  Bai Ma whistles for his horse and as he jumps onto its back, he reaches down for BQ’s hand, which she unhesitatingly gives.  Xiao Xia, Zhu Shou, Zhu Fu, and their few remaining men are left confused as they watch their mistress run away with Bai Ma.  (I can’t help but laugh as I imagine their poor confusion.)


After they’ve ridden a sufficient distance away, they stop in the forest where CY removes his Bai Ma mask and BQ is reassured to see him alive.  She hugs him as she cries, “You didn’t die, you really didn’t die.”  He comforts her by saying he didn’t die, and she asks what’s going on.  She tells him that she watched DFS drag in a body.  It had a scar on his hand, and so she really thought he’d died in the fire.  He explains that he didn’t have enough men in his army this time, so he wasn’t able to capture them.  He then goes on to explain how everything played out and how he was able to stage a convincing cover to let the others think he died.  He tells her there was too much at stake this time and he was afraid if she knew, she’d inadvertently leak the truth so he made a scar on the corpse’s hand to let her think he died.  BQ tells him he’s never allowed to scare her like this again.  When she believed him to be dead, she became completely undone and didn’t know what to do or what to think.  She felt like life had completely lost its purpose.  She confesses that she’d even had thoughts of wanting to follow him, and he sweetly scolds her by telling her that even if he had died, she shouldn’t be like this.  BQ tells him to stop talking about this stuff.  So, that’s when CY starts scolding her for real and asks how she and her people could be so inattentive to not realize that were being followed by spies.  She’s like, “Spies?” 


CY explains that he had been following her this entire time and noticed that there were other people also following her.  He killed them, but later discovered that within her caravan, there were several horseshoes on the horses that looked different from the others.  (That would explain why he killed all those people when he came back to her caravan.)   He tells BQ that he dares to guess that these were people being used to pass on information.  As for whom to associate them with, that he’s not sure about.  They could’ve been DFS’s people, BJF’s people, or a mix of both.  BQ tells him that amongst them there had to at least be DFS’s people because otherwise how would he know where she was.  He says it’s fortunate that she’s safe now.  And that’s when it suddenly occurs to BQ that with her having run out like this, Xiao Xia and the others must be extremely anxious right now.  CY tells her not to worry.  Since she willingly left with him, he trusts they’ll be able to figure things out.  Besides, before he left, he left behind some information indicating that this was all arranged by her grandfather so that they would hurry back to Zhu Manor where they would find it scattered and her grandfather would have found hiding places for all of them.  This way, they’ll hide themselves.  BQ asks him what they’re then going to do.  He says originally he was going to turn over the matter of his master’s killing to the emperor and also tell the emperor that other people were going to use Cheng Wang to rebel, so that he could protect himself immediately.  But now he fears that once the emperor learns about him having been broken out of the prisoner’s caravan, the emperor’s going to start wondering why the other people were so determined to capture him, link him back to what happened the day of his master’s death, and guess that he has the things that he’s been looking for.  CY then tells her that he already sent Xiao Liu ahead to arrange for a place where they won’t be able to be found.  He says it’s possible that her grandfather may already be on his way so they should hide for now and find an opportunity later on to avenge his master.  BQ agrees to his plan, and so they hurry off.


DFS goes to find his grandfather and (based on my recollections from the other night when I watched this episode) I’ll just summarize most of this part by saying: His grandfather confirms what BQ told him.  She has to be sacrificed in order for the Biluotian treasures to be obtained.  When DFS hears this, he’s devastated and refuses to have any more part the search for the Biluotian treasure.  He can’t believe his grandfather would let him fall in love with BQ like this, but that of course was never his grandfather’s intention.  Similar to the Seventh Prince, MM makes a comment about how this has always been BQ’s fate.  MM also tells DFS that he can’t just stop what’s already begun, as there are too many people who’ve worked to support his ascension to the throne.  DFS points out the throne was never something he wanted anyway, it was always his grandfather’s desire.  At that, MM comments that DFS reminds him of DFS’s mother and he goes off on a long backstory about that (the comparison is not meant as a compliment).  In the end, MM reminds DFS that he wouldn’t be able to marry BQ anyway because he needs to marry some other woman, to form an alliance with that family, and DFS just stands up and points a finger at his grandfather, saying, “Even if I can’t marry her, I definitely won’t let you kill her.”  His grandfather stands and says, “You!”  And then have a death glare face off.  It ends only when one of the underling arrives to report that all the person they sent to follow BQ’s caravan has been killed and that she herself has disappeared. 


After the underling is sent away, MM asks DFS about BQ’s reaction when she saw the dead corpse the other day.  He tells his grandfather that she was devastated.  Normally, whenever he looks at her, her eyes sparkle like snow.  But this time, he could tell from her eyes that she had no spirit or life.  His grandfather says that it seems like this time, CY really did die, but the fact that BQ has disappeared may mean that CY passed on the Biluotian sphere and map to her, and so she’s hidden herself.  His grandfather can tell DFS isn’t really in the mood, but presses on anyway to discuss that in a very short amount of time, they’ve already engaged with the emperor’s men twice.  As they have no reason to hide anymore, he wants them, within the next month, to dispatch their troops.  He tells DFS to prepare while he makes one more trip to Fei Yun Bao [Yun Lang’s home] and, as for the matter of BQ, they’ll discuss it some more later.  DFS responds by turning to his grandfather and telling him to wait.  With resolution resonating throughout his voice, he tells he’ll find a way to overtake the throne without relying on the Biluotian treasure. 


The emperor is examining sketches of what appear to be MM and (we don’t get to see the second picture, but I’m assuming DFS) when BJF appears before him.  The emperor asks him for his opinion about this matter of CY dying in battle.  BJF said he watched with his own eyes as CY got hit by an arrow and fell off a cliff.  However, although he initially thought CY died, after thinking about it some more, he suspects CY didn’t actually die.  The emperor commands him to explain and BJF says, “Faking rebellion against the state in order to be captured by the emperor was CY’s own idea to begin with.  He even borrowed the local army and knew that someone would try and break him out of the prisoner’s caravan.  He was very careful in his plans so there’s no way he would die so easily in a battle.  I think there’s something fishy about this matter.”  When the emperor says that doesn’t dismiss the possibility that he might have actually died, BJF shares that he’d installed some spies in the Zhu Manor caravan.  Yet, on the day of the incident, he lost contact with them as well.  He heard their real identities were discovered and thus killed, and he also heard from other spies that they were killed by Bai Ma.  Hua Bu Qi, was also taken away by Bai Ma.  But the most curious thing is, of all the people that Bai Ma killed, they were all the people that he had installed as spies.  He points out that these spies were all highly skilled in martial arts, yet Bai Ma was able to dispose of them easily after he reunited with the others.  He further observes that this person’s martial arts skills were of no small matter and, most curiously, were even used to help the people of Zhu Manor.  The emperor asks him who this Bai Ma is.  BJF explains that Bai Ma was a vagrant whom BQ accepted while in Xi Chu Zhou.  BJF says he investigated the matter and at first he seemed like just an ordinary person, but later it turned out he was skilled in martial arts and was even helping Zhu Manor.  It’s his suspicion that Bai Ma is actually CY and that he took BQ with him out of fear that the emperor would give the order to have her killed. 


The emperor says BJF’s analysis sounds reasonable and that he gained not an insignificant amount of information this time.  He asks if there’s anything else.  BJF answers that he thinks CY is not a controllable person.  The emperor asks him, “Apart from faking his death to take Hua Bu Qi away, is there anything else?”  That’s when BJF explains that when he was using the matter of the poisonous pill to test him out, CY not only didn’t go along with it, he turned around and stuck it in his (BJF’s) mouth instead.  He says that if CY really was loyal to the emperor, he would’ve taken the poisonous pill since it was always ever just a gesture to express his loyalty to the emperor.  Yet, after poisoning him, he threatened him to not say anything.  At this, the emperor laughs and comments that he’s quite gutsy to have used a poisonous pill to poison a member of his clan and let him bring him under his control.  BJF falls to floor to beg forgiveness.  He promises the pill was actually an herbal pill that actually helps to improve one’s health, as he was only trying to test CY.  The emperor responds, “You all grew up together.  Only you could have thought of an idea like that.  [He’s saying that sarcastically.]  The day you went to visit him, he already wrote a letter to me and sent back all the pills.  In the letter, he explained he couldn’t get past the anger that your attitude had put him in, and that’s why he fed you the pill.”  After the emperor finishes revealing all that, he commands BJF to stand.  BJF thanks the emperor for not punishing him, but after he stands he says to the emperor that he still doesn’t think CY is someone who is controllable.  He says that after CY received the emperor’s royal decree, his expression was one of extreme indignation.  Additionally, not only did CY not express reverence for the emperor, he was also able to see past his (BJF’s) attempts to feel things out.  He thinks this indicates that CY is a very serious schemer and a deliberate thinker. 


As BJF continues denouncing CY’s character and speculating over the fact that CY probably faked his death to escape with BQ, the emperor quickly loses interest and returns to studying the two character sketches in front of him.  It’s only when BJF says he heard some information regarding the Biluotian priestess that the emperor’s attention is recaptured, and he looks up sharply.  He asks BJF, “What did you say?”  He answers that it was the head of the Ming Yue Shan clan, Liu QW, who told him.  She knows the identity of the Biluotian priestess.  The emperor asks where she is, and BJF answers that she’s currently right outside the palace waiting for the emperor’s summons.  The emperor quickly orders her to be brought before him.


QW is escorted through the palace and brought before the emperor where she gets down on her knees to greet him properly.  He accepts her address of respect by telling her to lift her head and after he takes a good look at her, he asks her to stand to speak.  After she thanks him and stands, he asks her if she knows the identity of the Biluotian princess.  QW responds that it’s Hua Bu Qi.  The emperor repeats the name back to her and asks if she has proof.  QW explains that it was the prince of Dong Ping Jun who, one time when he was drunk, told her and that’s how she knows.  The emperor finds this odd as CY is the careful type.  He points out that CY even managed to hide his LYK identity from him for many years.  He doesn’t quite believe that CY would allow himself to get so drunk that he’d expose such important information.  He warns her that deceiving the monarch is a crime.  QW suggests that if the emperor doesn’t believe her, he call CY forth and confront him in front of her.  She adds that CY also told her BQ wasn’t the Seventh Prince’s daughter and that the Seventh Prince had known this for a long time.  She describes the Seventh Prince’s reason behind his long search for BQ as something worth mulling over.  The emperor gets up from his throne and walks around his table, all the while musing over the fact that BQ isn’t the Seventh Prince’s daughter.  He then mutters that the Seventh Prince sure hid some deep secrets. 


QW tells the emperor that previously she was just one of Liu Ming Yue’s chess pieces, and that Liu Ming Yue had been using her position to unscrupulously amass large amounts of wealth on the behalf of another person.  This person was someone they’d all been instructed to prioritize and that he was someone who had rebellious intentions.  She shares that this person has also been looking for BQ and, after reciting the Biluotian prophecy, QW tells the emperor that it’s her guess he’s also been looking for BQ in order to obtain the treasures contained within and then stage a revolt.  She then finishes by saying that it’s because of all that, that she believed CY’s words when he told them to her. 


The emperor tells QW that for now, he’ll trust everything she said to him is the truth.  He then asks her if she knows anything more about Biluotian, and she answers that she already told him everything she knows.  (As she says this, she assumes a little innocent girl voice.  It is so annoying and also so very calculating.)  The emperor smiles at her and says that as she’s endured a lot of trouble following BJF to the capitol, there’s no harm in her staying a few extra days in the palace.  He says that when he has some free time, he’ll come find her to chat.  QW accepts his invitation gratefully and says she’ll be available to meet with him at any time.  This makes the emperor laugh as he calls for someone to show QW to Xiang Yuan Dian (a place within the palace) where she can rest.  He also asks for BJF to be summoned.


QW takes her leaves by telling the emperor that she’ll wait for him at Xiang Yuan Dian and that he must visit her.  (Gross.)  The emperor responds, “Zhen will definitely go.”  (Puke.) 



As QW walks away from the emperor, she thinks to herself, “Hua Bu Qi, my guess won’t be wrong.  You are the Biluotian priestess!  Now that the emperor knows, you’ll never know peace for the rest of your life!” 



After BJF returns, the emperor instructs him leave for Jiang Nan immediately so that he can bring back Zhu Ba Ye (BQ’s grandfather).  He also instructs BJF to send out an arrest warrant for the prince of Dong Ping Jun as well as for the two people in the sketches he’d been looking at earlier, which he now hands over to his assistant. 



MM is waiting outside under some open pavilion when one of his underlings runs up to him.  The underling reports that they’ve finished dumping medicine into the water around Fei Yun Bao (where Yun Lang is from).  MM is pleased to hear this and then says that both BQ and her grandfather have disappeared.  He tells his underling to send someone to look for them, but to make sure his grandson doesn’t find out. 



At Fei Yun Bao, Daddy Yun Lang (I don’t know what else to call him since I don’t know his name) exits his yurt.  Yun Lang returns urgently on his horse right at this moment.  He tells his father that their horse stables have run into trouble, as the night before, dozens of their horses died while a thousand or so more were infected.  He adds that the infection is something that’s easily spread.  Yun Lang’s father asks him if he’s called for the horse doctor and he says he’s already sent him over, but he warns that the outbreak they’re dealing with currently is much stronger than the last time and even a little different.  This means they don’t have the necessary medicine or ingredients on hand to make medicine in order to deal with the outbreak.  Yun Lang also adds that, for some reason, it seems like they can only treat this infection and not actually get rid of it.  His father asks how the timing could be so coincidental, as it was only a few days before that the emperor sent word he was taking back all the war horses stabled at Fei Yun Bao.  He asks how they could suddenly have an outbreak amongst the horses.  Yun Lang also finds it odd.  He comments on the fact that the Ming Yue Shan clan has been broken up and wonders if Liu Ming Yue has hidden herself and is the one behind everything.  His father laments that despite all the precautions they took, they couldn’t avoid this.  He tells Yun Lang to hurry to the capitol and seek help from his sister and the Mo Family, and bring back medicine. 



Back in the palace, QW is drinking tea when she hears something.  It’s the emperor on his way to see her.  He approaches from behind and asks her what she’s thinking.  She pretends to be surprised and “accidentally” spills her tea on him when she stands.  She begs forgiveness and falls to her knees, wiping at his robes, all the while continuing to beg for his forgiveness.  The emperor pulls her up and tells her to stand.  He says he knows she didn’t do it on purpose and it’s only a few drops of water; therefore, she needn’t be like this.  QW smiles coquettishly and thanks the emperor for being so generous.  He’s not the only one being generous though, as she continues with her compliments and flattery.  When she finishes, the emperor laughs and reminds her that she still hasn’t told him what she was thinking about.  She starts flirting (and I start gagging) as she tells the emperor he can’t laugh at her if she reveals to him her thoughts.  He says of course he won’t, and encourages her to hurry up and say.  QW basically tells him that her thoughts are filled with him and only him and his amazingness.  The emperor, being a man, enjoys hearing this and can’t seem to take his eyes off of her.  With each word, she’d taken a step in the direction of the bedroom and the emperor had started following her as well with an outstretched hand.  This causes her to walk backwards into the bed and she sits down on it when she has nowhere else to go.  The emperor stands before her and the episode ends with QW draping herself across the bed.  (Ick).




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On 2/21/2019 at 9:41 PM, themarchioness said:


As for MF, it was originally suspected that perhaps the MF character would turn out to be a female who was disguised and raised as a male in order to lead the family's business.  (Because, in the beginning of the drama, there were scenes like him getting injured and no one being allowed in to to see him, including a doctor, other than his mother.)  We haven't seen the end of MF yet, so that may very well still be the case.  


I just saw Ariel’s post and looks like MRF is in fact a woman disguised as a man. 

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