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[Drama 2018] What is Wrong with Secretary Kim, 김비서가 왜 그럴까

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They'll be playing Mi So's parents....          

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16 minutes ago, minwoojin said:

Episode 1 and 2 (Behind the Scene)


PMY has a really cool vibe, like she's not fazed by anything (she was the coolest on Busted too). Love seeing her and Pyo Ye Jin getting along so well. Hopefully someone can translate the BTS...I'm more than willing to do subs. :D

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I have to admit I found Episode 1 dragged a little and I found the humour especially the over the top sound effects didn't quite work for me but I thought Episode 2 was a much stronger and funnier episode and the flashbacks gave us insight and development to the characters. There is also the mystery of some sort of childhood trauma to unravel which has me intrigued.


Both leads are PERFECT in their roles - giving their characters depth and getting the comic timing just right.  I never had any doubts about Park Min Young as Secretary Kim and so far I love her cool, capable character and how PMY is playing her with the little hints of frustration and the way she puts on a mask to deal with her boss, her wistful life for her own life, the contrast between Secretary Kim from 9 years ago and now.  PMY looks so gorgeous here too!  I was worried Youngjoon was going to be just another textbook arrogant chaebol who I have no sympathy for but Park SeoJoon is also doing a sterling job. YoungJoon is hilarious, we can see he values Secretary Kim even if he can be arrogant and self-absorbed and he still manages to be likeable. I'm looking forward to seeing how their relationship developed in the past and how it will change in the future now the status quo has changed in their relationship.  The whole supporting cast are excellent.  Love the sets, clothing and cinematography as well.

On 12/06/2018 at 4:18 AM, saved2K said:

whoooahhhh, thank you for the spoilers.  It gave me a deeper understanding and appreciation of the drama.  There's more depth in the story than just being a simple fun to watch romcom.


Btw, Park Min Young and Chansung make a cute couple too hehehe.  On another note, why are all the Snail Brides here???? hahahaha

Queen for Seven Days feels:bawling: At least we know this drama will have a happier ending!

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Park Seo Joon Gets Jealous Over Park Min Young On Her Blind Date In “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?”


Park Seo Joon has become jealous yet again after seeing Park Min Young on a blind date.

See Also: Park Seo Joon Gets Jealous Of 2PM's Chansung And Park Min Young's Relationship On "What's Wrong With Secretary Kim"

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?” is about a cold, narcissistic vice-president of a company, his loyal, efficient secretary, and the romance that ensues when she quits her job.

In previous episodes, Kim Mi So (played by Park Min Young), who worked for Lee Young Joon (played by Park Seo Joon) for nine years, quit her job to find herself. Though she’s never dated before, she told her former boss that she dreamt of having a normal relationship with an average man, which shook the normally uncaring Lee Young Joon.

In the released stills, Kim Mi So goes on her first date with her blind date Park Byung Eun. Park Byung Eun plays a reporter, who is Kim Mi So’s ideal type as he has good looks, comes from an average household, and is warm-hearted. She warmly adjusts his necktie, as he affectionately makes eye contact with her. Lee Young Joon looks on from a distance, appearing frozen in place and shocked.


A source from the drama stated, “In the upcoming episode, Lee Young Joon will be analyzing Kim Mi So’s every move and as his adorable jealousy starts to show. We hope viewers will look forward to their chemistry.”


cr: Soompi




June Drama Actor Brand Reputation Rankings




cr: soompi


Congrats to Park Min Young and Park Seo Joon...fighting!!!! :wub:

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Lee Tae Hwan To Bring About Changes With His First Appearance In “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?”


tvN’s “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?” hinted at the upcoming turn of events with new stills of Park Min Young and Lee Tae Hwan.


Lee Tae Hwan, who plays the role of Lee Sung Yeon, will also make a first appearance in the drama. The pictures show Lee Sung Yeon arriving at the airport and walking leisurely through a crowd of fans. He is wearing a long trench coat, black sunglasses, and holding a suitcase in one hand.

A popular writer who works under the penname Morpheus, Lee Sung Yeon’s face is yet unknown to fans. As a crowd of fans holding up signs reading “Morpheus” wait in front of the arrival gate, Lee Sung Yeon simply walks away with a little smirk on his lips.


The production staff of “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim” shared, “Lee Tae Hwan will officially appear in today’s broadcast. The appearance of Lee Sung Yeon, his character, will affect Lee Young Joon and Kim Mi So’s relationship.”

They added, “Please look forward to the drama as interesting details will be revealed, including the brothers’ conflict between Lee Young Joon and Lee Sung Yeon and the relationship between Kim Mi So and Lee Sung Yeon.”

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I can’t wait to see that three-leg race! :D Or specifically what comes after that B) Whoot whoot!


Park Min Young has really a cool vibe offscreen, she’s not shy or timid, she has this “IT GIRL” kind of vibe. I think it was Seo Joonie who was a little flustered when she leaned close to him haha :lol:




OK, Lee Tae Hwan looks like a teddy bear wrapped in a ribbon and tied in a bow. How is he going to pull off a seductive character? :tongue: To be honest he looks too young to play 35 yo character especially when he’s 9 years younger than Park Min Young.


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On 07/06/2018 at 2:15 PM, lollyminx said:

I've been looking for something light to watch and since I love Park Seo Joon especially since seeing him be a hot and hardworking waiter in Youn's Kitchen 2 (his work ethic is just... admirable... a beautiful thing to watch), I watched the first episode... AND. I'M. DOWN. FOR. THIS. My kdrama addict self is soooo alive right now.


Can I just say, I'm so glad they didn't drag the whole proposal thing to Episode 2. They just went for it in the first episode, which is a good thing.



That is great news about the director. The directing in Because This Is My First Life was one the stand out elements of a very good show. No wonder this has attracted such a strong cast.


Thanks for the updates everybody. Can't wait for this week's episodes :D

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                                   @nonski noona ... Come out from the cave right now!























                                                          @triplem  and @evie7






                                   Gawd! She's so PRETTY! Can't take off my eyes over her!




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