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[Drama 2018] Lawless Lawyer, 무법 변호사


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15 hours ago, RobinM said:

He is charismatic and super hot and she is a strong,  smart and very pretty woman. They have a common goal in life regarding getting overdue justice , their history is connected and they see each other in close proximity every day.


It would actually be unbelievable if they weren’t  very attracted to each other by now. 

@RobinM   I also think NSJ is going to develop and attraction for him.. She would throw her so called power and family background in there..  Either way sooner or later regardless if they was in a relationship or not both are in bad positions and each other weakness..

 JY and BSP..


11 hours ago, violina said:

Ok now that am done squealing.I am also of the opinion that they are not gonna go all romantic on us in the next episode.Or if they are, the scenes will be inserted in the way that enhances the drama not distract from the "thriller feel" or revenge plot.I trust director with this.

@violina  I'm ok with the fast romance if they can go the distance but I'm kind of with uncle on this one he can't trust no one in that town including JY,, She could be just using him to find out about her mom and may choose not to believe it because of her relationship with the judge.. BSP has no evidence no other then what he says and remember he's a lawyer she's going to want to see facts hard evidence..  .


4 hours ago, kjoy said:

I was talking more from YH's standpoint because I definitely believe that all BSP can see is HJY so I can't see a full blown triangle. I can see YH developing feels for BSP though. I am enjoying having a 2nd female lead who isn't outright annoying, in fact, I actually kinda like her. And I don't actually believe HJY and YH are antagonistic. Sure they're not each others favorite people but they are far from antagonistic. 

I can sense a full blown triangle.. @kjoy  I see Mdm Judge the one to edge YH on to sow discord between JY and BSP.. YH will follow through with the Judge want for several reasons. But mainly out of jealousy.. At some point she will rub this in JY face that it was he Judge that told her to seduce him..


At what point will JY get in her head that her Dad and the Judge is misleading her.. For the judge to point out that BSP is a criminal is down right silly and petty of her.. How can a criminal become a lawyer, The judge knows of the uncle but don;t know he's BSP uncle her sources are not very good because none of them no.. I'm looking forward to uncle and his boys stepping into the limelight.. The game isn't going to be fun for the wannabe mayor when he will be blasted live and in color with his hands in the cookie jar..



How many of you thinks BSP knows the whereabouts of the secty ? 


3 hours ago, NoonaE said:

and @violina I second your opinion on the mutual feeling. I think HJY had been intrigued by SP since their 'not-so-cute' meet-cute, too. And especially since then he also has done some good stuffs for her *i.e. saving her and cutting off the interest for her father's loan*... it's not too difficult to fall for his charm, is it? :wub:

@NoonaE  It would be a nice slap in the face for JY dad if it came down to BSP and Uncle has always been JY benefactor while he has wholeheartedly followed CMS all these years praising her..


1 hour ago, chrissydiva said:

Well the thing is JY just didn't believe him right off the bat. She did go and did her own side research. Asked people around. She is smart and a lawyer herself. She can tell that something is not right with the trial. When manager Tae asked San Pil why he didn't tell Jae Yi about what happened to her mom, he said that she needed to search for the truth herself or she wouldn't believe him. So he didn't tell her until she asked the question herself. I love that he wasn't trying to force the truth on her. The scene will continue tomorrow anyway so we don't know if she will just say AMEN to him right off the bat. It's not like she's going to find hard evidence on Cha evil deeds by herself to convince her. To me, it's not driven by romantic feelings but by instincts and what she gathered so far. 



3 hours ago, triplem said:

Thanks for your replies ...so it’s money laundering. 

I’m not sure how much clout BSP would have built up in Seoul but he does have his Uncle’s backing. However CMS would also have a lot of connections in Seoul as well. I’m not sure how the judiciary works in Seoul. When can the Supreme Court intervene in district courts like this ? 


@chrissydiva  & @triplem  This is what I mean because at some point all the cases she has tried and judge will have to be re-trialed if she's convicted as the ring leader.. I don't see AN dying off by himself without taking the lot with him.. 


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I wouldn't put too much clout into what SP's uncle said about trusting JY. The only person in that city who has been upfront about any and all of her feelings has been JY. 

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@triplem @40somethingahjumma @RobinM

 @evie7 @nateko 

About the romance: to me, it doesn't feel rushed or forced because BSP has always been a part in HJY's life without her knowing. He has observed her for a long time therefore he came to like her. That's why he told his uncle that he trusts her. He knows what kind of person she is. Notice that in the beginning he provoked her all the time hence he made sure that she wouldn't see him in a positive light. Yet, little by little he showed her a different side of him so that she was intrigued by him. HJY can now fully grasp BSP's pain and feelings hence she is trying to comfort him. They have so many things in common: loss of a mother, the injustice and helplessness not to unveil the truth of the past events, aso.


CMS tried to convince HJY that BSP shouldn't be trusted because of his past (criminal record). However, HJY has never decided to follow someone's advice without questioning it. Like I had written before, HJY is a person who dares to question authority  as consequence she has never been a blind follower of CMS. Her love and admiration for CMS was based on her role as judge. Trust goes along with faith. Nonetheless, her faith in CMS got shaken, the moment CMS made decisions not to accept the evidence. Since BSP had predicted CMS's behaviour, HJY's admiration for CMS got diminished as she clearly revealed herself as partial and unfair. Yet the events in the last trial clearly showed that CMS was manipulating the court. One more reason to question CMS's advice and words. 


@sava2sava about HJY's father, Ha Ki Ho: I doubt that he is just doing it because he wants to protect his daughter. From my point of view, HKH is just a naive and blind follower. Let me explain the reason why I interpret the father as a believer of that Cha cult. We discover that the statue of CBH has been modeled after one of the pictures HKH took. The latter is so proud of this. But more importantly, we have to look at the pictures HKH has been taking all his life. The vitrine of his studio is really telling: 

Lawless lawyer episode 3 Han Fotostudio.png

All these pictures have something in common: they are stagings. The photographer wants to give the impression of happy families. First, these pictures were not taken outdoors but all in the studio hence they don't look natural. In fact they don't represent the reality. If you look at the family picture of CBH and CMS, we have CMS standing next to her father, while the father sits and looks much smaller. So based on this picture, you have the impression that CMS is much more important than her own father. However, BSP's words contradicts this version:

"Cha Byung Ho worked as a judge for 37 years. He was above the law and reigned as if he was the King".

However, since the photograph took such a picture, we have to understand that HKH thinks that his pictures represent the reality. Furthermore, only two families are represented there: the Cha family and his own family. Other people are not shown which underlines that he doesn't pay attention to other families at all. Lawless lawyer episode 3 Han Fotostudio HJY's parents.png 

We know that both parents were photographs, however they were totally different. HJY's mother was shown taking pictures of her daughter outside and she wasn't even giving any direction to her daughter. She wanted to take snapshots and not stagings. Moreover, it seems that she even visited sites (see the scene where HJY is waiting at a desolate building) therefore her goal as photograph was different: she wanted to show people the reality and facts.


Striking is that there is also a picture of CBH in AOJ's sacred place. Lawless lawyer episode 3 Ahn Oh Joo and SDG 1.png

Here, we see a different kind of picture: CBH is eating. This black and white picture contrasts a lot with HKH's picture (CBH holding a gravel and a lawbook, see the statue of CBHLawless Lawyer episode 4 CMS and her father.png) because in the former picture, the man is shown eating. This underlines his human side: CBH is not a god, but a human who needed to eat like the others. That's the reason why CMS is upset because she views this "temple" as a danger: her father should be viewed as a god and not as a human who liked sundae soup.  


Ha Ki Ho mentioned to his daughter that the judge Cha Byung Ho helped him and his wife financially, when HJY was younger hence he feels so indebted towards CMS. As a result, he wants to take care of CMS. He has another reason to side with her as she was the one who found HJY, when the latter was searching for her mother. Let us not forget that HKH was the one who compared CMS to Mother Theresa twice. So for him, CBH is his god, while CMS is Mother Theresa. After her death, she will become a saint. Notice the hesitation of HJY, when HKH asked her to stop working for BSP. For him, he committed a blasphemy, a crime as he tarnished CBH's unveiling ceremony. The man seems to forget that BSP wasn't the one who first tarnished the inauguration but AOJ. The latter tried to use this event for his own campaign, in other words it was a political exploitation. 


As conclusion, I compare HKH to a sculptor from the Middle-Age who worked in a cathedral. He is a strong believer hence he wants to use his skills in order to expand that new religion. Actually, he is the one who leads people to believe in that cult. He was the one who staged the judge holding the gravel and the law book aso. CBH knew how to use his skills as he knew how innocent and naive he was. However, his wife was different as she was able to see that these stagings didn't represent the reality. She wanted to look what was behind the picture. In my opinion, HJY's mother was the one who started the whole "investigation". Since we saw that CJA was followed because she had the chip card. we have to imagine that CJA must have met her before. After the transaction, HJY's mother was caught and once they found out that she had no longer the chip card, they went after the human rights lawyer. 


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Ahn Oh-ju inches closer to realizing his goal of becoming mayor of Kiseong. Cha Moon-sook seeks to solidify her power by having Ahn Oh-ju behind her.Meanwhile, the Mayor Lee Young-soo murder case takes a totally unexpected turn...


Well the stupid cop is to scared to testify and will change his plea.. AN will slide by for now but all will fall down like a strike of bowling pins because the secty will throw AN under the bus because now AN has to kill him since he's been named and all in that city knows who he works for.. Just like he told the dirty cop he had to kill him because he knows to much about him and the secty is no different..  He can directly link Mdm Cha to a lot of crimes her giving orders on who is to die..

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EPS 5 was so good . A lot happened but most importantly was how Jae Yi starts connecting the dots & finally finding out from BSP himself about how the death of his Mother & hers are connected . I felt much pain for her because she finally knows now that CMS is the one behind their mothers’ deaths. 


What I love about Jae Yi is that she’s has always trusted her guts & instincts. However was she really too trusting when it came to CMS ? My rationale is she’s never felt anything suspicious about CMS as CMS came to her rescue at a point where she was desperately missing & looking for her Mother . CMS became a mother figure that she needed & filled her emotional vacuum. 


edit : I was so excited that I practically typed a Mini recap which i will put in spoiler 



Her dad wanted to quit the law firm immediately because he , being the loyal Cha family supporter that he is , was angry at the disrespect that BSP displayed at the unveiling of the statue. He said he’d rather just lose the studio. When JY went to see CMS , the latter continues to sow seeds of doubt in JY’s mind asking her if she really knew who BSP was & mentioned his criminal records.


in spite of all this pressure , she kept a level head . She started researching the death of Choi Jin Ae ( BSP’s mum ) and realises that the date of her supposed suicide & her mum’s disappearance was the same . Smart girl starts digging for info. She meets WHM in jail & finds out that An ordered the death of BSP’s mum & he says that he is always suspected CMS was the real mastermind. She goes on to talk to a nearby bookshop owner & the gang. She speaks to Detective oh who investigated her mum’s disappearance & he says he’s always been suspicious of Choi Jin Ae’s suicide as she was a really good lawyer who would never abandon her son. He hands her a file of the case . JY even goes & See BSP’s Uncle. She was surprised that Uncle tells her that BSP is his Nephew. 

So finally she goes back to the office & confronts BSP in his Secret room & he finally tell her all. 


Another important development is that BSP managed to get the broker to confess that An’s Secretary is the one that he introduced the hitman to. Looks like it’s game on with An reciprocating by blackmailing WMY so that he won’t use BSP anymore 

In this high  stakes game it’s 1-1



@antoniaclamens I’m hopeless too when it comes to love & romance. I was definitely squealing at the preview. 


Burning question -Is  the romance too fast ? Perhaps.  Hmm after watching eps 5 , I kind of felt it possible. It doesn’t take much sometimes for a couple to have a mutual attraction. Sometimes it can be  attraction at first sight ( that was the case for me & the hubs). In some cases it can be the slow burn. In their case , I always felt that BSP who  watched over her all his life , has already fallen for JY. In JY’s case, she’s always been intrigued by him since their first meeting . Of course it’s possible for her to like him out of gratitude. After all  I can see how she’d  be very moved to find out how he’s always protected her. But for me that’s not an invalid starting point as it can turn into something deep & meaningful. 

@bebebisous33Just read your post after I posted mine, lol. Ok we’re on the same thinking with regards to the Romance . 

@sava2sava What was is that An blackmailed WHM with ? I couldn’t quite make it out .

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Episode 5

Everything seems to move incredibly fast in this drama so early in the piece.  In general I'm fine with it so long as all the moving parts feel coherent. The only thing that would concern me is the prospect of a saggy middle (as a result). But if the drama is this good from start to finish, I don't see the current pace as a problem. Besides, it's not so fast that the show doesn't take the time to breathe. There are important character interactions... I like the one--on-one chats between allies, adversaries and enemies. Especially noteworthy is the fact that there's not a lot of love lost between Nam Soon Ja and An O Ju. Even while they serve the same master, NSJ's snobbery is an open book and she's holding her nose as she rubs shoulders with AOJ, barely tolerating his presence. It feels like a powder keg with an unlit fuse. Or a ticking time bomb... take your pick. It can't be very wise that she shows her feelings so freely but in all likelihood, it shows her confidence that her position is guaranteed for life. That she's untouchable. Even between AOJ and Cha Moon Seok, there are obvious tensions. If someone can play a nice game of divide and conquer proficiently and strategically,  they can really do some serious damage there.


An interesting titbit that came up is that AOJ is a "hand-me-down" from the old judge which explains and confirms why CMS is able to wield so much power over the gangland leader. But she helped keep him in plentiful amounts of money as he carried out all the Cha family's dirty work. So far they've had a nice uninterrupted mutually beneficially relationship going.


I approve of the fact that Jae Yi does her own investigation. It was inevitable. Not just because of what the judge said about SP knowing more about JY than she does him, but firstly, it's JY. She's already suspicious. And secondly, there needs to be trust between them. Besides, my own feeling is that Sang Pil expected that anyway... it feels in general like he expects a lot things. He scarcely seems surprised by anything. He's been observing her... and everyone else for years so he has a pretty good notion how they would react. I'm glad to see that JY is smart enough not to take anybody's words for granted. It would have diminish her in my eyes if she just swallowed hook, line and sinker everything the judge was feeding her without looking into things first. She already had bits and pieces of the puzzle, some helpfully provided for by our lawless lawyer... and she just needed to fill in some large gaps. But I'd like to know how she knew that Lady Justice was the key to the evidence wall of evil doings. (It seems like everyone has one of these things now)


Another point of interest is Kang Yeon Hee coming to see SP. The interesting part is how SP perceives her. He doesn't seem to think badly of her. For him, she's one of the good guys. I'm assuming too that he's been stalking her as well.


I never expected the baddies to just lie down and take it in the chin. Of course they would come back with a countermeasure of their own. Of course without Sang Pil, the entire court case would have been a walk in the park but he's forced AOJ to work for a living and maybe a lot more than that. That piece of campaign advertising featuring AOJ in his favourite haunt being served rice soup... gave me 1984 chills. As did the press covering up the actual events at the statue's unveiling. True enough, underneath the facade, Gi Seong is a dystopian playground for the privileged who use the law for their own ends. 


The blind masseuse returns which implies that she plays a role in the narrative that goes beyond what she fulfils at present. Maybe she's a metaphor for the blindness that afflicts the people in the city who are not privy to the dastardly going-ons among the top dogs due to propaganda and whitewashing.


We're left once again on tenterhooks...  the burning question for me is... will WHM betray his lawyer? I imagine Sang Pil has factored that into his calculations. 


To my drama buddies... with regard to the blossoming romance, I will just wait for tomorrow's episode before commenting on it.

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Dramatic entries: a family trait.





Lee Joon Gi And Seo Ye Ji Heat Up The Romance In “Lawless Lawyer”



Lawless Lawyer” has hinted at upcoming sweet moments!


On May 27, the drama released still cuts of Bong Sang Pil (Lee Joon Gi) and Ha Jae Yi (Seo Ye Ji) enjoying a date at the beach. One image shows Lee Joon Gi giving Seo Ye Ji a warm back hug, while another shows them holding hands as she gazes at him lovingly.



Other more serious stills show Seo Ye Ji comforting Lee Joon Gi and the two in a tight embrace.



The “Lawless Lawyer” production team commented, “As all the secrets surrounding Bong Sang Pil, Cha Moon Sook (Lee Hye Young), and Ahn Oh Joo (Choi Min Soo) are uncovered, there is a change in the relationship between Bong Sang Pil and Ha Jae Yi. Please check out the broadcast to find out how their relationship will change.”

The sixth episode of “Lawless Lawyer” will air on May 27 at 9 p.m. KST.


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17 minutes ago, sava2sava said:

@bebebisous33  I understand clearly the things you pointed it but this is why I'm finding i hard to believe his naivety in all this.. I just don't buy it..

Well, I have no problem to buy it because there are many examples in History that prove how naive, stupid or blinded people can be. Even if they see something bad, they will give an explanation for that. Let me just mention: Third Reich and Hitler. The famous director Leni Riefenstahl contributed to Hitler's cult.

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6 hours ago, kjoy said:

Anyone else feel this drama is heading towards a BSP, HJY, YH triangle? I'm getting that feeling and I gotta say I am not happy about it. I hate triangles of any kind and it always does such a disservice to the women involved...

5 hours ago, kjoy said:

was talking more from YH's standpoint because I definitely believe that all BSP can see is HJY so I can't see a full blown triangle. I can see YH developing feels for BSP though. I am enjoying having a 2nd female lead who isn't outright annoying, in fact, I actually kinda like her. And I don't actually believe HJY and YH are antagonistic. Sure they're not each others favorite people but they are far from antagonistic. 


Nah, adding a love triangle would just offset everything.its really not necessary.But I wouldnt blame YH for feeling some type of way toward BSP.I mean a man who is unorthodox lawyer, charismatic and sexy is a very deadly combination.Thats who BSP is.


As for HJY and YH, I think I would describe them as frenemies.I think underneath all the catty-like exchanges they have whenever they meet.HJY knows that YH's behaviour is a result of the environment she grew up in.I mean having a thug mother and a female judge who seem to disapprove of her compared to Ha Jae Yi as mother figures could mess up anybody.As for YH I think rather than hate,  she is probably just insecure and jealous of HJY  because despite her also being a lawyer, HJY outshines her in other aspects.She probably thinks HJY is taking what rightfully belongs to her.


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15 minutes ago, 40somethingahjumma said:

An interesting titbit that came up is that AOJ is a "hand-me-down" from the old judge which explains and confirms why CMS is able to wield so much power over the gangland leader. But she helped keep him in plentiful amounts of money as he carried out all the Cha family's dirty work. So far they've had a nice uninterrupted mutually beneficially relationship going.

Enjoyed your post . I really liked the interesting power play between An & CMS . She sees herself above him , he’s nothing more than a dog / servant that came with her father’s legacy. An , as much as he says he’s always only interested in money - he’s wanting to move up the social ladder . He’s got inferiority complex :D That’s why he wants so much to be the Mayor to elevate his status . 

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Lawless lawyer Episode 5 Recap and Ratings article translated


“Lawless Lawyer” peaks at 7% as Lee Joon-gi delivers Seo Yea-ji shocking truth

(Source: http://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=109&aid=0003790612)


It was literally a heart-stopping episode. Last night’s episode of “Lawless Lawyer” finds Lee Joon-gi revealing the whole shocking truth about the traumas of his and Ha Jae-yi’s past lives. Ha Jae-yi breaks down when she finds out the truth in Bong Sang-pil’s ‘secret room.’


Aired on May 26, the fifth episode of tvN’s “Lawless Lawyer” averaged 5.9% and peaked at 7.0% in national viewership ratings, among the programs airing on cable, satellite, and IPTV platforms. In particular, the drama averaged 3.6% and peaked at 4.5% among tvN’s target viewers of ages 20-49. Based on the household and target viewer data, the drama topped both the cable and general-programming channel viewership charts, cementing its unrivalled position in weekend TV programming. (Source: Nielsen Korea)


In the fifth episode, Ha Jae-yi discovers the whole truth behind the relationship between Cha Moon-sook and Bong Sang-pil.Ha Jae-yi breaks down crying when she learns how closely her mother’s disappearance is related to the murder of Bong Sang-pil’s mother and human rights lawyer Choi Jin-ae and the unbelievable truth that Cha Moon-sook is in fact behind all this. The last scene made viewers wonder how this revelation would change their relationship.


Throughout the episode, Ha Jae-yi is torn between Bong Sang-pil and Cha Moon-sook, weighing the former’s words against the latter’s just like the goddess of dike statue. When Cha Moon-sook asks, “Jae-yi, how much do you know about Bong Sang-pil?” it gets Jae-yi started on her own search for the truth. However, the nearer she gets to the truth, the more confused she becomes, as she peels back the layers of truth one by one.


Eventually, she finds out that Bong Sang-pil is related to Choi Dae-woong not just by his association with the gang, but by blood, and that the date of her mother’s disappearance coincides with Choi Jin-ae’s murder. Ha Jae-yi also discovers the existence of Bong Sang-pil’s ‘secret room.’ After urging Bong Sang pil, “Tell me. The real reason you came to Kiseong,” she learns Cha Moon-sook and Ahn Oh-ju are behind all these events.


Ha Jae-yi has looked up to Cha Moon-sook for so long. To her, Cha Moon-sook has been like Mother Teresa of Kiseong, who shared Ha’s sorrow of losing her mother, promising, “I will find your mother. Don’t worry, Jae-yi.” But Bong Sang-pil’s words have shattered Ha’s beliefs, throwing her into chaos.


Viewers will soon find out how the truth Bong has told her will change the way she sees him and their relationship.

While Ha Jae-yi is conducting her search for the truth, Bong Sang-pil presents the broker as his witness, putting pressure on Cha Moon-sook and Ahn Oh-ju. Bong Sang-pil has his gang bringing the broker’s mother to the court and successfully forces the name “Ahn Oh-ju” out of his mouth.


Now, it’s Ahn Oh-ju’s turn to make a move. In order to make Woo Hyung-man change his mind, Ahn Oh-ju pays off Woo’s hospital bills for the latter’s sick wife and threatens him to end his relationship with Bong Sang-pil, using the video footage of Ahn’s subordinates tampering with the evidence at the crime scene. 


Ahn Oh-ju also visits Bong Sang-pil and tries to get a rise out of him, only to get grabbed by the collar by Bong. In this tension-filled scene, Lee Joon-gi expresses pain like a wounded wild dog using his facial expressions and piercing eyes. Choi Min-soo returns by displaying wickedness as Ahn dredges up Bong Sang-pil’s painful past and goads him into losing it.


Early on, Cha Moon-sook sends chills down viewers’ spines by warning Ahn Oh-ju, who tries to make up little schemes with his mayoral campaign around the corner. She splashes soju on his face and humiliates him. When Ahn Oh-ju begs her for forgiveness, she says, “The only person I can forgive in this whole world is me,” reminding him she is the boss. Viewers were also left wondering how Cha Moon-sook will continue to exploit the loyalty of Ahn Oh-ju and to what extent Ahn Oh-ju puts up with her ordering him around.





1 hour ago, sava2sava said:

It would be a nice slap in the face for JY dad if it came down to BSP and Uncle has always been JY benefactor while he has wholeheartedly followed CMS all these years praising her..

I feel sorry for JY's father.The revelation of who CMS really is, is going to break him.Maybe even more than HJY.Just like how difficult it was for BSP to tell HJY.Its gonna have to be JY who will need to tell her dad that the judge(CMS) he hero worships is the reason why his wife(the love of his life) met her unfortunate fate(assuming she is really dead).Imagine thinking your wife deserted you when she was killed like a dog and you werent there to protect her?Its just too sad.

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37 minutes ago, triplem said:

Enjoyed your post . I really liked the interesting power play between An & CMS . She sees herself above him , he’s nothing more than a dog / servant that came with her father’s legacy. An , as much as he says he’s always only interested in money - he’s wanting to move up the social ladder . He’s got inferiority complex :D That’s why he wants so much to be the Mayor to elevate his status . 

Good point. :D

It's not  that surprising considering how everyone rubs his nose in the dirt about his gangland past at every opportunity. :wink: He is made to feel inferior all the time despite doing all the dirty work. (Or perhaps that's why... :wink: ) All that obsequious kowtowing comes across to me as a facade. I'm sure he's playing the long game.

The thing is though, I don't know that even if he became mayor, he would ever gain the respect of the "blue bloods" of Gi Seong. They will undoubtedly continue reminding him of his roots in some subtle fashion and only through the good graces of the judge has he been able to get that much coveted seat. :D 

The one thing he could get out of it socially is to bully the likes of NSJ mercilessly.


 @bebebisous33 and @sava2sava

Regarding HKH... he comes across to me as a really simple guy. He even took out a loan from loan sharks. His philosophy seems to be if someone treats you well, they must be good people. I understand that on some level but it certainly wouldn't hurt for someone of his age to be a bit more circumspect about hero-worshipping authority figures. Frankly, judges are supposed to be public servants and when they do a good job that is only what they're paid to do. Adulation feels rather unseemly. I think too that it shows how easy it is for politicians to buy votes universally. (And they do it with taxpayers money on top of that) The electorate don't always look at the big picture. 

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@40somethingahjumma @triplem@nateko @antoniaclamens @evie7

Lawless lawyer episode 3 Ahn Oh Joo and SDG 2.png


AOJ: "For you that moment is right now.

That’s why you and I should never let go of this opportunity."


This scene is important because it clearly outlines that AOJ has found his purpose in his life. But what is his goal in his life now? Becoming the mayor of Gisung or is it more? CMS offered him the opportunity but now, I am wondering if in this particular scene, AOJ has already something else in mind. Furthermore I am questioning too if AOJ ordered the murder of the Mayor Lee or it was CMS who ordered it through AOJ. So far, the killer didn't connect CMS to the murder. Finally, it appears that AOJ has already dreamt of realizing the Golden City project. He has the plan in his office and was so happy to look at it. In other words, the Golden Project is definitely linked to AOJ, but does CMS have the same dream? 


BSP said that AOJ has always been the puppet of CMS. Yet, we could observe that in the last two episodes, AOJ has stopped seeing himself as CMS's puppet and servant. He visits her without any invitation, he asked her to visit his sacred place where there is an altar dedicated to her father. Like I had pointed it out earlier, I saw a riff coming between CMS and AOJ. Who is the real heir of CBH? AOJ sees himself as the spiritual son of CBH. He might have done the dirty work for him but he was close to the man, whereas CMS only seems to remember her father as a judge. She has an adulation for her father (that's why she chose a golden statue), yet it seems that AOJ was CBH's real pupil. For her, CBH should be venerated as a god, AOJ has a different approach: CBH as the average man therefore his campaign video turns him into a humble and dedicated man. He is actually copying CBH's image. AOJ remembers every words from CBH. 

He told BSP that he has the money and the law on his side because CMS is siding with him. This declaration reveals his true thoughts: he doesn't see himself as CMS's tool, rather the other way around. To me, he is mixing up cause and effect. He became rich and powerful because CMS helped him as she was willing to do so. He doesn't possess CMS as judge. On the other hand, she perceives the exact opposite: AOJ is just a tool in her kingdom. Yes, CMS and the others think that they are from noble blood, whereas AOJ is just a peasant and thug who became rich because he did their dirty work. HOWEVER, AOJ is right... he has power but a different kind: power from his gang/thug past. CMS has not seen it yet. 


It really reminds me of Hitler's rise to power. On January 30th 1933, the Reichspresident Hindenburg nominated Hitler as chancellor due to von Papen's suggestion. The latter thought that once Hitler is nominated as chancellor, they (conservative current) will use his popularity to do their own politics. He had planned to "enframe" Hitler implying that they will be able to control him. Hitler would be the face of the new government so that if there were some problems, then the chancellor would be hold responsible for this so that the popular party would lose credibility. But how did they plan to control him? In the new government, Hitler had only two ministers belonging to the NSDAP, the majority came from the national-conservative current (nobility and rich industrials). They thought, they had the upper hand because they were the majority in the government. However, they underestimated Hitler because Frick, a NSDAP member, was the Minister of Interior (control over the police forces). Frick could order arrests and persecute people by giving orders to the police. Now, you will ask: what has this to do with this drama?


AOJ has been nominated by CMS and her character appears to be a combination of Hindenburg and von Papen. Hindenburg was longing for the restauration of the former German empire that had disappeared after the defeat in WWI. I have the impression that CMS chose AOJ because he was not strong compared to the others and would remain her puppet as he had been her puppet for 18 years. She also imagined that she would be able to control AOJ, as he has never been accepted by the others. They all look down on him. By becoming a candidate, AOJ enters the inner circle. Since there are 7 people in that circle, we have to imagine that AOJ has no power compared to the others. He is in the minority. CMS thinks that AOJ is "enframed" but she is overlooking something. Just like Hitler who had the SA and SS by his side, AOJ has his thugs under his thumb. So @40somethingahjumma is right, the bow has become a facade and farce. You can see some parallels with Hitler and Hindenburg.  image.jpegHere Hitler is bowing in front of Hindenburg for political exploitation as he wanted to get the support from the conservative milieu. The divide and conquer is about to happen among the inner circle. Little by little, AOJ will seize power and I have the impression that at some point, CMS might become more and more powerless due to AOJ, just like with Hitler and Hindenburg as she loses her disciples. Yet Hindenburg remained president until his death and became Hitler's puppet.

To conclude, the moment CMS offered him the mayor position, he already had something else in mind. Just like AOJ, Hitler was not accepted by the nobility and monarchists as he came from a low social class. He had no noble blood, yet at the end of the road, he became the dictator of that country and all the others became his tools and pawns.       

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With dogs, they don't always stay silent and may bite back.

Just watched the latest episode and so many reveals. I am always worried (haha) at the pace of development between the two leads (in any drama) and we are not even half way through the drama!


More than the romance, I look forward to the part where they will work together to bring down the Seven.


PS - not many gif-fy moments in this episode - quite serious tone.

However, I can't help but replay the sparring scene (LJK) - crikey - his hapkido skills on display!

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