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[Drama 2018] Lawless Lawyer, 무법 변호사


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Can May come faster?:D

I can't wait to watch this drama.

I knew Seo Ye Ji from Hwarang. She has a strong 'aura', I guess she looks good as a lawyer.

Can't wait to see the chemistry between her and LJG.

Can't wait to see official poster/photos/teasers or whatever...

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Conflicting Info about Ha Jae Yi's character....



She will be the chief executive of Bong Sang Pil in some Lawfirm. But as she met Bong Sang Pil and get to know him, her belief on law and her personality would slowly shakes with a little touch of romance.


Chief Executive vs Paralegal??? That's quite a difference.  Does anybody know the veracity of my.castko.com? 


My patience is being tested with all the LACK of articles/pics/fanspoils. 


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Thank you @LyraYoo for getting us started with LJG and SYJ's newest. I'm looking forward to reading everyone's take on this drama. I'm really excited about seeing LJG back on screen. I've been impressed with SYJ acting and screen presence since the Night Watchman Journal and Moorim School Saga of the Brave. I like her raspy voice too lol...Kind of like Demi Moore :blush: We're in for some really great performances, especially with Director Kim Jin Min. He will definitely showcase LJG strengths....ohhhhhh, I can't wait! Love all the updates, thank you everyone!  

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Hi, I'm new here. I'm Timi from Manila. 


I'm a late bloomer when it comes to K-Dramas since I'm more into K-pop. (I like Bigbang).  I've been to Korea a couple of times before to watch concerts and I've seen LJG's ads in subways. But I've only recently decided to watch his dramas. I haven't finished watching everything but I'm really excited to see him in Lawless Lawyer.


LJG's superb acting skills is what made me an instant fan. Also I think he has a lot of chemistry with SYJ. Although I would never get tired of seeing LJG in hanbok, I'm also looking forward to see him wear suits. Been searching IG for pics on filming locations but so far I've only seen 2, I guess?  I will patiently wait for updates here.


I hope to know about his drama on this thread.  And hope to have new friends here as well.  :)

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@timmyer Welcome to Law Law Land!  There have been a few others like @sscllccrazy who give accolades to Seo Ye Ji.  Those pics @violina posted show some interaction.  I wanna meet these characters!


Another look at SYJ's haircut.

A ton of fanarts are popping up now!!



Yunlee is the master of blends!! Check out her IG.



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On 13/03/2018 at 1:18 AM, LyraYoo said:

Testing our countdown : :tongue:

I love it..



18 hours ago, antoniaclamens said:

But still I want more news!!  Where are the first script reading pictures? Or the supporting cast news?

I know right.Hopefully within a week or two we should be getting the script reading photos.Or I hope so...


More filming photos


Lawyer Bong was spotted today:

He was here:



 A glimpse of him.Can you spot him?:




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5 hours ago, glassnokamen said:

An IG update from the set... maybe the other guy is JG double since is dressed like him???

Account has been set to private.For those who missed it.Here is the pic and eng translation of caption(where is SYJ though:ph34r:?I want to see a solo closeup of her latest look too):




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On 3/12/2018 at 9:18 PM, LyraYoo said:

@pixelsticks i like our nick name, LawLawLand k5415.gif

Yay!!  I hope we can have some great discussions, analysis, fangirl(guy)ing and an all-around enjoyable Kdrama experience.  Although it's a bit hard right now with all the content getting pulled/removed left and right.  This is a much different experience than it was pre-CMKR.  



So.... I just had to make Law Law Land...real....for us in here. ^_^  Please credit if you come here and copy/paste


Come JOIN us in this thread!!


Thank you for the COUNTDOWN!! 


On 3/14/2018 at 7:14 AM, violina said:

Hopefully within a week or two we should be getting the script reading photos.

Let's hope it's sooner than later.  Especially since spoilers are being watched and removed with military precision. 



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13 hours ago, LyraYoo said:

Two actors are added.

OMG:o.This cast is shaping up really well.This is gonna be a drama full of acting powerhouses.For those who cant recognise the faces.The lady was Gu Junpyo's mum in "Boys over Flowers" or her latest role in "Mother" also starring Lee Bo Young.Those who watched that drama(BOF) can agree with me, that the character descriprion she has for this drama ,fits her to a T(Shudders at the memory of her evilness in BOF).


As for Choi Min Soo..this guy is a scene stealer.Go and watch "warrior baek dong soo" starring Ji Chang Wook and Yoo Seung Ho.He was the assasin leader.He was Yoo Seung Ho's mentor.He also did a cameo role for "faith" starring LMH.He stole the scene.If he is gonna be the gangster turned chairman chaebol.I can already see a lot of showdowns between lawyer Bong and Jae Yi and am ready for it.Both like use their fists to make their point beside the lawyer stuff.If they write his antagonist character like they did in warrior baek dong soo..its gonna be a good one.Not a black and white type..but with shades of grey.The type that you hate but symphathise with as well.

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6 hours ago, LyraYoo said:

Two actors are added

They are both good actors! I'm so happy because I know they will deliver!!! 


6 hours ago, LyraYoo said:


Now it makes me wonder why?  What kind of liberties will they take as it won't be Seoul or any city in Korea...  I like the idea... 


2 hours ago, violina said:

Not a black and white type..but with shades of grey.The type that you hate but symphathise with as well.

That's the best kind of characters,  the ones you can sympathize with even when you know they are wrong or bad... One Like Mao in TBDW.. I'm expecting great performances and I'm hoping for a good script... Pretty please!! 

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Ahh... Choi Min Soo + Lee Hye Young = showdown!


I'm already curious about this upcoming show. I know that Lee Joon Gi is a fan favorite, but I hope this new series would have a solid story and an interesting set of characters, and not focus on the lovey-dovey part. I'm not against romanticism but sometimes if the lead actors are too popular, the people behind the show tend to add unnecessary sequences or shots just to please the fans (too much). Since this is not a sageuk and they added two great actors (CMS & LHY) this means there could be dramatic confrontations and showdown of acting chops. 


Hoping for the best!

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