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[Drama 2018] What is Wrong with Secretary Kim, 김비서가 왜 그럴까

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WWWSK... How dare you!




We're getting sexy times next episode, I cannot take much more of this. This show is trying to kill me.

I want more but then I don't want more at the same time. I'm surprised I haven't passed out at this point.

Also where is more of shirtless YJ?! I have been deprived of that for so long!

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They'll be playing Mi So's parents....          

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18 minutes ago, lolly84 said:

I got the feeling that tomorrow they'll be interrupted on the edge!! I don't remember the exactly scene from webtoon but i'm curios... Anyone knows?:phew:



Here's an english subbed of their first night together. The soundtrack used might make you giggle, hee!

I know they had a fight before this.


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Thank you all for recaps, gifs and pictures @jeonghyang @Kasmic @kaoriharang :heart:

This episode was amazing. I love their backstory. Flashbacks really shed more light on LYJ feelings to KMS. He did things for her in his own way and tried to keep her by his side all this time. Child actors are amazing in this drama. The girl is so cute and the boy is handsome and talented. Give him a few years and we gonna get another man to fangirl over. Little LYJ was so brave and smart. And he didn't change much ;) Poor LYJ KMS doesn't remember her marriage proposal from twenty years ago. It's really convenient for her. But there's no way out of it, she must marry him now because he totally fulfilled her requirments for a husband :mrgreen: 


I love that shirt LYJ is wearing at the hospital. He looks hot in it :love:


So angry KMS is not a lion but a storm under the surface :grin:


LSY is still selfish. I guess some things just doesn't change. He actually found out that his little brother experienced a really terrifying thing 20 years ago but the only thing he cares about is himself. But I still don't know how their memories got mixed and why LSY took LYJ's memories and made them his own. 


Looks like the parents didn't know that LYJ was faking an amnesia. The mother  looks surprised and devastated when she found out. I'm still curious about the mixed memories. 


I hope that in the next episode we're gonna see some sweet and sexy scenes of our OTP. Preferably shirtless LYJ in some hot bed scene  :naughty::grin:

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28 minutes ago, averia said:

Looks like the parents didn't know that LYJ was faking an amnesia. The mother  looks surprised and devastated when she found out. I'm still curious about the mixed memories.

@averia .. Chingu He got the memories because he himself went to the crime scene when he was younger. IT was shown in episode 10 LSY got a flashback of him entering the crime scene.. smh smh smh 

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Oh man  did not expect to feel so bad for the kidnapper my god. Man those 2 went though so much I did not expect  to be bad be that bad I see why he is traumatize.


What a terrible all around  event. :cry:

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Just finished watching with subs. First of all, I don't find "I can't promise you that I'll hold myself back tonight" romantic at all, it's borderline creepy especially if you basically have no experience with each other's preferences when it comes to physical intimacy. :angry: Also, boo for casual homophobia again.


I was very impressed with PMY's performance this episode, how she got across the subtle changes in Mi So's personality throughout the years up to the present. Her dramatic moments were superb too. It was also kind of funny to see that from Young Joon's perspective their 9 years together held a lot of affection for him, and that gave more dimension as to why he was heartbroken in the first episodes that she didn't seem to consider those 9 years with him as part of her life. Also I'm impressed with how the PD and his creative team found a poem that fit their story so well. I mean... "Without you, I don't think I can explain the story of my life so far." Bravo.


Ok, bring on the sexy tiems (and the awkward bts)!!! :w00t:



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Saw Ep11 right now. :wub:

I was really looking forward for the flashbacks, the kidnapping and especially the past (work) relationship. Complet ep11 was awesome. Looking so much forward for ep12.


can anyone tell me the name of the piano song (27:00 ~28:10)? You can hear it pretty often.

I love the instrumental song, but i don't can find it.

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Omo I havent seen the sub ep yet but Im getting spoiled by some translations so I cant help but share it :P


PSJ as YJ is his best role to date. 




Even though I felt this scene was rather disjointed or perhaps a filler (why didnt they show the brother or him talking to SY or his parents instead), it's still hilarious. 




Ratings are up,




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Translation from Kyoungae Noh in tvN youtube for a nice well executed back hug of our couple:



Doctor: there’s nothing wrong with her heartbeat and blood pressure, it was only a temporary headache so you don’t have to worry about her.
YJ: Okay, thanks for your care.
0:37 M
S: what took you so long?
YJ: an important guest came to visit, so I had to bring her here too.
MS: a guest?
YJ: it’s a lady who time-slipped to come from 1994 to 2018.
MS: what??
YJ: you’ll be able to notice her at first sight because her looks surprisingly didn’t change at all. lends her a gift
MS: isn’t this NaNa’s sweet home set!?
YJ: i was only able to find one because after the kidnapping incident, the company closed. i had it just in case.
MS: wow
YJ: don’t you think I’m such a husband material?
MS: husband material? what do you mean?
YJ: do you not remember when you asked me if I’m rich and if I could buy you the sweet home set? you’re the one who begged me to marry you.
MS: I did? I don’t remember...
YJ: when a mature nine year old boy asked their parents to buy him a nana’s sweet home set, it was chaotic. they thought as if he went back to being a toddler after going through such a big thing, or if he was confused about his gender, they made all kinds of assumptions. it‘s fine though, whether you remember it or not, it’s a present for you.
MS: thank you, I wanted this since I was a child. as a child, her face looked so pretty as well as the huge ribbon on her dress, but-
YJ: it looks unfashionable now?
MS: a little, hehe. Vice President, did you know that dog gums are made out of cow leather?
YJ: really?
MS: so, if you bury it on the ground, it will rot and disappear. probably Big Bang Andromeda Supernova Sonic’s dog gum also did the same. memories, just like dog gums, can be forgotten as well. so, should we bury the bad memories together?
MS: I’m so happy that you’re the oppa I was finding for.
YJ: I’m also happy that I met Miso again. I’ve been trying so hard not to make it obvious in front of you.
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7 hours ago, shiroazn said:

OMG I am so excited. :wub: So far the previews have been pretty true to the episode (like with the kiss scenes) so I think we will get a successful fade-to-black bed scene tomorrow. I'm not even expecting like "I Need Romance" type of sexy scenes. All I'm asking for is PSJ to graciously take his shirt off cus its been a while and I'm having withdrawals. I freakin' love how YJ kept loitering around MS, not wanting to go home, and finally showing up again at her house at that last part. The whole time, I was grinning and internally screaming at MS to recognize all the green lights he has been flashing at her. Like that boi wanted her "ramyun" so bad.


He did take off his shirt in that bed scene in Witch's Romance right, so he really should do it again for this show. Bonus points if Mi So gets to open his shirt buttons! :w00t::lol:

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  • Jillia changed the title to [Drama 2018] What is Wrong with Secretary Kim, 김비서가 왜 그럴까

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