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[Drama 2018] What is Wrong with Secretary Kim, 김비서가 왜 그럴까

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They'll be playing Mi So's parents....          

------------------------------------------------------------------------- DC

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Because it’s tvN I’m hoping we’ll get some steamy scenes :D Why would they cast PSJ and PMY and waste their sizzling chemistry? I feel like their chemistry is really strong even at the beginning.


BTW did anybody watch 2D1N episode where PSJ was a guest? I think it was 2 years ago. He was voted as the ugliest person there, it was so funny :lol: Seeing how narcissistic his character is in this drama I wonder how Lee Young Joon would stomach this result haha :tongue:

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2 minutes ago, aisling said:


Forget about kissing. With this pace they’re going to make babies soon  :glasses:

lols okay i'm now looking forward to that too

just love this drama, fast paced, dynamics between the characters is sooooo good, great acting, seems like it's just a comedy at first but there is also an underlying tension beneath the surface, and of course PSJ and PMY!  I just hope they won't dwell much on the angst, let it be just the pepper and salt on my pasta!



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@nonski  Thank YOU!!!




Although I have yet to finish all the episodes I wanted to share at least this. Yet my thoughts will seem out of sync for this page and most likely will seem behind in what is and isn't but that's the beauty in bringing up the rear LOL.:lol:


The musical entrance of YJ entering his company was like some theme song from an action adventure like Conan The Barbarian as odd as that sounds.  He and MS are like a well oiled working machine in constant motion and connected without the need of words.  She knows him like no other, even his thoughts and actions whether learned over time or fear still they were learned.


Yet as much as she knows about him what is it that he knows about her?  To mistake allergies for tears of affection I guess that's answer enough.  For as much time as they spend together there is a sense of honesty and being able to be ones own self that is lost and lacking. 


What seems to be a rather large ego in YJ in having to ask how he looks while looking at himself in a mirror.  Makes my heart wonder why this oh so perfect seeming man on the outside.  Can't even trust his own eyes.  What you see isn't always what there is. What lies beneath him I look forward to finding out.


Sometimes we take things and people for granted.  When is it that you discover how much something or someone means?  When you know you are losing them or they are gone.  How do you replace trust, comfort or what is as normal as breathing to you.  Perfection or is it much much more a person who without you even knowing has become a part of you.


If your going to drive a man who believes he is in total control of everything around him including himself and knows everything crazy.  Give him something he can't answer or understand on his own.


My favorite moment so far was when MS was being asked about YJ maybe liking her and she shook her finger while laughing and said NEVER. 


Never say never...

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Preview for next week




Translation for 0.16 preview


MS – Date?
YJ – Yeah.
YS – Do you want to eat ramen?….it means, when you eat ramen….
YJ – thank you for the ramen
YS – ….it means you are dating.
JA – Who is that guy? Are you having “some” with him?
SY – You are so sensitive because youa re a writer
YJ – (searching about how to confess love) These days, where are the “it” restaurants?
YJ – Congratulations Secretary Kim, in advance (talking to himself)
YJ – Just don’t do it (or ‘just don’t start’).


credit: https://www.dramamilk.com/whats-wrong-with-secretary-kim-live-recap-episode-4/




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Live recap by Dramamilk: https://www.dramamilk.com/whats-wrong-with-secretary-kim-live-recap-episode-4/


Also Episode 3 recap by Dramas with a side of Kimchi: https://dramaswithasideofkimchi.com/2018/06/13/whats-wrong-with-secretary-kim-episode-3-girl-power/


I was curious about how they were going to do the last scene. In the webtoon Young Joon deliberately grabs Mi So to fall on him, which is---can they just stop doing that in K-dramas (and in real life) please. I think the way the drama handled it is an improvement, and I'm glad the creative team decided against mimicking the webtoon in that scene.

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12 minutes ago, MeritaG said:

@nonski Thank you so much for keeping us updated. Please, continue to do so for the rest of the episodes. 

You're welcome! Hoping too that I can continue doing so. :) 

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I dont follow the webtoon but is SY such a bad guy or he is misunderstood or he has since been reformed? spoilers are ok. Not sure if he is interested in MS to spite YJ or what..  Thanks!

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And now the wait begin... First for subtitles and then for the next episode. That next week gonna be a torture :tired:.

What's wrong with the parents? The mother was worried about the older brother but LYJ was already hurt :angry:


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