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[Drama 2018] What is Wrong with Secretary Kim, 김비서가 왜 그럴까

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chingu ya, anneyooong ... OMG how I miss this thread.... finally I am in a country where the internet faster than a cave man dragged his woman out of the cave.. Singapore! I am so ready to watch the last 2 episodes from last week after suffering from a severe madness because I can’t do nothing but spoiling my self like crazy from instagram and youtube videos... TONIGHT is the binging time yaaay!!!


BTW ooow may gaawddddd our lovely lovebirds kisses are getting more and more passionate.. although I found it a bit strange to have both can kiss so darn good while they’re supposed to be ‘unexperienced’ but yeahhh who caresssss hahahaa.. as long as I can see the bam bi di bam bam bam oiii... love love love passionately..


and KYAK! uri Yong Joon will eventually release his KRAKEN and the feeling of him finally accepting and move on from his trauma (thanks to the love of his life, Mi Soo) is so good to watch... so light and sweet... 

I’m holding my self from watching other ‘blockbuster’ drama such as Mr Sunshine because the purity of my sweet romance love story of Lee and Kim is too good! 


Tomorrow is coming so quickly kyaakkkk ottokeeeee.....

have a great evening all.... sarangeyooooo :wub:

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They'll be playing Mi So's parents....          

------------------------------------------------------------------------- DC

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9 hours ago, princessfiana said:


Guess the drama didn’t explain as detail as webtoon. The night before the kidnap of MS, the sisters got their news that their mother would die, so they were crying their eyes out so they were tired. MS woke up in the middle of the night and was looking for mom so she was kidnapped.  the whole kidnap of MS only happened during the night as the woman committed suicide that night and YJ took MS back home safe by the morning.  The sisters never knew MS went out in the night.


i.e. YJ has been kidnapped for 3 days when he met MS.  MS only been kidnapped for few hours at night till dawn.


thanks dear for the clarification. :) 

i'm sure the sisters, especially the eldest, would love LYJ more once this issue comes to light. 

i can't wait for the next episode when the big question would be answered, so did they? hahahaha...

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Taecyeon Visits Chansung On The Set Of “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?”


Taecyeon recently visited fellow 2PM member Chansung on the set of tvN’s “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?”

See Also: Park Seo Joon's Popularity In China Rises Thanks To His Performance In "What's Wrong With Secretary Kim"

On July 16, Chansung posted on Twitter, “Taecyeon came by on the set of ‘What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?’ [He’s so loyal]. Taecyeon hyung, thank you and I love you~~~”


Chansung is playing the character Go Gwi Nam in the tvN drama, an employee who’s incredibly popular with the ladies at the company where Park Seo Joon‘s character Lee Young Joon is the vice chairman.

Check out the first episode of “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?” if you haven’t already! Viki is also offering a 40 percent off sale for early access and ad-free HD viewing of “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?” You can learn more here.

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41 minutes ago, Kasmic said:

Question: I just saw this in IG....when did the team of WSK go out for a dinner gathering? Im pretty sure it's not part of the drama. :blink:





I think it was when they gather to watch Ep 1 together? I remember seeing BFF in this clothes at the very beginning when this drama airs. Thank you for the spoiler news! Tvn didnt release any new stills for tomorrow even I keep refresh today~~ so good to see spoiler news~


New update from webtoon, I like Tues when there is new comic released :) the comic keep my mood till Wed live


Ep 91 MS went for check up at women's hospital and discovered she is 8 weeks pregnant....which is before she married YJ....She went to YJ office to find YJ. YJ was in bad mood after some call, she stammered to try to tell him the news when BFF suddenly slammed YJ door open to tell YJ that his wife is pregnant for 10 wks and finally he is gonna be dad. after BFF left, MS decided she should wait for better timing to tell YJ and kept silent.  YJ started to tell her that he wanted to enjoy more time with MS as a couple before having kids, as after having kids, he wont be able to get enough sleep, it will be the end of their couple time together, it will be real soon that BFF realised its so tiring to take care kids, etc.... he wanted to catch up all the times he missed spending with MS in the past 9 years before considering kids and that he had been taking pre-cautions since their marriage (MS's o.s. but they didnt take pre-caution before their marriage...). MS was super worried about YJ's negative reaction to having kids and started thinking could it be becos he had trauma as a kid and fight with his bro all the time so YJ does not like kids.....



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3 Things About Park Min Young That Captivated Viewers In “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?”


Park Min Young has been killing it in her first rom-com role in “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?”!

See Also: Park Seo Joon's Popularity In China Rises Thanks To His Performance In "What's Wrong With Secretary Kim"


The tvN drama has found success off the chemistry of its two leads, topping buzzworthy drama lists and boosting Park Seo Joon‘s popularity in China. One Korean media outlet has found three reasons why Park Min Young’s character in particular is proving so popular among viewers:

1. He straightforward honesty





Whether it’s about work or love, Secretary Kim gets straight to the point. She knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go after it. When she handed her boss, Lee Young Joon, her resignation letter, she made her determination to quit perfectly clear. When he offered her marriage in response, she was just as firm in her denial. There is no hesitation in Kim Mi So.

She was equally straightforward when she confessed her feelings to Lee Young Joon. “I don’t want any misunderstandings between us,” she said. “If you misunderstand, distance grows between us. I’m afraid of that.” Then she simply said, without confusion, “Because I like you.”

Even when another man (Lee Tae Hwan) showed interest in her, she made sure there was no room for a shadow of suspicion or doubt. She showed Lee Young Joon the text from the other man right away and told him, “I want to say clearly what’s on my mind and have no loose ends.”



2. Her 180-degree image



Kim Mi So projects an air of pure professionalism at work, gaining a reputation as the perfect secretary. She can handle any situation, is fiercely competitive in the inter-company sports festival, and gives lots of advice to her juniors like Kim Ji Ah (Pyo Ye Jin).

However, outside of work, both Kim Mi So and Park Min Young aren’t afraid to let go of their “perfect” image. Kim Mi So wears comfortable clothes to the neighborhood park, loves pork rinds as her favorite food, and is relatable in a way that her “perfect secretary” image is not. She also has a fun relationship with her older sisters (Baek Eun Hye, Heo Soon Mi)!


3. Her compassion and patience


Behind both the perfect secretary and the relatable young woman is a traumatic past, as Kim Mi So and Lee Young Joon were kidnapped together as children. Although Mi So is happy that she is reunited with her old friend, she is also worried about his skewed memories of the past and why he refuses to use his old name.

Nonetheless, she holds back from pressuring Young Joon on the matter, telling him, “You don’t have to explain everything right now. We have a lot of time together, so we can talk things over slowly.” She has showed that her heart is big enough to wait as long as he needs and stayed strong by his side when he confessed to his parents the truth about his memories in the past 24 years.

Check out the first episode of “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?” if you haven’t already! Viki is also offering a 40 percent off sale for early access and ad-free HD viewing of “What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim.” You can learn more here.

Watch Now


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@princessfiana Thank you for the spoilers making me more so hopeful that he wont waste away the night ;) No guarantees right??



will this happen??? love-154.GIF 


Warning underage chingu dont open spoiler :tounge_wink: Though I do think it's just a matter of time happy-102.gif




                            party-109.GIF   party-109.GIF   ITS WEDNESDAY!!!     party-109.GIFparty-109.GIF

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omona!! the pic! wonder if the drama will show that scene! like afterwards where MS will start calling YJ oppa, cos she is already his woman......hahaha.  will have to wait to find out!  I am guessing it could be a failed one at the beginning and then a successful one later. never trust preview~hehehe

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14 minutes ago, 999hearts said:




I was starting to think they weren't going to release it! Poor PMY, he loves teasing her way too much. Her expression when he was joking with the eggs! :lol: PMY seemed super chill in the couch kiss scene. B)

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I'll patiently wait for some subs esp to see what PSJ was saying in reference to how to untie her ribbon :tounge_wink:


I love how he teased her with the cooking. Why wasnt this in the ep :w00t:


First tease 




2nd tease




I guess "IT" didnt happen. :smirk:




and we be all like






Ok I need a glass of wine too. :P

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1 hour ago, 999hearts said:




my heart cant take it!!! aagghhh! so much cuteness. did she drink the wine before or after the scene? :)

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Please do not quote videos. Thanks.
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54 minutes ago, Wanderer17 said:

my heart cant take it!!! aagghhh! so much cuteness. did she drink the wine before or after the scene?


I think she drink it after the kiss because the ribbon is untie, maybe Young Joon going to somewhere first and then she's drink wine. I think we will not get bed scene to night, because MS drunk, they will failed to have bed scene. 

Hmmm if they failed, at least there is kiss scene. :D:D



Today They're filming again. I think Thats Jung Yo Mi , the woman in front of them



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