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[Drama 2018] What is Wrong with Secretary Kim, 김비서가 왜 그럴까

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Is this the guide for how to congratulate Miso on marrying him?


Credit: trendingkdrama






tumblr_pchjuc5z4z1vay5kgo4_400.gif  tumblr_pchjuc5z4z1vay5kgo3_400.gif



I’ve never been this drunk before. Why? I always had to be on standby as I didn’t know when you’d call. Come to think of it, it’s making me angry. What do you mean?


Credit: messijoahae

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They'll be playing Mi So's parents....          

------------------------------------------------------------------------- DC

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I know I'm late to this forum, and to the farewell party. :grimace:  But  let it be known that I am so into this drama and the tandem of PSJ and PMY from the start.   I never thought I could ship another OTP after SongSong, but this Bulldozer couple proved me wrong.


I wish them well and more success in their individual careers.  Whether the dating rumor is true or not, I thank this beloved couple and all the people behind the scene  for making me happy for this past 4 mos.


See you in another Kdrama chingus.   :heart::heart::heart:



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hello, everyone! wow. it has been ages since my last visit in this forum and actually post! it seems like i come out only when i’ve been deeply moved and this drama surely did it’s job in doing so! more than what i would have ever imagined. i am a sucker for romcoms, but have not found the perfect fit for my taste in recent years until this gem! my heart has been filled with excitement and joy every time a new episode comes out, so i am currently going through major withdrawals already and it hasn’t even been 24 hours yet since i watched the last two episodes — the most heartfelt, sincere, romantic proposal and wedding scenes i’ve seen in a kdrama! sigh love!!


this drama has the right amount of everything a romcom must have! it was fun, hilarious, sincere, heartwarming, and one that would make you want to fall in love and be loved! i’m so thankful to PSJ and PMY for bringing to life the characters i’ve come to love so dearly. i can’t imagine anyone else as LYJ and KMS. they owned and delivered their characters so well, so realistic that sometimes a fangirl like me would question what is acting and what is real, yknow? they’ve got the perfect chemistry and the visuals are no joke! this drama made me want to get a brand new wardrobe seeing how well-dressed PMY was as KMS! she looked stunning in every episode just as how gorgeous PSJ was in those tux and polo shirts *swoons* plus the OST hit me right through the heart! i love so much!  


i’m definitely going to miss this drama as it made me feel so happy and experience love through LYJ and KMS! and some may think this drama is just like any other, but nope! proved me darn wrong as it deviated away from the cliches so smoothly and presented such a refreshing attack to the romance and comedy to make a perfectly blended sweet treat for us viewers! it definitely earned a spot as one of my fave kdramas ever, not just romcom! i’m definitely going to watch again! :wub:


thank you all for this thread! definitely love reading others’ thoughts on things i like and knowing many others feel and think the same! it has been such a lovely experience! 

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From PMY agency all I understood is that she's happy that MS got her happy ending 



She's a beautiful bride.. PSJ is so lucky...opss I mean her future hubby :phew:





cr as tag

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Just got finished watching the last 2 episodes. I'm smiling ear to ear. 

All I can say is:

Now that was a TRUE Rom-Com!!:heart:


Thank you all for this thread! Thoroughly enjoyed the ride!!:lol:

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Been a ride watching this with everyone!

thank you for being such a fantastic group.


I avoided reading too much here for the last 2 eps cos I wanted to fully enjoy them without knowing what is coming next. Hehe. I want to experience the full ploppity plop of my heart ! 


Hope to read up and comment after.

On my way back to catch the last 2 !

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8 hours ago, princessfiana said:

besides the missing wedding ring, anyone noticed the scars on YJ ankles also went missing in Ep16?

Lol, I don't think the wedding ring was an issue. That part was deliberately cut off as they didn't progress with the wedding except the entrance by the couple. The drama just ended there.

Also lots of things has to be concluded as leaving them open will mar the drama and from their scale of preference, the wedding ring scene is better cut off than those ones.


@drama, what a good way to wrap this wonderful drama up.

Kudos to everybody.


I normally enjoy drama up to the confession of love and lost interest after that but this drama made me want more. From our narcissistic vp and his killer punches to the sec and all the casts. I wanted to hate the mum but can't.


It's a light comedy but filled with strong lessons and I will look forward to a good work like this again.


It ended well for us and the casts and production crew too. Tvn is on fire these days.

Wish the public stations will leave broadcasting politics and go for quality. 

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7 hours ago, mrlyncrdn said:

@princessfiana Hi Chingu! I've seen you are translating the webtoon update and I'm always looking forward on your translation of every updates. Thank you so much! :) Now that the drama ended, are you still going to translate the webtoon updates?


hi chingu :) ~ sure ~ I will update this thread for any future updates of the webtoon

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Back for a bit as I finally watched the final episode.

Perfect ending to this breezy summer drama.

I swear this is the first time I have seen such an eager groom and a calm bride.



And my lil devil makes a return!



She would have been perfect to appear when YJ gave that sly wink when MS asked why they would stay all the time in the hotel room. LOL.

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I like this show a lot. No unnecessary angst or drama, and the story flowed without needing a villain. It wasn’t boring and I wish more shows are like this. Also I rarely get invested in the side couples but I was totally interested in wha would happened with other Secretary Kim and workaholic neighbor. Also ms bong and her hero are adorable as heck. Loved all the otps and overall drama. Please please have more shows like this where there’s no evil mother in law or enemy in the company 

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Okay,  I watched episode 16 and the venue was all of that and then some...it was gorgeous...every woman's dream.


 It was so nice to see the mother-in-law (more on the in-laws shortly) embrace her daughter-in-law and genuinely like her.  I liked the line, (paraphrasing)  I was so jealous of my friends, I only had two sons, now I have a beautiful daughter to go shopping and eat delicious food with.  I was all smiles. I loved the fact that she wanted to shower MS with gifts because she was fond of her.  


The In-Laws were so nice and down to earth, yes, they have tons of money; have an opulent home, and live a lavish life style, but their money  is not who they are. I loved the fact that they could apologize to their children and treat them well, ...no hitting, throwing things, or name calling...loved it.  Even SY ended up being someone that I could understand and like.  I like the fact that even though MS's family do not have money, they were not looked down on, but made to feel welcomed.  Thank you writer!


Here I go again, one of my favorite scenes, was when YJ could not stop his knees and hand from shaking while waiting to be married.  Although we did not get the I do...what we got was even better...the kiss.  I loved the flashbacks.  This drama was written, directed and produced so tastefully. It will be one of my favorites for a long time....It might even bump my number one or two...City Hall and My Name is Kim Sam Soon. 


Thank you cast, writers, directors, production staff, stylist and crew for a great drama from episode 1 to episode 16.



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Thanks to PSJ & PMY for showing us such wonderful kdrama with their amazing chemistry! Best chemistry I've ever seen in kdramas! I like everything in this drama. There are so many unexpected sweet moments which I replayed n times!






Credits: Owners in weibo

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