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[Drama 2018] Rich Family's Son / Wealthy Son, 부잣집 아들

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MBC Drama

Rich Family's Son


Title: 부잣집아들 / Rich Family’s Son
Also Known as: Wealthy Son
Genre: Family, Romance
Episodes: 100
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 2018-March-25 to 2018-Oct-07
Air time: Sunday 20:45 (2 episodes back-to-back)

Official site: http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/richboy/index.html


Lee Gwang-Jae is the son of a rich family and he is immature. His father dies and leaves behind large debts. For his father's honor, Lee Gwang-Jae struggles to pay off his debt. Kim Young-Ha with her bright and positive personality supports Lee Gwang-Jae.


Kim Ji-Hoon (Lee Gwang Jae) is the son of a rich family and he is immature. After his father dies, he is burdened with the responsibility of his father debt.

Resultado de imagen para Kim Ji-Hoon 부잣집 아들
Kim Joo Hyun (Kim Young Ha) with her bright and positive personality will support Lee Gwang Jae through his difficult circumstances

Resultado de imagen para Kim Joo Hyun
Lee Gyu Han (Nam Tae Il) works at a franchise company and harbors a crush on Kim Young-ha

Resultado de imagen para Lee Kyu Han
Hong Soo Hyun (Kyung Ha) in the fashion industry and has feeling for Lee Gwang-jae

Resultado de imagen para Kyung ha 부잣집 아들

Supporting cast:
Kim Young-Ok - Park Soon-Ok
Jung Bo-Suk - Kim Won-Yong
Yun Yoo-Sun - Park Hyun-Sook
Kang Nam-Kil - Lee Gye-Dong
Lee Seung-Yeon - Nam Soo-Hee
Woo Hyeon - Choi Hyo-Dong
Park Sun-Cheon - Bok-Soon
Yun Cheol-Hyeong - CEO Nam
Jeon Su-Kyeong - Young-Ae
Park Jae-Jung - Kim Jong-Yong
Lee Chang-Yeop - Yong-Yi
Elkie - Mongmong
Yang Hye-Ji - Seo-Hee


Source: asianwiki








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@0ly40  Thank you for opening the thread  

I’m glad VIKI is going to sub.  
So this new drama is by a writer who is well established in Korea with many dramas (some with very high ratings) under her pen.  Now another weekend drama my golden life is coming to end. I might have to check this one out though I haven’t seen her other works yet.   


“The writer Kim Jung Soo came back” … ‘Rich Family's Son’ predicting for the premium family drama




Kim Ji Hoon, comeback as immature gold-spoon

Kim Joo Hyun,  transformation of modern version lovely Pyeongang princess



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Dude you made   light of her failed business which inst cool dude what  is wrong with you thats why she broke up with you.


Her family really terrible  too.


Man next episodes going to be heartbreaking I think he has a real good relationship with his dad. :(


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주현미 - 그대를 불러봅니다 Rich Family's Son (부잣집 아들) OST Part 1


Kim Ji-Hoon is looking so hot!!!!


ê¹ì§í ì¸ì¤íê·¸ë¨

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** The video of Kim Ji Hoon’s interview with Showbiz Korea has Eng subs.  
KJH says if the drama makes the rating to 30%, he will do a dance from the recently released DNA by BTS. B)

Interview with actor Kim Ji Hoon who appears in the warm-healing drama ‘Rich Family’s Son’

((It’s posted on kakaoTV)) : https://tv.kakao.com/channel/48094/cliplink/384053036





Kim Ji Hoon “’Rich Family’s Son’  rating 30%↑  BTS band dance"






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((Three sponsors for the drama))

Ideebon cosmetics Ultra V, sponsored MBC drama ‘RFS’: http://news.joins.com/article
The dining franchise  Ebadom made an announcement to support ‘RFS’ and provides one of its restaurants to be used for the drama:  


Hubul Motors, the official Peugeot, announced on Monday that it will support five brand models including the New Peugeot 3008 SUV and the New Peugeot 5008 SUV on the MBC weekend drama :



haha KJH was really scared by the wine spill.  He looks a bit embarrassed afterward.  





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