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Thai BL Series - "Cause you're my boy" & "Our Skyy - Drake & Frank" - 2018

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I wanted to ask. Are Dreke and Frank friends in real life? Another user mentioned that actors cant be friends in real life?

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7 hours ago, Aoi Senpai said:

what do you mean not be friends IRL . There are many GMMTV actors who are close friends ? Im just curious, i dont mean to come across rude XD

I didn't say they are no friends IRL, I don't know them, but they are actors, they don't have to be friends, if they are it's good, if not it is good too. :) 

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On 9/2/2018 at 9:15 AM, gogole mongol said:


You are right, dead-drunk guys are able to make non-sense acts, but with my own experience and saw it with others, that even you are dead-drunk, you can have total lucidity for a short moment and well know what you are doing, or have a mix unconscious/conscious! That's why i made my comment in this way. It is not necessary to drink hundred beer bottles to be dead-drunk, all depend if you are used to drink alcohol or not at all. Personally, for now, i began to be drunk with one beer or cider glass. 


I came to this series only recently - have watched it twice. At least they are showing beer bottles. Often enough they are blurred out which is fine but a bit stupid as well because we all know what they are drinking (or smoking, come to that). I think that in this sort of series 'being drunk' is one thing but showing teenagers 'getting really drunk' is another. I think we are left to assume that more was drunk than would appear to be the case.


You are right about having moments of lucidity but drunks can get something into their heads and they have very short attention spans (as soon as they start repeating themselves - they're drunk :) ). I think he tries to undress because he has no idea where he is or who he is with. On top of that the scene (and later reveal) shows that Au has deeper reasons for trying to get between Mork and Tee.


All of that written with total hindsight !

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On 9/17/2018 at 9:12 PM, SaQaroz said:

Just finished the episode. I think the sound in the bridge scene was very telling of how the production clearly doesn't give a c r a p about the show anymore. How come the heavy background trafic sound was not removed of turned down?? That's crazy to let a outdoor scene air like this on tv. What happened to this show seriously?


Despite this and the inconsistency in the scenario (when it's not Tee and Mork that don't make sense, it Gord and Morn's turn), I thought the scene with Mork's heartbreaking goodbye to Tee was very moving. Same with the scenes with his father. On the other hand, Frank just can't do emotional scenes, his face gives the impression he doesn't care that much, even when he's crying! 


I'll watch the last episode but I'm not sad to see the series coming to an end. I just regret the huge wasted potential.


That wasn't the only place that the sound recording was rubbish. I have just watched the series again (It's not that bad, and has filled a couple of evenings). What I did remark this time around was Mork's head wound whilst he is in hospital. Talk about a lack of continuity. Very red, not very red, looks as though he is actually still bleeding, back to hardly red at all. At one point I swear that when he was back in the hospital for his operation the head wound re-appeared.


I am not going to go back to check but there was something in my mind that during the bridge scene the people in the background were the same as had been there episodes before ! 


All of that said, I can re-watch this for all its faults. I don't find myself swearing at the screen as often as I did for Sotus S  :)

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On 12/23/2018 at 3:03 AM, Mel_Rios said:

Comment on the Aathit & Kongpob Episode

...The problem starts as Kong didn't tell Aathit he is to leave by the end of the month... and even leaves Aathit's condo the next morning to stay in his home with his family to prepare some himself for the trip (WTD...!!??) These steps make Aathit get the feeling Kongpob is leaving him "for good". That sense of being left and without love kills Aathit from the moment he hear the news in the party with their friends altogether celebrating. The rest is an inevitable inner battle of emotions... that this episode does not solve at all, as it leaves completely out the time the boys do live separated from each other. The positive part by the end of the Episode will be Aathit accepting their new reality, and trying to do the best out of it as long as he can....




I've only watched Sun and In (avoiding the singing the second time around - it was meaningful but musically painful !).


My thoughts on Sotus S are well recorded and I have avoided watching this episode. Your paragraph above explains why. After, now six years, we are still getting "didn't tell...". 


I have seen some people complaining about the Sun/In story because it didn't seem real that In had been off with girls for a while. I didn't see it that way, there was always that underlying agreement of "cross that bridge when we come to it". There is even a sense of complicity as it would appear that Sun has helped his friend find his dates. Ultimately In realises to whom his heart belongs and sets out to win him again.


Kongpob and Arthit however seem to revolve around their refusal to talk to each other (and from memory it tends to be Kongpob dropping the bombshells on Arthit). Even the fact that it is still Arthit's Condo as opposed to theirs. 


Haven't even seen the episode and am already getting wound up. Going to avoid it like the plaque. Sorry and all that to everybody who thought it was good. My Flat-Screen took enough abuse during Sotus S. It has never really forgiven me despite the number of flowers I have put alongside it :)

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