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[Drama 2018] Rich Family's Son / Wealthy Son, 부잣집 아들


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I din't like the ending...it was solve in the last 5 min. The main leads were like they din't have chemistry , i really hated the lazy writing . I really, really didn't like the end, people didn't look happy, WJ had doubts till the end, Tae Ill always interfering. Tae Ill was the bad guy and suddenly became a good one in the last two episodes. 

Actually i hopped a different ends for this  Drama and for me a lot of things were settle in a hurry , the PD spent a lot of episodes about Tae ill, even he had more scream time that the main couple, there were a lot of unnecessary escenes  of the family . It felt like i:grimace: wasted my time watching this Drama and it deserved a better ending.

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