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[Drama 2018] 100 Days My Prince / Hundred Days' Husband, 백일의 낭군님

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Hi guys, new here :rolleyes:. Glad to find it. I just started watching this drama and I'm enjoying it so far even though I'm not a fan of period dramas. 


@hanamee, @Dramanoona I'm probably completely wrong since I did fast-forward many scenes in each eps, but I feel like the baby's father might be the main girl's brother. If I remember correct, the crown princess was really worried about him when he was wounded and there was some scenes of their childhood together, right?! Plus, he might have done it to take revenge on her father, ?! My wild guesses, lol!


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My happy moment. I can sleep well tonight!

And one last thing of note.  Standing ovation for WD/LY please for being man of the moment...currently sitting in 1st place by a mile in my "esteemed Men of Joseon time" ladder.  Notice how despite th

Perhaps.  Guess we'll have to wait a week to find out...    It makes more sense since I feel like KCE (the omniscient one) seems to know who the baby's daddy is...otherwise why ask MY to kill


[Nam Ji Hyun] Even if I just walk on the flower road,  Exclusive bts pixs of NJH :kiss_wink:

RELATED ARTICLE: http://naver.me/F1060Apf


# 1
Start the cute hongsim 


Good luck with your youthful appearance - 
Hey !


Wondeuk the fake tears to save even cute ,, 

ppueng - hongsim .jpg














# 2
And here is 
a beautiful smile hongsim






It is Song Joo-hyeon village where it is difficult to fill the well and it is brightened by the sight of Hongo- 
shim .








# 3
And the feeling of 
Hong-shim feeling even if we look at photographs !




The smile of Hongmyeong where the happy energy is transmitted




Even if you sit


Even if you lay down




Hong Shim's appraisal line


Such beautiful acting ability



Thanks to Ji Hyun actor who always focused on script everywhere, right ?

Lovely spirits :)












cr: tvN, soop managment


More pixs for tonite episode


related article:https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=609&aid=0000004345



NJH instagram update






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put an additional 2 images into spoiler since it is a maximum of 3 images/videos per post allowed not in spoilers
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EDIT 1:  I think i missed the first 5 minutes of the episode.  sorry girls!!!!!!!!!!

The VP is black mailing Yul with the baby coz he is pissed that yul left the palace at night.  Yul and the princess are taking a stroll, when omo, MY went to look for the princess!!!!!!!!!!!! yes, finally the writer decided to reveal the baby daddy, i suppose!!!!!!!!!!!!!:blink::sweatingbullets:When MY saw the prncess with Yul, he hid.  But Yul identified MY, when the princess distracted him.  meanwhile HS and her ad.father are already there in the hanyang and trying to cross the border and were questioned too much by the officials.  But JJY saved them. 


My streaming is :crazy:

The village scene. GD and KN are bad mouthing WD saying becoz of him HS and her father are suffering more, not knowing who WD is.  But the other woman who knows was about to reveal, but stopped when the officer who works for the JJY appeared.


Now the meeting between Yul and the ming dynasty people. 


I think JJY brings back HS and her father back to his place to stay.  HS is puzzled why her bro left for hanyang first without telling her.  HS is leaving somewhere.  But JJY tells her not to go alone and accompanies her.

VP's son also takes Ming dynasty official's daughter(Jin Ji Hee) to look around the market place.  She escapes somewhere suddenly.

JJY and HS are taking a stroll in the market place when JJY meets VP's son and he is telling that the prince is alive and fine and also crying that the ming dy. daughter is gone (which makes HS uncomfortable when she heard about Yul).

Yul having food with the ming dynasty guest. VP's son go to yul and the ming guest to tell that the daughter suddenly disappeared.

I think JJY and HS are trying to find her asking the passerby in the market reg. Ming daughter.

omo, ming daughter is being kidnapped by a bad man's gang and is being tied with rope.  somehow JJY and HS found the place and are about the attack them after making some plan.

JJY distracts the gang, when HS went into the room to save the Ming girl.  suddenly one of the bad guys appear at the back of HS and starts to attack her.  But HS is having a sword in her hand and starts fighting with the man.  Wow!!!!!!!  she somehow saves the ming girl.

In the meanwhile Yul gets info from one of the eunuch and go in search of the ming girl.  At that time he sees the ming girl with HS.  JJY comes to chek if both of them are ok. JJY yells at the ming girl how can he disappear like that and she tells that she is there to meet her lover.  Edit: JJY touches HS's feet to see how did she get hurt when she fought the bad guy. But they do not see Yul.  After overhearing the talks between them and JJY/HS closeness, he leaves.


Oh the ming girl is in love with one of the young man from hanyang.  so she disappeared to meet him.  JJY and HS help her to meet him.


Yul goes back to the court and apologizes to the ming official reg the disappearance of his girl.  the M.O yells how can they be irresponsible towards the guest and this is how they treat them.  It was going to go out of the hand, when the ming girl returns to the court.  She tells the M.O. some reason and the Officer is having a private chat with Yul.  He thank him for finding her and also  Oh, wow!!! the ming officer is warning yul to be careful with V.P.  (I dont catch the reason though) JJY returns to Yul to report when he questions abt. the closeness he shows towards HS. (he see JJY with HS very close when she saved the Ming girl)


Now village part.  GD, KN, the other woman, Magistrate official are having a drink and they misses HS and her father.  

HS father yells at HS how did she get hurt, when JJY returns to them with some medicine.  

At palace, yul is pondering upon the closeness of JJY and Hs.  His eunuch comes at that time and tells him that its the time to visit the princess.  He goes to her chambers and reads some book.   I think this time they gave the book he had asked for, to read.

He starts to read when he suddenly remembers the ribbon.  He sees the princess craftwork knitting board and asks her something.  She turns the board to her side scared he is gaining some memory.

The ming official goes to see VP.  He is bribing him with some valuables and tells something abt. the prince.  ( i did not catch what he told him, my streaming:()

The princess goes to the same old place where she kept the letter.  she looked for some reply letter in that place when MY come there.   Wowwwsy!!!

Hs and her father talk.  I think he is asking her to put her hair down and go back to her old self.  She is so sad and tells that she cannot do that becoz she loves him.  her father ask her to not do that  and hurt herself becoz of WD.  She tells him she is trying her best and not pressure her to do that so fast and leaves.


Yul's eunuch(vP's person) is burning crown princes's box which has his old things/ribbon.(on VP's instruction so that he does not remember anything after seeing those old things) But the guard who helped YUl to leave palace somehow stop him.  Yul comes there and the eunuch is on his knees.  Yul opens the box and see the ribbon.  he remember his good old days and his first love.  At last........  He leaves.

HS is on the bridge taking a walk where she was waiting for her brother every month.  Yul comes there.  He sees her and recognizes her as her sweet heart. End.

I did not see the preview.  I lost the connection.:bawling:


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So it should mean he remembers that the baby isn't his.


I will be back to recap tomorrow night. [prays for a good connection] LOL.

Thank you very much @pad-hari...

Besides my bad connection, I wasn't much motivated to recap. SIGH.


PS.... Heol...I remember the scene where Lee Hwon reunites with Yeon Woo.....in Moon Embracing the Sun... (me an oldie)

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here's the 16 sec preview for ep.14


OMO, what the hell???

everybody is crushing the neck? ONe of the VP's assassin is choking YS, (atlast officially she is YYS) and VP is choking MY and he fell down. will he die?


OMG, why did YYS fainted at the end?  

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Do you think the Ming princess will come into play again?

Or is this a random HS/YS will rescue a princess and nothing happens because of this?

{Don't know if I can call her YS yet... like I am used to calling LY as WD]

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I think he second paragraph is that Yul has his memories, Mr Dimples and Yul will try to find the journals (I presume these are Yul's diaries)

First paragraph is about Hong Shim and Moo Yeong who is now in Hanyang (where the palace is) and someone found them (?) Not clear about this one.


Sorry - my Korean is abysmal... hahaha...


Edit: 17% real-time? Whooa...


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@Dramanoona, do you mean to say the 2nd para of written preview?  Yes, i google translated it and understood the gist.  but the translation was not good.  so  i did not post it.

I also think that the writer wud not have introduced unnecessarily a new ming character at the end of only 3 episodes.  so, she may come into picture to help our OTP. 

@triplem, i also think the writer dragged the village part of story too much.  Now, she will rush the ending in 2 episodes.  I heard 16th one is a special episode. I am curious as to what will they air in that final episode?  If they are going to rush the ending in 2 episodes and show some worthless bts which they have aired already, i will really flip the tables. 

Wow the real time ratings touched 18% wooahhhhhh!!!!! I think the ratings is going to touch 15% for this episode.  I hope they had promised another one if the ratings were more than 15%:tounge_wink:




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16th episode might be over 60mins? Similar to some drama’s whose intial exceeds the 60min limit but this time will be post drama. Because the TV dolls show a marriage. 


By watching IG post I was able to watched some scenes. 


- Too many unanswered things for a pre-produced drama. Did they rush things as I remember filming ended before Sept 1. 


- Why introduced a new character? But happy that’s NJH good friend.

- I can’t see a painful punishment for VP; He’s killing MY; not even remorse from the King and Queen.


- MY loves the princess so he is the daddy. Will he die of being killed and the princess because of pregnancy and our OTP together.  


Anyway we still have 3 episodes. My poor korea understanding. 

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DramaMilk is recapping.


.....editing to say that recapping just finished.  Love, love, love the ending when the Prince says 


Yool – You were right, Yoon Yi-seo

Hong – How do you know that name?

Yool – It is me…palpoongi (stupid).



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59 minutes ago, ktcjdrama said:

5 minutes in and I'm crying already....

and 5 minutes before it ends, cried again when HS told her father to give her time to get over WD.


But the ending... aargh, can't wait for next episode!!! Other than that, this is the most boring episode ever. But I guess I should wait for subs before making such conclusion... :mellow:

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The only thing I'm disappointed in is the lack of character development for Jung je yoon. Dammit, I hope he does a thing that redeems himself in the end. 

OTOH, the actor for kwon hyuk caught my eye earlier on in the show so it's awesome to see him play an important role. 


btw, is that real-time rating for the official online live streaming service? impressive either way. 

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1 hour ago, thistle said:

Yool – It is me…palpoongi (stupid).

OMG! What a beautiful ending! I started tearing up when LY found YS at the bridge! Finally after sooooo long...

Love the way when LY said his name, "palpoongi".. there is just so much emotion in that one word.

You could see that LY is trying to contain his overwhelming joy with only a slight smile on his face yet it also sounded so sad...

My tears just can't stop flowing..:bawling: This is the best scene for me so far! Daebak D.O!

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  • Jillia changed the title to [Drama 2018] 100 Days My Prince / Hundred Days' Husband, 백일의 낭군님

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