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What games do your children like to play the most of all?

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Our daughter is 5 years old and her favourite ones are board games with cards, she adore to play in them with us or her small friends :) We have really a collection of them in our house. I can recommend among them Obstacles , it's a very creative one and develops child's logic very well, Animal Upon Animal , it has very pleasant and smooth wood pieces in forms of various animals and is perfect for teaching balance, hand eye coordination and following directions. Also Blokus Junior , a very cool strategy which is interesting even for adults.
She likes puzzles and building games too, in my opinion lego kits are the best ones for such type of games. Also various creative ones, especially drawing and handmade arts, for example we rather often practise quilling together :) In case of physical ones she likes the most of all good old hide and seek and freeze, it's a very fun one and I really recommend you to try it https://www.icanteachmychild.com/toddler-time-freeze/ . She adores playing with her dolls too but it's an idea mostly for girls, not boys.
She playes computer games on our tablet sometimes too, her favourites are Minecraft, World Of Zoo and Nancy Drew. I can recommend various teaching games in this case too, like Float for math and Zebrainy ABC Wonderlands http://zebrainy.com/ for learning alphabet and reading. They're considered now as one the most progressive methods of learning and I can agree with that in some ways.
Hope that was helpful!

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On 26.01.2018 at 5:31 PM, kognisjon said:

that's a really great list... Thanks for reply!! Never heard about this freeze game we will try it definetely today. Other ideas are nice too thanks again!

You're welcome! :)

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