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[Drama 2018] What is Wrong with Secretary Kim, 김비서가 왜 그럴까


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14 minutes ago, MeritaG said:

Really looking forward to see all the kisses and bed scenes like in the webtoon. We may see more of them in the drama. *winking* I think the bed scenes in the webtoon was kind of censored. Don't you think?

how do we read the webtoon? is it in english? can i also have the link please?thanks

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Sorry, late cuz I am still at work

anyways, annyeong chingus!

Happy watching!


KMS on some book and YJ is beside here

there is power outage

they leave the library with MS leading YJ and holding his hand while holding the phone with the torchlight open to guide them

while walking back i think YJ asked/mentioned something about her shampoo

MS told him about 1+1 which i presumed she bought at a deal

she then flips her hair that hit his face and he smiled broadly

YJ keeps looking at their hands

further he took his hands and hold her hands instead

he then took from her the phone and lead the way

as they came outside the lights went back on

they look at each other's held hands and took a step back

personnel came and MS walk away


sorry bad stream here



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YJ came out of his office and MS stood up to put his coat on him

he invited her to eat but she declined for some prior appointment

he repeat the invite but was declined again

(he looked really sad though before he invited her)

MS met some woman and they are sort of an interview

meanwhile YJ is also meeting bff, having whisky



hmmm where are you my dongsaeng @jeonghyang?


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MS brought a report to YJ and noticed his tie not properly done

she came near him to put it properly and he's definitely affected

he look at her intently while she smiles broadly at him

she receives a call and asked to be excused

when she was out of sight he hold on to his chest that's thumping hard

he's surprised and it's so funny how had his chest is thumping and so irregular


my link too @jeonghyang

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hyung punches YJ and he was about to punch him back but their parents arrived and their mom keep crying so YJ wasn't able to punch bro

YJ left and drove, arrives at MS' home

he got out of the car and looks at her window with the lights still on

he was about to leave when he saw her walking and smiling

he was looking at her mesmerized

as she near him, he thought she was to pass by him when he touched her shoulders

and she was very surprised

she took off her headphones and talked to him then saw the wound on his lips and dragged him inside her home but seeing how unkempt her house is instantly pushed him back outside to his utter shock 

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