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[Drama 2018] 100 Days My Prince / Hundred Days' Husband, 백일의 낭군님

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 Choi Woong to play as Jung Sa-yeob

ì¬ì§ì ê³µ=ìì°í°ì½ë¦¬ì



Jung Joon-won to play as young Yoon Seok-ha


ë°°ì° ì ì¤ì/ì¬ì§ì ê³µ=ë¤ì¸ìí°íì¸ë¨¼í¸




So from what I see, Familiar Wife, the drama before Hundred Days' Husband will end on September 20 so this drama gonna start airing on September 26 and ends on November 15.

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Soompi Announcement 

The Events Team will be launching The Amazing Hunt on Monday 11 June . Lots of fun , reputation points & prizes on the table . Come check this out & join us 


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19 hours ago, JojoCx3 said:

It's cute that he used his character's name Yul, instead of his real name :love:



Kyungsoo is really sweet and the Churroking truck manager just reprinted the banners from before cause Kyungsoo only likes it simple.


Im really looking forward and were just one drama away from the airing date though they say its still unofficial. I hope they can secure that date and time slot. 

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Heo Jung-min joins the cast of 100 Days Husband

ë°°ì° íì ë¯¼/ ì¬ì§ì ê³µ=ì ì¤í ë¦¬ìí°íì¸ë¨¼í¸


Heo Jung-min will play the role of Kim Soo-ji, Kim Cha-eon's son (played by Jo Sung-ha) who's naive and ignorant. 




I have seen him before in Evergreen (That Man Oh Soo), he was good and loved his character there. Will look forward to his appearance in the drama. 

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