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[Japanese Movie 2018] Over Drive,


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Over Drive


File:Over Drive-p001.jpg


  • English: Over Drive
  • Romaji: Over Drive
  • Japanese: OVER DRIVE
  • Director: Eiichiro Hasumi
  • Writer: Sayaka Kawamura
  • Producer:
  • Cinematographer:
  • Release Date: June 1, 2018
  • Runtime:
  • Distributor: Toho


At the SCRS (Seiko Cup Rally Series), talented young drivers hope to advance to the WRC (World Rally Championship).

Atsuhiro Hiyama  is the chief mechanic and an engineer at Supika Racing Factory. He is well regarded by his peers. His younger brother is Naozumi. He is an extremely gifted driver for Supika Racing Factory, but he is also a troublemaker. They continually argue because of Naozumi's reckless racing style. One day, Hikaru Endo becomes his manager.



Masahiro Higashide

Mackenyu Ara

Aoi Morikawa


source: asianwiki


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