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[Drama 2018] What is Wrong with Secretary Kim, 김비서가 왜 그럴까

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They'll be playing Mi So's parents....          

------------------------------------------------------------------------- DC

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6 minutes ago, nonski said:


back at MS' she's cutting the watermelon then pours Sprite in it and ice and mixed then signals her sisters to start digging in

as they are eating MS stopped midway, saw YJ standing holding some gift

MS and YJ talked then the sisters came and questioned YJ asking if they are dating and he said yes. older sis do not seem to favor him



















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Meeting the sisters now, why is big sis so negative about their relationship











His willing to try everything and anything, love hi determination

Love their expression in seeing him all ahjumma dressed up 








Looks like his winning them over





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back at the rooftop

KGN is dying from staying under the table and hungry too

 a bag fell and JA rushes to take it before KGN is discovered

the guys suddenly decided to move the table

OMG my stomach is hurting from crying

they were so surprised to see KGN lying on the floor

of course he has his own explanation for this

they were out of foodie (?) and SR volunteered to buy

at the grocery she saw some free sampling of sausages

she was told it was 1+1 then she tried them and finished off all the samples

the sales lady clamored and cue, Sec Yang arrived, took the 4 packs and announced that they are going, lols loving these two!

back at the sea front...

girls are digging for clams and looked up surprised to see YJ with his wide visors

oldest sis keep nagging on YJ then MS tells them to race on harvesting clams

funny YJ follows as he plows the sea catching clams, they got a pail full of clams

as they are sitting now at the table near the house, 2nd sis complains about what she's doing then YJ offered to do it then punches whatever it is, it seems oldest sis is okay with him now and he looks at MS and smiles and punches non-stop, lols

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Clips from ep 10


Even though I want YJ to come clean about everything, I understand why he wants to protect MS. Those memories were just horrible and frightening.










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9 minutes ago, nonski said:

YJ eats with the sisters and showed them how a heartily he ate

he still ate the last half of crab, obviously very tired now

he was about to stand up but the owner called him

he ate too much he seems to have indigestion 

(i wonder if he did not have a high blood pressure after eating so much crabs!)


























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Yang and SR arrives at JA home as the others are about to go

they are now at a resto, eating/drinking and as the landlady arrives, KGN covers his face

head manager asked KGN to sing and he sings a rap song

next Sec Yang sings and gosh he has a beautiful voice

everyone is smitten as they look up to him as he sings

later, SR walks out of the room and sways as he walk and chanced upon Sec Yang and asked what he's looking at, she nearly fell and Sec Yang was quick to catch her

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oldest sis now talking to YJ and mentions about a promise



lols so they are children of Jiho and SEhee?!?!?!?!

family in the car, 3 sisters at the back, dad singing while MS complains

Mom asked why since dad sings good

kids played at the sea and mom and dad are about to kiss but MS came holding a clam

they walk towards the sea and dad lifts the two kids

back to the present time

older sis tells YJ about the promise and he looks at the MS and she confirms

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  • Jillia changed the title to [Drama 2018] What is Wrong with Secretary Kim, 김비서가 왜 그럴까

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