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[Japanese Drama 2018] Dolmen X, ドルメンX, march 10


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Dolmen X

Resultado de imagen para ドルメンX 2018


  • Drama: Dolmen X
  • Episodes: 
  • Airs: Mar 10, 2018 - Mar 31, 2018
  • Network: NTV


Leader, Ichii, Nii, Sai and Yoi are aliens who have come to invade Earth. Yoi is the only female alien among the group. They are looking for a way to invade the planet without having war. To make themselves feel better, Yoi takes the group to a live male idol group concert. The aliens are impressed and decide to become top idolsto invade Earth. They call their idol group 'Dolmen X.'


Shison Jun

Asaka Kodai


source: mydramalist




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