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[Drama 2018] Wok of Love (Greasy Melo) 기름진 멜로

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( I am at episode 33 now)


In general, this is a very enjoyable drama.

I (re-) watched some heavy historial dramas this year, "Jumong" being the   last one.

This drama is perfect for the balance after that.

There is suspense, tension, romance and lot's of tiny bits of cooking-wisdom. 

I expected "Pasta!" in another setting, because of the writers, but it is different.


It is a light drama, and should not be taken too serious.

But the nicest thing is the whole cast, leading and supporting characters.

Many faces we know from other great , not always easy dramas.

They all come very much alive, sometimes in  slightly other roles than usual. I admire them for being able to do that.

This must have been a pleasure time for them, with a good atmosphere in the whole team.


Therefor, "Thank You !"




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How much did you love this drama and the characters in it? There is a new poll event starting here on the forums. Check it out and nominate the drama and your favorite characters in one of the numerous categories!



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For some reason I started and stopped this drama while it was airing, maybe it was because of work, but i picked it up again and found it really nice and charming. I'm only on episode 6, which is episode 3 if this show ran it's full 1 hr and loving all the characters.
I was actually surprised that neighborhood granny helped serve customers. Thought she was going to chase them away. :D

Really not like the current CEO of Grand Hotel. Why go to the restaurant and then say leave? Hello you picked it first.

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