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[OFFICIAL] Lee Seung Gi ❤ Oh Yeon Seo (503 Couple | Dimple Couple | Love-Love Couple | SeungYeon Couple)

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4 hours ago, intrariver said:


Okay so  someone 

1- Has a great sense of humor 


2- Is trying to hint something lol :





TvN: Our actress from Hwayugi OYS is in a SECRET ROMANCE with LSG...So why not make a drama about a character named OYS/Oh Yeon Soo who is an actress who is in a SECRET ROMANCE . WHY NOT? :tounge_xd:


I've seen the OYS character name listed as in other places as Oh something else (but still with the same OYS initials!). 

So maybe it's MDL who made an error on purpose and is the one hinting lol.


MDL: TvN who hid the 503C BTS because they know they're in a Secret Romance, is now making a drama about an actress with the initials OYS who is in a Secret Romance??

...what a great oppoturnity to MAKE  A HINT to the still clueless outside world by writing the OYS initials as Oh Yeon Soo lol 


....Either way, SOMEONE is hinting about our couple :joy:



Im LOLing at this hahaha and the lead actor will be a LEE :joy:

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7 hours ago, smilegirl88 said:

OBC is backkkkk with the latest video for our OTP in Paris :wub:

Aaaw even the mysterious OBC is hinting about the ring :wub:

I’m still trying to figure out what that 27 she has been hinting for months about. Esp if that number appears on Charming friend shirt and the exact date coolest partner posted about cotton candy love love 


I always love it when charming friend has his fan meetings. Not only because he keeps showing off how much he gushes over and loves the kissing scene but there is always special moments between these 2. Like this:


His first fm. They posted similarly again .  The  firs time she showed off the shinny bling bling on her finger  even using the caption “bling bling”



Now his Japan fm. I don’ think I need to say anymore about this.. 



Pics cr to: you know who ^^ 


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Not important.. just A basic  summary of Charming friend shirts :P



Someone is so lost in love. The eyes are blind and cannot see the real lovers  :lol:








Cr to: thanks ^^


and they both are the cover page of October Issue magazines


Just sharing  a picture of two beautiful people



Cr to: thanks ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ


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29 minutes ago, sysupporter said:


And LSG’s magazine cover is for “L’officiel hommes”- French! :)



French = Paris

Yup. Its predestined - by the magazine editor who also ship them!! :lol::lol:

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2 hours ago, dvrels said:

Guys please vote for our otp in AAA 2018 pre-vote. Each account got 5 votes each day. So please lets vote for Oh Yeon Seo and Lee Seung Gi. So if we lucky they will attend this event (hopefully they will attend this together, haha) so lets keep vote



Ahjumma never vote for those kind of things before. Maybe I will try later but  aren’t  those kind of votes usually dominated by idols?


Don’t worry they will walk the carpet together. Maybe not awards but walk along the aisle together :tounge_xd:


1. Flower bouquet - Check

2.Diamong ring on left ring finger -Check

3. Proposal on MITH-Check

4. Talk about love/ marriage/ kids from both LSG&OYS- Check

5.Both of them talking about house in Jeju Island-  Check

6. Expensive Cartier Couple watches- Check 

7. LSG and OYS talking about happiness -check

8. Both wearing Cartier Bracelet- Check

9. OYS posting a pink heart picture with diamond ring emoji- check

10. Both liking and fans of  Twice - Check

11. Stylist, staffs, close friends following each other - Check


anything else that ahjumma missed to point out?

How i wish LSG has fan meeting again soon because it’s the only time when OYS comes out from her cave. It would be even more perfect if it is in JAPAN again , lol

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11 minutes ago, Serena Nguyễn said:

I dont understand

....and I don't understand what you don't understand :joy:


Please explain, what is there to understand/not understand about a picture? 

What is your real question?

Please be more specific so people can help you understand what you don't understand.


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@cutestrobery ahjumma,

how about also:

x Meet the parents on both sides CHECK (korean traditions says this happens BEFORE getting engaged)

x Travel together/Honeymoon Trip Practise CHECK  (Japan the place of laaaaav )

x Nicknames CHECK (that honey post? :ph34r:)

x NEW Ideal Type descriptions that match each other CHECK

x Bro/Friendzoning everyone EXCEPT each other CHECK

(OYS: PHJ&other CITT costars are my bros. Refusing to put this boundary with LSG.

LSG: "My style of dating is I like her right away" aka. doesnt fall for friends so friendzoned/cleared the odd speculations about IU/Suzy/HHJ/MCW etc. a few days after people made the ridiculous speculations with his friends.

and LSG: "My ideal type is this yet I like a different girl" and later "I liked for looks/image in the past now I have a new type and like for being secure and able to talk"

LSG stops speculations with friends and others...Yet doesn't stop people from speculating about him and OYS :P)

x Gush about how A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Kissing each other feels like CHECK (BOTH: Picks  a kissing scene as favorite scene from Hwayugi. LSG even picks it 3 separate interviews/times. 

LSG: Cant stop deciding in advance to show off his favorite scenes and then Blushes heavily/hides and is embarrased watching himself kiss the girl he likes )

x Compliment each other in interviews more than they do any other costar CHECK

x Establish that she is the BEST/Coolest costar OF THEM ALL   CHECK

x Borrowing pants/belts/scarves from each other/and or buying matching ones CHECK

x Be more shy shy than they ever are with any other costar CHECK

x Put on distant bodylanguage/negative bodylanguage in parts of interview and presscon to hide their connection from the public, yet their eyes contradict the fake body language adjustement. Eyes are the window to the soul.  CHECK

x Feel extremely vary and anxious and suddenly trying to act colder when cameras are on them CHECK

x Wear Pink and use Instagram as  a platform to show hints of your laaaav /Express your love to the world in all ways possible because you can't go public yet CHECK


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Talking about ASIA ARTIST AWARDS . I only remember this priceless moment from another award show:wub:


Our charming friend saying : “You are even more beautiful than when we were filming togther” in front of ALL the people and CELEBS attending the award. He just doesn’t care anymore :naughty:

His shy  facial expression,gesture and smile  after saying that sentence is priceless (о´∀`о)





But of course some people (like me ) will still block their eyes, ears, and brain  to this scene because they still can’t believe it :love:





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LSG updated his IG with a coffee truck given by seung jae. 

Can i hope for him posting coolest partner foodtruck support or am i hoping for miracle? :lol:

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28 minutes ago, cutestrobery said:

Sending food truck? It won’t likely happen

OYS name is already forbidden from beinf mentioned and look how the bts is cut despite them actually keep laughing and  playing around with each other :ph34r:

Thats why i think "im hoping for a miracle." Hahahaha

But can i consider celltrion food support was from coolest partner? :joy:

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