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some of you might remember the fact that i have this weird issue that i can never make it into the anime concert and not once did i make it in alive, some reason i cannot figure out still but this time we're going to make sure i make it into this wonderful Egoist Live Hong Kong Tour 2018 because it's going to be awesome as we can guess as well as I'm looking forward to seeing them live this year, right now I just got information on the fact that they are coming, so I am going to give credit to my man who messaged me before hand so that I knew about this live.

please note that currently I have no information or concert poster that is released yet so I am looking forward to their poster and song list.


Thank you / Credit Forward Music HK and G-Music HK for the poster update and information update.



新世代音樂制作人ryo(supercell)監製的虛擬歌手 EGOIST 載譽歸來!
G Music(HK)Ltd

The Virtual Artist “EGOIST” produced by new generation music producer - ryo(supercell) is coming back in 23th June, 2018, STARHALL, KITEC. Upgraded Advance Technology brings you an optical illusionary ultra high definition Holographic Virtual Artist, with real-time motion capture system reveal the real artist movement at once, brought to you by Full Japanese production team and vocal. Advanced ticket HK$880 with vocal-“chelly” autograph Concert poster, only in C3AFAHK 2018!

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currently i haven't contact any of the event holders and i really have to say that i am going to buy the concert ticket since i might forget somewhere and somehow i would have no idea where i put the tickets once i ordered it so i'm going to buy it once i arrive at C3AFA and get it.

no there is a chance I might get hold of the agency and event holders and see if i can get some information on the song list, other than that we have no idea.

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