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Did someone here make his own site?

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I need to make the one about healthy lifestyle and fitness so I'm thinking about which platform is better to choose. I heard that WordPress is the best one, is that true? And in case of design which one would you recommend for me?

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Yes, I had experience with making several sites about my hobbies and I can say that WordPress is the best idea in this case, especially for non-commercial projects as it seems from your description too. It's a free and very convinient platform for making sites, it's very simple for using even in case of total newbies and there are many nice helpful tutorials about web building with it https://aspireinternetdesign.com/web-design/10-benefits-of-using-wordpress-to-power-your-business-website/ . You can also use Wix as another free alternative, I saw many positive reviews about it too. Weebly can be a good choice but it's non-free, however price for using it is very low ($12 per month) so maybe it could be nice in your case too :)

Design is a part of every of such platforms so you can make it with your own hands too. However if you don't have any skills in this, than it's better to use web templates, there are very many types of design in their case, including wordpress fitness themes https://www.templatemonster.com/category/fitness-wordpress-themes/  for example and they provide ready site skeletons which are easy for modifying even for people who aren't professional web designers :) In such case you'll save much time and money too because they aren't expensive and also many free ones can be easily found.
Also in case of blogging you can avoid making a separate website, there are many resources like Tumbler which have functions for making blogs so you can choose them as an alternative too.

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