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Soompi Community Publishing BETA - Testing and Feedback

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Hello Soompiers!


Are there topics you'd love to cover and share with your fellow Soompiers? Have memes, or want to write a listicle for the top 10 reasons why your bias is bae? Then come check out the Soompi Community Publishing (Beta) platform and give us your feedback!


Why join Soompi Community Publishing?


  • Write about the things you already love and see them published on the biggest K-news platform and connect with millions of fans all around the world!

  • The best articles have the chance to be picked by our editors and featured on the main Soompi news page

  • See your article on @SoompiCommunity and possibly retweeted to @Soompi

  • You’re not limited to Korean content! Come write about food, the feels, your favorite Taiwanese shows, trivia, run polls, and more!


Additionally, Soompi Forums members who publish at least 1 article and provide feedback between Feb. 16th 00:00 PDT  - Mar. 2nd 23:59 PDT will be awarded 3000 reputation points!


We want to hear from you!


Soompi Community Publishing is still in BETA mode, and we’re looking for ways to make it even better. Come be one of the first writers and give us feedback!


We’re especially looking for feedback on the following:


  • Bugs - What works and what doesn’t

  • Getting started - Is it clear how it works?

  • What would motivate you to write and keep coming back

  • Any other feedback, comments, suggestions, or insights you can give us!


Ready to get started?



We look forward to hearing from you!



Team Soompi

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