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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2019] Le Coup de Foudre 我不喜欢这世界,我只喜欢你

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My last post re: translations... *sniffs*  


Episode 35

  • When HWY finally reveals her "big surprise" at the wedding, QY says, per the subs, "It's so nice of you!"  But her reaction should be more properly understood as, "Why are you so nice to me?!" which would then explain HWY's response, "Because you're my honey."
  • When HWY and GC reveal that they're expecting, the subs have GC saying, "You'll be the aunt," but again it is more properly phrased as, "Be the aunt as well."  This makes more sense in the context of what's being said at that time.  Specifically, HWY starts off by commenting that since she's already a bride for the day, and then trails off not sure how to continue, which is why GC then takes over by saying she should be an aunt as well.  
  • Similar to the above, although the subs have GC sharing that, "She's pregnant with twins," what he really says is, "This time it's twins."  The phrasing matters because of the context.  After QY learns her friend is pregnant, there's a split second where she wonders if it's real or if it's going to turn out to be last time again.  That's when HWY pouts that she and GC had the same reaction to her news, which is why GC steps in again to add that it's for reals this time and, in fact, they're having twins.
  • When they're in England and YM finally learns of QY's visit to Cambridge all those years ago, he steps away.  QY asks him if he's mad and, in response, he grabs her close for a hug.  He then tells her, "In the future, don't be like that again," not "No silent treatment."  (What does that even mean?  LOL.  And the subs had been doing pretty well all through that scene too, sigh.)
  • When everyone is gushing over the pics of the twins, and Stepdad says he thinks they take after him, GC cuts in to say, "Apparently they look like me."  Swap out "obviously" for "apparently," and that'll make much more sense.  
  • GC goes on to wax poetic about his children and the subs have him saying at one point, "Look, they're good boys," but it's worth noting that he never comments on their gender.  Instead, he uses the pronoun, "they" to say they're well-behaved, and of course we learn minutes later when Stepdad gives them names that one is a boy and the other a girl.
  • When QY finally learns about Liao Rui having a crush on her back in high school, she and YM walk away from the restaurant whereupon she says, per the subs, "I've heard you had a thing for Liao Rui."  She should be more concerned if that was the case.  :P What she really says is, "I heard you have a bit of a past with this Liao Rui."
  • In one of their after marriage scenes where they're having dinner and squabbling, the subs have QY saying, "S--t, it means you're mean," and I don't know.  Seeing profanity suddenly come out of QY seemed weird.  It doesn't really fit her personality.  Moreover, I don't even think the expression fits their conversation.  The word she uses can also mean (colloquially), "nonsense," or "rubbish," and since nobody uses "rubbish" in this day and age, I'd go for "nonsense."  I think that fits her comment better anyway.
  • After QY changes her outfit multiple times in order to attend a wedding, the subs have YM walking up to her and asking, "Are you okay?" but he really asks, "Are you ready?"
  • In the scene where QY oversleeps and misses her flight, it starts off with YM commenting, per the subs, "Your flight is at 7 am tomorrow," but I prefer the more accurate translation, "You booked a flight for 7 am tomorrow," because it conveys his disbelief that she would willingly do something like that when they both know she's not a morning person.  He doesn't think she'll able to wake up in time for the 7am flight and, as it turns out, he was right.  
  • In the scene where YM goes out at night to pick up QY because it's raining out, it starts with YM answering his phone.  The subs have him asking, "You're out?"  And I know this is really nitpicking of me, but I prefer the actual translation which is, "You're not at home?"  I just like it better. :) 

As far as drama endings go, I have to say, IMO, that was one of the best last episodes ever for a drama.  It's no secret how I have loved Le Coup from start to finish, and I'm just glad it never let me down at any point.  I will miss it, but I look forward to rewatching it in the future, and I will think of these characters as being somewhere out there, living their best lives.  At least we know YM and QY are real, and thus really are.  ;) 


Two other comments I would make specific to Episode 35 is how, it took me like 10 rewatches before I caught last night, that moment after the wedding where YM is clearly smiling and laughing with QY, when it's just the two of them.  But the minute his old classmates join them on the dais calling for a photoshoot, he turns around and assumes his usual stone cold sober face, LOL.  Second, I really loved and found it interesting how, in QY's voiceover when they're in England, she says it was YM who taught her that everyone is born with the ability to love.  I find it especially poignant given how, because of his naturally taciturn ways, everyone assumes he's the emotionless one.


Finally, planning on two more drabbles/fics for this drama... so check back!  :D  

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I just started watching this, and absolutely love it so far. :wub:


But I am disappointed that they seem to have cut some important scene for WY (and GC) between episode 7 and 9. In episode 7 after they escape the bookstore owner WY is last seen following her boyfriend and probably discovering he is cheating but we don't see it. Or how they breakup. And in episode 9 she is crushing on GC and having a flashback to him saving her in from of her ex but they did not show that scene in full to see what exactly happened there and what's up with the box she is holding.  :tears: I hope they show it later ...


EDIT: Never mind. Thanks, @themarchioness

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@selen4ever, I'm glad you found the special videos. I saw your message earlier but before I had a chance to reply, you found them on your own.  YAY!  :D  I'm glad you've joined the thread - welcome.


Also, as promised.  I'm returning with my second drabble.  As I said before when the drama ended, it randomly occurred to me that we never heard anything more about YM's younger half-brother.  While I don't think the drama needed to take the time to tell us that story, as it might have turned draggy, it was a passing thought I had and I was curious.  So I decided to write a story about that.  Hope you enjoy it - it's under the cut.


Forever Brothers




Forever Brothers



When Yan Mo arrived early to work one winter morning, he spied someone waiting outside his company’s front door and paused some distance away.  This wasn’t a normal sight and he wondered if he should be concerned.  After all, the offices for Panda Company weren’t along some major thoroughfare and foot traffic in the neighboring area was supposed to be practically nonexistent at this ungodly time of day.  He considered the possibility that it might be a homeless person seeking refuge under their portico, but even from this distance and despite the morning’s darkness, Yan Mo could tell that the black padded coat the stranger was wearing was of some quality.


Having no choice but to confront the situation, Yan Mo pressed on.


As he drew closer, he could see that the stranger was a lot younger than he had expected.  And the reason the stranger had looked so big and bulky from far away was because along with the padded coat, this person was also carrying a black backpack that blended in to the coat.

Purposely jingling his keys to alert the other person of his arrival, Yan Mo stepped up to the stoop.  “Excuse me, can I help you?”


At his voice, the stranger lifted his head and turned in Yan Mo’s direction.  And that’s when Yan Mo saw, just under the yellow glow of the street lamp, a face that looked so hauntingly like his own.


This was no stranger.  This was his half-brother.


“Yan . . . Xu?”


The boy nodded his head and studied him back.  “You’re Yan Mo, then.”


“Have you been waiting a long time?  You must be cold.”


“I took the overnight bus and arrived some while ago.”


“You’re probably hungry then.  Follow me.”

Without saying another word, Yan Mo turned in the opposite direction and led his younger brother to a nearby breakfast spot.  Normally popular with the crowds, it was empty but for employees at this hour.


Yan Mo led his brother to a table.  “What do you like?”


“Anything would be good.”


Yan Mo nodded his head.  Without needing to consult the menu, he said to the waitress, “We’ll have two bowls of soy milk.  Warm.  And two bowls of your house special congee and an order of soup dumplings.”


It was more than Yan Mo was accustomed to eating for breakfast, but he figured if his brother had taken the overnight bus, then he very likely hadn’t had much to eat for dinner the night before either.


As they waited for their food, the two brothers stared at each other wordlessly.  The fact was, although they were related, they might as well have been strangers.  Until this moment, they had never met.


“How did you . . . why did you come find me?” Yan Mo finally asked.

Yan Xu also took his time in answering, and Yan Mo could tell, there were emotions simmering underneath that he was trying to keep under control.  “I found your picture in my father’s desk recently, but when I asked my mom about it, she scolded me for being in some place where I didn’t belong.  It wasn’t until later, when my dad came home, that he sat me down and told me I was finally old enough to know.  He was married once before and he had another son.  I had a brother!  Can you believe that?”


Of course Yan Mo could believe him.  He could also understand and relate.  The anger, the disbelief, the sense of betrayal, and the shock.  He knew exactly what Yan Xu was feeling, because once upon a time, he’d experienced the same.


“Did you run away from home?”


Yan Xu ran the back of his hand against his reddened eyes and sniffled.  “I didn’t know where you lived, but they told me your name and when I searched online, I found your company’s address.”

“Your parents must be very worried.  Take off your jacket and go wash your face.  I’ll call them while you’re in the bathroom, and then we’ll talk.  Over breakfast.”


Yan Xu left to do as instructed, and Yan Mo did as he promised.  After he reassured his father that Yan Xu was with him, and that he’d keep him safe until his father could come for him, Yan Mo placed one more phone call.  He was just finishing up when Yan Xu returned along with the waitress and their food.


“Eat.  It’ll help warm you up.”  Yan Mo passed him an extra plate for the soup dumplings.  After a few bites, he set down his chopsticks and clasping his hands under his chin, asked, “What would you like to know?”


Yan Xu paused with his spoon still stuck mid-scoop in his bowl and asked after a while, “Why?”


Why, indeed?  Such a simple question, made up of only three little words*, and yet, it could cover a whole lot of sentiments and questions.

Yan Mo remembered when he’d asked the same question of himself.  At the time, he’d wondered: Why did my parents hide this from me?  Why did my parents never tell me?  Why is there this whole other family that I know nothing about?  And why am I supposed to be suddenly okay with this?


He imagined Yan Xu was probably feeling the same.


“I suppose, only our parents can actually answer that question, but I choose to believe it was an act of love.”


“Love,” his younger brother scoffed.


“That’s right.”


Yan Mo thought back to that time of his life when he’d been in his final year of high school, and learned that his parents had actually divorced many years earlier and that his father had remarried and had another son.  While still reeling from that shock, his father had delivered another request.  To keep himself hidden from his new family because his other son was still young and didn’t know.  As a result, Yan Mo had only met his stepmother a handful of times after that, but never his brother.

Yan Mo wasn’t certain what was right or what was wrong, he only knew, these were the choices his parents had made.  Although they’d lied, they’d also done so with the instinctive reaction to protect.  He’d long since made his peace with his parents’ choices, and he knew given time, Yan Xu would as well.


“Eat,” he told his brother.  “Everything will be alright.”


Yan Mo and Yan Xu were midway through their breakfast when Zhao Qiao Yi arrived.  “Is this him?” she asked her husband.


“This is Yan Xu,” he confirmed.  To Yan Xu he said, “This is your sister-in-law.”


“Hi!  Yan Xu!”  Qiao Yi greeted him in her typical cheerful fashion.  She took a seat next to her husband.  “It’s so nice to meet you finally.  The two of you must have had much to talk about this morning.  What a surprise!”


“Hello, Sao Sao.”  Yan Xu’s greeting was shyer and more subdued.


“It’s okay, continue eating.  Don’t let me interrupt.”

“Did you want to get anything?” Yan Mo asked her.


“No, I’m alright.  I ate a little something at home before coming out.”


“After we’re done here, would you take Yan Xu home and help him get settled?”


“Oh, sure, I can do that.  It’s just,” Qiao Yi scratched at her temple.  “I was supposed to be on that conference call this morning.”


“That’s okay.  I’ll get someone else to cover it for you.”


“Okay!  That’s not a problem then.”


After she watched Yan Xu eat for a few minutes, another thought occurred to her.  “Hey, do I still get paid for today?”


Both brothers looked at her.


“What?  It’s a reasonable question.  If you think about it, it’s not me who’s wanting to take a day off from work.  It’s my boss who’s asking me to take the day off.  Surely that counts as a work-related request, don’t you think?”

“Nice.  I think of myself as your husband, but you think of me as your boss . . . “


“I’ve told you before, when it comes to matters related to money, like my paycheck, we must be precise in our accountings!”


Yan Mo shook his head, and merely said to Yan Xu, “If you’re done, you can go back with your Sao Sao and get some rest.  You must be tired.”  To Qiao Yi, he flicked a finger down her nose and instructed, “Treat him well.”




In the end, Yan Xu ended up spending a week with them in Beijing.  After Qiao Yi took Yan Xu home that first morning, Yan Mo had called his father again and suggested that maybe it would be good for the brothers to spend some time together, getting to know one another.  His father had agreed.


In that week, Yan Mo introduced his brother to Fei Da Chuan.  While technically not related, since he and Da Chuan were related through the maternal line, they were all still family.  Da Chuan immediately took Yan Xu under his wing and gave him a tour of Panda Company and all of its operations.  It was through this experience they learned; Yan Xu was also a budding amateur computer programmer.

On the last night of Yan Xu’s visit, Qiao Yi sat at the dinner table with Da Chuan next to her.  They were both sporting aprons and bandanas in their hair, and the table in front of them was covered in dishes made up of their best combined efforts.


“Do you think we’re going to get to eat any time soon?” Da Chuan asked.


“What do you think?”


With their chins over their fists, they watched Yan Mo and Yan Xu in the living room, deep in conversation and working animatedly on their laptops.  It was as if they had forgotten there was anyone else in the apartment with them, let alone right across the room.


Da Chuan watched them for about a minute longer before tearing off the bandana from his head and throwing it onto the table.  “I give up!” he told Qiao Yi.  Hungry and never able to resist the temptation of delicious foods, Da Chuan dug into what was supposed to have been Yan Xu’s farewell dinner.



The next morning, Yan Mo came home after spending a few hours at the office to await his father’s arrival and see his brother off.


When he arrived home, Qiao Yi was just stepping out of the bathroom having obviously come out of the shower.  “Did you just wake up?”


“No!  I’ve been up for a while.  I just didn’t take a shower earlier.”


“Really?  Are you sure you weren’t still sleeping when I called a little while ago to tell you I was on my way home?”


When Qiao Yi answered by biting her fingernail, he looked in the direction of his brother who was sitting in the living room watching them like one would watch a ping pong match.  That’s when Qiao Yi folded.


“Alright, fine!  I admit.  I overslept again this morning.”


Yan Mo smirked.  “That’s more like it.”


“It’s your fault, really.  That’s what happens when you leave for work so early in the morning and aren’t here to make sure I don’t turn off the alarm clock and fall back asleep.”


“Listen to you.  Such excuses!  Is that any way to talk in front of a child?” Yan Mo asked.

“Yan Xu,” Qiao Yi appealed to her younger brother-in-law for help.  “Isn’t Yan Mo the weird one?  Do you have problems waking up in the morning?”


Yan Xu, who’d grown accustomed to the amusing and bickering ways of his older brother and sister-in-law, looked at her almost apologetically and said, “I’ve never needed to use an alarm clock in my entire life.  I just wake up naturally, right on time.”


“What is this?!” Qiao Yi threw down her arms and wailed in complaint.  “How can both of you be like this???”


Yan Mo looked at Yan Xu and smiled.  “Because we’re brothers.”


The End


* "Why" in Chinese is made up of three characters: 为什么 (為什麼).



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@themarchioness your 1st drabble is awesome! The way you wrote it is like you're the scriptwriter herself! Hope to see more of them.:wub:


Like you I've loved this drama from the start till the end. I've already mentioned that it has 1 of the best endings in a drama whether it is a Cdrama or a Kdrama. And I'll be rewatching it many times again.:blush:


By the way, from a special clip posted on youtube which I cant find anymore, it seems QY is working. In that clip they moved temporarily to a hotel room as QY needs to do some writing and was affected by the renovation at their upstairs neighbour. YM returned with food and QY commented that they looked like having an affair. :D YM implied that as his wife was working at 5  p.m he became horny and started to kiss her. :lol:

I'm wondering if QY is working irregular hours at a TV station again.:glasses:



@selen4everhappy to see here on this thread too!:D


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@gladys57@themarchioness Thank you for the warm welcome. Happy to be here, even if I am a bit late. 


And @themarchioness your fanfics are a joy to read and are like little bonus epilogues. You are really talented. Thank you for sharing them with us. 


Not to mention all the interesting translation notes and special clips. You are the MVP of this thread. :D

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@gladys57, thank you!  I hope you like the second one equally as well.  As for that scene you described, that was actually the prologue scene to one of the early episodes.  I don't remember which one, but if you check a few you should be able to find it.  If Huace had a video of just that moment, it was probably a preview clip so you just have to look for it with that labeling.  It's not one of the special clips.  


@selen4ever, thank you as well!  You're not too late.  You're right on time.  We need people to help keep this thread going.  Even though the drama's complete, I'm not ready to move on yet - clearly  :P - so I'm grateful for the company.  Plus, it's fun hearing about the drama through the eyes of shiny new viewers!  And LOL, I don't know about MVP but I'm just grateful y'all indulge me and allow me space for my blatherings.  Sometimes I fear it's too much.

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@themarchioness not sure which episode, but who was the little chubby boy that called YM uncle ..he looked around 5 ..and he did not want to go to England because the men there are bald ?  The scene seems to be from present timeline ? 

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57 minutes ago, jadore1 said:

@themarchioness not sure which episode, but who was the little chubby boy that called YM uncle ..he looked around 5 ..and he did not want to go to England because the men there are bold ?  The scene seems to be from present timeline ? 


It is from the present timeline, and it's basically a scene out of the book (which may explain why it seems a little random in the drama).  Excerpt from the book is below the cut:




Mr. F has a genius nephew who is way too mature for his age. Every single time I see him, a picture of a young Mr. F immediately pops up in my mind, inciting in me an irresistible urge to play a prank on him. “I heard that you placed the Mission of Oxford University at the top of your bed?”


The little genius replied, “I have now changed it to Harvard’s.”


“Not planning to go to England anymore?”


The little genius replied me extremely sternly, “The water quality in England isn’t very good; long periods of stay will result in a greater propensity of balding.”


I silently glanced at Mr. F.


The little genius took this opportunity to confess to his favourite uncle whom he idolizes, “But I still really like Uncle F’s school.”


Mr. F patted the head of the little genius, commenting that he had great taste.


“My mum said that it is extremely difficult to enter Uncle F’s field of study.”


I teased him, “It’s not really that difficult, what’s more important is your looks.”


The little genius was incredulous, “You’re lying!”


I replied seriously, “There’d be an interview, and the Professors basically select those whom they think is good looking.”


“Is this really true?!”


“Of course this is true.”


The little genius’s view of the world was experiencing a great upheaval, and he turned to Mr. F with tears in his eyes, “Is it really all dependent on looks?”


Mr. F paused momentarily before saying, “Not entirely.”


He continued, without a change in expression, “Sometimes it also depends on who wins rock-paper-scissors.”




Mr. F has truly been led astray by me in recent times – Ah, he used to be such an upright (boring) person.



Credit: https://dramasbooksandtea.wordpress.com/2015/11/27/i-dont-like-this-world-i-only-like-you-chapter-6-1-ones-lifetime-is-extremely-long-thus-one-ought-to-spend-it-with-interesting-people/



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Does anyone know how is joey and mr. F doing right now? I hope they still live blissfully together

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I am

still having withdrawal syndrome from this Gem of a drama.:dissapointed_relieved:


I need to mention YM. She isn't the typical 3rd wheel who'd scheme and would do anything to break YM & QY up. 

Yes! Initially she did look down on QY. But over time and with YM not giving her any hope, she relented and became their friends.

Actually I can consider her as an integral portrayal of reliable friendship in the sub plot. I'm sure, YM being an introvert by nature and new to England depended a lot on her. And in business she is their largest investor.B)


I also pity her as she is motherless since young. That scene when she overheard QY arguing with her mum on the phone was indeed poignant. Later she asked her dad how to make pickled vegetables. She confided in Da Chuan how she really missed her mum. To me she's actually quite a down to earth person.:P


In the end, I love the scene of the 3 girls drinking and bonding together! :wub:



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I agree with you @gladys57! Chen You Mei grew on me, as well, and I found her character much more approachable by the end.  I also loved that she became friends with QY and HWY in the end.  Another moment I really appreciated was when she was hanging out with her two other "friends," who were of a similar background.  Unlike them, she wasn't catty and you can tell she actually takes pride in her work and doesn't just want to rely on her family's wealth.  I have a lot of admiration for that kind of character.  


My friend has asked me to write a fic about CYM and FDC, and as my friend never asks for anything, I'm inclined to indulge.  Just have to think of what to write about since it isn't an idea that came naturally to me... ;) 

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I have been rewatching LCDF :tounge_wink: , my drama evaluation and  merit are definitely tied in to the amount of times i clicked back to re watch a drama ...so i am up to 3....first was without subs, 2nd with subs as they came out ...and now i am in full possession of all the subbed episodes and i can savour and indulge :wub:

.....and reading the book ...thanks to @themarchioness for reminding me that the book is on the first page link .  


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Back with my third fic/drabble . . . This was a story I really wanted to tell because, if you're anything like me, the minute the drama ended, the brain went, "Babies!"  This doesn't get us quite there, but close.  You'll see what I mean after you read.  Hope you guys enjoy!  Story under the cut.

Forever Child

(A drabble)





Forever Child


When her niece and nephew turned two years old, Zhao Qiao Yi traveled to Nanchuan along with her husband, Yan Mo, in order to celebrate their birthdays along with the rest of the family.  It was there that she spent one afternoon taking the twins on a stroll through the park along with their mother and her best friend, Hao Wu Yi.


When they happened upon a stretch of grass with no one else nearby, Wu Yi spread out a blanket and set her children loose on top.  She and Qiao Yi then settled themselves on a nearby bench to keep a watchful eye over them as they chatted and caught up with each other’s news. 


Even though they both lived in Beijing, now that Wu Yi was juggling a writing career on top of the raising of two children and Qiao Yi was kept busy by the continued growth of Yan Mo’s company, the two friends had little time to meet and kept tabs on each other mostly through the phone.


“I can’t believe how much they’ve grown since I last saw them!”  Qiao Yi remarked.


“You haven’t seen them in over a month!” Wu Yi pointed out.


“I’m sorry.  But you know how things have been at work.  We launched a new app recently, and everyone’s been hard at work on it.  Especially Yan Mo.  I live with him and feel like I’ve hardly seen him for the past two months.  I’m pretty sure Dao doesn’t recognize him anymore,” Qiao Yi said, referring to their dog.  “This weekend is the first break he’s had in a while.”


“Is it really a break if he stays holed up in your bedroom on his laptop?”


Qiao Yi smiled wryly.  It was true.  She might have managed to wrangle Yan Mo out of Beijing for the twins’ birthdays, but she hadn’t been able to wrangle the laptop out of him.


Just then, Wei Miao ran over to interrupt by handing them each a clump of “flowers.”  Even though the bouquets consisted primarily of bits of grass and weed, Wu Yi and Qiao Yi still showered her with smooches, gratitude, and praise, before she ran back to join her brother, Wei Xiao, for a nap under the sun.


As they watched Wei Miao toddle back to the blanket, Qiao Yi commented on how adorable the children were, which prompted Wu Yi to ask, “Don’t you want one of your own?”


“Of course I do!”


“Then when are you and Yan Mo going to . . .”


“Wu Yi,” Qiao Yi cut off her friend.  “Do you realize how much you sound like my mother right now?”


“Speaking in seriousness, I don’t understand it.  It’s not like you don’t like kids.  I’ve seen you with mine.  You love them.  Even Yan Mo.  Even though he’s got that cold act thing going on . . .”


“I wish you wouldn’t call him cold, you know he’s not.”


“You know what I’m talking about.  And I know he’s not, but that’s my point.  It’s not that he doesn’t like kids either.  He’s really good with the twins, in fact, and I think he’d make a great father.”


At that, a mental picture came to Qiao Yi’s mind and she smiled fondly.  “Yes, he would.”


“So what’s the problem?”


Qiao Yi sighed heavily.  “I just told you how I’ve barely seen my husband in two months.  How can we have children when we’re always so busy with work?  At first, we held off because we wanted Panda Company to be more stable.  Even though things are a lot better now and things are stable, it’s still a lot of work.  There just hasn’t been a good time.”


“Qiao Yi, you can’t think like that.  If you do, there will never be a good time.  If it’s not one thing, it’ll be another.  First an app, then a new product, followed by an upgrade.  The way your company works, there’s always something going on,” Wu Yi reminded her.


“I know that.  But, it’s just . . .”


“There are no ‘buts.’  Children aren’t something you have after you’ve planned your life ever so carefully.  Children are something you have and then you plan your life around them.  At least, that’s how it was for me.”


Qiao Yi smiled, remembering the detoured path of her brother and best friend’s courtship.  “Maybe you’re right.” 




When the weekend ended, Qiao Yi and Yan Mo returned to their home in Beijing. 


Sometime after that there was another late night where Yan Mo was hard at work on his laptop and Qiao Yi was sitting next to him, watching the television, while playing with Dao’s paws.  A commercial came on for diapers and a roly poly baby danced across the screen. 


“Yan Mo, what do you think?  Don’t you think our Wei Miao and Wei Xiao are cuter than that baby?”


“Mm, they are cuter,” he answered, without even looking up.


“What would you think if it was our baby?  Do you think it’d be cuter?”


At that, Yan Mo looked up and wondered what his wife was talking about.  Seeing the dog next to her, he assumed that was the baby she was referring to and answered, “Sure, although he is a little hairier.”


“Yan Mo!  I’m not talking about Dao!”  Although she quickly leaned over to reassure him, “You’re very cute too,” lest his feelings be offended. 


“Then what are you talking about?  We don’t have a baby.”


“I was talking about if we had a baby.”


“Oh.  Sure.  It would be cuter.”


Qiao Yi crossed her arms in annoyance over the sofa pillow in her lap.  “What do you know?  You don’t even want to have kids.”


Yan Mo had just started working again when his hands paused over the laptop keyboard.  He scratched at the back of his neck and thought carefully.  He had a feeling that somewhere in the last five seconds, the conversation with his wife had just completely changed directions.


“What are you talking about? 


“I said, I know you don’t want to have kids.”


“When have I ever said that?”


“You haven’t said you wanted kids.”


“That doesn’t mean I’ve said I don’t want kids.”


“Then what does it mean?”


“I thought we were both in agreement to wait before having kids.  Until we were ready.”


Qiao Yi picked at the pillow cushion.  “We were.  I was.”


“There you go, then.  I was waiting for you to signal to me that you were ready.  I didn’t want to rush you.  You seemed to be enjoying married life and working without the responsibilities of children.”


“I think . . . I’m ready now,” Qiao Yi answered in a smaller voice.


Yan Mo considered this statement for a second and then responded by very seriously taking off his glasses and setting aside his laptop.  When he swept Qiao Yi up into his arms and rushed towards the bedroom, she hooked her arms around his neck and laughingly asked what he was doing. 


“You said you were ready.  I’m ready too.”  Calling back to the dog, he instructed, “Dao, close your eyes and don’t interrupt!” 


Out in the living room, Dao let out a small whine before settling his furry head in between his furry paws and resigned himself to the couch.




For their third wedding anniversary, Yan Mo surprised Qiao Yi with a trip to England.  More than the trip itself, Qiao Yi was especially surprised by the fact that Yan Mo was willingly taking almost two weeks’ worth of time away from the company.  When he responded to that observation with a sheepish expression, she knew there had to be more to the story.  That’s when he admitted.  There was an industry conference taking place in London that same week and his mother had been needling him to bring Qiao Yi for a visit. 


Rather than getting upset, Qiao Yi made him promise to one condition.  Apart from the three days he was needed at the conference, the rest of his time would be reserved for her and family.  Yan Mo agreed.


In the end, Yan Mo’s absence while he attended the conference was hardly felt.  For the three days he was otherwise occupied, Qiao Yi’s mother-in-law took her all across London.  Not only did they take high tea at Claridge’s, they also visited the National Gallery, gushed over the jewels housed at the Tower of London, and shopped at Harrod’s.  One evening, Yan Mo’s mother even took her to the Royal Opera House where her former ballet company had traveled to perform.  In addition to watching the members perform, Qiao Yi also got to visit and meet with them afterwards. 


When Yan Mo came home from his third day at the conference, Qiao Yi gleefully told him that she’d hardly missed him at all.


“I don’t think they even noticed you were gone,” his stepfather agreed.  “Your mother and wife have been thick as thieves these past few days.” 


Qiao Yi and his mother responded by linking their arms together and giggling conspiratorially.  They behaved more like sisters than a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. 


“I love having Qiao Yi here,” his mother said.  “She’s especially fun to go shopping with.”


“Don’t I take you shopping?” her husband protested.


“Yes, but it’s not the same as having another woman’s opinion.”


For the remainder of their visit, Eric and Yan Mo’s mother took them on a driving tour around England.  They spent a night in Bath, before traveling to Derbyshire where they toured several magnificent homes, including Chatsworth.  When Qiao Yi wondered what it would be like to live in such a stately home, Yan Mo commented that she’d have a lot of windows to clean.  When Qiao Yi asked him if that wasn’t what maids and other servants were for, he responded by asking if she would enjoy living on constant display.  At that, Qiao Yi sighed and went to find his mother, who not only indulged Qiao Yi in her fantasies but also participated.


“Imagine the beautiful dresses you’d be able to wear while throwing large parties in the grand ballroom!” her mother-in-law exclaimed.


Yan Mo and his stepfather sipped their bottles of water and looked away, feeling tortured by the mere thought.


After Derbyshire, they returned to London through Oxford where Yan Mo remained steadfast to his alma mater by proclaiming the latter “acceptable.” 


On the morning of their second to last day in London, Eric asked them over breakfast if they had any places they still wished to visit.  Qiao Yi looked at Yan Mo who gave her a subtle nod, and admitted that there was.  “I’d like to go to Hamleys, if that’s okay.”


“The children’s toy store?” her mother-in-law asked.


“Mm.”  Qiao Yi looked at her husband again before explaining carefully.  “We’ve actually been keeping a secret this entire visit.  It wasn’t done on purpose.  We didn’t have plans to tell anybody until things were farther along, but since we’re here.  We wanted to be able to tell you in person.  I’m pregnant!”


Both Yan Mo’s mother and stepfather broke out into instant smiles and excitement.  Of course the minute Qiao Yi had started speaking, they had suspected, but they were delighted to be proven correct.  There were insufficient words to express their joy.  Even Yan Mo broke out into a smile when his stepfather kept patting him on the back and saying, “Well done!” 


The remainder of the day was spent celebrating the unborn baby.  Yan Mo’s mother insisted on taking Qiao Yi back to the store so she could help her find fashionable maternity clothes to wear.  Qiao Yi was incredibly embarrassed, as she wasn’t even close to showing, but his mother insisted.  It was the same thing at Hamleys.  Whereas Qiao Yi had thought to purchase one or two things for the baby and her niece and nephew, her mother-in-law and Eric had different ideas.  Yan Mo had to remind his mother that there were limits to what they could pack and take home, but she responded, “I can mail them!”




Later that night, after the kids retired to their bedroom thoroughly exhausted from having been dragged around town, Eric found his wife in her favorite part of the house.  It was a little orangery tucked into the back of the house.  Completely encased by windows, the flowers and fruit trees in this room grew healthy and strong under the constant sunlight and after they married, Eric had installed an iron wrought bench so his wife could sit there and drink her tea. 


It was night time now, of course, so instead of sunlight there were twinkling stars. 


“What are you thinking about?” he asked, taking a seat next to her.


She smiled and reached for his hand, placing it in her lap.  “Qiao Yi and Yan Mo having a baby.”


“It’s a happy thought,” he agreed.


“It reminds me of when I was pregnant with Yan Mo.  I was so happy back then, so excited.”


He’d heard this story before, of how others had questioned her and whether she didn’t regret the damage having a baby would do to her dancing career, but his wife hadn’t cared.  She’d wanted the baby and she’d loved her son, and she’d proven everyone else wrong by showing that she could return to the dancing world even after having a child, and that she would eventually go out on top.


Still, he knew she had her regrets.


“I want to be with them when they have the baby.”


He’d known that’s what she would say. 


“I feel like I missed so much with Yan Mo.  I don’t want to miss knowing my grandchild as well.”


Eric pulled his wife close and laid her head against his chest.  He knew his wife’s heart and he remembered the promise he’d once made to her son.


“It’s okay.  When the baby’s born, you can go back for a visit.  In the next year or two, I’ll apply for a sabbatical.  I’m about due for one anyway.  We can spend at least a year in China while I do research, and during that time you can be with them.”


His wife sat up and swirled around.  “Really?”


“Really.  I’ve thought it all through already.  I knew it’s what you would want.”


She threw her arms around him.  “My husband, you really are the best!”




The next day, the foursome sat at the airport waiting.  It was almost time for Qiao Yi and Yan Mo to enter the gates and go through security, but Yan Mo’s mother was finding it difficult to let them leave.  She held on to Qiao Yi’s hand and wouldn’t let go. 


“Son, I don’t want you to leave.”


“Ma, you know I have to.  Don’t be like this.”


“Qiao Yi, listen to him.  Isn’t he the cruelest?”


“It’s okay, Ma,” Qiao Yi answered. “I’ll punish him severely for you once we’re on the other side of the gate.”


“You promise you’ll call often?  I don’t want to miss anything about the baby.”


“We’ll call, at least once a week, and send pictures and messages in between.”


“That’s not my promise,” Yan Mo warned.  “I didn’t say anything.  That’s your promise to keep.”


“He’s so mean,” Qiao Yi told his mother.  “But don’t worry.  I won’t let you miss anything.”  She knew as well how her mother-in-law felt about Yan Mo and his childhood, and was determined to make sure with this next generation, there would never be regrets or hurt feelings.


“I’ve already discussed things with Eric.  When the baby’s born, I’ll come back and stay with you for several weeks to help out.  I’m sure you’d prefer to have your own mother by your side, but I know it won’t be easy for her to travel to Beijing with your father so, if it’s okay with you, I’ll come in her stead.”


“Really?”  Qiao Yi gasped with surprise and pleasure.  “Of course you would be welcome!”


Yan Mo, on the other hand, had an unexpectedly different reaction.  “Ma, there’s no need for that!”


“Why not?” his wife asked him.


“Because if she visits, it won’t just be two children I’ll have to take care of, but three.”


Both his wife and mother exploded.  Yan Mo!”


The End


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@themarchioness *sniff sniff* :tears: Thank you for the fics.... it really capture the dynamic and tone of the drama... :heart:

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QY tried to pull a fast one on YM but was caught by him in that hilarious scene whereby she was trying to use  her new telephone number to solicit a "naughty business" with him. :glasses:


I almost choked on my food when YM instantly recognised her voice and reprimanded her for being too free! What an anti-climax for QY! Heeee!:blush:






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Missing Teddy Bear FDC!:dissapointed_relieved:

He can be a girl's best friend too as he's the type of reliable guy whom a girl can easily develop a platonic friendship with.:wub:

I'm certainly glad that FDC was added into the drama as he certainly add more depth to the plot with his friendship with QY and kinship with YM. He was the LINK between our OTP. :D


Of course A LOVE SICK FDC brought comedic relief to the drama too. FDC is actually charismatic in his own way too!:love: 

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46 minutes ago, gladys57 said:

Missing Teddy Bear FDC!:dissapointed_relieved:

He can be a girl's best friend too as he's the type of reliable guy whom a girl can easily develop a platonic friendship with.:wub:

I'm certainly glad that FDC was added into the drama as he certainly add more depth to the plot with his friendship with QY and kinship with YM. He was the LINK between our OTP. :D


Of course A LOVE SICK FDC brought comedic relief to the drama too. FDC is actually charismatic in his own way too!:love: 


Haha, yes, I liked how he so often served as a bridge for the OTP, particularly when he helped YM gain insight into a certain situation. I loved though how YM was willing to cut QY slack, the same could not be the same for his uncle.  :lol:  One of the best examples of that is when they were in high school and Da Chuan took QY to the PC room to relieve stress.  After YM yelled at her for not studying, etc., Da Chuan corrected him and pointed out that she had been trying to extra classes on the side. I liked how YM admitted fault and agreed he should apologize, But he still thought his uncle was in the wrong. Hee!


For the platonic relationship, my favorite example is when YM brings QY home with the dog and Da Chuan walks out of the shower without a shirt.  LOL.  YM's all, "Can you go put on a shirt?" and Da Chuan's basically, "What's the big deal?  We're all just friends here."  Hahaha.  He is the best teddy bear!  I'm glad the drama created his character, as well.

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I'm pleased to note that YM's relationship with his dad was still good despite his discovering about his parents' divorce.:P

They obviously kept in touch as YM rushed home to China from UK when his dad had an operation.

Then his dad had a meal with him and talked about his business problems. It is indeed  thoughtful of dad to have met him during such a difficult time. Unknowingly dad had slipped a credit card into the pocket of his jacket. Awww! So sweet of him!:lol:


I love the touching scene when YM discovered the card in the pocket.:wub:


Best of all, DAD did turn up at his wedding!:heart:

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Nice write up today .... one of my  Gems in The C Drama Crown for 2019   ... Le Coup de Foudre” is neither all fluffy and cheesily romantic nor overly sentimental and melodramatic; it’s a perfect mixture of everything and evokes the full spectrum of emotions. It’s definitely one of the big C-drama highlights of 2019!   :blush:

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