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[Mainland Chinese Web Drama 2020] Three Lives Three Worlds The Pillow Book 三生三世枕上书

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@germansunshine Hi, welcome aboard :D

I'll try to answer your questions, I hope I can explain it well...

About chemistry : I'm not worried becase Dilireba and Vengo is really close in real life and have been working together for several projects  (6 I think?) so their chemistry is :thumbsup:


Vengo's Acting : People are worried because he is a new actor (Debut on 2013/2014) and based on his acting on Legend of Fu yao he sometimes could Overact, the problem is his eyes I think, do you know Song seung hun ? I think they're the same type :sweatingbullets:


Reba will be fine, she's really good at cute/crying while still look pretty, but if you watched King's women you could see that she can't portray the I Love u but I hate u/Ugly crying/Deep hatred part really well...but she's talented so I'm not worried :D


I think they will follow TMOPB and make it chronologically but not sure about Aranya dream...I think its necessary for flashbacks


Xiao = Small/Little

Bai is her Family name, but Bai = White ( She is from white nine tailed fox clan, but her mother is red fox)


About their marriage, its explained on chapter 19


The wedding was set for half a month later. The location was to be at the holy Blue Sea. Because he had gone to Nuwa's place after they left the dreamverse to have him and Xiao Bai entered into the marriage registry, they no longer needed to conduct the nuptial rites.


@Leslie Mtz C You're welcome :kiss_wink:


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Fresh out of the oven! ELOD translation team presents author Tang Qi's 7th epilogue for The Pillow Book. We hope you get the joke because it is hilariously funny to the bones!!!    Source : @

Ok - for those wondering what Vengo said during his interview (I only translated up to this point. The rest was his message for his love rivals, which I won't go into, his appreciation to viewers for

The ELOD translation team have finally completed the English translation of Tang Qi's latest Pillow Book Epilogue. We hope you will enjoy the read! Shameless DH in action yet again!   S

6 hours ago, germansunshine said:

Hi everyone!


I am so glad I stumbled upon this forum, but I am a newbie here, so this is my first post ever :sweatingbullets: and I am a little nervous, but here it goes.:)


I randomly came across TMPB a couple of weeks ago - it was my first c-drama - but from the beginning I was hooked and ended up binge watching the whole thing within 3 days. And of course I am now obsessed with FJ + DH :love:. I was exstatic when I found out that there is going a Pillow Book drama and I absolutely love all the infos and spoilers you guys have compiled here.So thank you for that!!! Is it Dec 2019 yet? haha.


Anyways, here are some things that have been brewing in my mind every since skimming through your posts and comments. I am afraid there are quite a few, so bear with me ;) lol


I have to be honest I was sort of disappointed when I read from your posts that it was not a continuation of the drama story line, but a completely different story acording to the book. But THEN I picked up the Pillow Book translation and finished reading it, and I fell in love with and now I am not worried anymore and I am convinced I will love it.


My only concern is, that they manage to keep the "chemistry" and just the same kind of feel that I got from Vengo and Reba in TMPB. I mean, the story line is completely different, and I guess some characteristics are the same, but in general DH and FJ are at a different stage.


I guess DH's characterization is pretty similar, what do you think? I mean in PB he didn't know about FJ for the first half, but once he met her, he was all for it/smitten/amused but unwilling to admit it. That's the same feel I got from the drama tbh. Of course there won't be the "tortured" I cannot fall in love-part, but the "ice-face", reserved DH should still apply?!? I honestly had to laugh, when I read that some people do not care for Vengo's acting. When I was watching I was actually thinking "Wow, that guy is amazing. He tells a story just with his eyes." I just thought that was so impressive. haha. I am sure he can pull it of again for the PB drama.


I am curious to see how Reba will play FJ this time around. I'd say that the FJ from the drama might be similar to FJ during the baby fox stage, but essentially the story will start when she has grown a lot from the experience of unrequited love...That will be cool to see, I think.


Another thing: the novel's story line is kind of all over the place with tons of flashbacks. Will they keep those or go chronologically for the TV version? 


Regarding the mortal story line: I didn't mind it in the drama, and I am sort of m'eh about it in the book. I felt like it simply served the purpose of introducing Ying Ti, hence the reasoning for FJ to get the saha fruit. Other than that, I felt like it wasn't that important or developed. I think there is potential for the drama to improve on that. Crown Prince sounds interesting. I am intrigued. haha.


And yay for more Cheng Yu! I missed her in PB. Great, that she'll get a bigger part.


To finish this monster post I as a non-Mandarin asian-drama newbie do have two questions regarding PB, maybe you guys can help me out? If they have been answered already in this thread please point me to the post, if you can. I did read through most of it, but 46 pages is a lot. :lol:


  • What does "Xiao Bai" translate to? I guess it is a pet name, and might be "Little Bai". Is that correct?
  • Why are DH and FJ still married after they leave Aranya's dream? I mean Aranya was married to Xize but he was not part of DH's shadow an DH was simply impersonating him. Why does the marriage continue?

Anyways, hello to everyone. I am so glad, I can join in the excitement


P.S.:...and of course relieved that I am not the only one going crazy over DongFeng. lol. Daily dose of you tube videos anyone? ha. (After she cuts of her tail and he visits her in Qing Qiu with the forehead kiss is my absolute favorite scene. I cried the first couple of times I saw it. Man. Still rewatch it on a daily basis. Gah!! Oh boy.


Welcome on board!!

 You are correct..Xiao Bai mean Little Bai (a nickname for FJ given by DH)

About your second question..After DongFeng left the dreamverse(Aranya Dream)they registered their marriage.

An excerpts from the book page 405(pillowBook2)

"The wedding was set for half a month later. The location was to be at the Holy Blue sea. Because he had gone to NUWA's place after they left the Dreamverse to have him and Xiao Bai entered a marriage registry, they no longer needed to cunduct the nuptial rites"

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On 11/28/2018 at 2:24 PM, Leslie Mtz C said:


i have been searching  this video for a long time and just finally found it!! i hope you like it , i think is really beautifull !! 


Thankyou SO much for posting this! It’s sooo beautiful! I hope she does another one for Pillow Book’s scenes! :wub:

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On 12/4/2018 at 7:39 AM, germansunshine said:


  • Why are DH and FJ still married after they leave Aranya's dream? I mean Aranya was married to Xize but he was not part of DH's shadow an DH was simply impersonating him. Why does the marriage continue?

As others have explained what the book says, i’ll get naughty and delve into But why? How can DH just one-sidedly make this decision to legally register their marriage? Even FJ did not know about this until the Bing Cang Ceremony!


I have 2 comments regarding this, and they sort of contradict but that’s exactly the point! :D


Firstly, DH’s greatest flaw is that he does not discuss with others before he does things, and from his somewhat rightful (arguable) sense of entitlement is his infamous shamelessness. He’s a steamroller. His kingliness spills over into governing his personal relationships, and this is the cause of much suffering between him & FJ. Even Liang Song his best friend, after DH & FJ return from Aranya’s Dream, suggested DH should openly and honestly tell FJ everything that happened rather than just formulate and secretly feed her the memory-altering pill. There are so many times when he just makes decisions and does things without any communication, which causes many misunderstandings, complicating their weak/doomed fate. When pregnant FJ leaves DH for the mortal realm, she also laments that DH has always just done everything as he wished and she never truly understood him, and still was not sure about how he felt towards herself or Ji Heng. From the very beginning, from his playful flirtatious behaviour towards FJ after YHBQ’s wedding, the hot spring encounter and deliberately walking to her and looking at her naked, at the newly-minted immortals induction ceremony he was openly embarrassing her about the hot spring encounter, when she was drunk taking her to her room and staying with her (when really he shouldn’t have done this himself but as if he would care!), keeping FJ-the-handkerchief trapped in his body and taking her to battle and then causing her to drop into Fanyin Valkey, trapping her in his force field for 10 days when he trained her for the competition, switching out the Saha Fruit prize for the Empress’ peaches, contemplating killing Xiao Yan so he could have FJ all to himself, taking on Xize’s identity and continuing to pretend to be Xize when he was with her, (and here’s the worst and also most relevant part) pretending to be Xize and having sex with her - did you know that in many countries this is classified as ‘rape by deception’? He would not be able to claim the defence of ‘mistaken identity’ because he used deception deliberately and wilfully - informed consent from her is not possible. Obviously, we can’t use a 21st century legal lens while reading historical high fantasy, but the point i’m trying to make is that DH is far from perfect, but its his shamelessness and all his flaws connected to the fact that he is the ‘master of the universe’ that we (and FJ) love and hate at the same time. He didn’t ‘forcefully’ rape her, but she also did not give informed consent because he took her by deception. However, he knew how much she loved him all these years and he was absolutely in love with her now, so he saw it as harmless. I was actually quite miffed at this part of the novel the first time i read it, but have come to appreciate how cleverly controversial it is when i put my legalistic mind aside. So for DH to one-sidedly go ahead and legally register their marriage is but one of a continuous chain of decisions he just steamrolls her with. It all culminates in leaving FJ to save Ji Heng the night before their wedding, and fate delivers all its blows to him after that. Does DH redeem himself? Many readers would argue that the 200 years he spent looking for FJ and preparing for his death was his character redemption. He could choose and control everything in life, but he was (very almost nearly) bound to die. Does his character improve after the 200 year separation - especially after FJ gave him a taste of his own medicine by wordlessly leaving him while pregnant, and raising their son without him, and on their reunion, rejects all his gifts and attempts to cut ties with him, and he finds out suddenly that all this time she had been hiding the fact that they had a son? Both DH & FJ’s character development arcs are very interesting, controversial and memorable. This is one of the many reasons i love this book SO MUCH!!!


Secondly, and this sounds contradictory, but i think Tang Qi did this deliberately. Despite DH steamrolling all decisions without consulting anyone (with a sense of entitlement that is fit for his status), deep inside, he cares deeply about others. He cares deeply about Liang Song and even Liang Song’s attempts to woo Cheng Yu, and helps him with his dagger design. He cares deeply about Ji Heng’s father and time and time again brought himself trouble because of Ji Heng’s antics. He cares deeply about the world and for millenia has been secretly (only to Mo Yuan’s knowledge) dealing with the Huiming Realm toxins, fighting Miao Luo, sacrificing his spirit essence and cultivation, to save the world. This goes hand-in-hand with him so-called being loveless, desireless and emotionless, not having a care in the world, yet also being the master of the universe, the king who sprung forth from the Blue Sea and unified a warring universe, bringing peace to all. Eventually, this king crosses paths with FJ. He cares deeply about FJ but he makes all decisions for her and treats her a bit like a child he is caring for the whole time. Legally registering their marriage because they had sex is yet another one of those ways in which he cares for her, but does it without communication, without consultation, and without a care for how she feels. Because he had taken her virginity, he takes reponsibility by securing their legal marriage through formal registration. Countless women over millenia have tried to crawl into his bed, yet he tosses them out like rubbish. The first time this entitled yet emotionless king, who has everything and could have anyone he wanted, actually falls in love, it takes him by surprise how hard it is - FJ (as Aranya) advises him to treasure and hold on to this love because it is so hard to come by and grasp onto. Therefore, it’s a big deal to him, because FJ is the first woman he’s been with and his first love and she means everything to him. Registering their marriage literally ‘ties’ her to him! And yet, to abandon her after this would be absolutely reprehensible, as he not only had sex with her, but did it under a disguised identity. Therefore, again, he did the right thing but did it the wrong way. Isn’t this so telling of how we always feel about DH? The conflicting feelings arising from his conflicting character are addictive. He is so bloody flawed yet we forgive him. He is yet another personification of the drama-trope flawed male heroine, but he is extra, extra adorable.

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@jimmylyne and @Sisca_TVXQ Thank you for the warm welcome and for answering my questions!!! I am sure I will have further questions, as we go along, lol...


@redfoxprincess You read my mind! My follow-up question would have been "So he just decides to register them and that's it? She doesn't get a say?". Your comments clarified it for me. And I completely agree with your assessment. DH's character is multi-facetted but very intriguing. I think you pretty much hit the nail on the head with your analysis. You raise quite a few very interesting questions. I am very curious to see whether they expand on some of those issues you mentioned e.g. the redemption arc in the drama. I do think the novel left some "blank spots" so to say, or just skimmed over some themes/issues, and I hope they use the opportunity that the TV drama present to expand/grow some of those storylines. Well, we shall see, but I CAN wish. lol.


Anyways, off to re-read PB this weekend. :)


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@Leslie Mtz C  Thanks for sharing that beautiful sand art of our DongFeng. 


Been quite busy lately after my vacation at the Land of Smiles. I’m elated that the filming is done. Now, all we have to do is wait for the finish product. I’m equally amazed that we never lack for something to discuss here. Hello to the newbies who have just joined us. 


I can’t help but laugh on the comment about Vengo’s acting. Actually, I found his acting as DH in TMOPB as satisfactory. Maybe he is better off with the role of an Ice Face - expressionless and cool. But since the DH in Pillow Book is far different and is a layered character, then we will see how he will pull it off this time. I trust that he prepared well for the role. Regardless, I can’t imagine another actor playing the role but him so I shall be surely cheering for him to do best. Jiayou :D


As for Reba, I have no doubts on our heroine’s acting prowess. Look at her, she’s so adorable. 






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Vengo's PC lady interview (Engsubbed), they also asked about pillow book and Reba


@redfoxprincess That is a great analysis of Dong hua's character. He is so sure of himself and therefore think that his decisions is the best way. He also believes on the saying 'For the greater good' The end justifies the means...but really, who can defy fate ?

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Just my personal opinion - Vengo looks nervous and awkward in most of his interviews. It’s like he is always bracing for the next question and after he has answered, he looked amused. I find it endearing though. He may not be as good in talking to the media like other actors but I can feel his sincerity and I appreciate his effort in reaching out to his fans. 


I chuckled at his classic answer that whether for Christmas or New Year, he hopes to spend it with his family. Coz reality wise, most men would spend such occasions with someone they hope to start a family with. I’m curious, does he have a girlfriend? Anyone knows?

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6 hours ago, junerain7 said:

Just my personal opinion - Vengo looks nervous and awkward in most of his interviews. It’s like he is always bracing for the next question and after he has answered, he looked amused. I find it endearing though. He may not be as good in talking to the media like other actors but I can feel his sincerity and I appreciate his effort in reaching out to his fans. 


I chuckled at his classic answer that whether for Christmas or New Year, he hopes to spend it with his family. Coz reality wise, most men would spend such occasions with someone they hope to start a family with. I’m curious, does he have a girlfriend? Anyone knows?


Yes, I think its more sincere too. I don't know about Jaywalk/Chinese ent that much but in Korean ent most of them received Speech training so they all seems like a good speaker...so their answers is mostly standard and sometimes boring :sweatingbullets:

About the GF not long ago there is a leaked video of his GF spending the night at his hotel room, but his fans are saying that the video is edited. He also posted on weibo saying that there is other people in the room, but not denying the GF ? Someone correct me if Im wrong :sweatingbullets:


@Wotad He looks mixed so maybe thats why, some chinese hairstyle doesnt suit him. He is Just like Orlando bloom with His Legolas look :wub:



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Pillow Book cast with staff





Si ming









Nie chuyin



Fanyin Valley's Queen/Older Junuo



Chang di?





And I found this Dong Feng Cut with English sub

Part 1







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hi *waves

first time here


honestly it has been ages since i last watch chinese drama in general

but dilraba manages to lure me back into watching the dramas again

i have to say i have watched almost all of her dramas where she is the lead that i can get my hands on

right now watching the king's woman (i already know the ending but that won't stop me)


anyway i never watch eternal love so i never know the craze about that drama and also the otps

i actually started to know about dong hua and feng jiu when i was trying to get more vids on dilraba through youtube

and cuts of that drama featuring dongfeng was on i was intrigued by the unfazed god and that refreshing nine tailed fox

so i started to search more about these couple

and then learn the news of pillow book and then that brings me to here

i finished reading all 47 pages of this thread, enjoyed every single one of it, love the discussion and those pics and videos

and i also have finished reading the translated version of pillow book, enjoyed it too

i was in awed when you guys takes excerpt from the book and connected to the live version

and after reading the book and watching their cuts from eternal love, i realised that that donghua and this donghua would be different the same with that fengjiu and this fengjiu

but that's okay, cause they all are endearing on their own way

and i will watch pillow book with fresh eyes and with fresh experience meeting dong hua dijun and bai fengjiu for the first time all over again


so just wanna say i am looking forward for this drama

love the chemistry between these two otp

and i know it will be one magical wonderful ride for all viewers


anyway i hope that the ending for the drama version would be more than the book could offer

how can it ended just like that?

they deserves more, they need to have more scenes together all 3 of them



never thought that donghua and jianju from pride and prejudice is the same guy lor

how can someone so dashing can also be that horrible flirt?



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