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[Current Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Excellent Investor, 金牌投资人


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Excellent Investor





Original title: 金牌投资人

Release Date: April 10, 2018
Genre: Business, Romance
Network: Hunan TV
Episodes: 40
Production Company: Mango Studios, Booky Pictures, Daotian Yingshi
Director: Peng Xue Jun
Screenwriter: Jiang Ze Hong



Excellent Investor deals with the distance between dreams and reality and raises the question of how to find yourself. Fang Yu Bin (Yang Xu Wen) is no different from tens of thousands other young men who leave their small town to realize their dreams in the big city and can only rely on their own talents and efforts. Yu Bin becomes the vice-director of investment of Rongding Capital’s Shanghai branch, but is soon drawn into the internal fights between those who occupy high positions. Yu Bin’s hardest phase of life thus begins. He doesn’t give up though and manages to be recognized by his boss Yuan Rui Liang (Chen Long) as well as by the chairman. However, he is soon tempted to make a decision that envolves the betrayal of Rui Liang.  Will personal gain or moral integrity be stronger?



Yang Xu Wen,

Zhang Li,

Chen Long,

Eliza Liang


source: mydramalist

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