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[Drama 2018] 100 Days My Prince / Hundred Days' Husband, 백일의 낭군님

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34 minutes ago, may6 said:

hello everyone , its been a while for me to comment on a forum but i couldn't help myself. i just sing in quickly to say i been reading everyone's comments and on regards to the queen's baby father,  am i the only one who thinks  it is the funny scholar , cant remember his name who was suppose to meet someone after the lesson and wanted to hurry up the class because he was meeting a friend whom he hadn't seen in a long time. I notice that in the character chart he has a line  connecting him to the queen , if i am not mistaken his name is kim soo jin, for me the body guard is definitely the brother , for me either he knows that the prime minister was behind his father's assassination and he's just waiting for the right time to strike ,working for him in order to know all the people behind the murder,or he has been mislead and he's not aware of the vice premier behind the murder after all he left before he came to deliver the striking blow. 

If I'm not mistaken, thats Crown princess's brother....so no way he's the father.....this drama is not that dark...:D

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11 hours ago, midjohn33 said:

this dramas only 15 episodes andd almost the whole of the first two were filled with murder trechery and blood. not the cute sweet romcom the trailers pitched for sure. hope we we dont end up with a drama thats 90percent sageuk savagery and 10percent otp cuute


Only 15 episodes? Not 16? Interesting.


I agree. I too expected a sweet rom-com but so far the romance involved children and the comedy aspect is forced by Hong Shim. Frankly, I’m underwhelmed by the actress’ comedic style and delivery. Her scenes are supposed to be the light-hearted ones to counterbalance the CP’s melodramatic scenes but I’m just watching her with unenthusiastic eyes. Maybe she’ll brighten up and hit her stride when the actor Kyungso shows up. Just like it takes two hands to clap, it probably takes two characters playing against each other to create slapstick and shenanigans.


It's only the first week so there's time enough yet for the rom-com to catch up with its hype. 


Anyway, here are my first impressions of the first episode.   



I’m trying hard to find humor in the opening scene but it certainly looks inauspicious with the Crown Prince (or is he already the King by then?) holding out his hand for droplets of rain and then setting out on his horse to meet his death in battle. It appears that this scene is from the future, sometime after his 100 days spent with The Girl.


Two elements from this opening scene continue throughout the episode, like threads tying the past and the future.


One element is the rain. Before his impending amnesia and his 100 days, there’s drought in the kingdom. Rain hasn’t fallen in months hence his ministers’ call for sexual relationship with his Crown Princess whom he’s been avoiding. But in the opening scene, storm clouds are rolling in and soon enough, it rains in torrents.


To me, this suggests that he’s given in to the duties of his position (i.e., consummate his marriage with the Crown Princess OR if there’s a twist of fate here, consummate his illicit love affair with The Girl). His emotional long dry spell — or his metaphorical thirst for compassion — has ended.


On a side note, I find this ritualistic belief that rain could be summoned by some sort of human appeal to the rain spirits at odds with the Confucian education. As far as I understand it, there’s no deity and divine providence in Confucianism. A better life is attained not through divine supplication or prayer to the natural world but by following the moral precepts to live a righteous life.  CP memorizes all the wise sayings and ethical proverbs, but at the same time, he’s still expected to perform these “spiritual” unions with the CPrincess simply because the people expect him to be the messenger of the heavens.


The other element is the calling of a warrior.


The flashback gives us a preview of CP’s understanding of warriors. The young Yi Seo teaches him what a true warrior is. Back when they were children, she scolded him for whipping a servant. She said that a person who torments the powerless is a fool, not a warrior.


She also told him that sometimes a person must embrace fighting to protect the citizens even when the citizens don’t understand the warrior’s true intentions.


This fateful encounter with Yi Seo tempered his playful, warrior streak and he began his scholarship. Now that he’s the CP, he continues his bookish ways. According to his Eunuch, he does nothing but read at night and his nightly INACTIVITY (euphemism for “no sex life”) is regarded as the cause of his heart ailment.


Thus, in the opening scene when the CP rides in the rain to a battle where death awaits him, it strikes me that he’s a desperate man.


He’s fighting to protect someone he cherishes and is no longer willing to be on the sideline like a useless fool or a recalcitrant child.


Either way, the opening scene doesn’t bode well for my expectation of a light-hearted sageuk. lol.


Nevertheless, there are plenty of things to enjoy in this first episode.


Like that joke on the word “fool”. I thought that was witty. Did you see it?


In the flashback, we see the young Crown Prince, Won Duk, standing a log and proclaiming, “I may be young but I will stab and vanquish our enemies as a bold servant of Joseon and save our people! The battle is upon us. Follow me!”


Follow him??


All his “men” except his trusted friend are running in front of him, and HE’s chasing after them. He’s not being followed. lol.

Then, to add injury to this insult, The Girl, Yi Seo, bops him on the head with a wooden stick to stop him from hitting a servant. She shows him who’s the boss there.


Meanwhile, back home, his father is being presented a piece of stone with the word, “useless” etched on it. The stone giver (the future bad guy, Left State Minister, and Won Duk’s father-in-law) interprets the word on the “sacred stone” as a sign from the heaven to depose the present king (i.e., the “useless” one) and install the King’s brother (aka Won Duk’s father) as the new king.


This interpretation is interesting because with the success of the coup, the new king becomes in reality a useless one himself. He’s merely a TOOL manipulated by the Left State Minister who runs the affairs of the country. His father becomes a figurehead of power.


But the more interesting thing about this piece of stone is that the evil Left State Minister’s "supposed" rationale for deposing the real king is to protect Won Duk.


He warns Won Duk’s father, “A person who is afraid of a tiger will not let the son of a tiger live.” He insinuates that Won Duk, as the son of a tiger, is going to be harmed so his father should wrest the power from the King, his brother, in order to ensure Won Duk’s safety.


See that? I never saw that coming: Parental love as the reason for a rebellion. lol.


This explain why the King has shown Won Duk exceeding patience and restraint. He loves his son. For instance, even when he’s furious that Won Duk escaped the “happang” or bed ritual with the Crown Princess, he meets him in the secrecy of the Court Library and doesn’t physically restrain or punish him. He’s the King but he allows the Crown Prince to disrespect him.


Here's the whole dialogue. 


King: You brought shame to the name of the Royal Family just to read books like these? (meaning he didn’t do his duty and bed the Crown Princess to read a book on goblins?)
Crown Prince: You used to go on about how I should read before.
King: What? It’s been months since it last rained. I’m sure you know the concerns of the people who will soon need to start farming. But you, the CP, refuse to sleep with the CPrincess. So how do you expect the heavens to bestow rain upon us?
CP: The, are you saying that we are the ones to blame for the drought? (are WE taking responsibility for the failure?)
King: (sighs) Of course not. Everything is because of this wretched king’s fault, obviously. (He’s personally shouldering the blame.)
CP: Father.
King: Weren’t you trying to imply that it’s due to my shortcomings as a king? Don’t you want to insult this king just like all of the other citizens of this country do?
CP: I never wished for you to become king. Nor did I ever want to become the CP. So don’t try to force me into doing anything else.
King: Why you little brat. (I think the word “ingrate” is appropriate.)
CP: Is the one who is making you feel truly uneasy the citizens or the Left State Counselor?
King: (sighs) Do you hate the Crown Princess that much?
CP: She’s not the only one I hate. (and he walks out on the King.)


To me, the real “useless” person -- that was foretold by the stone -- is the CP.


On a superficial level, he’s useless because he doesn't do anything. 


But on a deeper level, he IS “cornerstore” of the kingdom (as his counselors often remind him) but he’s useless because he refuses to take serious actions in the court. Instead he indulges in childish games as an act of rebellion toward his father.


What has he done so far? He's like a spiteful kid --


Telling the court lady to kill all the birds (a silly task) because the birds made her smile. He hasn’t smiled in years so why should she?


Ordering the scholars to solve a riddle (another futile task) or they can’t leave the palace because he discovers one of them is leaving soon to rendezvous with a friend. He isn’t free to come and go as he pleases so why should the scholars?


Forcing all the single folks in the kingdom (and a foolish task, too) to marry because he himself was forced to enter in a loveless marriage.


To me, he acts like a kid having a temper tantrum. Since he himself can’t smile, enjoy a free day with a friend or be with the one he loves, NOBODY around him should be able to smile, enjoy a free day or be in love, too.


He’s in an unhappy, “uncomfortable” situation so he’s determined that everybody else should be miserable and “uncomfortable” like him.


See that? He doesn’t realize it yet, but he’s behaving just as the stone predicted: a useless fool.


And you know what's also funny? The stone with the word "useless" inscribed on it got discarded. It would be a funny twist of fate, if the CP were to be similarly discarded, too. 


Unless he shapes up. 


That’s why it’ll be cosmically funny to see The Girl knock some sense into him again. In their first encounter, he was a warrior wannabe who’s made into a fool. But in their second encounter,  I'm betting that he’ll be a fool transformed into a warrior because of his love for The Girl.


source: http://bitchesoverdramas.com/2018/09/11/100-days-my-prince-first-impressions





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Sadness and anger can make you do things you'll regretted. By finding the cause of unhappiness then you'll reach comfort, tranquillity.

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I am really curious for more of the story after Yi Seo and her brother ran away. So far we know that Yi Seo was raised as Hong Shim by her adopted father, but I don't think we know how she got there or how they are related. Also, the mystery of who Yi Seo's brother is and where he is now. Clearly, it's not anyone she's come into contact with as yet since she would (probably) recognize her brother.


Anyway, after watching the first 2 episodes, I still think the pacing and some of the production is a tad uneven, but I'm happy about the casting, and think that NJH is fantastic while D.O. does the stoic suffering so well, not to mention the plethora of male eye candy. :D  I think it's an interesting rom-com-esque premise that brings the OTP together. And, I can't wait to see how the chemistry between Hong Shim and Won Deuk (Lee Yool) plays out.


Btw, one other historical note: apparently, there had been a law in the past in Korea that mandated that all citizens be married by age 28 that was enforced with severe consequences. So, that element of this drama was not completely made up out of whole cloth.  So, this sageuk which I was thinking was fictional and fusion still blends elements of actual history into its story.

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I went on a rollercoaster ride watching the first two episodes. I found the scenes when they were kids so cute and charming at first. Particularly when the young Lee Yool said that he would marry Yi Seo. The boy looked so serious, it was adorable! But then, Yi Seo' family got attacked, well, murdered and we all know what happened next. 


So far, I liked the flow of the story. D.O. and NJH are perfectly casted for their roles and I'm looking forward to seeing them get "married". Oh, I just want to mention how creepy that guy who wanted Yi Seo to be his 5th concubine is. I just find it laughable that he even thinks that he's doing her a favor and saving her from 100 strikes. 


I just have a question though. Is Yi Seo older than Lee Yool?

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The girl who cast as younger Hong shim is the same as the girl that played as Go Ae Shin from Mr. Sunshine right?! 

when i saw her in this drama, i kind of thinking "am i having a bad eyesight or what.. why this girl is this small while in Mr sunshine she's kind of a little older". At that time i consider that Mr sunshine is pre-produced that finished long before 100 days my prince.

Anyway... I kind of wonder about the prince's friend who sacrificed himself as an exchange of Lee Yool's life. In the trailer, they found the prince body but already covered and the king chooses not to see his son's dead body. But what about the other? Didn't they make sure? or if they did, what about the face? Did they'll destroy the face that no one going to recognize or he'll purposely hit the rock on his face (ough.. cannot imagine this one)...

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Finally caught up to the episodes and loved them both. The music is so hauntingly beautiful as is the aesthetics(one of the perks of a pre-produced show). Can't wait to see the story unfold and because I was curious about it, I went to the first page to read the character sketch and I have to say, they are just wild from start to finish. I was :blink: while reading them because I was trying hard to understand/guess the actual character sketch. Especially these one:



Being a taxpayer certainly is a terrible conflict beginning problem as well as being a cloaked brain. I feel for you man.




I am guessing from Mo Yeon's character sketch that he is HS's brother but what I am wondering is whether the villain Kim knows who MY is? The character sketch hints that he does and he promises to clear MY's father's name if he carries out a certain "mission". If the translation is correct, why would he hire a man whose family he mercilessly slaughtered? What makes him so confident that MY won't kill him? Is this also why MY doesn't meet HS on the bridge like promised because he is being tailed and kept an eye on by Kim?


I have to admit, Queen Park's hobby of cooking men seems very dangerous. :lol: LY better be careful of his cannibal step mother. :P


Edit: OK, rewatched the childhood scenes. MY never saw that Kim killed his father so he may have gone to him for help and swore revenge on the King for killing his family. Kim must have kept him close to keep an eye on him because keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer. MY probably fell for his daughter(or just she did and he is using her for revenge), the Crown Princess and slept with her when CP continued to ignore and hate her. He definitely knows the Princess is carrying his child and must feel a certain vindictive pleasure that his child will become the King in the future but for that to happen, the truth of the child being his should not come out. Hence the nurse was killed but CP was not hurt because they needed him to sleep with the Princess at least once to claim that the child is the true heir and conceived by the CP. All of this was unknown to Kim and that's why he was confused about the CP glaring at him in the "party". But now that CP has figured out everything, he has to die no matter what.

BTW, I found everyone praying for his death, really sad and can't wait for him to come back to ruin their plans.



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On 9/12/2018 at 3:01 PM, tianaa said:

i think that Hong Shim's brother is the assassin with the bow and arrow. I don't know why he would be doing that unless he is trying to exact his own revenge somehow, but he has already murdered innocents The plot twist of the crown princess is so i did not see it coming

I think so too. He's trying to get revenge but taking his time to see to it that it will happen when the right time comes. 


Finally, already seen the two episodes. It was both interesting and entertaining. I thought it was a romcom kind of Sageuk but majority of the scenes so far were serious and a little bit dark. There were funny scenes and probably more from what I've seen and noticed on the trailer. 

I wonder why the king wanted to kill HS's father? I guess the king trusts the Vice-Premiere so much but didn't know he is a traitor. I want the crown prince to take over his father's duties and responsibilities because he's more decisive, wiser and strong-willed than him. 

I like the crown prince's self-esteem, confident and self-assured but him having an amnesia makes me giddy because of being clumsy and innocent. Can't wait to see his sweetness and  cuteness as HS's disguise husband, it would be a good mess for sure. 



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Finally caught up with its first 2 episodes and it’s awesome! 

How many episodes this drama will be? 

I like Nam Jihyun’s character here because she is not just hopeless woman that needed to be saved every time. Definitely a strong character. 

I can’t wait for next episode. 

Btw, hi @YourHighness . :D we meet again here :D



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First impressions


(Long post ahead – you were warned)




The Good:


I think the good about this drama is that it feels familiar. It feels like every fusion sageuk. The fluffy plot with funny scenes and yet a lingering danger lurking in the back, just waiting for the last episodes to come to bring apart the main couple in love and spread some angst.


I like the lightness, even with the palace intrigues which don't come close to 60+ episodes sageuk palace intrigues but is still entertaining enough to watch.


Familiar also means it's nothing heavy to watch. It's something you can turn on and the viewer won't miss anything when getting distracted. And yes that's a good thing. Sometimes it's nice to have something to watch you don't have to be afraid to blink and miss a hint in a scene which reveals the ending of the drama.


I actually like how they mention beliefs and myths that people back in Joseon believed in. Like that when it's not raining it's the fault of women. Or the fault of the Crown Prince for not consummating the marriage. And how it leads to the people blaming the King and therefore it's further weakening his power – if he does have any.


I think this could potentially be a interesting topic but as I will mention later it's used for that but also addressed for very different reasons.


I think as of now I like the palace scenes a little more. I mean yes, my heart started beating to have Lee Yul and Hong Sim aka Yi Seo meeting but I'm also looking forward to what the Crown Princess is planning to do since she can't fool Lee Yul. And what will happen with him gone which would actually leave the Crown Princess without any power but still with some options.


Speaking of Hong Sim I like her as well. Yes, she feels very Mary Sue but not in a bad way. I like that we don't get some sort of amnesia on her part. She is very aware of who she is/was and I'm at the moment a little more invested in her finding her brother and finding out what he has been up to than I'm invested in the whole marriage which last 100 days plot.


The Bad/Meh:


I'm honestly not sure how I feel about the humor in this drama yet. The drama starts of so solemn and serious with a nice and cute childhood first love interlude that I'm unsure if like the funny scenes or find them ill fit.


There are certainly other dramas – sageuk or contemporary – which do serious plot and funny scenes very well. Even in dramas where I would expect it even less than in 100 Days Husband. But I would think that after watching a family who sided with the „wrong“ king slaughtered and knowing the father is only in power because of that would make the drama more serious.


Not criticising Do Kyung Soo here because he is selling the „I loathe being the Crown Prince but I will do anything to get some sort of revenge“-role a 100%.


But everything around it feels inappropriate or at least it feels like a different drama. Yes, I find Nam Ji Hyun's parts funny but it's like a different drama. Let's make fun of the fact that she is already so old and not married. Let's make fun of how she and every unmarried women is responsible for the dry weather and no rain coming.


And while the writer gives through Hong Sim a wink by her saying „So what? Are we women are responsible for anything bad happening?“ I still feel not happy with those scenes. And the writer is using it to get Hong Sim aka Yi Seo and Lee Yul back together and I'm pretty sure it will start raining as soon as they're getting married and make their unknown reunion as fateful as any other drama couples get together.


I could be wrong but I'm definitely still unsure about the humor. Yes, I know the humor will be gone sooner than we want to because it's a Korean drama. And a Korean drama without angst towards the end ain't no Korean drama. Yet subtlety would be nice.




I think so far the acting is pretty solid. There are definitely some outstanding performances and I would like to start with Nam Ji Hyun. She is really amazing. I can see acting is her profession, it's her living. The way she acts feels natural. She has a good timing in the humorous scenes, even though I can predict I like her more without acting silly. I haven't watched anything else by her prior to this drama but I can say I'm looking forward to her next projects for sure.


Do Kyung Soo is doing a good job. He is very stoic and it fits his roles as the stoic prince. He does have scenes in which I find him definitely talented, improvable but still talented. In other scenes I think he is hitting his limits in showing what he actually can do as an actor. And I hope to see a bit more of his acting chops in the upcoming episodes. Definitely wouldn't call him brilliant but he is doing a fine job for the role he has been given.


There are many veterans and sageuk veterans. For them doing a sageuk – no matter if sageuk or fusion sageuk or fantasy sageuk – is like going to a lunch break. It's just sometimes sad to see the same actors everytime. For example I like Ahn Suk Hwan but he has been in probably almost every sageuk in the past 20 years.


Jo Han Chul – the King and Lee Yul's father – is certainly not often seen in a sageuk however. Even though he is been a house name for tvN in the recent years. I think he doing a good job as well as the King who has no political power at all. Also to see a fresh face in the sageuk genre is just nice.


Also, I liked Lee Yul's mother a lot, in the very few scenes. Since we haven't seen her dying, can I hope she is still alive somewhere and that I can see her again on screen? Like, pretty please!


And young Lee Yul stole my heart. So see him crying all alone in the middle of the palace for his mother. It's just heartbreaking. So heartbreaking.


Overall I'm not mad at the acting so far.


Directing and Cinematography:


I'm always a big fan of multiple cameras scenes because it makes a drama look a lot better and high-quality.


So far there was nothing outstanding in the way this drama is shot. There are some pretty scenes here and there and many replicated scenes from other dramas.


The directing is good I think. It's not perfect and the pacing feels a tad off. But it's not choppy either. The editing could need some polishing. Some things happen very uprupt.


Also, what bothers me the most is the use of different filters. Am I the only who noticed it but some scenes are darker, brighter or greyish. I don't know. Maybe it's just me who noticed it but it drove me crazy while watching. I think it toned down a bit in episode 2, so maybe the post-production went a bit crazy in for the first episode.




One sentence: The costumes are to die for.




The soundtrack so far is nice as well. It feels familiar, almost like the soundtrack for Moon Embracing The Sun. But at the same time it leaves no impression to me. I can't remember a single sound of it and connect it with the scenes. But again this doesn't mean anything, especially after only two episodes.


I really like the first song by Gummy though. That's a song I remember. Yes, it's a ballad and she is not inventing anything new with it. But I thought it was more beautiful than the BGM overall. Please give me more good songs.


Scenes I'd like to point out:


Let's put aside the random Goblin reference (it's a tvN drama – what did we expect?) but there were a couple scenes which reminded me of other dramas.


Like the very first scene which in my opinion was unnecessary is supposed to foreshadow what's awaiting us in the future. But it doesn't really have an impact. Lee Yul is riding to wherever and is stopped and being told if he continues he will die. Such a big statement. To which Lee Yul replies „I know“. Oh well. This scene reminds of the drama The Princess' Man in which Seung Yoo is riding to his family's home to find them slaughtered before the drama cuts back to 1 year earlier. The impact is so much bigger and it lingers throughout the drama until this scene actually happens.


Meanwhile the first scene of 100 Days Husband looks good cinematography-wise (even though majority is CGI) but doesn't leave a bitter taste or makes me worry for Lee Yul. The only thing I could think about is „look it's raining“.


GIF 1.gif


GIF 2.gif


Another scene which is cute and foreshadowing what's going to come – we don't need it though since it's the premise of the show – is Lee Yul and Yi Seo getting married.


In the childhood part of the drama Lee Yul comes back to „save“ Yi Seo from the not so evil butcher and they walk back home. Lee Yul is dirty – just like when Hong Sim's father finds injured Lee Yul – and Yi Seo is pulling up her hair and pins it with a flower making her look like a married woman. And Lee Yul basically tells her shortly after that he likes her and that he will marry her (thanks for not asking her, boy!). But it's such a cute scene and beautiful as well.


GIF 3.gif


GIF 4.gif


Same goes for re-creation of the scene years later when unknowingly Yi Seo and Lee Yul see eachother again. I think Korean dramas do best with these type of scenes. They're usually very beautifully staged and filmed.


GIF 5.gif


GIF 6.gif


GIF 7.gif


GIF 8.gif


GIF 9.gif


GIF 10.gif


Overall, I really want to know what's happening next. And  I find this drama intriguing enough to continue watching. :)


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I got the Moon Embracing Sun vibes too! Maybe I am one of the few who enjoyed the drama.

The music immediately brought this drama to mind.


I think I will have a clearer conclusion about this drama once I see the first four episodes.

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