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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2019] Go Go Squid! 亲爱的热爱的

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Just watched the latest raws, and although I can't understand the whole thing (my mandarin is almost nonexistent), I really enjoyed it! Kudos to Li Xian's acting! I just can't gush enough LOL. Can't w

Lmao! These two are too funny! But thank the director. First kiss BTS. Li Xian wasn’t briefed about it so he was surprised by Yang Zi’s kiss. Other kiss in the clip, she wasn’t briefed.    E

Hey guys, look what i found!..i think someone had asked for a translation to the schedule of events daily a few pages back.  Here it is..   Cre: as tagged.

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Ok finally finish watching this drama, after dowloaded parts of  it since last year... good stuff.:heart:


Didnt know Li xian before this but this drama makes us recognised him. He needs to keep his hair like HSY to remain popular, haha.. joke joke...


Some parts of the drama that remember,

1. Wasnt it too harsh to HSY to retire after winning the championship earlier on? And keep blaming it on Solo? Solo did right by being responsible to his daughter, who needs medical attention...no? - as what the daughter said to HSY when he revealed her parents history


2. Its good to know that HSY wanted to adopt Xiao Ai so as not to break team solo.. but how is that going to work since he was equally broke? Hmmm


3. Good gentleman HSY, im not sure why 10 years gap is an issue at this time and age.... but getting married after 5 months perhaps, with 2 breakups in between, seemed more worrying ... hehe


4. Glad to know that part 2 of Go GO Squid is gonnna air soon with Li xian and Andy Yang's cameos, starting off with their wedding. Its also good to read that both actors are still friends and are constantly intouch via social media.


5. A bit skeptial with GGS 2 coz of Hu Yitian ... he didnt talk much in A love So Beautiful, which is almost the same as his character in GGS 1. But will watch it because of my 4 point:D to the end if its worth to watch.

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