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[Mainland Chinese Web Drama 2020] Three Lives Three Worlds The Pillow Book 三生三世枕上书

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Fresh out of the oven! ELOD translation team presents author Tang Qi's 7th epilogue for The Pillow Book. We hope you get the joke because it is hilariously funny to the bones!!!    Source : @

Ok - for those wondering what Vengo said during his interview (I only translated up to this point. The rest was his message for his love rivals, which I won't go into, his appreciation to viewers for

The ELOD translation team have finally completed the English translation of Tang Qi's latest Pillow Book Epilogue. We hope you will enjoy the read! Shameless DH in action yet again!   S

18 hours ago, Kimberly Amor said:



Happy Qi Xi festival DongFeng stans. ♥ Let's wait for them with patience. I believe it will be all worth it. :blush::heart:

Ayyeee!! When it rains it pours. I just got over being ecstatic after finding English subs for Arsenal Military Academy, and then this! This is such a good day! Thank you!!!

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18 hours ago, Shane Tricia Facultad said:

Just saw this on facebook. Used google translate and, correct me if I'm wrong, but it's confirmed that the pillow book will air 4th quarter of the year right? Is this reliable at all? https://saostar.vn/dien-anh/qui-4-2019-tam-sinh-tam-the-cham-thuong-thu-len-song-tencent-5795884.html

Hmm haven't seen this news anywhere else, so I wouldn't be able to confirm.
I feel like it's still up in the air whether it'll air this 4th quarter or perhaps 2020 :(
But we're getting closer guys!! We've waited so long it's agonizing but I'm sure our wait will be worth it :D
Hang in there everyone!! Just a few more months hopefully!!!

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Nothing is confirmed unless they announced it themselves guys. Plus remember we don't have a trailer YET... Im also still confuse how the plot goes. Cause im sure there will be changes.




This is from viki not sure how true is this.


3rd edit, this plot same goes with https://cdramabase.com/2018/01/25/upcoming-three-lives-three-worlds-the-pillow-book/ So i highly think this is it.

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