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[Drama 2018] What is Wrong with Secretary Kim, 김비서가 왜 그럴까

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I love this drama. I love it. I love it. I loooooove it. The chemistry is cracking. The dialogue is witty and fast  (I adore the banter between Kim Mi So/Secretary Kim and our CEO/Joon. I melted at their text messaging -I love that they can be so honest with one another. I male lead who accepts the female's honesty. I was happily surprised- and loved the whole "you keep talking back to me." "no I'm just answering your questions" bit), and the direction ix smooth yet funny and fast paced (scenes just fly by one after the other, and i love the cartoons thrown in here and there). Park Min Young looks gorgeous in this drama. As a need to be dressed business/business casual worker myself, her looks are slaying and inspiring me. Who knew a simple pencil skirt and flowy tops can look so good. 


Our CEO is sooooo in love with Kim Mi So (though he doesn't seem to fully realize it yet) and I think she feels the same way and I can't wait for them both to truly realize that and stumble to be together. The tie tying scene was everything :wub::wub::wub: I adore how much of a fond memory it seems to be for him and how much every moment spent with her has been something he holds dear and close/has more meaning and implications for him. I'm a sucker for male (or second male leads) who fall fist so I'm all in with these two. I'm curious if CEO and Kim were kidnapped when younger and spent time living together as "brother" and "sister".  The horrible dreams CEO has, Kims fear of spiders and asking if she was taken as a child, also the childhood book and her looking for her brother; kdrama love them "fated/destined" since tots trope so I expect that Kim, CEO, and the older brother we've yet to meet were all kidnapped and spent time together when younger. 


This drama has me hooked and it's only been two eps. Please remain this good throughout your run drama. 

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3 minutes ago, minwoojin said:

Didn't expect more flashback. But I am glad they are showing their hardships together through the beginning.


Will post the HD when it comes out...


Look like he is going though alot and she was there for him hopefully!


He as not stuck on himself just going by these flashbacks. something change him.

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I love her pony tail...swish ..swish as she walks. She's gorgeous. She looks really good in her outfits and she's whip-smart. He is so cute with his arrogance and everything he is doing to try and date her is making me squeal in delight


I love the whiplash dialogue I am loving this drama.



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2 hours ago, hyall said:

I love her pony tail...swish ..swish as she walks. She's gorgeous. She looks really good in her outfits and she's whip-smart. He is so cute with his arrogance and everything he is doing to try and date her is making me squeal in delight


I love the whiplash dialogue I am loving this drama.



Yeah her pony-tailed hair is giving me an Ariana Grande vibes. ^_^

PMY is soo gorgeous I sometimes missed reading the subs because I'm stuck looking at her. 


The new stills give more hints on their past esp. LYJ.  Excited to watch episode 3. Wednesday pali pali. 

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7 hours ago, evie7 said:

Me too, I have had to put 3 really good ones on hold and I keep adding more. At least one is going to end next week:tongue: I really should have not even looked at this one, but I couldn't help myself. I'm loving PSJ on this role, always love PMY. I don't always like her dramas but I've had a soft spot in my heart for her since I watched her in The Unstoppable High Kick.  Now I'm hooked on this drama...

I was pleasantly surprised at how the story went. They set the premise up rather well in the first two episodes. Some dramas take awhile to find its footing . Hope they’ll mAintain

On 10/06/2018 at 12:15 AM, hrh77 said:

I just love their "bad omens" coz their boss is coming... LOL...... And the whiskey, where the ahjumma scolded him.... so funny...

All the effects etc are quite good . I do trust TvN in this regards. 


Late hello to my dear chingu @kaoriharang. Good to see you here. 


This is the written preview for ep 3. MAybe someone can translate as google translate  made me laugh & I didn’t get the jisc



GENTLE reminder: 

1. Fourth image onwards to go into spoiler ( includes pics, YT links , Twitter , IG)

2. Remember your post needs to have at least 20 characters ( letters , numbers etc ) . 

3. Do not quote images ( remove before posting)

4. Since this is based on a webtoon , any  thing not shown in drama should go into spoiler.  Put a warning before the spoiler so others not who don’t want to know too much are aware it’s from the webtoon .


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Ok, tried this one out.  I love both leads. They are beautiful and talented. The story is dragging for me from the outset. As I write this I have finished ep. 1  and having a difficult time getting through episode 2.   There was a hint of past trauma during the little Ms Muffet scene, when she sees the spider and asks about something happening when she was a little girl. I liked her sisters. I am wondering who the oppa is she is writing to.   But that is the most intriguing part, and very little of it yet.  The other supporters are well acted to be sure, but their roles are sort of cliche and not really interesting to me.  So just dunno if I will continue. As I say struggling through episode 2, will finish it up and then see whether I will go on.  




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4 hours ago, minwoojin said:

Didn't expect more flashback. But I am glad they are showing their hardships together through the beginning.


Will post the HD when it comes out...



Honestly, I feel like a lot has happened in 9 nine years and now that they have become successful together, they forgot all the things they've been through. With KMS leaving, it'll bring them to going back to old memories and seeing all the ups and downs they've been through together.


51 minutes ago, visiopeia said:

i can't wait for ep 3 !!!!! hahahahahaha both leads actually has feeling on each other and yet they didn't want to admit it! 


I do feel the same that they have feelings for one another, but don't realize it, yet. I honestly think that LYJ's feelings really shows, but he won't admit it. KMS doesn't realize her feelings, yet for LYJ. Just my guess. :D

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Been a long time since my last drama.   But I loved the trailers, I like PSJ,  specially in romcoms, and I liked the sassiness of Kim Mi So.    The chemistry PSJ and PMY make palpable  for this series is great,  both being very capable lead actors.   Thus here I am.    


The first two eps are pretty fast paced.   And we get two shower scenes in two eps as bonus, lol.    The flashback of her early days on the job is really nice.    But it is the  backstory of what makes  LYJ wake up in cold sweat,  KMS’s fear of spiders, and the mystery of who Oppa is,   is what I am waiting for.  Should be interesting.   Am staying with this series till it ends.  


Waving hello  to the chinggus in this forum who I have met in other dramas. Long time no see! 



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Good response by K-netz

TV: What's wrong with Secretary Kim? (Pilot)



Article'Secretary Kim' Park Min Young is straight out of the webtoon... another 'romcom' legend?

Source: OSE Nvia Naver

1. [+1,039, -95] How is she so pretty~~

2. [+562, -28] Ah seriously ㅋㅋ not only are the characters so in sync but I really like how the first episode is the same as the original webtoon

3. [+296, -25] She's a great actor, especially when she was acting out the allergies... her face got all red and tears welled up in her eyes~ ㅋ it's a fun drama so far

4. [+314, -54] We all know that she got plastic surgery, can we please stop mentioning it? Her acting is great but I feel like people overlook it because of her plastic surgery and it's sad.

5. [+126, -20] She matches the character great... she's 'Miso' completely!!

6. [+56, -4] I started watching for Park Seo Joon but all I can notice now is Park Min Young because she's so pretty ㅋㅋ

7. [+45, -3] She has great pronunciation and tonality, her acting is really good. She seems to have researched a lot into her role.

8. [+37, -1] Hasn't she always been good at acting?




1. [+404, -18] Park Seo Joon is so charming. He seems like a psycho but a cool one, and he's cute too~ ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+332, -21] Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young match so well

3. [+305, -17] The casting is already good~ ^^

4. [+30, -3] Both leads are great at acting. Sometimes the hardest style of acting is just the normal life of an average character but they're showing great chemistry.

5. [+26, -7] The drama's fun because both leads are so good! I hope this carries through until the end!

6. [+23, -2] After seeing this episode, I've realized only one thing and it's that acting should be left to the pros like them, not idols.

7. [+22, -8] Both of them are so crazy good looking... they're straight out of the webtoon

8. [+16, -3] She's so good at acting... she always has great chemistry with her male co-stars



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43 minutes ago, stargazer187 said:

Done with ep 2. It's very nice and lovely good as expected. Now I have something more to look forward on wed-thu. 


LYJ is clearly falling head over heel with KMS. It is so fun seeing him trying to date her. And KMS, I believe deep down in her heart, there's a special place for him. Both are liking each other. All the wrong conclusions he had would let him to see a great humiliation of the truth later. Lol


I like the flashback of the two, it's great to see how times change rookie Sec Kim to her as today. And how the two are working together from the beginning. 


Is the second male lead will be LYJ secret brother?? What's with him? Is he his brother like half-brother?


I think YJ liked MS from the very start but because of his trauma from the childhood he was unable to either recognise his feelings or allow himself to act on them. As long as she was by his side he didn’t need to think about how to define their relationship but now that she wants to leave he has to step out of his comfort zone.


His older brother’s not secret, he’s just mysterious because he lives abroad and not much is known about him...

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24 minutes ago, labyrinth525 said:

What’s wrong with secretary kim  named as the most buzzworthy/most talked about drama in the first part of June. While the most talked about lead drama is PSJ in no.1 and PMY in no.2


Way to go WWSK team !!!




Oh yes. The Good Data rankings show the drama topping the competition & the leads here doing the same 




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