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[Drama 2018] 100 Days My Prince / Hundred Days' Husband, 백일의 낭군님


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First Impressions: “100 Days My Prince” Provides Plenty Of Charm, Intrigue, And Talented Actors


First Impressions: â100 Days My Princeâ Provides Plenty Of Charm, Intrigue, And Talented Actors


It’s finally here. “100 Days My Prince,” how I’ve longed for thee!


Starring EXO’s D.O. and Nam Ji Hyun, “100 Days My Prince” is a historical romance drama that tells the story of Crown Prince Lee Yool (played by D.O.), who temporarily becomes an amnesiac and ends up in an unconventional relationship with Yi Suh (played by Nam Ji Hyun), the oldest unmarried woman in the Joseon.


We’ve been blessed with only two episodes so far, but I have to say that the drama is as good as I’d hoped it to be!


read full article>>> https://www.soompi.com/article/1230223wpp/first-impressions-100-days-prince-provides-plenty-charm-intrigue-talented-actors

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Google Translate:

"# The day of the day
Today's wedding dress is supposed to be coming out of Hong ...!
I meet you at 9:30 tonight."


// September 17 is also actress Nam Ji Hyun's 23rd Birthday. Happy Birthday to lovely Ji-Hyun. 



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ep.2 long shots



3 Events To Keep You Hyped For More Of EXO’s D.O. And Nam Ji Hyun’s Chemistry In “100 Days My Prince”

Sep 16, 2018
by blessedkpop

Who is excited for Mondays now because of tvN’s “100 Days My Prince”?

“100 Days My Prince” is a romantic historical drama about crown prince Lee Yool becoming useless guy Won Deuk (EXO’s D.O.), and his love story with Hong Shim (Nam Ji Hyun). Set in a fictional Joseon era, the drama will not only deliver as a sweet and fun romantic comedy, but it will also shine as a historical drama.

Last week, D.O. and Nam Ji Hyun ended up starting their life as newlyweds due to an unexpected accident. Here are three upcoming events that will elevate your excitement for the drama!

1. D.O.’s adjustment as a commoner

It’s not everyday that a respected prince turns into a lowly commoner. In the previous episode, D.O. was shot with an arrow and ended up falling down a hill, causing him to lose his memories. He doesn’t even remember his name, nonetheless that he’s the prince of Joseon. Therefore, Nam Ji Hyun’s adoptive father (Jung Hae Kyun) lies that D.O is Won Deuk, a commoner betrothed to her, in order to save her life.

Despite the fact that D.O. lost his memories, he still acts high and mighty like the royalty he is, and viewers are already looking forward to his adjustment to the shabby house, simple food, and new wife.



2. Nam Ji Hyun’s taming of her husband

Nam Ji Hyun’s character Hong Shim is a feisty, strong woman who isn’t afraid to speak her mind. Despite her firm independence, she has no choice but to marry Won Deuk. Won Deuk has no memories or talents, and he definitely doesn’t have any intention to help Hong Shim make ends meet. So viewers are already looking forward to her comical attempts to tame her husband and change his heart for good.



3. First marriage, then love

D.O. and Nam Ji Hyun marry before their love blossoms. The production crew stated, “The anticipated romance between Won Deuk and Hong Shim, which was introduced as ‘first marriage, then love’, will officially start after their marriage.” Although their marriage is uncomfortable at the beginning, Won Deuk and Hong Shim, who have formed ties, will develop a loving feeling for each other by building their hateful affection and tender affection in various events.

How will the romance between them unfold in a marriage where they do not recognize each other without knowing the relationship of the special past where they had made a promise to marry each other?



The next episode will air on September 17 at 9:30 p.m. KST.


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We got some well needed answers in today's episode. HS's brother is Kim's bodyguard and the assassin who fought LY and almost killed him. I am surprised the writer ousted this so soon, I expected her to stretch it a little bit, but good for her.  I like that we already know and the stakes have become high since LY technically became MY's brother in law and his loyalty goes to him without a doubt when the truth comes out.

It looks like the Crown Princess is carrying MY's child. Which also makes me a wonder, will MY die fighting Kim to protect his sister and brother in law or will he "die with the Crown Princess" and leave for a far away land to live? No matter what HS will loose her brother again, forever.

We got the marriage of the OTP in today's episode and it seemed like HS did tell LY the truth and gave him a choice. Not sure though, since my Korean is not very good. This is just a guess, not a fanfiction, which is a huge crime apparently.

BTW the second lead is very clever and clearly knows LY is the crown prince. But from the 5min long preview and the character sketch, it looks like he will play the game with Kim and will also protect LY from being discovered by the people wanting to kill him, until his memory comes back? I am not sure but loosing your memory can make you unfit to be a crown prince or the King. Also, this mean BROMANCE! :D

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Very good episode.  So, the episodes are of duration @80 mnts.  But only 15 eps.  I liked today's episode so very much. HS is so fiesty and strong woman.  Yes, she did tell LY only a part of truth.  she is a very smart girl and very cautious to reveal the whole lot.  My korean is also limited.  But thats why i guess.

Ep.4 preview 16 sec


31 sec preview

cr: tvn

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I hope to be more active in the thread and watch live once 3017 ends.

Needless to say, I am looking forward to watching tonights episode soon!


EDIT: OMG - watched the first cut where HS's friend's husband is talking about Won Deuk's seduction of HS (and the turn around where it was HS who was the aggressive one - LOL)

And the suggestive sight of the machine which pounds millet into flour (I guess?)  ROFL....:joy:

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Hi, long time silent lurker here.  Actually, i tend to be a silent lurker everywhere else too. Anyway,  came out of my silent lurking to give my 2 cents since i managed to catch the live stream from start to finish.  So here goes: 

1) So the bodyguard/bounty hunter IS HS's brother after all.  Guess some of the theories here were proven. And he clearly remembered his sister as well.  But why would he show up on the bridge on another day except the 15th as they promised.  He probably isnt ready to meet her just yet.  Perhaps he does have a conscience in the sense that he feels guilty about killing all those people at his master's orders.  But then,  if he really is that cold blooded and ruthless,  why not seek revenge against premier kim himself,  as premier kim killed his father?  


2) Has it been made clear anywhere that he is also the CPss's baby daddy?  


3) Is HS aware of WD's origin?  The scene where her father is regretfully burying the clothes WD was discovered in appeared to be as if he is planning on keeping this secret himself for HS's sake.  The secret here is WD is someone prominent from the palace as her father would clearly be able to tell that the clothes belong to a palace guard.  This is also the reason why he tolerates more of WD's nonsense than HS could.  Something like to reduce his guilt.  


4) I like the fact that WD still had the freedom to decide to get married himself.  For whatever reason,  he clearly had some kind of conscience/pity to finally give in to the wedding.  


5) clearly the best ep so far. I like that today didnt really focus too much on palace politics.  Right now they need to really build up HS and WD's relationship before the big reveal. I prefer this drama move at a fast pace. 


6) i thought feisty Hs would be able to protect them both from those two bandits.  But how did HS-WD end up being tied together in that rug?  


Cant wait for subs.... 

2 minutes ago, fieza1871 said:

Does this mean the Crown Prince have 1 wives now? When he get his memory back, does the 2nd marriage stand? Or will HS be consider as a concubine?

Well,  legally the marriage with HS isnt valid because it is him as WD and not as LY,  his true self.  But they did go through that ceremony and i guess he now has 2 wives. I think they can have 2 wives,  not like the Chinese dramas where the second is a concubine. I might be wrong though

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In the event that the king finds out about the Crown Princess is pregnant with someone else child, she will be dethroned isn't it? She'll be thrown out of the palace.She might even be killed together with her baby's father. That'll be sad ending for HS reunion with her brother :(

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Yes, i think she will be his  legal 2nd wife.  But as the people believe, when  they both consented for the marriage during the ceremony, there was black clouds looming around as if the rain is going to pour.  So, i think happang(the first night) will take place between these two for the rains to come.


I have got some gifs to post

Fiesty Gong Shim :joy:



The OTP,s as the cutie animation:love:



The goof caught by the eagle eyed viewers.  He is  supposed to be smug face, but we can  see him laugh from the side angle:sweat_smile::tounge_xd:




BTS pic, i suppose



I dont know if this scene is previewed for ep.4, but has been posted in dc gall



cr: dc gall


Why this thread is not moving at all for such a good casting and historical drama.  While, hope many viewers join the forum and express their views.


43 minutes ago, fieza1871 said:

In the event that the king finds out about the Crown Princess is pregnant with someone else child, she will be dethroned isn't it? She'll be thrown out of the palace.She might even be killed together with her baby's father. That'll be sad ending for HS reunion with her brother :(

already  the prince found out that she is indeed pregnant with other man's child.  But before he revealed it, the C. Princess and Kim, her father planned for him to be dead.  


DO is portraying as the arrogant and useless WD very well.  It will be HS who will straighten things up for him.  I love NJY.  She  is  portraying the character so well. The OTP are still less in chemistry.  But will wait how it goes after watching few more episodes.

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I enjoyed the first week's episodes, so I'm planning on continuing to watch this show.  Today's episode sounds like it will be really funny.


Glad to see that others caught the brother connection, too.  It would make sense if he was the C P's lover but it would be awful that he betrayed the prince like that.

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