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[Maylasian Drama 2017-2018 Kekasih Paksa Rela]

Ldy Gmerm

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Kekasih Paksa Rela TV3




Title : Loving Forgive Rela/Rela Forgive Lover

Start Show : December 26, 2017

Time : Every Monday-Thursday, 7.00 pm

Broadcast : TV3 Akasia Slot

Publication : Creative Skill Solution Sdn Bhd

Episode Number : 28

Title: Sure
Artist: Cherpen Band


credit: http://www.rajadrama.com/2017/12/tonton-kekasih-paksa-rela-full-episod.html



"This drama tells the story of the couple that Adham ( Remy Ishak ) and Rosnaida ( Ain Edruce) are married after they finish studying. Their marriage was strongly opposed by Adham's father, Datuk Azman ( Jalaluddin Hassan ). Adham was trying to restore Rosnaida's relationship with his father, but Rosnaida had a stubborn attitude until she decided to pursue her studies to the United States without him.


After three years Rosnaida did not return home, Adham came across Hanan Khaira ( Intan Najuwa ) who was still studying, but was forced to take care of her sick father. Due to her mother, Suraya ( Emelda Rosmila ) had a secret relationship with Yusman ( Fizz Fairuz ), Hanan was dismissed by family and neighbors. After Hanan's biological father died of cancer, Yusman eventually married Suraya but instead he also had the evil intention towards Hanan and wanted to do bad things to her and even incited her mother to hate and dislike Hanan.


When Adham finds out the situation, he is also sincere to help her so that Yusman no longer interferes with Hanan. Adham offered some money to Suraya and Yusman supposedly wanted to take Hanan to work. Finally, Hanan was well cared for and continued her studies.


However, to avoid defamation, Hanan had to marry Adham. After all, they found out that Yusman wanted to sell Hanan to a loan shark, And Yusman  tried to get Hanan back but was barred by Adham and his friend, Firdaus who protected Hanan all the time because of Yusman's evil act to Hanan. After marriage, Adham did not treat Hanan as a wife. She is married on the basis of sympathy, but Hanan seeks to win Adham's heart to reward her good service.


After about two to three years Rosnaida comes back and expects to pick up where she and Adham left off. Adham has not confided that he has married again without her permission and angst reigns as Adham tries to manage two wives and two households.


At the same time, Adham in silence also began to love Hanan and embroidered her love temples to forget about her past events but sometimes often face conflicts and conflicts in daily life between Hanan and Adham. Can they solve conflicts that often shake them? And can the end of the happy love story of Adham and Hanan?"


credit :https://ms.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kekasih_Paksa_Rela

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Video clips from episode 1:




Credit:TV3Malaysia Youtube channel.


I have to say that Hanan is a bit nerve wracking and although I can sympathize with her being still young at 19 and in school and having to deal with caring for her ill father until his death and her mother who is too far gone over the other man now husband believing all he says even when he has tried to rape or molest her I feel she has a lot of growing up to do before she can be on the level to be with Adham.


Both are aware that she is stubborn and does not listen only to come back later to apologize. Of course I fault Adham as well because the more he falls for Hanan he has not cleaned up his mess with Ros his first wife. Its going to be a bumpy ride when she has come back to him later. How will he deal with two wives in two homes with his first wife having no idea about the second wife.


Luckily this drama is being broadcast with eng subs. It would not stop me from watching even without subs but it is good to see them show episodes with the subs in tacked.


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