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[Movie 2001] Bungee Jumping Of Their Own 번지 점프를 하다

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Feb 22 2007

Seems so surreal but it's the reality... seems like yesterday but time never stood still. Only memories linger forever.

Yesterday was Lee Eun Joo's 2nd memorial-anniversary, wonder what LBH feels about it... missing a friend, a colleague, a partner. There was a memorial service with family, friends and fans attending held last night. Updates, pics & clips available at LEE EUN JOO's thread - thanks to Shirley, et al.


Continue to remember a wonderful actress through her passion for acting & the happy times she shared.

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Thanks to ylin-Everything LBH thread for the gist -

March 3, 2007 - Bungee Jumping of Their Own 6th Anniversary

[사진}'번지점프를 하다' 재상영 무대인사 - 2007.03.03


Watch the VOD here, courtesy Byunghun & Rubeurs.


안녕하세요~ 운영진입니다.

오랜만에 병헌님께서 모습을 보여주셨습니다.

아직 다리가 완치되지 않으셨음에도 불구하시고 자리에 참석을 해주셨답니다.

'번지점프를 하다' 영화가 벌써 6주년이 되었고

11번째 재상영을 한 날이었습니다.

병헌님의 빠른 쾌유를 진심으로 빕니다. ^^


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March 3, 2007

6th Anniversary gathering of 'Bungee Jumping of Their Own'

Source: kjstar.com.kr, gist by ylin-EverythingLBH & Ping-bhjwlove.com


On 3rd March 2007, 6pm at the Cultural Centre, "Bungee Jumping of Their Own" fans organized it's 6th Anniversary of screening. There was a stage greeting event just like a movie premiere.

It was organized by "Bungee Jump" cafe site with Director Kim Dae Seung and Lee Byung Hun who were not able to attend for the past 5 years were invited this year. Fans who came from Japan were very grateful.

It seems like Lee Byung Hun has not fully recovered from his ankle injury. With his crutches on, he greeted the fans, "Thank your for coming to watch this great movie".

As there were fans from Japan, Japanese subtitles were included in this screening. There was also a lucky draw where posters with Lee Byung Hun and the director signature were given out.

Unfortunately, the movie's female lead Lee Eun Joo is not around anymore to join them ...

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2007年03月05日18:08 新浪娛樂



姜恩真/文 版權所Mydaily

Recently , the movie Bungee Jumping of their own , which will be celebrating its 6th anniversary, holds a rescreening event . Even though , the movie Bungee Jumping of their own is a six year old production , but in korea there are still alot of fans . It's fan club , in terms of a fan club for a single movie , it is one of the biggest in korea. with about 5,200 members.

"Bungee jumping of their own " rescreening event was held on 3 March at 5 pm at one of Seoul cinemea . For the past 6 years , the fan club had organised activties every year. And this year , it include the appearance of the main actor of the movie Lee Byung Hun and Director Kim Dae Seung . creating a surprise for the fans ..

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Copied from naver.com, 05-03-07

'번지점프를하다' 11번째 재상영, 이병헌 감동



‘번지점프를 하다’, 6년째 재상영회 개최



There's a really nice VOD on Bungee Jumping of Their Own's sweet moments at www.leebyunghun.com, please click here for the clip and scroll down to view it. LBH & LEJ certainly had that lovers' chemistry between them, their portrayal of young students experiencing true first love is simply wonderful... I think I actually love their scenes in Bungee...

Anyway.. please enjoy, one love... one promise... eternally...

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.probably shd be 6 years old too ..this flash ...


Title: oh- you are a beautiful woman - the main theme

[remake version from the 2007 ablum Only you - Lee eun joo ]

i teared when i listen to this version ..i remembered one of the most beautiful movie i loved ..i am glad it alway been a special move to the cast as well ... ..

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Romance Review » Bungee Jumping of Their Own


In the 1980's, a soft-spoken college student named In-woo falls for a girl, Tae-hee, with whom he shares his umbrella at a bus stop on a rainy day. He anxiously returns daily, hoping to see her again, and then he spots her at school and their relationship begins to get more intimate. We then flash forward, more than fifteen years later, as In-woo is now a teacher and a decidedly different person, married to a woman that is not Tae-hee.

And through the two distinctively toned halves, we get another romance story that questions the endless potential and depth of love, and the lengths to which we might go to preserve it. Although that might sound like your standard movie tagline, Bungee Jumping of Their Own is a highly unorthodox Korean romance, even more so from a Korean viewer perspective. Lee Byung-hun gives a very nice performance, giving his character such heart and realism that it makes the viewer smile or weep with him. Lee Eun-joo is a nice match for him, and she plays her part out with a strong presence as well. What really makes the film shine though, is the premise (which emerges only almost half-way through) because it is just so unique and 'out-there,' while at the same time, it's easily grounded enough for the viewer to empathize.

Though the beginning is a bit of the usual and blasé content that Korean romance hounds see regularly, once the fascinating premise gets going, we're so easily sucked into the conflict and drama that it'll easily stay in our heads days after. Plus, there are plenty of pretty pictures throughout the film, thanks to striking cinematography right off the bat. For those into this category of Korean romance filled with more serious and occasionally sentimental love stories, or for those who are looking for something a bit odd and different, Bungee Jumping of Their Own definitely demands a viewing.

Reviewed by Tuna

Credits http://www.acdrifter.com/Asian-Movie-Revie...-Their-Own.html

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Speaking about BH dancing at the Arena Tour and how he's now hooked on it :lol: .. this is a really sweet clip from Bungee Jumping of Their Own, BH & LEJ dancing the slow waltz on the beach. BH was just sooooo dorky :wub: and sooooo in love with LEJ in the movie. (She could even coach BH with his piano playing ^^)

I can't help thinking that it would be so nice if LBH & LEJ could collaborate again in a romance movie or series, they looked really good together.. just minus any 'supernatural' influences this time. :sweatingbullets: BH and LEJ really looked good as an acting pair. Too bad there won't be a second acting collaboration between the two, unlike BH and his other co-stars.. (although they did work again for Chasecult). A pity that there won't be any chance seeing them acting together again because LEJ was indeed an actress with the real potential to go further.. given the right role.

It's always, always when someone's gone.. we'd really miss & regret.. what could've and should've been.. sigh..


Anyway.. this is the clip from Bungee Jumping of Their Own, thanks to Alicia-Planet BH0712.. BH is such a dork.. trying to hide behind a tree when he's already sooo obvious to her :P love the cute courting & their lovers' quarrel scenes.. such classic! Please enjoy..

z_MMEDIA5.gif» bunji_300k.wmv (10.57 MB) » Original link » Filesend


image credit: hancinema.net

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January 23, 2008

Fans Commemorate Death of Actress Lee Eun Joo

Source: KBS Global


Fans of the late actress Lee Eun-joo have gathered to commemorate the 3rd anniversary of her death at Chungah Park in Ilsan where her ashes lay.

An official at the park said although almost three years have passed since her tragic death, her fans still remain loyal. He said many fans visited the crypt at Chungah Park a few weeks before the third anniversary of her passing.

Lee committed suicide on February 22, 2005 at the age of 25. At the time, Lee had established herself as one of the top young Korean actresses, starring in numerous successful films including 'Lover's Concerto' and 'The Scarlett Letter' as well as small-screen drama series such as 'Bulsae.'

Three years have passed but in the minds and hearts of Lee's fans, the memories of their beloved actress remain as clear as ever.

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February 23, 2008

The 'Remembrance Night' for the second anniversary of Lee Eun-joo's death


The 'Remembrance Night' was held on 22nd, in a café in Seoul Kang-nam to commemorate the second anniversary of Lee Eun-joo's death.

On this 'Remembrance Night', a large number of film producers, directors and colleagues whom she worked with, visited and spend time recollecting the memories of the actress. The visitors include, director Kim Dae-seung of the film "Bungee Jumping of Their Own", director Kim Jong-hak, Lee Hyeon-seung, Byeon Hyeok and script writer Lee Yu-jin of the drama "Phoenix". The senior actors including Ahn Seong-gi, Han Seok-Kyu, Park Joong-hoon and her colleague, Kim Ji-soo also attended the ceremony.

The late Lee Eun-joo's agency, Tree Actors Co., will be continue to arrange a small meaningful day as this every year to commemorate her and her achievements rather than grieve over her death.

English translation courtesy hancinema.net

Original article at news.naver.com

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Copied these from dotcom (leebyunghun.com), not actually new but I've not seen the first capture/poster before.. so, it's kinda bittersweet seeing BH and the late LEJ.











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^ Hi Eldri, good to see you here. ^^ I've not seen any download link (via Clubbox) for the movie. There's one in e-Mule but might be difficult for you if you're not used to it.

However, here's an easier way to watch the movie. Hope you'll enjoy the story. I love the chemistry and lovestory of LBH-LEJ.. after which I had mixed feelings about the storyline but this is a different kind of romance which a lot of fans actually love. One of the Korean movies with its own cult followers.

Share with us your movie thoughts, ok? :blush:


Bungee Jumping of Their Own - Movie (Complete)


Bungee Jumping of Their Own - MoviePart 1 (Low Quality)


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^^ thanks rubie for the link, this is even better, don't have to dl, hehe. Will watch this later tonight, come back with comments later on when I'm done with the movie :D

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