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[OFFICIAL] Lee Seung Gi ❤ Oh Yeon Seo (503 Couple | Dimple Couple | Love-Love Couple | SeungYeon Couple)

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Leaked BTS Footage of Episode 19 Before Backhug!!     

Guys, if some of you feel cheated and fooled, it's OK to feel that and to leave the ship. Just don't force your decision on others in the ship. And please don't force your hope on the actors involved.

Signs when you like someone.   1. SHE/HE SMILES AND LAUGHS AROUND YOU—A LOT This may seem simple, but if a girl/guy likes you, being around you is likely to put her/his in a good mood. If she’s/h

6 hours ago, sysupporter said:

Hi @smilegirl88 (Chingu),


Excited to see her BRAVE airport IG with her Ring! Thanks for uploading!


Yup, she’s going to Jeju for a photo shoot. And apparently their flight was delayed over 2 hours according to her friend’s IG caption.

Another Photoshoot?

a daredevil isn’t she? Showing her bling bling at the airport , lol ;-)

It’s a bit strange that Hayoung her make up artist is not coming along   :P

anyway,  I hope she has lots of fun in Jeju and eat lots of yummy  foods 


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Agree with this account that it’s a small world afterall. Throw in Jung Joon Young, Lizzy, Lee Seo Geun into the gang too 


OYS looks lovely in her own simple clothing and make up. 

So is she going to Jeju for photoshoot? Not looking into her house? LOL ;-)

just kidding 


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She is so busy  taking off , hiding, and putting on and then showing her bling bling, right hand left hand... must be exhausting :P





Marked the 27th again :P







Sorry for this stupid random outfit thingy guys but:

THOM BROWNE blazers on their movie  stage greeting ;-) 




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6 hours ago, haymochi said:

Marked the 27th again :P




That 27 is eerily familiar.....



And then on that march 27th marked on his shirt, Ohvely posted this:



PS. Sorry Lavender for reminding everyone once again how deeply ignored you are by uri Ohvely, I hope your traumas can be healed more easily than hurt KB-dependents :P



Uri couple hinting d̶i̶s̶c̶r̶e̶e̶t̶l̶y̶ in the same obvious way like always :phew:


Even that openbookcouple who keeps hinting she knows stuff, posted about it months before:



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Look like we are all anticipating next year? Vagabond is finally coming and ahjumma sees why OYS has to unfollow all her followings. It’s for the best especially if shippers are tracing her through her friends. 

 Hino being so obvious following her then  followed her bffs too . To add on Atomy who keep on liking her picture , lol ;-)


Glad that she has not posted any selfie this month.She  obviously knows that if she doesn’t post picture of herself then there won’t be any article written about her. 


Anyway that is such a precious wine she received . Amarone 2006, really high quality and pricey wine 




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11 hours ago, cutestrobery said:

Hino being so obvious following her then  followed her bffs too


Watching today's episode of MITH, I didn't know that Hino was such a successful, powerful woman in Korea (probably similar to Oprah in the US?). So she probably doesn't follow anyone casually and her following OYS and her friends is a big "evidence" for our OTP! :) 

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Since LSG is now confirmed to be regular member on Busted season 2 (YESS!! ), it reminded me that YJS probably knows about our couple:



 YJS watches MITH


Wow! that means ....

Yoo Jae Suk has seen this :sweatingbullets:


... this  :sweatingbullets:


...this  :sweatingbullets:


... this  :sweatingbullets:


...this  :sweatingbullets: :sweatingbullets: :sweatingbullets:


etc.etc. :joy:
....there are really way too many Laav Laav moments on MITH for me to have the energy to GIF them all     :sweatingbullets:
(and this without OYS even appearing on MITH lol! The way he keeps talking about laav laav you'd think OYS was a regular member! :sweatingbullets:)


...not to mention the moments I've missed as I'm not even caught up on all episodes yet :P




And especially  this ! ! ! :   :scream: :scream:


which is eerily familiar...:ph34r:


When he's recreating a Hwayugi scene as the breakup scene (interesting choice LSG! :phew: ) for the MITH acting task & even put Hwayugi OST playing :joy:
(MITH ep9 I really should analyze further in a later post. So many dead giveaway moments for uri 503 ha ha :ph34r:)

YJS was so happy to see LSG who he knew from from X Man appear in Running Man (ep. 120 ):

RM ep120 18.10 min (YT link)

RM ep120 22.05 min (YT link)


He also gets on really well with OYS:
Happy Together:

Happy Together, OYS enters at 2.52 min, YT Link


RunningMan ep.218:

RM ep218 4.18 min (YT link)


He's like a cute uncle figure to them both :D

YJS  is "Nation's MC", hosting with fun and warmth. High social and EMPATHETIC skill. People like this do not easily miss moments when a guy acts like a lovesick puppy. He will easily pick up on feelings. He especially cant have missed ep9 giveaways.

Conclusion: He likely knows our couple is together. 

When YJS watched Lovesick LSG on MITH, he must've been like:  OMFG! LSG what you doing?!?! 


And you know how excited you get when two people you like are together.....Joined the 503 ship did you Nation's MC ? :P



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