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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2019] Heavenly Sword Dragon Slaying Saber 倚天屠龙记

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On 5/2/2019 at 4:21 AM, LaurenPanna said:

Grassland Reunion Part 8 – I am only Devoted to you.

Original Link: https://media.weibo.cn/article?id=2309404365054526001019

Translation in Spoiler.

  Reveal hidden contents

She exudes a feminine charm that is alluring and mesmerizing. She look so adorable when she shy away from him. He can’t resist the temptation to Kiss her. How he wish he could hide her away so that no other Men Than Himself can have the privilege to admire her Beauty.  



Zhao Min can feel his stares even when she back faced him. “He really Live up to the name of Little Lecher (小淫贼)”

She thought to herself.



She shoot a glare back at him, and said, “Hey, Can you stop staring at me like that?”



Wuji smiled, “Minmin, You are so beautiful.”



Minmin was taken aback by his sudden confession, “Since when were you so frivolous? I wonder how many girls have you flirted with?” 





Wuji explained anxiously, “You always said that I am a silly person, How would I flirt with other girls?”





“Oh is it? How about Zhuo Zhi Ruo, Xiao Zhao, and your Cousin Zhu Er? Didn’t you flirt with them before? They were all so devoted to you.”



“Minmin, you are teasing me again. You should know that I am only devoted to you.” Said Wuji anxiously.



He pulled Minmin into his embrace, and locked her tightly.



He fondled her hair gently. Her fragrance took over all his senses. His devotion for her never changed. He loves her deeply, even more than before. That sense of belonging that he gets being with her is irreplaceable. No one can replace her in his heart. No matter how long they were separated before, Once he embraces her, he feels that his life is complete. He want to spend the rest of his life with her, the only woman he truly love in his whole life.



In the hug of his gentle arms, she heard his strong heartbeat. She knows that she can’t get away from his clutches anymore.



“No! He had been so mean yesterday. I should not forgive him so easily. If he see that I am easily pacified, then he would lie to me again. I must torture him for a few more days.” Minmin thought to herself



With a cold and aloof attitude, she said, “Zhang Wuji. Do you think that I would forgive you so easily after what you did yesterday? I am going to ignore you for few more days!”



Wuji kissed her forehead gently, and excitedly, he said, “No problem, Minmin, you just go wherever you want, anyway, I am still going to follow you closely everyday.”



Minmin rolled her eyes, and sighed.



“Is he really Silly by nature or just pretending to be foolish? Does he even know how to woo girls? Sometimes he can sweet talk, while other times, he just doesn’t understand what a girl wants.”



“Forget it. Blame it on myself for loving someone like him.”



She thought.






Time passes by very quickly. Minmin is still ignoring Wuji. Wuji knows that he is in the wrong, so he didn’t mind her tantrums. He feels fortunate to be with Minmin again. It is normal for her to feel angry now. As long as he continues to make effort, Minmin will accept him one day.



Herd of Lambs strolling on the vast grassland against the breathtaking sunset.

A beautiful lady and her lover walked with them.

The young lady holding a whip, chasing after the lambs while the young man walking behind her seem to be tearing.



“Wuji, We seem to be missing one lamb.” Said Minmin suddenly.



“Don’t panic, let me count again. 1… 2… 3.. 4… “



“Oh dear, we really lost one of them. What should we do?”



Minmin said, “Don’t worry, this happened before in the past. You wait for me here and help me look after the rest, I will go look for it.”



She held a fire torch and prepared to leave. Wuji stopped her and said, “Minmin, I can’t let you go all alone by yourself. Let me go look for it. You stay here and wait for me.”



“No, Wuji, the grassland is like a maze when the sky turns dark. You are not familiar with this place. I will go. You stay. Otherwise if you lost your way. I have to end up searching for you instead.”



“Minmin is right.” Wuji thought.

“Okay Minmin, You must be careful then. I will wait for you here.” He gave her a Hug after finishing his sentence.



“Why is he behaving like we are going to be separated forever? Or maybe he just want to find an excuse to hug me.” She thought to herself. She totally lost count on the number of times he hugged her today.



“Okay Okay, if you do not let go of me now, the sky will become even darker later. You will be even more worried for me then when that happens.”

She touched his face and consoled him. 



Wuji nodded his head with a worried look.



Two hours has passed. Minmin is still not back. Wuji is still waiting for her at the original place. He paced up and down, feeling really anxious. If everything is smooth sailing, she should be back by now. Minmin, please don’t let anything happen to you.



Another hour has passed, She is still not back! No, he can’t just sit here and do nothing. What if Minmim bumped into some wild beasts or some other danger. They just patched back their relationship. He can’t let anything happen to her.



He brought the lambs back, Informed Granny about this and went back in search for Minmin. Brother and Grandpa wanted to tag along but Wuji stopped them. It is not convenient to have too many people on the move. What if anyone of them lost their way again, then they will be in deep trouble.



He shouted for Minmin on the vast grassland. No one responded.



As time passes by, Wuji became more anxious the more he imagined the worst. There are so much danger out there on the vast grassland. Minmin is not highly skilled in martial arts. What if she is Injured?



He lost track of the time. He almost lost his voice too from all the shouting and calling out for Minmin. And his legs are very tired now. He is like a walking corpse, shouting for Minmin.



Feeling pained and guilty, he blamed himself for not insisting to go on behalf of her. Even if he lost his way, with his martial arts, he can protect himself. But Minmin…..



Minmin ! Where are you !!!!



They were separated for years and went through so much to be together again.

He has yet to make it up to her. Nothing must happen to her!



He walked around the grassland aimlessly with a fire torch. He kept shouting for her name. Her beautiful smile completely filled his thoughts. He wanted her to come back to him badly!



“Zhang Wu Ji?” A gentle voice pull his thoughts back to reality.



“Minmin! Is that you? Where are you?” He anxiously responded.



“I am over here. You will see me if you turn around.”



Minmin is leaning against a tree. Zhang Wuji runs towards her.

He finally found her!



“Minmin, are you hurt?” He asked her anxiously and checked on her to see if there is any injuries.



“Of course I am not. Why are you so anxious? Hey! You used to be that prestigious Ming Sect Leader Zhang Jiao Zhu. Look at your behavior now.“



Wuji felt more assured now that she is still able to crack jokes. “Minmin, how can you crack jokes like that? Do you know how worried I am? I thought I am losing you again!”



He gave her a rough but affectionate hug which caused her to bump her head against his chest.



Oh My goodness, what is wrong with Zhang Wuji?! They were only separated for a while. He doesn’t have to be so worried. She felt so helpless.



She cuddled him and pat his back. “I am alright, don’t worry. This is not the first time I lost a lamb. I just didn’t expect the fire torch to burn out so quickly. It is more difficult to find my way back in darkness, so I decided to rest under a tree until the next morning after Sunrise. Why did you come looking for me?”



Wuji gently touched her face and replied affectionately, “Don’t you remember? I said before. No matter where you are, no matter how difficult it is, I would go to the end of the Earth to be with you.”



Minmin teared, “You are so silly. Why would I abandon you? I will not let anything happen to myself because I know I still have you.” She pat his head, as if she is coaxing a child.



“Minmin, So you have already forgiven me, right?” Wuji stopped frowning and Smiled Widely.



“Yes, I forgive you. You Silly!” She felt like she had fallen into Zhang Wuji’s trap. Forget it, He looked so worried just now. Let’s not torture him anymore.



“Minmin, So what should we do now? I walked aimlessly for so long. I don’t even know where I am now.”



“It won’t be too long till daybreak. Let’s just stay here overnight then.”



Wuji Nodded his head Excitedly, “Okay!!”

He finally can have Minmin to himself……for a night…….



They sat down. Wuji leaned against the tree. Minmin leaned against his chest.

He is so happy to cuddle his love one and admire the starry night together with her.



“Minmin, I was so anxiously looking for you that I did not notice that there are so many stars tonight!”

Minmin lifted her head up and look at the Starry night sky.

Twinkle Twinkle little stars, up above the Sky so high, Like diamonds shining in the sky.

The night is so beautiful. And Wuji is gazing at her affectionately.



“Minmin, your eyes are even more beautiful than the Stars.”



She turned around and realized that her man is gazing at her with love and tenderness. She melted at his tender loving pair of eyes, a pair of eyes to die for.



She felt his breath on her cheek and she lost her senses immediately.  



Slowly and Gradually, his lips brushed hers, softly, delicately, just long enough that he could inhale her breath. His Lips cool and smooth like fresh sheets on a summer night. She can’t resist him at all.



She trembled… and kissed him back passionately like how she wanted to be kissed.

He slowly and softly dart his tongue through her lips. There is an unhurried, sensuous joining of soul, and a complete arousal of the senses between the two of them…….


Thank you for your effort to translate the fanfic!!  Make my day:)



On 5/2/2019 at 4:37 AM, LaurenPanna said:


I can't let my husband know I did this 


I... MUST..  BE.... CRAZY.... 




Hahaha I love it.  Go girl!!

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On 5/2/2019 at 10:40 AM, ildiz said:

Zhang Jiao zhu's double standard collection. :joy:






This is too good lol


On 5/2/2019 at 2:55 PM, chipz03 said:


Ah, coming here can help me with my HSDS withdrawal. Thank you all for all your contributions:bawling:


As far as I know, I have not found Indo Sub for HSDS. Might want to check for a FB called Kaypang Gallery. It's indonesian community of HSDS 2019. They might be able to help


So, I tried to make 4th of my fanfic. Hopefully you like it. I have been considering this next idea a bit, and  the drawing of WJ paying respect to ZM father's tomb (I think I saw it posted here?) had added some additional inspiration.




  Reveal hidden contents

Three months had passed ever since Zhang Wuji found Zhao Min in the grasslands.


And two months had elapsed ever since they decided to rebuild their relationships.


There were times when Zhang Wuji could not believe this reality. All that he had ever dreamed of, all that he had ever hoped for. That tiny flicker of strength that kept him going in the midst of his battles and journey to reach her. Everything that he had ever wanted. All had finally came true.


These past two months, he spent his days besides her. Under the morning sun, they herded her flocks of sheep. Her hands in his, his gaze on hers. They had put their pasts to rest, in the place where those sad memories should be. And at every sundown, they talked about their futures, their dreams. After so long, he finally felt peaceful, he finally felt content.


He could finally feel happy again.


Wuji had made a simple bed for him to retire at night. He had planned to build a makeshift tent where he could lie down at night. But, with Zhao Min’s insistence, they managed to put that bed near hers in her tent. And he did not protest. He did not complaint.


No. He definitely had no complaint.


To be with her in the same tent, to see her sleeping face was heaven for Wuji. Many nights he spent gazing at her sleeping face, earning him constant scolding from his Min-min. He chuckled to think that his feisty lady had finally returned. His beloved Min-min.


The morning sunlight had brightened the day as another dawn left them behind. Zhao Min went out of the tent when she saw her Wuji sat solemnly near the stream at the back of the hut. He looked pensive, lost in thoughts. She loved to see his face when he was deep in thought like that, but her curiosity and concern took over. So, as softly as her feet carried her, she went to him and sat beside him.


“What are you thinking about, so serious? It’s not even midday yet. Missing somebody far away from the grassland?”


She just loved to be able to tease her Wuji again. He turned his head sideway to see her. Her beautiful face. A soft smile rose on his lips as he pulled her to his embrace and gently kissed her forehead. He seemed to hesitate for a moment before he dared himself to ask a favour that he had been wanting to ask. A deed that he knew he needed to do.


“Min-min…I would like to pay respect to your father. I want to pour libation wine for him.”


His request caught Zhao Min off guard. She pulled herself away from his embrace, her eyes searching his. They just stared at each other before she finally broke their gazes. As quietly as she came, she stood up. A movement followed by Wuji who was anxiously waiting for her consent. Her rejection. Her response. Anything.


And she nodded. Without doubt, without hesitation, she nodded. Wuji felt a great sense of relief when he saw her small movement. He smiled so widely, so excitedly that Zhao Min could not help smiling herself. Her silly Wuji.


He quickly prepared several foods and wine for offerings, and they went to a secluded place behind her tent where Zhao Min had built tombstones for her parents. It was her constant regret that she could not bring their bodies to the grassland, their motherland. So she built tombstones to honour them.


Zhang Wuji and Zhao Min both kneeled in front of the tombstones. He sent his prayers to her father and mother, offered his deepest and sincerest apologies to her father for what his former members had done. For what his former members had caused.


He made a promise to them with each of the wine he poured and each kowtow he performed earnestly. An oath that he intended to keep until his last dying breath. He would forever be by Min-min’s side, to take care, honour, and protect her. He had hurt her in the past, a regret that he could not change. But he would try his best to make it up to her. He would make it up to her.


And he dared himself to ask for their permission to marry her. To seek for their blessings to ask their daughter if she was willing to spend her future with him. To spend her lifetime together with him. As his wife.


Zhao Min once again noticed how quiet her Wuji was. Gently she tugged at his hand, catching his attention. He smiled, as he held her hand tightly. Their journey back to her hut was quiet. A comfortable silence as they enjoyed each other’s company. No word was said. No thought was shared. Just being together. Walking together. Her hand in his. Their tranquil happiness.


Three months had passed ever since Zhang Wuji found his Zhao Min in the grassland.


And two months had gone ever since they let go of their past miseries.


As the sun rises tomorrow, Zhang Wuji promised to himself, he would ask his Min-min to be his wife. To accompany him for the rest of their life. To live their future together.


He smiled determinedly. He turned around to enter the hut where his Min-min was busy preparing their dinner when the sight of a man in front of the bamboo gate stopped him. He recognized the man from their encounter long time ago at Wudang. Back when he and Zhao Min were still enemies. Back when he had not had any idea what that fluttering sensations in his heart were whenever he saw her after he tickled her foot.




He instinctively became more alert. A rush of adrenaline went through his veins, a sensation he had not felt in the last two months. His happiest two months. He could feel his Nine Yang inner energy throughout his body. Although he still kept his emotion as he knew that A-San and his family had accompanied Min-min, keeping her safe and protected throughout her journey to the grassland.


“Zhang Wuji! I came here not to fight with you. I came here to have a friendly talk to you!!”


A-San words caught Wuji by surprise.


‘A friendly talk?’


Wuji was dumbfounded. He did not know what to say or how to react as the older man came approaching.


But he had a suspicion that this talk might not be that friendly after all.




Peace all:blush:

Thank you for the fanfic update!!:)

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On 5/2/2019 at 7:06 PM, jackieusa said:

Princess carry collections:wub:










On 5/2/2019 at 10:56 PM, deminni said:

This chapter was really fun to write! I'd never written action scenes before, so it was a bit of a struggle there haha. Sorry if it's weird and choppy at parts. Also, Chapter 5 is half-written and a future chapter has also been started, because again, I didn't intend for this to go on for more than a few chapters, but it has grown into something of a sequel instead of just a revised ending?


I have lots more ideas for this story, and hopefully can get them onto paper as soon as I can. Thank you to everyone who has commented, liked, and is just generally enjoying this! (I'm starting to feel bad for what I'm doing to Wu Ji lololol)


Title: Fortunately


Chapter 4:


妳便是我 命運安排的人

You are the one fate has arranged for me.




“Would you continue to look for three more years? What if you never find her again?”


She is particularly inquisitive here, and Wu Ji can relate; he’s asked himself these questions often in the beginning. What if I find her and she doesn’t forgive me? What if I have to spend the rest of my life looking for her? What if all this is for nothing?


Wu Ji’s resolve has long been steeled.





  Reveal hidden contents

Wu Ji gets up early just as the sun is peaking out from behind the desert hills on the horizon. The skies are a light wash of blue, and blue, as Wu Ji has become acquainted to, is his favorite color.


He ties the handkerchief around his wrist, concealing it beneath his top sleeve and puts on the rest of his thin cotton layers.


Wu Ji can smell da shum’s food as he steps out into the field. After he feeds Ping On, who unsurprisingly has taken well to having proper shelter, meals, and grassland to roam, Wu Ji is lured to the outdoor kitchen by the smell of delicious cooking.


Da shum greets him with a big smile. “Zhang da fu, you are up early!”


Wu Ji stretches a bit as he says, “Da shum, please call me Wu Ji. There is no need for formalities between us.”


She doesn’t look up from meticulously dicing the vegetables, but she conveys her sincerity through the gentleness of her voice. “I call you Zhang da fu out of respect because it has been so wonderful with you here. I know you have been hard at work not just on the fields, but also looking for herbals for us old folks, and we are so grateful for you.”


“No, it is da shum and da ye who have helped me so much since I’ve come. Wu Ji doesn’t know how I can repay your kindness.”


“You can repay me by eating all of this food!” She throws the vegetables into the sizzling wok. “Wu Ji ah, you are too thin. I can’t imagine it being easy traveling all by yourself. If da shum doesn’t fatten you up, your wife might come find me and make me pay for mistreating her husband!”


At this, Wu Ji chuckles ruefully and looks down at his hands. “She might still be so mad, she won’t care.” It's my fault she left. I deserve this.


He hears her put down the spatula and looks up to see da shum’s face soften. She is looking at him like she understands, and Wu Ji feels the need to avoid her eyes.


“Wh-what can I help you with today, da shum?” He picks up a daikon and holds it awkwardly.


Da shum laughs kindly and takes the vegetable from him. “You can help me set the table. It is just us this morning.” She goes back to finish sautéing the veggies. “Your da ye is not feeling well and is sleeping in. You can take a break today, Wu Ji.”


“Sick? Is he okay? I can check his pulse and see what’s wrong.”


“No no, no need. It’s just old people things. You can check after we eat. Let him sleep. Now come.” She takes two plates of food into the main yurt and Wu Ji follows with two bowls of congee and utensils.


He takes the first sip of congee and is thankful for another day of da shum’s cooking. As he eats, Wu Ji can sense the weight of her eyes on him, glancing his way every other bite.


“Wu Ji, I notice you wear a blue handkerchief around your wrist. By any chance is it from your wife?”


He nods and glimpses at the fabric peeking out from beneath the layers.


“Before she left, she had embroidered it for me.”


He takes several more scoops of congee successively, suddenly anxious.


Da shum is oddly contemplative, like she has many things to say and tell and ask.


“Wu Ji, I don’t mean to be pry…” Wu Ji has a feeling he knows what she is about to ask.


“…but to look for your wife for almost three years is no small feat. I know she is stubborn--" She pauses. "To not see you for three years must be tough for her, too. What had happened?"


“I—da shum…”


She puts her spoon down and earnestly waits for Wu Ji to continue. “Wu Ji ah, tell da shum and maybe this old lady can still be of help. If nothing else, it might be good to just talk about it instead of holding it all in.”


Wu Ji hesitates, not because he does not trust her, but because it has been so long. Ever since she left, ever since Wudang Mountains, he has not uttered a single word to anyone about her parting.


Fan Yao had been the only person who knew the full extent of the story having been in on and witnessing the plot come to fruition, and he was also the only person remotely concerned about her after the fact, but at that point, Wu Ji had resolved to absolutely not talking about it.


He was not going to share how he tried to plead for her to stay. Even when he knew that was impossible, he begged her to wait for him, that he was going to fulfill the promises he had made to her.


“I’m asking you for the last time. Are you leaving or not?”


Wu Ji has never seen her look at him this way. She had been angry with him before, for not trusting her and for denying his feelings for her, but never like this. There is finality in her eyes that chilled him to the bones.


Wu Ji did not want to answer this question; he tried to explain to her the severity of the situation they were in, but he fell on deaf ears.


“And whose responsibility is this? Back when I had intruded on your wedding, I had wanted to gamble with myself. I wanted to bet that your heart was like mine, that you were going to be able to throw away everything to travel to the ends of the earth with me.”


Her eyes break away, and Wu Ji wants to scream. He fears.


Nothing can prepare Wu Ji for the tearful words that come next.


“But I accept that I have lost.”


There is no life in her eyes.


“I will not come bother Zhang Jiao Zhu anymore…”


He calls her name to no avail.


“And I hope Zhang Jiao Zhu will not bother to look for me.”


Wu Ji blinks away the dampness clouding his vision, and he can only shake his head as he begs her not to continue. She always had other ideas.


“Back then, I was able to risk everything to follow you. Now, I am also able to do everything in my power to stay away from you. I, Min Min Temür, can do exactly as I say. The only thing I regret is that the price I had to pay was with my father’s life.”


Wu Ji remembers flashes of it now.


He catches the discarded hairpin. She walks past him and firmly does not turn back.


He had stood there for so long, watching as she and her father became little specks of indiscernible dust in the distance.


Wu Ji hadn’t returned to Ming Sect. It seemed his heart had a mind of its own. His feet unconsciously took him towards the direction she had left in, but he couldn't come with her. Not then. Wu Ji was lost at a crossroad.


He somehow ended up in the only place he knew that was as close to home as he could possibly remember.

Tai Shi Fu’s words had never left him.


“The things that cause regret in this world are countless. But you are still young. Any regrettable situation can still be amended… A person’s heart can move even Heaven and Earth.”


Wu Ji’s right hand firmly clasps his scarf-tied wrist.


“Her father’s death,” he begins, eyes unfocused as he recounts a story he has tried to repress for years now.


“It was caused by people I call my brothers. Da shum, Jiang Hu can be a dangerous place, but the rules are solidified, black and white. If you kill someone, you pay those dues with your own life. A debt owed in blood should thus be paid in blood. Even if I don’t agree, I can at least understand it. But war. War is even more treacherous than I could have ever imagined.”


Da shum nods, and Wu Ji knows she would understand. Her son was also a casualty among the other millions of souls lost through numerous battles and conquests.


“I… Da shum, I led my people to fight against the Yuan army. I know that your son was probably one of the—“


“It’s all right, Wu Ji. I know what you are going to say, but you don’t have to feel guilty towards me. I have watched my father, my husband…” She pauses and Wu Ji sees her melancholy smile turn to him. “…and my son all leave home to fight as patriots, not knowing if they were ever going to be able to return. No matter which side it is, I am sure the reasons are all the same. You were just doing what you had to do for the sake of your country.”


Wu Ji nods earnestly, grateful for her acceptance.


“Now tell me, what does the war have to do with her father?”


His sigh is nearly indiscernible. “Her father is Chaghan Temür, Prince of Ru Yang.”


Wu Ji can hear da shum’s sharp intake of breath. “And your wife…”


He nods and da shum’s hand goes to her mouth. “She was born to royalty, jade leaves on golden branches 金枝玉叶, but because of me, she had severed ties with her father and her homeland. She left everything behind for me, and I could only stand there and watch my men kill her father.”


“Wu Ji ah, did you know of their plans?”


He feels indignation rising from within. “No. No, I did not know. They had purposely left me in the dark because they knew I would have never agreed to it.” He looks at da shum and silently pleads for her to believe him. “I would have never agreed to it. They knew how much she meant to me. Everyone knew.”


“Did she?”


Wu Ji’s eyes flicker in uncertainty at the question. She had to have known.


“I… I don’t know.” He pauses and considers the weight of this knowledge. “I’d promised her we would travel the world together. I fully intend to keep that promise, but she had asked me to leave with her then. After her father’s passing. I couldn’t. The war… I couldn’t just leave.” His mouth is dry and Wu Ji finds it difficult to continue.


“You had your responsibilities to your people and your country.”


He nods again, forcing himself to finish. “I had made promises that were bigger than myself. In order to keep those promises, I couldn’t leave with her. She asked me not to bother looking for her, but here I am almost three years later.”


Da shum contemplates to herself for a brief moment and asks, “Would you continue to look for three more years? What if you never find her again?”


She is particularly inquisitive here, and Wu Ji can relate; he’s asked himself these questions often in the beginning. What if I find her and she doesn’t forgive me? What if I have to spend the rest of my life looking for her? What if all this is for nothing?


Wu Ji’s resolve has long been steeled.


“Even if it’s an eternity, I won’t stop until I find her.”


It seems enough of a confirmation for the elder woman.


Da shum takes his hand and cups it in hers; she is gleaming in a calm of motherly affection Wu Ji thought he’d never find again.


He suddenly feels small, transported back to a wintry oasis surrounded by three loving parents.


“Wu Ji ah, if I ever see her, I will tell her she is a very fortunate young lady.”


Wu Ji feels a wash of thankfulness come over him once again.




After checking up on da ye and being relieved that his cold is minor, Wu Ji mentally logs that he needs to gather citrus and aster for the older man’s formula. He can set out today and stock up on everything they need.


He asks da shum to borrow one of the ox carts and heads to a small forest seven lis east as directed.

Wu Ji first scavenges for herbals, and then proceeds with the task of gathering firewood.


He is poised in front of two trees and begins to cultivate his nei gong 內功, careful to appropriate the exact force needed to knock down two trees and not the entire forest.


Wu Ji has a fleeting thought of how absurd it must be to the previous generations of Ming Sect Jiao Zhus that he is using Qian Kun Da Nuo Yi 乾坤大挪移 to essentially chop down wood and stockpile them for an elderly couple in the middle of Mongolia.


He spends half a morning collecting as much lumber as could possibly fit on the oxcart and is proud of his assemblage.


As Wu Ji is loading the cart, his ears pick up the rustling of footsteps on fallen leaves. He freezes and listens.

He hears the footsteps hastening. There are two sets.


Suddenly, a figure bursts through the thick of the forestry a distance away and is rapidly moving past the landscape. Wu Ji is on vigilant watch as the second figure, a female donning all white and a veiled hat, uses qing gong 輕功 deftly, shadowing the first.


It is a game of cat and mouse.


Both martial artists maneuver through the woodland swiftly and cleverly, fabric and leaves moving in unison with the wind. With their qing gong, the pair kick off from the trunks of trees to change directions as they glide across greenery in a chase that resembles dancing.


They are fast, but the female pursuant is faster and smarter, Wu Ji notes.


She takes one leap upwards, high into to the canopy of the forest, then uses both feet to propel herself, spinning past the first figure in a perfect arch to stop squarely in front of him.


She lands with grace and finality, a swirl of white stark against the emerald backdrop, sword pulled and directed at the man. He knows he has been caught.


The pair is now only a few yards away from him, and Wu Ji ducks behind a tree, continuing to monitor the situation.


The female assailant abruptly thrusts fortified steel forward, but the man sidesteps her and barely has time to duck before she turns and swipes her sword horizontally, every move intending to kill. He has no weapon and Wu Ji notes that he is oddly not retaliating with any offense of his own.


He continues to dodge attack after attack, feet working in a zig zag pattern as he glides backwards through the crackling of tumbled leaves, but with every swipe of her blade, Wu Ji knows the man is in more imminent danger of losing his life.


When the man slows, she takes the opportunity to strike, successfully slashing his arm, and a deep gash blooms bright red instantly. He falls to the ground. She does not delay her next move, and as her sword nears, Wu Ji’s body wills him forward.


He jumps out, surprising both of them, and uses his arm to block the hilt of her sword from coming down on the target. She looks at him through the snowy cloak, and though the thickness of the fabric obstructs him from her appearance, Wu Ji knows she is not happy that he has stepped in.


She tries to move past him, but Wu Ji is a secured force.


This time, her sword is turned on Wu Ji.

She lashes out, but Wu Ji can tell she is holding back. She uses her sword to create just enough distance to push him back to create distance between them in order to get to the other man.


Wu Ji easily avoids the weapon, and simultaneously grabs the man off the ground. They fly back a few feet and Wu Ji now stands between predator and prey.


The man is breathing hard, but no one says a word.


Wu Ji is the first to speak. His hands go up in the formality of fist to palm and slightly bows his head as a greeting. “Nu ying xiong 女英雄, I am Zhang Wu Ji.”


She says nothing, tightening her grip on sword and sheath, and turns her back to him as an act of dismissal.

Wu Ji continues. “I apologize if I have caused offense today. I just could not stand by and watch an unarmed man be killed. Though I do not know what had transpired between you, I hope that my interference can save his life. Whatever it is, perhaps we can discuss and resolve it.”


The female fighter is silent for a few beats.


Then with the retraction of metal into leather, she simply walks away.


Wu Ji doesn't understand why he has the sudden urge to stop her.


He doesn't.


He stands there watching her leave, and in the blink of an eye, she flies up and disappears through the forest in a haze of ethereal white.


He is no stranger to highly skilled martial artists with eccentric characteristics and knows it is usually best to leave them be.


He turns to the man behind him. “Xiong di, are you okay?”


“I am fine. Da xia 大侠, please accept my gratitude.” He respectfully bows his head to Wu Ji, hand firmly pressed against his wound. “Goodbye.” The man abruptly turns and walks away, and Wu Ji is left bewildered. Both people had acted so strangely.


He supposes it could have ended worse, and suddenly remembers that dai shum and dai ye are expecting him to return soon. He should probably also head back before more trouble arises.


Wu Ji hurries to his cart, relieved that everything is still where it should be. He jumps on and prods the ox forward. He muses that the last time he was on one, she was with him.


As he rides back, Wu Ji listens to the sound of wood on gravel, silently noting the absence of teasing and laughter.


Link: https://archiveofourown.org/works/18594964/chapters/44319919


Please don't give up on this fanfic.  So so good:)


On 5/3/2019 at 12:48 AM, jackieusa said:

Hahaha.... Let's compared how Zhang Jiao Zhu expressed his body language:)



Look at that cheeky smile.:wub:                                                                                                                                                    



 What smile?:lol:                                                                                                   img%5D


Heartbreak for Wifey.:worried:



ZR! you interrupted my thoughts of MM's bite marks.:angry:                                                                                                   CKx8fmL.gif


Lol :)

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On 5/3/2019 at 8:56 PM, kimmortal said:

Sorry if this was posted before but I think it’s a much longer version of the Wuji Double Standards Compilation. 


I really like how the editor shows us the comparison shots of Wuji’s eyes. He stares so tenderly at Zhao Min.




This comparison is so good.


On 5/4/2019 at 1:52 AM, Yitian_fan said:

 Me too!  I think their kiss is so-so on the hot scale, but their hugs are on the order of "melting!" on the same scale. My knees go weak just watching them hug! :)))) So much love!

Thanks AppleBanana!  I tried but the youtube clip doesn't work in my geography. Any others?   Thanks for trying in any case!


@LaurenPanna The "double standards" MV is awesome!  Those fans have the most hilarious comments, the first part where he says goodbye to everyone and he says to ZM, "I'll be back" the comment reads: "What will you do to her when you come back? Please be more specific!"


Edit: Have to share this from a C-fanfic, in this case when ZWJ announces he insists on marrying ZM. Soooo cool!


Eagle King: 你一意孤行,很有可能大凉容不下你们。You act unilaterally, and there a good chance the capital (in this fic he is a prince and Ming sect leader) will not put up with you two.
ZWJ: “天下之大,总有我们的容身之处。” The world is big, there will be a place that will tolerate us."
Eagle King: “若这天下也容不下呢?” "And if the world is not big enough to tolerate you two?"
ZWJ raises his head to look at Eagle King, and seriously says, each word pronounced clearly: 张无忌抬头看着鹰王,认认真真,一字一句的说道:“那无忌就把这天下打到容下她为止。” "Then Wuji will beat the world into enduring her."


Hahaha wish I can read that fanfic.  So funny.  Thanks for the translation :)

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On 5/5/2019 at 6:01 AM, chipz03 said:

Thank you so much for the GIFs!!  I love them all :love:

And I really like YC.  Besides her acting skills,  she seems to be a nice person and more genuine. Hope she and JZ can keep out of any troubles, they sure can go far


 I found this weibo account that did very nice drawing of WJ and MM,  including the one where it illustrated when WJ paid respect to RYW. 


I included the links to some of the drawing that I love.. I put in spoilers as there are some that are quite mature :relaxed::sweat_smile:(very artfully and tastefuly done though). All credits belong to the owner and kudos to the artist who drew such pretty pictures. 


  Reveal hidden contents


This one quite mature,  but very tasteful and artful.  Beautiful 



Love this one too



Beautiful life ahead for WJ and MM



A bit on the mature side,  should be inspired by after the rain what could happen. Hahaha



WJ paid respect to RYW








On 5/5/2019 at 8:04 PM, Yitian_fan said:

@PutriSing  Thanks for the note on the fanfic. :) That particular plot bunny refused to let me sleep till I got it out there... and I really think ZM would have found a way to test-help WJ in his search!


@jackieusa  Your gifs are sooo awesome!  One of my fav 5 seconds of ZM/ZWJ is the "little pervert" scene because Joseph looks so adorable there!  Also like your "break fall" gif collection. You rock!


@vicious219 I think I might have lost the subs for 46 :(  But I'll see if I can redo some of them!  Thanks for all your massive efforts on the translation coordination front!


Keep the love goin' you guys/gals! (Ok, so at some point, I need to get back to real life, but for a little while more this is awesome!)


For the mandarin-enableds, a few more recommendations on c-fanfic!


AU diverges when ZM gets pretty sick after the rain scene, and she forgets what happens after the wedding scene, so that she is still resigned to them being apart while Wuji is frantic (ZM tries to juggle her family and WJ more evenly)



Modern day AU where WJ is a student and ZM a high powered CEO- both are fascinated by each other (warning some pretty close to harassment from ZM of ZWJ but much fun adaptation of the hand under chin scene and the "Good sister" trope since in this case ZM is indeed older than ZWJ!)



AU diverges at Snake island, when ZM drifts back onto the island.  ZM decides that ZWJ is right- her position between her father and WJ is unsustainable.  She chooses to meet ZWJ head-to-head in battle post-Snake Island, and her 2nd wish for ZWJ: That he show her no mercy when they clash. Of course angst/sweetness results


Oh yes, and the cute "little ZM and little ZWJ meet" is done (just 3 chapters) I mostly like it that even as kids ZM disses ZZR and ZWJ is completed befuddled:




This author also has a series of very popular one-shots of various fun/cute ZM/ZWJ scenes


Inspired by this I'm toying with the idea of a fanfic where ZM insists to her father that she wants to go spend a summer learning wugong from Wudang, so she disguises as a little boy to do so (guarded, of course, by Fanyao)- this happens to be the exact summer after ZWJ's parents die that WJ stays at Wudang to be treated, and ZZR appears briefly etc. Although ZM is younger, I'm sure she will have little WJ following her around calling her "Hao gege"/"good brother" in no time! ;)


So many plot bunnies, so little time! (If someone else at this site wants to adopt a plot bunny to turn into a full fic, please let me know, you're welcome to any of mine, and I have more to share- just ask!)


Hahaha please write Hao Gege hahaha :)

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On 5/6/2019 at 12:17 AM, deminni said:


I love the progression of their skinship. In the beginning, ZM was the one who kept touching WJ and holding his hand, and slowly, it turned into WJ holding onto ZM. Once his feelings had been solidified and he finally made up his mind, WJ initiated nearly (if not all) the hand holding! I love this. Thank you for sharing!


On 5/6/2019 at 5:22 AM, LaurenPanna said:


Both father and son fall in love with "little demoness" in others eyes


Both SS and MM love to dress up as man, and even better, both love to impersonate their boyfriends lol. SS impersonate ZCS, MM impersonate ZWJ. 


Both women are strong characters who fight and give up alot for love boldly 


Is that the Reason why Yang Xiao has a surprised and Impressed look on his face when Minmin said at the Wedding Clash  " I INSIST" - 我偏要勉强“

I like that he seem to be be really impressed with her courage. That he felt he lack of, for going after JXF.



I think YX is really impress by BOTH Wuji and Minmin.   And he respect them not cuz Wuji is sect leader and Minmin is his chosen one.  He see that they both are so young but SO bravely and willingly fight and make great sacrifices for each other and their love. 


I think he wished he and his love had done the same.  I think he especially admire Minmin character even though she is supposed to be the "enemy".  I don't think he is discriminating or racist towards her cux he himself was discriminated by the world that is true love belong too. So I think he empathize with Minmin cuz he was put in that same position.  However he respect and admire her for not giving up and kept fighting.  I think if he was not injuries he wouldn't have agree to tell plot to kill Minmin's dad..thus separating the love birds..  he knows what it is like to be separated from the one he loves most.


On 5/6/2019 at 6:07 AM, LaurenPanna said:

Grassland Reunion – Part 9 – you can start accumulating good Karma now




Original Link: https://media.weibo.cn/article?id=2309404365411788391842




Translation in Spoiler


  Reveal hidden contents

Slowly and Gradually, his lips brushed hers, softly, delicately, just long enough that he could inhale her breath. His Lips cool and smooth like fresh sheets on a summer night. She can’t resist him at all.



She trembled… and kissed him back passionately like how she wanted to be kissed.

He slowly and softly dart his tongue through her lips. There is an unhurried, sensuous joining of soul, and a complete arousal of the senses between the two of them…….



Minmin blushed. Her heart is beating fast. She totally lean against him and could not move.



They kissed for a long time. His hands started to move all over her body. He caressed her breasts gently.



Minmin’s face blushed even more. She closed her eyes lightly. She totally immersed herself in his touch and yearned for more.



Then, He grew bolder. He inserted his hands into her clothes and when he touched her soft and smooth skin, he lost his mind.



A Strong breeze came, Minmin suddenly woke up. The Man on top of her is trying to devour her and she felt utterly embarrassed .

“My goodness, what are we doing?! If not for this strong breeze that awaken me, we would be doing it here…….” Thought Minmin.



How can she do this?



Zhang Wuji felt that she is no longer responding to his desires, thus commanded her, “Minmin, Stay Focused!”



She pushed Wuji away and thought to herself, “Focus what? Zhang Wuji! Do you know what you are doing? You totally lost your mind to lust. You want to do it here? Are you crazy? Even if you really want it, at least it has to be done on a bed…… right….”



Minmin pulled her top back and hugged herself by the tree.  Her face turned red beyond words could described. She is too shy to face him now. Wuji did not understand why Minmin want to push him away. Perhaps this is her way of showing that she yearns for more. This made him lust for her even more. 



He pounced on her like a hungry wolf and kissed her madly again.

Minmin pushed him away fiercely this time round.

“My goodness, is he overcome by lust? Didn’t he see that I just rejected him? Why did he pounce on me again?” She thought.



Zhang Wuji puzzled, “Minmin, Why?”



Minmin pout her lips and back face him .

Wuji suddenly woke up to his senses. He is ashamed of what he did awhile ago. He feel like a beast doing something like that to Minmin.

“Minmin, I am so sorry. I shouldn’t do this to you in public area like this. You may scold me or hit me, I am really a lecher…. I really don’t know what happened to me earlier on”



“Zhang Wuji! You are really shameless!”



Minmin is really very angry now. He explained, “Minmin, it’s all my fault. From now on, I will watch my behavior. But you have to be lenient on me, you Know I always cannot control myself in front of you.” His voice turned softer at the last part of the sentence.



Minmin interrupted his sentence so as to end the awkward moment. “Ok ok , I know. You don’t have to explain anymore.”



Wuji Smiled, “Minmin, good that you are so understanding.” Then he pull Minmin into his cuddle again.



For the whole night, They cuddled together and slept well.  When she woke up, she realised Wuji is looking at her tenderly again. She wonder if he slept well like her too.



When they reached home, they were told that Grandpa and Brother intend to leave for business trip the next morning.



At Dinner, Granny said to Wuji, “Since you and Minmin had already patched back, then just come over and stay together with us. Otherwise it is so inconvenient for you to stay with outsiders. After Grandpa and Brother leave, we will have some space to accommodate you.”



Wuji is overjoyed upon hearing that. Finally he can share the same bed as his wife! Hurray!



Minmin did not look up and continue eating. She knows Granny’s intention. She wanted the both of them to be together again and she wants another Grandchild.



After Seeing Grandpa and Brother off, Wuji lugged his belongings over. Happily, he said, “It is so nice to stay together with my wife. My Landlord had been exploiting my labor, knowing that I need a shelter from her. “



Minmin felt heartbroken hearing that, “Did she ill-treat you?”



“No, Who dare to Bully your husband? Your Husband is a martial arts expert.” He said nonchalantly.



“If not for your good fortune, you would have die a thousand times before” , she thought, feeling amused by his words.



He smiled and stroked her little nose and said, “Who else other than you, the Little demoness dare to bully me?”



“ Zhang Wuji ! How dare you called me a Little Demoness! Hmph! “



She pretended to be angry with him. He pulled her into a cuddle again. Gently, he said, “Minmin, I am willing to be bullied by you for a life time.”



The night beckoned.



Minmin does not want to consummate with him so soon. She purposely spread a mattress  on the floor for him.



“Can’t we share the same bed? I don’t take up a lot of space usually.” He pouted.



Minmin rejected his request , on an excuse that Nian Niu need to co-sleep with her.



Granny walked in suddenly, and carried Nian Niu to another room. “Nian Niu will sleep with me from now on”, Granny said.






Then, Granny returned and said to Wuji, “Hey Minmin’s husband, Go get a bucket of warm water for your Wife to soak her feet, she has been so tired these few days. “

Granny Smiled.



Wuji understood Granny’s intention and quickly followed her instruction.



Wuji returned with a mild scratch on his face, blood oozed out from the opening of the wound. Minmin felt so heart pain seeing him hurt. She wanted to help him to apply some ointment for the wound but was stopped by Wuji.

“No, you must soak your feet first, otherwise, the water will turn cold.” Minmin smiled and listened to him.



Wuji helped her to do foot reflexology and Acupressure on her soles. She felt relaxed all of the sudden.



“I thought you are only well-versed with medical knowledge. 

But Look, you are so good with massage as well.”  She teased him.



Her words triggered a reaction inside him.

“Why not I massage your foot every night from now on?” He looked up at her intently and smiled.



“I don’t think I have done any good deeds in my life. Why should I deserve to have such good treatment from our Zhang Da Jiao Zhu?” She continued to tease him.



“Well, you can start accumulating good Karma now.”



Minmin is surprised at his reaction. WOW, he is good with girls now, isn’t it?



“Alright, you little Lecher, I don’t want to apply ointment for you anymore, you do it yourself!” She looked down and wiped her wet feet. Wuji put the bucket away.



“Minmin, Don’t be so cruel please, I was hurt because I went out to get Hot water for you.”



He sat very close to her and continued, “Sigh, I am such a pitiful guy. I went through so much to be with my wife but my wife didn’t want to accept me. Now that we finally patched back, still, no one cares if I was hurt.”



Minmin’s heart softened and said, “Ok Ok, bring the medicine box for me.”



Suddenly, Wuji flipped and pounced on her. He whispered, “Minmin, Do you still remember what happened the other time after I washed your feet for you?”



Minmin pretended she didn’t hear what he said, “ Zhang Wu Ji! Get down from my bed. Your bed is over there.” She pointed towards the direction of the carpet.



“Minmin, today, Nian Niu told me that he wants a Baby Brother and Sister.” Wuji Smiled Cheekily and Minmin Knew what he is up to.



“Nonsense! Nian Niu would never say such things, You better Not……”



She didn’t have the chance to complete her sentence. He kissed her, very quickly, he darted his tongue through her lips. His Kissing techniques has improved.



She could not resist him at all. Her mind suddenly turn blank and she totally immersed herself in his embrace.




Thank you for the fanfic translation!! You'really awesome!!!:)






On 5/6/2019 at 11:25 AM, chipz03 said:

I want to chip in about the members of Ming sect in this stories,  perhaps more like annoyed rants :sweatingbullets:


I am also very annoyed with the hypocrisy that the members displayed toward MM.  Well,  of course MM is their enemy and there's too deep of enmity  with her dynasty but their stubborn double standards against her is just frustrating for me. They are more than ready to turn blind eyes toward ZR sins (as ZM had raised the issues in front of them)  just so that WJ did not get himself involved with ZM.  They are quick to judge and kept on pointing fingers at ZM based on their prejudice and suspicion of ZM might be able to do instead of solid evidences.


I found it ironic that not so long ago,  before events of GMD, they were the ones who received the wrongful accusations and judgements from the 6 sects.  Yet,  they were so quick to forget how unpleasant that feelings are and become just like their accusers: unfairly pointed their fingers and threw accusations toward ZM, non-stop :triumph:. Bai Mei Yin Wang and Yin YeWang seemed to forget how the label of evil woman was once thrown at YSS.  I just found that very ironic.


And suddenly they also knew what's best for WJ. They wanted to dictate his life to fit their agenda. Never mind if he might not be happy marrying ZR,  never mind that what he wanted was to be able to live freely and happily with ZM (like in this version,  WJ said that his yifu did not want him to step back and pass the torch of Ming sect leader to the descendant of Yang Ding Tian (in the ox cart before MM wistfully thinking of what their free future can be,  if I am not Mistaken)). It's like as long as he is their leader, they want him to do what they envisioned him to do. Like,  he doesn't have any right for his own life.   Uurgh... I am very annoyed with this hahaha.


Phew.. Sorry for the rant hahaha


ZM always the prettiest for me among the girlsm. Perhaps because her confident attitudes and her leadership charisma. She exudes that strength and boldness that unrivaled by the other three girls. She can flirt with WJ,  be mad at him,  taunt him.

 In this version,  she can also be weak as she's human, a young girl at the end of the day,  but she got back up and fight another round.  Even though she might not be the prettiest in looks,  all of these qualities make her the most beautiful for me.  For this version,   ZM is also the prettiest when she wore the simple clothes at the farmer's hut.  She looks glowing and so beautiful there :wub:


Peace all :blush:


Right on!! Exactly how I feel about Ming Sect people.  But better said:)

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On 5/6/2019 at 3:46 PM, jackieusa said:

Since we are on this topic about MM's beauty.  Lets vote who is the most beautiful girl in HSDS 2019 universe.

I'm only compared 6 girls since they're all involved with ZWJ and had more or less potentially chance to become his lover/wife.

I know beauty is 'in the eye of the beholder'.  So lets take WJ's point of view to determined.


1. ZM: Lol...based on all these stared from Zhang Jiao Zhu, MM is definitely his number one beauty.:wub:


With fake mustache on and he still admiring her beauty.:lol:


Oh...he's a long goner with that adorable face and grin.


2. ZJZ: WJ had developed infatuation with this girl and also acknowledged her as a beauty with a evil heart.


3. XZ: Since XZ's mom was the number one beauty when she was young, so I assumed XZ inherited her mom's genes. But too bad WJ only see her as a little sister, no romance what so ever.   


4. ZZR: WJ might had developed infatuation with her after they encounters again but I think he sees her more like a benevolence and friend after he met ZM.  They mentioned a couple of times in the drama that she's beautiful and SQS is also crazy about her.


5. YL: I believed YL is also beautiful specially after she healed her face's scars and she also resembled YSS (WJ's mom).       


6. YBH: ZD did commented she's beautiful.  Again, too bad WJ only treated her as a little sister, no romantic     feeling at all.        



So, what do you guys think?  Any opinions welcome!



As per the Book "Princess Zhao Min is the most (if not one of) beautiful woman of Yuan dynasty/kingdom...also proficient at both pen and sword."


Actress wise...I have to say HAIR and MAKE-UP makes a huge difference..also scene time makes too make a difference cuz the more they show up.. mean the harder they work so not enough rest.


YBH is beautiful in this series but in other series ..with different hair and make up ...there is a HUGE difference.   I gave her number 1)  however she is not in a LOT of scene so she must not be as worn or tired as other actresses as we continue to watch the series.   Also the wide variety of expressions to judge her by is limited.  And it is the same hair, make up and style (which I love love:)....so thought I gave her number one I am very reluctant cuz it seem unfair.  ZWJ's mom is also a beauty.  I love her eye make up and her hair style.  I think she is tie with YBH.


2) Zhao Min is only my no. 2 cuz the way they dress her. If you have not notice she is GORGEOUS when she first dressed up like a princess  and when she forced him to call her "good sister".  It is the hair and make up.  After that the girl looks like she wore no make up  cuz her make up is so neutral.  (barely any fake lashes or mascaras or blush or eye liner or lipstick) (I might be bias :Das I followed her from AOL...she just have a very refreshing/light presence that makes you feel happy seeing her)


Yet her smiles and features still make you wanna look again and again.  If a girl can make you look at her again and again with little cover up and filters she is a beauty (some people said she is most beautiful in common clothes)


She is not the most beautiful Zhao Min but she is up there cuz of her aura and unique beauty. she is definitely make the cut to be another gorgeous Zhao Min in my book.


 I don't like 2009 HSDS but that Zhao Min is the most gorgeous among the beauties of (2019, 2003, 2000 (?) Gigi and 1986 Kitty.) They all have unique beauty.  Hahaha other years not worth mentioning lol


All the other girls are pretty too. Actually most people in this 2019 cast is gorgeous (male & female).   not a fan of ZZR's look. 


Personally I hate the fragile, oh- pity-me look hahaha the scene where she was bully by her sect sisters and Ding point out she use the pity look to attract attentiom..that is the one.  Lol

hey but it is good for the actress cuz it help her with her role:)  no offend to those who is her fan.  Everyone has a preference.


  And until just a few days ago I didn't realize she was also one of the two evil girl in  TMOBP.   She suits those roles and is in big productions cuz of her look so it is not a lost for her to not be consider beautiful by me.  And to be fair I don't think I am being bias for not liking her looks.  The other evil girl in TMOPB and the evil girl in AOL play evil character but I think they are gorgeous.  :)




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On 5/7/2019 at 1:39 PM, deminni said:

Chapter 5 is totally self-indulgent and an expansion of "The Rain Scene" and what I wanted to see unfold onscreen, so basically, lots of fluff and some angst. Moreso for my writing and fangirl pleasure than actual plot advancement, but Chapter 6 is half-written and back on track, so stay tuned, folks :)


Title: Unfortunately


Chapter 5:


妳便是我 命運安排的人

You are the one fate has arranged for me.




He doesn’t remember how long they had stood there in each other’s embrace, but Wu Ji will never forget the immense blooming in his chest from the sheer amount of love he had felt for her, a feeling he knew that even a lifetime later will not wan despite any time or distance that may pass between them.


He also remembers that when she began sniffling and sneezing that night, Wu Ji had wished he were the sick one instead.




  Reveal hidden contents

That night as Wu Ji gets ready for bed, he plays over the scene in the forest and still finds that something seemed amiss. He can't pinpoint it, why there was an air of familiarity with the maiden in white. Her Mongolian outfit had similarities to his Hanfu, and her martial arts technique resembled honed skills curated from the Central Plains.

Wu Ji has a nagging feeling in his stomach that refuses to go away, so he tries to distract himself by cleaning.

He starts fiddling with the blanket on his bed, then the pillow, and when that tires quickly, he switches to the other objects in the room.

As Wu Ji begins to sort through the clothes he had placed in a chest by the wall, he freezes when happening upon the outfit he had purposely hidden away deep in his baggage. It wasn't supposed to be out of its concealed cloth.

Wu Ji hesitates, but eventually reaches for the robe threaded with silken gold on ivory cotton. The layering piece is of a light blue similar to the fabric wound tightly around his wrist.

He takes it out of the drawer, careful not to unravel the folded layers. His hand runs across the delicate surface as he recalls the days leading up to its conception.

She’d had a hand in its distinguished style, but not without much prior fanfare.

Wu Ji hears her pacing around the room they share. He is in the middle of folding the thick comforter that has suitably served as his mock-bed during their extended stay. The wooden bench across the room would have been the more comfortable option, but Wu Ji had wanted to be as close to her bed as possible during the roughest parts of the past eight nights.

Today, he finally feels at ease to start planning for their trip back to Ming Sect, even if just in his head.

They had stayed longer than either of them had anticipated, but this time, he wasn’t going to let her even step foot outside until he was certain she was healthy.

Just as Wu Ji had worried, she did indeed catch a cold the very same night he returned from Shao Lin.

From underneath his paper umbrella, he’d spotted her in the middle of the wet and crowded street, a solitary silhouette searching endless faces for him in the pouring rain. When she recognized him, the gratitude in her smile was luminous, but all Wu Ji could remember was feeling angry.

He had just lost his Yi Fu to Buddha’s teachings, to a life of revenge and subsequent repentance. Now, seeing her endure this storm when she had promised him to stay well and get better made him livid.

Wu Ji couldn’t lose her, too.

He sprinted towards her, not realizing when his heart had begun racing so fast. His voice matched his vehemence. “Why are you out here drenched in the rain?”

His unoccupied hand automatically came up to check on her, and Wu Ji had to use the gravity of his touch to confirm that she was real and fine and well.

His tone had been more severe than he intended for it to be, and he’d tried to make her understand, but even that came out abrasively amidst his apprehension. “You obviously know you haven’t recovered from your injuries yet; what are we supposed to do if you catch a cold!? Do you NOT want to live anymore!?”

Blinking away the raindrops blinding her vision, she expressed her contrition through an apology.

Her explanation left Wu Ji in astonishment. He had never heard her voice sound so uncertain. Scared. “I’m sorry… I’ve been standing in the same spot waiting for you. I was afraid that if I walked away for even a second, I’d miss you.”

Wu Ji realizes later that it was a stupidstupidstupid idea to throw away the umbrella when he had just scolded her for standing in the rain, soaking wet.

But in that very moment, he had absolutely no grasp on logic or reason when she was standing there looking at him with such vulnerable sincerity, with enough love to drown Wu Ji mercilessly beneath her watery gaze.

He pulled her into his arms, both of them trembling for different reasons. She was freezing and it only spurred him to hug her tighter.

All Wu Ji wanted was to hide her away forever and do everything in his power to shield her from rainstorms or potential dangers or anything that could possibly hurt her.

Wu Ji’s voice assuaged as he felt a lump in his throat. “You are so silly.”

Later, Wu Ji will think they both must have looked completely foolish hugging in the middle of a torrential downpour with no umbrella or awning to cover them.

Right then, he had only cared about pulling her in even closer to him.

He’d apologized and hoped she could forgive him for the harshness of his tone, clarifying that it had all derived from his concern for her.

She accepted it freely without blame. “I know you mean well.” Her voice was timid, shaky through the thickness of her tears. “It’s just, when I was sicker and couldn’t wait out here for you, I was so scared. I was scared that I'd never see you again.”

Wu Ji grinned and saccharinity flowered in his chest as he pulled away, needing her to recognize all of the affection he bore through just his eyes. “How can that be possible?”

Her hands were so small and so cold as he held them. “How could I not come back? I know you’re here waiting for me. Even if I’m at the end of the Heavens and the edge of the Seas, I will always return to your side.”

The smile that flourished on her face only deepened as he drew her back into him.

He doesn’t remember how long they had stood there in each other’s embrace, but Wu Ji will never forget the immense blooming in his chest from the sheer amount of love he had felt for her, a feeling he knew that even a lifetime later will not wan despite any time or distance that may pass between them.

He also remembers that when she began sniffling and sneezing that night, Wu Ji had wished he were the sick one instead.

He was on cold towel and hot medicine duties for almost five days before she regained any color back to her face. By the fourth night, the combination of residual internal damages, suffocating coughs, and looming pneumonia had Wu Ji nearly pleading to every deity he knew.

She had been a shivering, incomprehensible mess, but when she did have a moment of clarity, she was the one reassuring him.

Wu Ji didn’t know whether to laugh or cry or just scream.

Instead, he focused on nursing her back to health by staying up late and only catching a few moments of shuteye, by barely doing or eating or focusing on anything else aside from the patient occupying his entire existence.

He had hardly left her side, couldn't let her out of his sight, and by the fifth day, Wu Ji was now the tired, dismal mess.

When he finally caught a glimpse of sleep, they were both stirred awake by her coughs.

Wu Ji was there to grab her hand and immediately recognized the warmth in them again. Then when he touched his hand to her forehead, he was elated that the burning fever had also subsided.

After that morning, Wu Ji had given her (and himself) three more days of vigilant observation, regular pulse checking, and to her dismay, mandatory bed rest to be completely convinced that she was well.

She had put up a small fight, but when noticing the dark, tired circles under Wu Ji’s eyes and rough stubble littering his jaw, she knew she had lost.

Wu Ji can admit that maybe he went a little overboard within those following three days, but he had to make sure she was back to being one hundred percent before he could feel any sort of relief or normality again.

He absolutely couldn't lose her, too.

Today marks day nine, and Wu Ji is happy to be feeling like himself again as well. She, on the other hand, is going a little stir crazy. The pacing hasn’t stopped.

He sits down at the table in the center of the room and pours them two cups of tea.

"Wu Ji ah, what do you think about getting us some new clothes?"

He looks down at his attire, confused. “What do you mean? We just washed these.”

Head still cocked, she crosses her arms and brings one hand up to her face, index finger beginning to tap her lips in way of deep thought. Wu Ji's eyes immediately follow her slim fingers up to said lips, mesmerized by the flush of deep color now that she has mostly recovered.

His own thoughts rush back to their kiss and he suddenly has the urge to taste.

She breaks his spell with her voice.

“I know they’re clean and new, and they were apt for when we were riding on oxcarts and harvesting rice fields… But—” She pauses, spreading out her arms and looking down at herself, those same lips forming a pout as her eyes make it back up to him.

“Don’t you think we should get something a little more appropriately formal to greet your Ming Sect?” Her pout turns into a tiny smirk. “You are, after all, Zhang Jiao Zhu of Ming Sect, almost-leader of all Wu Lin.”

He maybe registers that she is teasing him, but he is stuck in a haze of red red lips and pretty doe eyes. Wu Ji doesn’t know why, but his enchantment by her doesn’t go away and he doesn't think it ever will.

There’s a slight lilt in her tone that implies he has no room for argument, and Wu Ji will comply, but right now, all he can think is, I think you look perfect.

“Wai, Zhang Wu Ji, are you listening to me?”

He snaps out of his fog and nods slowly in a repeated manner. “Uh, y-yeah. Yes. New clothes. Appropriate for Ming Sect.”

The smirk is gone, and she is now smiling at him fondly, knowingly.

Wu Ji knows he is a goner.

Shortly after, they arrive at a fabric store, and Wu Ji is overwhelmed by the huge selection of textiles to choose from. There is an array of shades and hues and tones of colors that all look the same to him, but are definitely jade green and not emerald green according to the shopkeeper.

She soundly agrees with the salesman, and Wu Ji knows he is outnumbered.

He amusedly watches as she sifts through all the different rolls of linen and cotton and silk with care, discussing the history and production and quality of each one.

Her smile lights up the entire store, and Wu Ji realizes he can’t get enough of when her eyes glisten with joy, especially when they are directed at him.

“Wu Ji ah! What do you think of putting these colors together? I’ve already picked out the fabric for us.” He notes the giddiness in her voice and once again emphasizes his gratitude at the amount of progress her health has regained in the last few days.

“Feel how lightweight and smooth it is!”

She takes his hand, and Wu Ji’s heart skips a beat. Or two. Or ten.

The owner butts in, “It’s made from the finest silkworms in Chang An 長安 and will keep you warm in the winters and cool in the summers with the way the textile wicks.”

And when she haughtily tells him, “I know; that’s why I chose it,” Wu Ji remembers that he is dealing with a Jun Zhu 郡主 after all.

When she turns to Wu Ji, the arrogance is gone and her smile turns shy. “I chose white with gold and light blue accents for you. It’s going to look great on you, Wu Ji ah.”

Her infectious smile reflects on Wu Ji’s face as he nods, eyes focused solely on her.

“Lao ban, we will take these two rolls.” She pulls out the remaining banknotes she’d traded for with her jewelry and pays the shopkeeper. Upon seeing the stacks of paper money, the older man’s eyes perk up.

“Fu ren, you have utmost taste. These are the best my store has to offer. Your husband is very lucky to have such a thoughtful and attentive wife such as yourself.”

At this, Wu Ji can feel blood rush to his face as he peeks over to see that her cheeks are also flushed with a deeper pink. Their eyes meet, both pairs of lips graced with a shared smile, and he notes that neither of them corrects the shopkeeper.

Wu Ji hears her reprimand the owner for being nosey, and she states that he has a deadline of three days or they will come back to demand a full refund and tear his store sign down.

The older man immediately ushers them into different rooms to be measured by his tailors, and once their dimensions are taken down, the owner assures them his workers are the ablest workers in the whole city. Their orders will definitely be completed by the given timeframe.

Wu Ji watches and listens as she meticulously recites and finalizes each and every detail with the shopkeeper, who hangs on to her every word and writes them all down with diligence.

He knows she is putting extra care into his attire, going over threading, embroidery, trim, and more things Wu Ji doesn’t really understand.

What Wu Ji does register is that he agrees with the shopkeeper. He is the luckiest man in the world.

In less than two days, the owner of the tailor shop completes their outfits and delivers the finished clothes directly to their inn.

Wu Ji is amazed at the style and quality of it all.

She is bursting with excitement beside him and hurriedly makes him change into his garbs first.

Wu Ji is suddenly inside the room by himself and all he can do is stare at the pile of neatly folded, newly sewn threads. Next to it is their pre-packed bags, prepared for when they are ready to head back to Ming Sect.

He knows she is waiting, so he tries to shake himself out of the haze enough to put on the first layer. It is exactly as smooth and luxurious as she and the shopkeeper had described.

Silk. Wu Ji has heard of China’s impressive Silk Road, a network and crossroad of merchants infinitely seeking wealth and the powers it could bring them.

He glances back at the modest threads he had taken off, laid out neatly on the bed.

Wu Ji is unexpectedly apprehensive.

He gets flashes of Zhi Ruo and her enthusiasm from civilian chants, and he worries about her insinuation of what she wanted from Wu Ji once they were married. He hears the words Emperor and Sect Leader, and it makes his heart drop into his stomach. The burden these words entail make him anxious for a future he desperately wants to escape from.

These are all the things Wu Ji fears most.

He knows of his obligations as Jiao Zhu, his debt to his country, but once all the responsibilities on his shoulders are accomplished, he simply wants peace.

To Wu Ji, peace means finally being able to walk away. Peace means being with the girl he loves and finding their future together. Peace is freedom 自由自在.

There is a knockknockknock that brings Wu Ji back from his thoughts. He hears her voice come through from the other side of the door and lets the calmness it brings wash over him.

“Wu Ji ah, what’s taking you so long? Can I help?”

She waits for him. She always does.

Wu Ji opens the wooden doors, and she lingers there with a curious look on her face. He doesn’t know how she can ask him if he is okay with just one look and a slight raise of her brow, but his nerves have settled enough to form a smile.

“Will you help me?”

Curiosity fades into concern, but Wu Ji hopes his smile can ease her, if only for just a bit. She nods her head and steps inside the room, slowly closing the door behind her.

He forces the smile to remain on his face, and stands there in the middle of the room, arms slightly spread out, beckoning for her assistance.

She doesn’t move, and Wu Ji starts to feel self-conscious. He realizes he only has his first layer on—no waistband, no adornment, no robe. He feels laid out and exposed under her perceptive gaze, like there is absolutely nothing he can hide behind that she won’t see through.

As he frets, she makes her first deliberate steps toward him, and her uneasy expression morphs into a gentle determination.

She picks up the secondary layer of accented blues, and without exchanging any words, puts the robe on Wu Ji. She slowly helps him one sleeve at a time, her hands smoothing out every wrinkle that forms.

Her touch is electric.

With his arms still up and away from his body, Wu Ji is patient as he waits for her to pick up the matching waistband. The dark leather is stark against the milky complexion of her hands, and he watches as she evenly spaces out her grip on the belt.

She inches close enough to where he can distinctly perceive notes of plum blossoms at full bloom, and Wu Ji closes his eyes to savor the quietness of their proximity.

She first wraps the belt around his front as her arms gradually come around to the back of his waist, forming a half-moon and mock-embrace. She is so close to him, and Wu Ji breathes her in, trying to find his inner balance through her presence. When she wraps the band a second time, her hands meet and settle on his stomach, and she meticulously threads the end of the belt through the loop, fastening it on him.

“Wu Ji ah, it's okay.” Her small hands work methodically and thoroughly, and Wu Ji feels time slow with her words.

“If you don't like it, we can wear our other clothes again.” She reaches up and cups his face with one hand, fingers tenderly caressing his cheek. She nearly whispers. “I just want you to be happy.”

Wu Ji is frozen by her acknowledgment. “I-I'm not—” He finds it difficult to formulate his thoughts, but it seems he doesn't need to.

“I assure you, this doesn't change anything.”

Her gaze is soft under the midday sun peering in through the translucent windows. “Once you are done with what you need to do, we will leave together.”

She rests her head gently on his chest, eyes closing. “I won't let anyone make you wear anything it is you don't want to wear.” Her whisper is faint, but he catches the jest in her tone. “Only I get to do that.”

If Wu Ji could take her away with him in that very moment, he would. He feels an ache in his chest, a throbbing that stems from his inability to do just that.

The tension in his body releases and Wu Ji melds with the warmth of her embrace. She is moored to Wu Ji, an immovable anchor that grounds him in his present state of disquiet.

“Tell me. What do you want?”

Wu Ji is certain the future he envisions is right here in front of him.

There is confidence in his voice when he answers, “I want to wear this.”

She pulls away and beams. “Good. Let me help you finish dressing.” She puts the last layer on him, adding on the finishing touches to his outfit.

“In front of the whole world, you are Zhang Jiao Zhu.” He is in front of the mirror with her next to him, and Wu Ji knows he can get through anything if he has her. “But with me, you are simply my Wu Ji.”

He allows himself a few beats to take everything in. Her strength exudes through every pore in her body, and Wu Ji is lucky enough to be able to absorb it all in, feeding off of this addiction he had never before been able to identify.

What was it about her that had tantalized him from the start? That no matter how many times Wu Ji ran or tried to push her away, he could never succeed? He failed over and over again, even tried to marry someone else to forget about her, yet it was all for naught.

Of every woman Wu Ji has ever met, she was the most beautiful and ruthless, just like his mom had warned him. She had been the root cause of his downfall. This Mongolian Princess who now stands before him in humble clothes and open vulnerability, who had given up everything to be with him, and who understands Wu Ji through and through when even he can’t find his own reflection.

When Wu Ji’s internal and external demands and desires become too much, she is his haven.

“I love you.”

He sees the moment she freezes, lips slightly parted from his sudden confession.

Wu Ji knows he is going to marry this girl.


“I love you.” His voice and eyes do not waver.

Wu Ji is still surprised by how tender her eyes can get when she looks at him and only him. When the tears begin to form and silently roll down her cheeks, he kisses them away. He cups her face with both of his hands and tastes every single drop with his lips, gentle and sweet. She closes her eyes, lashes fanning out stark against her skin and his, as Wu Ji’s lips travel from the edges of her bottom lash, down her cheek, and finally stopping at her cupid’s bow.

It starts out as a small, soft peck at the tip of her upper lip and morphs into hands resting in her hair and at the nape of her neck, heads tilting to melt into an arousing kiss.

It is nothing like their first kiss with all of Wu Ji’s pent-up passion boiling to the surface with nowhere to escape but through her. The kiss was untamed, unrestrained, directed by a young man’s eagerness to finally being able to have what he had been denied for so long. What he had denied both of them.

Everything he had been running from had finally caught up to him. Everything Wu Ji had wanted, he was able to have.

But this. Wu Ji wants to savor this. He takes his time, caressing her lips with his as they move in provocative unison. The kiss is slow and heady, seconds feeling like hours as Wu Ji concentrates on her honied taste, the feel of her plump lips, and the touch of lips and teeth and tongue, her soft hair framed by the spread of his hands.

Wu Ji takes the opportunity to nibble lightly on her bottom lip.

When he hears her moan, Wu Ji’s heart nearly stops. He uses all of his willpower to pull away, afraid he will take it too far and devour all of her.

They both take several deep breaths, still merely centimeters apart. Wu Ji presses his forehead to hers and kisses her gently on the tip of the nose. She smiles even when her eyes are still closed and it prompts the one on Wu Ji’s face as well.

A contented sigh escapes from her lips and Wu Ji nearly goes in to taste them again. She stops him with one finger to his lips. “If we keep this up, we are never going to leave this place. I still need to change, Wu Ji ah.”

His sigh is less content and more exasperated, but he obliges. Wu Ji steals one last kiss on her cheek before leaving the room, most definitely not thinking about bare skin or red lips or the mole on her chest he had discovered on Snake Island.

After a few moments, Wu Ji is shaken out of his inappropriate thoughts when he hears the doors open.

When she steps out of the room, Wu Ji is, once again, awestruck by her beauty. She dons layers of sheer whites and ivories, face brushed with light makeup, and her hair is adorned with a simple pearl-encrusted hairpin.

Wu Ji truly doesn’t know what he has done to become so fortunate.

He puts out his hand, gaze blissfully fixed on hers. “Are you ready?”

Wu Ji remembers that with a nod and an upward curve of her lips, she’d laced her fingers through and curled them firmly around his, never once letting go as they made their journey back to Ming Sect together.

They hadn’t known what the future was going to hold for them, but they had walked towards it with hearts filled with hope.

Wu Ji still clings to that hope, his current path fueled by hope and hope alone.

He prays that that is enough.



Link: https://archiveofourown.org/works/18594964/chapters/44468623



So good. Thank you for the fanfic update.  Please keep going!!:). 

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On 5/7/2019 at 11:20 PM, kimmortal said:

I’m rewatching the entire series (yes, from the beginning) in Vietnamese dub on movies.fimplus.vn. It’s so nice to finally catch everything that is said.


I must admit, I really liked his day spent with Zhou Zhirou when they were young. I liked it the first time, and even 2nd time around. She really was a great friend to him. Of course he cherished her friendship and those lovely memories. It’s a shame that joining so-called orthodox Emei sect changed her. I definitely feel she’s different as an adult. When she was young she was someone who showed compassion for others (saving and caring for Wuji), who displayed honour and loyalty (refusing to tell Yuan solders the whereabouts of the Ming Cult guy), who cherished and enjoyed the small things in life (grasshopper), who understood and didn’t mind her own limitations (no money for fancy handkerchief), who focused on fulfilling her responsibilities (picking and selling clementines). She didn’t look beyond her own capabilities, didn’t try to reach further, didn’t dream about obtaining “more” than she needed to. Do you think adult Zhirou is the same or not?


I feel like even though she initially declined being leader of Emei and making Emei become number 1, later on she actually started to want those goals for herself. I mean, she went against her promise to her master about marrying/being with Wuji, so she could have refused the other promises too but she didn’t. She even told Wuji that she can’t simply step down. What do you think? Is she the same Zhirou from the beginning and I just didn’t see it, or did she change when she joined Emei?


Those childhood trait is added to make her more likeable in this version. Wuji did not spend that much time with her in their youth.  One or two night.  I think it was added to justify the reason why he is so forgiving and blind to her obvious flaws.  


On 5/7/2019 at 11:37 PM, chipz03 said:

I think deep inside,  ZR had that ambition herself. Without the seed to cultivate, I honestly dont think MJ can truly ever change ZR that drastically. Like YX basically implied in this version when ZM was applying medication to his injury,  ZR knew what she's doing, what's the risks she's taking. 



 Another incompatibility between her and WJ. And reason why I still stick to my perception that her infatuation toward WJ in all of the versions and in the novel had grown to be selfish kind of obsessions (sorry folks,  just my personal opinions here :blush:). I mean,  went on murderous rampage against the people at the village? Killing and slashing YL face?  -_-


Contrasting with WJ and even Xiao Fu.  WJ main desire is to live simple life,  free from the burden of being leader of Ming sect or even being an emperor.  XF was also MJ main candidate to be her successor, and like ZR, who shared the same shifu,   XF was bullied by DMJ as well. And her later life would not be easy as well, being a single mom. But XF steadfastly refused to hurt the person she love the most, not even considering it even when MJ dangle the leadership ring and eventually threatened (and did)  kill her. 


This might not sit well with some. My personal opinion and Peace all:relaxed:


Good point. It is ZZR trait.  XF was also raised and love her teacher but she is kind.  People who described ZZR as "pure" is like calling her teacher an open-minded and kind and forgaving.  Which is isn't at all. 


A "pure" hearted person by nature who has not gone through hell like (AOL Night God) wouldn't think up HALF the scam and lies and wouldn't do 1/3 of what ZZR does.  She is has no remorse. 








On 5/8/2019 at 12:18 AM, chipz03 said:

I am very pleased witj JZ acting as WJ,  it's like he really embodied WJ in my mind haha. He can portray the difference between the young puppy crushes toward ZR,  YL at the beginning,  and with the love that become more mature and grown up toward MM. He is also very good as Leader Zhang.  JZ is young but he can convey that charisma of a leader,  an unbeatable one. Good emotional ranges and different  expressions that can project the feeling of the character. 


He can also convey that different emotions toward the ladies. I think he can project differently with his eyes and his body languages toward MM versus the other ladies. It's not easy to get acting partner who can share good on-screen chemistry that can really bring out an actor/actress acting skill  Once you get it, it's good to really utilize that jackpot.  




On 5/8/2019 at 1:03 AM, kimmortal said:


Best. Line. Ever. :lol: It sums up Wuji.


On 5/8/2019 at 2:19 AM, kur4p1k4 said:

After seeing all this gif and I did some re-watching of the snake island arc, is it possible the reason suddenly she was jealous of ZM not because she like WJ but she was jealous of how WJ and ZM treat each other? Especially how WJ always protected ZM, asked her to accompany him, was so tender when caring for her after she stabbed herself.

Because if you watch eps. 32 there's an internal monologue (when JHPP is forcing ZR to eat the pill) where ZR prefer to die than kill/lie to WJ, but she called him Zhang 公子 not really Wu Ji Ge Ge. Also when Mie Jue died she push away WJ's hand from her master's body which for me is the linchpin for me that ZR and WJ cannot be together rather than the stabbing at GMD. For me WJ never blame her for the GMD stabbing. 

But somehow after seeing ZM with WJ she got jealous I was always perplexed by that, could it be she's just the type of person that wanted what WJ and ZM have? I mean if you see the two of them wouldn't you want that also lol :P So ZR maybe she think if WJ is hers, he will also treat her like ZM.

That's why I think on later episodes after she becomes 'dark' she always tried to incite emotion from WJ, either by threatening ZM, trying to kill his godfather, saying that she's married to SQS, but somehow WJ always never showed the emotion that she wanted I think. I guess for ZR it's better to be hated forever than WJ just be indifferent to her. This obsession is really harmful to ZR.


I would also like to note ZR is also a young lady that has not much romantic experience I suppose since she did live in Er Mei. For her to think that this is love towards WJ is understandable. And she thinks she is much better match than ZM anyway, the foreign princess who is the enemy. I think after the last episode, she finally realise the one she loves the most is Er Mei, she is grateful for SQS's love but I believe even if SQS is alive Er Mei will be number one in her heart, which is fine I think for SQS, that man only wanted to stay by ZR side anyway. I also think this desire to protect and glorify Er Mei is her own wishes not affected by Mie Jue. Mie Jue I think just kind of warped ZR's perception on how to do it.



Great point!!:)

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On 5/8/2019 at 12:16 AM, deminni said:


Awww I love this. I know, his smiles with ZM and ZZR are so different. With ZM, he smiles genuinely to himself, not needing her to see it, but with ZZR, he has to force himself to smile and pretend to be happy even though it is more burden than love. He actually forgot about her TWICE lol. I wonder how many times our Zhang Jiao Zhu chose to eat with his brothers over ZZR. No wonder she was so pissed when she saw him eating with ZM. He ditched EVERYONE for ZM while he ditched ZZR for everyone else. Yikes.

:) lol

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On 5/8/2019 at 4:14 AM, LaurenPanna said:



Here it is


On 5/8/2019 at 6:10 AM, LaurenPanna said:

Grassland Reunion –  Part 10 - Time Flies. (Last Chapter)




Original Link: https://media.weibo.cn/article?id=2309404365465999823910




Translation in Spoiler


  Reveal hidden contents

It’s Daybreak. The Sunrise is breathtaking. The Sky is Clear and blue.



Wuji is wide awake now. He use his finger to brush her nose playfully.



She enjoys being so close to him.



“Zhang Wuji, can you just let me continue sleeping?” She rubbed her eyes and grumbled.



But he did not stop. She is just like a precious gem to him. He finally earned her forgiveness. How can he not treasure every moment with her?



Minmin woke up to his touch. She Frowned and appeared to be a little angry. “This fellow is so strong. And I am so tired now….”  Thought Minmin, as she back face him and ignored him.



Zhang Wuji hugged her from behind and whispered over her ears, “Minmin, When Nian Niu is older, let’s go travelling, shall we?”



“Great idea, Travelling is good for him. He can gain more knowledge and won’t be as silly as his Dad.”



“What is wrong with his Dad? He could at least find a good wife like his mum, if his character is like me.”



Minmin is amused by his words. He continued, “We could visit my Tai Shi Fu in Wudang, We can go back to Ming Sect to visit Yang Zuo Shi. When we are done with travelling, we could settle down in Butterfly Valley. Isn’t this a good idea?”





“Well, We don’t know about the situation in Ming Sect now. Zhu Lao Si is so cunning and always full of Suspicion towards others. After he gained more power, he might not let Ming Sect members off, especially YOU.”



“Minmin, you think too much. Zhu Lao Si might not turn as bad as you thought he would. Before I left, I already instructed the Ming Sect Members not to get involved with Political issues of the Government. We are all brothers, I believe Zhu Lao Si will not do that to us.”



“Well, just take it as I worried too much then.” Minmin said but she does not look convinced.



To change topic, Wuji said, “Minmin, Let’s give Nian Niu a new name!”



Minmin raised her voice, “Why? The name I gave is Not nice?”



Wuji thought to himself, “My Dear Wife, good that you know this name is terrible”



But he did not dare to voice out his thoughts.



“No ! of course Not ! the name is very meaningful, very nice! But you know, “Nian Niu” sound more suitable as a nickname. Let’s give him a proper name.”



Minmin suddenly looked tired and yawned.



Wuji said, “So what name should we give him? Nian Min sound Nicer than Nian Niu. Or shall we call him Si Mu, or Si Min? You decide, Minmin?”



Minmin did not answer him, as she dozed off halfway through the Conversation. How he wish that everyday is so peaceful and blissful.



Time Flies. One year passed by just like that. Both of them led a peaceful life in Mongolia. Zhang Wuji will go for Sheepherding every morning, And Minmin will stay at home to baby sit Nian Niu.





Very soon, Minmin is pregnant again. But She did not tell Wuji as soon as she found out. She wanted to give him a surprise on his Birthday.



But….. Life is Unpredictable. And what Minmin’s worried about came true.



After a day of hard work, Wuji returned home. But Minmin was not waiting for him at the entrance as usual.



He called for Minmin and entered the Tent.



He was totally Shocked to see Xuan Ming Elders and some black-attire assassinates in the house. They held Sharp weapons with an expression to Kill.  



Minmin, Nian Niu and Granny were being held hostages by them. Nian Niu cried with fear. His Eyes were red and he lost his voice from all the crying. 








Lu Zhang Ke smirked , “Zhang Jiao Zhu….. No! Zhang Wu Ji! We were instructed by someone to behead you. If you want to save them, then you have to Kill yourself on the spot, and We shall not hurt them.”



“I have never done wrong to anyone. Who instructed you to kill me?”



Minmin laughed with sadness in her tone, “Wuji, What I had been worrying about came true. They really came for you. I told you before. You were so well-respected among the Commoners and the Pugilists. Zhu Lao Si will never let you walked away Alive. As long as you are not dead, he won’t be at peace with his current status.”



Lu Zhang Ke touched his beard and said, “Our Jun Zhu Niang Niang is always so wise and smart. You are right. We were instructed by His Majesty to Kill you! “



His heart Sank, He did not expect that he would be ruined by his own indecisiveness. Ming Sect Members and Minmin had warned him several times about Zhu Lao Si that he is not simple and that Wuji must beware of him. But he is just too kind and simple-minded to believe that Zhu Lao Si will cherish their brotherhood. Now, his indecisiveness has gotten Minmin and Nian Niu into trouble.





“Xuan Ming elders, you should know very well that all of you are of no match for me. Why do you have to sacrifice so many of your men just to kill me?”



He Bi Weng laughed out loud, “Zhang Wuji, you are so stupid. His Majesty is of course well prepared. You are right. We are of no match for you. But don’t forget, the lives of your precious love ones are in my hands. His Majesty has predicted that you will be willing to die for them!” Upon completing his sentence, he placed his dagger even closer to Minmin’s neck that cause a small wound on her fair skin. Blood oozed out of the wound. Minmin is in pain that she frowned.



“No ! Please do not hurt her!” Zhang Wuji attempted to run forward.



To Stop him, He Bi Weng pushed the dagger in deeper.





Minmin Teared, “Wuji ! I am not afraid of death. Leave quickly! Run away to somewhere else so that they couldn’t find you.”



“Minmin, what are you talking about? Why are you so silly? My Life is meaningless without you. I won’t live if you die!” He sobbed.



“Zhu Lao Si really disregard our brotherhood? He should know that I am totally not interested to be the Emperor at all! “ Wuji asked.



He Bi Weng replied, “If one day, the commoners insisted for you to become the Emperor, you have no choice but to consider the option. By then, Rebellion will happen and there will be chaos again. If you are still alive, His Majesty will not be at peace with himself! “



Wuji is utterly heartbroken, “If I kill myself now, Would you really release them? I am not sure if I should believe you as I know very well how cunning you guys are!”



“Of course we will, His Majesty is benevolent. He instructed us not to make things difficult for the innocents if you are willing to kill yourself. Zhang Wuji, stop wasting our time and just do it. It doesn’t make any difference. We need to accomplish our mission and receive our reward!”



Minmin suddenly felt a sharp pain in her abdomen. She is currently pregnant, and her foetus is affected. But She does not care. She cried, “Wuji, No!!! Please don’t !!! I am already contended for every single moment and precious memories we shared together for the past one year. I don’t ask for more. I only ask for you to live. Live Well.” She sobbed till she lose her voice.



“This is my retribution for abandoning my family and country to be with him. God is punishing me. I can’t be with Wuji anymore. It is okay. It is fine.” She thought to herself.



Wuji smiled bitterly, “Minmin, I have the same thoughts as you, don’t you understand me?  As long as I am dead, you can continue to live. Do you still remember what I told you? As long as you live, I am willing to die a million times for you and I have no regrets.”





“Wuji, No! Please! No!!! “ Minmin collapsed to the ground.



“Promise me that you will take good care of yourself, and Nian Niu. Live well for yourself, for Nian Niu, and For me.” He closed his eyes.



Minmin shouted at the top of her voice. Her tears blurred her vision. The pain on her neck and abdomen are so painful that she could not open her eyes anymore. But her heartpain is even more tormenting. She turned pale and lost consciousness all of the sudden.



Before she totally lose it, She heard a familiar voice. “Jiao Zhu, Wait !”








Decades later, in a Tea Inn of Haozhou.

People were gathering around a Storyteller.

He patted lightly on the bamboo table and started telling his stories as usual.



“Once upon a time, there was an Ex-Ming Sect leader. His name is Zhang Wuji. He was Formidable and Highly Skilled in Martial arts. He was a hero among the commoners and was willing to sacrifice himself to save the world.”



“He fell in love with the Mongolian Princess of the Yuan Dynasty, Zhao Min. He even escaped from his wedding to be with the Princess.”



“At that time of the history during the Yuan Dynasty, Ming Sect and the Mongols were battling one another. Both Jiao Zhu and Princess were of the opposing ends. They went through difficulties and obstacles to stay together. They were so deeply in love with each other. Princess Zhao Min gave up her family rights and abandoned her country to be with him. For her, Zhang Wuji gave up his rights as the Ming Sect Leader as well. After going through so much, they finally got married and had a Son and a Daughter. “



The Storyteller cleared his voice and continued, “There is another totally different saying. The Princess left her family and country to be with Jiao Zhu. The Government was not willing to let her off. So Rumor had it that The Princess’s Father, Prince Ru Yang sent his General and an army of soldiers to capture her and executed her on the spot. Ming Sect Zhang Jiao Zhu was devastated upon hearing the bad news of her death, and committed suicide to join her in the Netherworlds. The previous version of the story were made up by the people who were touched by their true love for each other.”



Storyteller continued, “There is yet another version of the story, but not many people knew about this. It was rumored that The Emperor Zhu Yuan Zhang was jealous of Zhang Wuji’s fame and reputation among the citizens. He was afraid that Zhang Wu Ji would rebel against the new Government so as to snatch the Emperor’s position. Thus, for the sake of the citizens and the stability of the country, he sent 2 Martial arts Expert and an army of soldiers to assassinate Zhang Wu Ji. At that time Ming Sect Members were scattered all over the country and were very well informed. Thank god that Ming Sect members got hold of the information about the assassination plan, and therefore sent their members to Mongolia to rescue Zhang Wu Ji.”



“After they survived the assassination, Zhang Wu Ji and the Mongol Princess Settled down in the Butterfly Valley. The Butterfly valley was an isolated place. Nobody knew exactly where it was. Zhang Wuji was very well-versed about Medicine and healing techniques. However, he did not go around offering medical services to anyone. Rumor had it that he would only offer medical care to people who had affinity with him, that was, people who managed to locate the whereabouts of the Butterfly Valley. Well, to be honest, nobody know if this Butterfly Valley ever exists.” He patted the bamboo table again upon completing this sentence.



Then The Storyteller continued, “Today’s story is purely about Ming Sect Leader Zhang Wu Ji and Yuan Dynasty Princess Zhao Min’s Love Story. And for this, we have to begin with the Lu Liu Manor ………”



An old couple around the age of 60s sitting on a bench, were totally immersed with the stories told by the Storyteller.



The old man carefully helped his wife to peel sunflower seeds. At times, the both of them would hold hands tightly and look at each other tenderly.



Whenever the story came to some exciting parts, both of them would whisper to each other and laugh happily together, as if there was no one else around.



The old lady had a beautiful smile. You could immediately tell that She must be a Ravishing and captivating beauty when she was young.



The Old Man looked energetic and Alert. When he was young, he must be a handsome chap too.



Both of them were already in their 60s but they were such a loving couple. How many elderly couples can be like them?  





-          THE END -



Thank you for your hard work translating!!:)

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On 5/9/2019 at 12:59 AM, Yitian_fan said:

Just a plug for my having just posted a filled-in scene (it comes up as a second chapter) to accompany my 'long fic' "Gifts"


Inspired by Joseph and the script-writers excellent Wuji-at-Zhaomin's-gravestone scene in the 2019 HSDS, I'm filling in the converse scene: Zhaomin at the Imperial funeral.





Thank you for the fanfic!!



On 5/9/2019 at 2:07 AM, chipz03 said:

Disclaimer: this is my personal view on character like ZZR (referred strictly to the traits of character ZR or those resembling this fictional character. Not the actresses who played them) .  This might not be agreeable to some. No ill intention whatsoever. 


This post might contain allusion to emotional abuse and/or turmoil (very mildly alluded,  and not explicitly stated of course).  Please do not proceed to read if this might not sit well with you.


Peace all :blush:


  Hide contents





One of the reasons why I could not pity or like ZZR character or other characters that pretend to be weak to get pity of the person they like (strictly the fictional character , not the actresses who have ever portrayed her), even when I was much younger watching the 86 version (for ZR) , is how scarily manipulative this  type of character is. Like in the case of ZR in HSDS,  She did the crime and yet she still play those emotional manipulation toward WJ. She lied to keep him. She kept her facade, never mind that by doing so,  she is ready to get the man that she supposedly really love enter the marriage marred with lies that cover horrible crime.  The manipulation was astounding. For example,  in this version, she dared to confront WJ if he suspected her (when ZM revealed her evil doing in front of the Ming members). 


She has pretty face, dainty appearance, outwardly meek demeanor and "the perfect wife" materials, but behind all these traits exist someone who can commit murders on people who she thinks threaten her goal. Sure,  she had MJST that can be blamed for her descend to the psychotic side, and I am not dismissing the role MJST played in shaping ZR,  but at the end of the day,  she make that choice to commit all those evil deeds.


She can blame the world high and low,  blame MJ  but she was the one who decided not only to steal the sword and sabre and learned the secret to bring glory to Emei,  but she also planned to (and did) frame ZM and leaving her adrift in the ocean, she killed the villagers (in the novel, if I remembered correctly), she slashed YL face. I am not sure MJ told her to do all that,  in addition to wanting her to kill WJ. 


Honestly, I don't think she ever plan to reveal her bad deeds to WJ even if they did get married. At least not if she could. So long that no evidences and witness to link those crimes to her,  I personally feel she will not reveal. She's doing her shifu deeds afterall *roll eyes*


Even in real and nowadays life,  a person like WJ should thank his or her lucky star that he can escape the betrothal before things went too far with character like ZZR.  All the joy and novelties of having the "perfect spouse" would soon be gone once the other side of his/her spouses rear its head. Cannot get too close to his/her cousins,  lest the spouse will go on jealous rampage. If one want to quit and walk away from this type of relationship, with the tactic like hurting oneself/threatening suicide,  it would be quite hard and emotionally draining to extricate oneself from the mess, the emotional burden, rollercoaster and guilt.  It's scary scary scary reality actually:cry:




200% agree.  I have been trying to say the same thing but you word it brilliantly where I stumped with words.



On 5/9/2019 at 3:48 AM, kur4p1k4 said:

@chipz03 @penforella I think you all forget something, ZR has to confess eventually.

She has the Wu Mu Yi Shu, the strategy book that was lost since GJ died and nobody knows where it is. She'll definitely give it to WJ eventually, she wants to help him to be the big boss she has to give it to him. And she has to explain where she get this lost book, she can't say she just found it in Er Mei's basement.

She's also learning Jiu Yin manual, she can't glorify Er Mei without it and she has to explain where she learn it from, she can't say it was passed down from MJ because if MJ already learn it everybody would already know and Er Mei would be glorified already.


WJ seeing all that will know that she's the one who stole the swords, WJ is not as smart as ZM but if you drop him a hint as big as a rock he can figure it out.

So yeah she has to confess, that's why when they were in the island she already ask him whether WJ will kill her if did something that's unforgivable.

I think they mean if CIRCUMSTANCES didn't force it.  She wouldn't.  She lied in this version at the gathering before the fight with 3 monks

..said the wugong was her teacher secret.  And no one can say otherwise cuz they don't know what it is. 


 If there is no battle to fight then the manual for war doesn't need to make an apparent so her lies can continue.  Someone who calculate, murder, frame, lie and manipulate with no remorse while making the person they wronged promise to forgive them current and future crime is SCARY.  Beginning of a serial killer profile here. Lol

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On 5/9/2019 at 9:37 AM, kimmortal said:


You brought up an important part that really rings true to me: the suicide attempt. How is it we can let fictional characters get away with schemes like that, but in real life this would be classified as emotional abuse. Can you imagine? Pretending to attempt suicide to manipulate your fiance/husband to do what you want him to do? Or in those modern dramas, pretend to commit suicide because you "can't live without him" to force the guy to choose you over his wife knowing that he'll feel tremendous guilt if you died.


ZR can blame her master for forcing her to achieve certain goals, but HOW she obtained those goals was entirely up to her. She could have simply ASKED Wuji to give her back the heavenly sword and to give her the dragon sabre, arguing that they belonged to the Guo and Yang family, which are related to Emei sect. She could have expressed her love to Wuji and see if he feels the same. If, after this declaration of love, he tells her he wants to be with her too then it's entirely on him if he decides to go back on his word. If he thanks her for her love and gently rejects her, then she can focus on glorifying Emei. She could have done everything her master ordered her to do (maybe not kill Wuji), but in an upright and honourable fashion. Heck, if she wanted to attempt to complete everything, she could challenge Wuji to a duel and then lose the fight, still holding her head up high because she tried and failed. Instead, everything she did was schemy, underhanded, manipulative, and wicked. I don't care what her intentions are, but her actions were evil and those speak louder. I just can't ever forgive her for choosing those acts. She's so selfish. She also never apologized to YL for the failed murder.



Totally agree. 


People like ZZR does exist.  They are REAL.  They can smile in your face and say they love you while planning your murder/downfalls.  



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27 minutes ago, kur4p1k4 said:

Just checking in to give a shoutout to @hwonhwon_stv and @Saver  for keeping the thread alive :thumbsup: 

Cheers! :mrgreen:

Awww.  Thank you!!  


Your past comments are awesome so I am working my way from past to present:) @148 before I hit current lol I can't believe I am doing this ... (blushes) but it is all too good to miss out on:)

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On 5/10/2019 at 1:56 AM, kur4p1k4 said:

You know what, I hate ZR not because of all the despicable things she did but because she never receive the consequence from all her action. Somehow this ZR in this drama did all those things but she never got the repercussion, but she immediately got redemption, like wth! No wonder I always feel this ZR doesn't have any lasting impression or character, she's just a boring villain. She never bear the consequence. She got whitewashed too much by the director/writer until she got no character at all.


Even SQS somehow look better than ZR, he has his fault, attempted rape and poisoning he got the consequence, he got expelled from Wu dang and got 'enslave' by ZR. Then he can get his redemption, when he saved his dad from ZR hands and from battle, he knows he can't go back to Wu dang but he still wants his dad forgiveness most of all


Even MJST has better arc than ZR even though she's only in a few episode. MJST is a stubborn old lady that cannot be change to her if you're 'evil' you'll always be 'evil'. The consequence is she died because of her arrogance and stubbornness that she won't accept help from unorthodox sect, which is logical and inevitable from her arc. Does she need redemption? No, because she is exactly like that, to give her redemption is to destroy MJST character. The only road for her character to end is to die.


ZR never receive any consequences, it's like everybody just suddenly forgot she did all the bad stuffs. Bloody hell! It infuriates me, because for one of the main character to not be given a complete arc is just sloppy.



Well said.  I hate this character cuz of everything she does but most of all cuz she got away from it all scratches free.  Most versions treat her too well.  I hate the pitiful look and act.  I love that this version Zhao Min made sure to voice her little suicide attempt for what it is.  Love how she called out the people in the room.  Basically saying a "demonness" like her got nothing on such a "pure" and "virtuous" goddess like the gentle miss Perfect in the wicked department and everyone in that room is to blame for her being spoiled to get away with it.



On 5/10/2019 at 2:33 AM, AppleBanana said:

You are so on point about this. She never received any consequences. She doesn’t even feel sorry for what she did. Arggh. And she got away so easily still with her position of sect leader and wj forgiving her. It doesn’t matter if yl is alive at the end because it still doesn’t justify her actions. The director or writer for zzr made her character kinda gray and let her off too easily. They try to make us feel sorry for her (which I don’t at all) and forgive her. Mehhh. Pass. I don’t quite remember other versions of zzr. Did she get off quite easily too? I liked the 2000 version where she lost her memories. And 2009 version she showed more remorse I think? 


Remorse isn't enough for this kind of people to never fall back on her nature to do bad again.  Especially when she could continuously get away with it. 

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On 5/13/2019 at 5:11 AM, chipz03 said:



Please read the warning (in the spoiler) before proceeding, as this will be dark fic (sad/tragic story) and might not be everyone's cup of tea.


Peace all :blush:


  Reveal hidden contents


One-shot, stand-alone fanfic. This fanfic is sad/tragic fanfic with major character death. Extreme Alternate Universe (AU) that do not really follow the canon timeline. Dark Wuji (perhaps even very dark Wuji for some), so if you are more of a stickler to the canon WJ, this might not be suitable :). Some matured themes (not explicit, I think. Please don't ban me mod. If this is not allowed, I'll removed the post).


All credits of the characters belong to the relevant parties. I am just flexing some fanfic-writing muscles for pure enjoyment here :blush:


Set from the moment WJ found out ZM was still alive on the riverbank as he floated the paper lantern boat.



What if Min-min took the arrows that were meant for her father and brother?

She had said that they would travel the world together. She had told him that she would be by his side when they journeyed the beautiful mountains, the crystal blue rivers. She had whispered softly in his ears that beautiful night when they abandoned all cares and just treasured each other’s company. When they became husband and wife.


That night, he found out that she was still alive. That her brother had plotted her fake death and her dad had given her an exit route. She had not planned to let him know of her presence or that she was alive. His stubborn Min-min. Yet, she underestimated his keen senses when it came to her. One sigh. Her one sigh was all he needed to let him know that she was nearby. That she was alive. His adrenaline rushed as he abandoned the riverbank where he had just floated his last paper lantern boat, bearing his hope to have his Min-min by his side, and frantically searched for her. Hoping that it was not his delirious fantasy. Hoping that it was indeed his sane reality.


He found her at the inn. Sitting alone in her room, her unlighted lantern boat in front her.


He remembered his euphoria when he barged into the room and saw her. There, sitting there at the table was his Min-min. His Min-min. Alive. In two big strides, he came to her. His strong arms pulled her tiny figure into his embrace.


“Do you know how much I miss you?”


That night, he blurted that question to the beautiful woman in his embrace. His love who had decorated his dreams with unending longings. But that night, he thought that those dreams would remain merely bad dreams. Bad dreams that would never haunt him again. That night, he thanked heaven for bringing her back to him in his waking hours. He held her hands tightly, never wanted to let go as they sat on the table. Her unlighted paper lantern boat was clearly visible.


‘Wishing husband was on her side’


A small smile appeared on his lips as he remembered the rush of pride when he saw her lantern then. He remembered his heart felt like bursting with all the happiness that he had so suddenly found again.


Her husband. She had considered him her husband.


That night, he lit her paper lantern boat as he wished to be by her side forever. As her husband. She asked him to paint her eyebrow as his third promises, and he promised to paint her eyebrow every day of their life.

But that every day of their life was far too few.


His mind wandered back to that night at the inn, when he gently kissed her. He could feel their heartbeats raced as he looked deeply into her eyes. Understanding filled them when he blurted the proposal that he had been dying to ask, the question he wished he had asked sooner.


“Marry me, Min-min”


He remembered whispering those words so softly in her ears that he feared she might not hear him. Until he met her wide bright eyes, looking back at him intensely. She was about to protest when he repeated the question again. Firmly. The quietness that befell them felt deafening for him, as he prayed that she would consent. He loved her. He needed her.


He nearly jumped in jubilation that night when she finally nodded. As quickly as he could, he rushed out to ask the innkeepers if they could get him red candles and a ‘shuang-shi’ symbol. Hoping that it was not too late to get them. And he remembered his joy when he brought those items back to her room. He thought that finally heaven blessed them to be together forever.

Together forever, he chuckled bitterly. These words had now become broken dreams that mocked him.


He remembered their simple wedding ceremony. In that room, just the two of them. That night, he gently pulled her to the bed, as he tried to ease her fear. It was her first time ever, and he hated to see the quiet fear and a spark of embarrassment in her beautiful eyes, behind her shy smile. That night, for once they finally let go of their hesitations, and just explored the happiness and pleasure they brought to each other. He remembered her trembling body as she softly called his name. A memory that had mercilessly kept him awake at night.


That night, he thanked heaven that he could finally be with his lover again. No, not just a lover. His wife. He felt a bit unhappy that he had to hurt her, and he promised to never hurt her again. To keep her away from harm.


'Promises that he failed to keep.' He cruelly reminded himself.


That night, they stayed together until midnight left them, and they talked. They talked about their reality. They shared their dream futures.  She urged him to return to his sect’s military camp. She asked him to keep their union a secret. She told him that she would wait for him in Mongolia amidst his protests. He hated to admit that he was stubborn that night. That what she described was the best solution for them. For his safety, his reputation, his fights.

A cold laughter escape from his lips as he downed the wine in his hand. His safety. His battles. All she ever thought about was him. Yet, what had he ever given her? He could not even protect her.


The following morning, they had promised to meet each other at the hill before his Min-min left for her homeland. His wife. He remembered staying awake that night, feverishly carved a wooden box in likeness of the golden box she once gave to him not so long before. The broken box he had once treasured so much. The broken box that he had to throw away due to his foolishness in believing Zhiruo’s scheme. The broken box that he had to discard at his godfather’s insistence. 


But that day, when they said their goodbye, his members found them. Anger flowed through his veins as he remembered the endless schemes those members had thrown at them to trap her. Even pushing them to get married. Those traitors.


But his Min-min was smarter than them. She had foiled their attempts, and she had outsmarted each and everyone of them. A small comfort seeped through the fury as he consoled himself that he never told those men about his and Min-min’s secret marriage. That he listened to his Min-min’s advice.


And yet, he had been the reason why he was staring at the cold wooden name placard on the table, surrounded by those offerings. His gullibility, his naivete had caused her untimely death.


If only he did not beg her to stay one more night that afternoon. If only he just let her go that day. If only he had never asked to meet with her father and brother. If only. So many ‘if only’ ran through his head.


His body went cold when he remembered that day when he had to say his forever farewell to his love, his wife, his Min-min. He felt his world stopped when he saw those arrows pierced through her small body. Those arrows that had been prepared to bring down her father and brother by his members behind his back. But his Min-min, his brave Min-min had taken those arrows, giving her father and brother an escape route as her penitence to them.


‘I won’t let you or anyone hurt my family. I, Min-min Temur, can do what I say I will do’


Her words echoed through his ears as he rushed to her. He desperately begged her not to leave him, to stay with him as he frantically tried to save her. Even though he knew it was futile, he could not stop. He did not want to stop. For if he stopped, that meant she was gone. That meant he had lost her. She had looked at him, her eyes filled with tears. But he could see her determination, her peaceful acceptance, her contentment of saving her family. Her love for him.


‘Wuji, I..have..no…regret’


He repeated her last words in his head, over and over again. He closed his eyes as he recalled her beautiful smile on her lips. That day, his wife had left him forever, and this time, she could not come back to him. She would not come back. That day, pain and sadness drawn him as he let go of a sorrowful cry like a wounded wolf before anger washed through him. A terrifying wrath filled every inch of his body, a petrifying fury that he had never felt and never knew he could ever feel before. A rage that had torn down all his self-control, that had pushed his immense inner energy to lash out against those people who had gone behind his back to plan such an abominable scheme. Those traitors who had killed his wife. His Min-min.


And for the first time ever that day, he was thirsty for vengeance. He wanted revenge like he had never wanted anything before. An obsession that he had never truly felt prior. He would make sure that each and everyone of them suffered his retributions. Once they had gotten no use for him. Once he was done using them. He had become cold and calculative. He had learned to scheme and to use them for his advantage. The battles were ending, and he could soon get his revenge. He would soon make the members pay for the scheme they had done.


“Very soon, Min-min. Very soon”


He told her name placard that had accompanied him through the nights. He knew his Min-min would not be happy with her Wuji now, but he did not care. He could not care anymore. That Wuji was gone. He had been nice before, but it only led to heartbreak after heartbreak. He had been used enough. He had lost enough. He had suffered enough.


So, he waited for his chance to finally assuage his thirst for revenge. His chance to make those traitors suffered the pain he had to endure.


‘Very soon, Min-min. Very soon’




Please keep writing.  So good!!



Hahaha at page 170.  20 more pages till caught up.  Hope to catch all the wonderful comment and fanfics for new comers. Sorry too many good comments can't quote all. 


On 5/13/2019 at 9:21 AM, kimmortal said:

HSDS was always a difficult show for me to watch because of Zhang Wuji’s wishy-washiness. Unlike my older sister, I couldn’t stand how divided his heart was. I remember when HSDS 2000 came out, I would catch my sister rewatching scenes starting from Snake Island and onward. Or maybe from the introduction of Zhao Min to the end. I was always like, “I thought you finished, you’re watching AGAIN?”


It occurs to me that, as fans, even though we really like the romance in LoCH and RoCH because our heroes are so in love and so devoted to their respected ladies, Huang Rong and Xiao Long Nu, we also don’t find it as addictive. Due to Guo Jing and Yang Guo’s strong love for their ladies, it was never going to be a question of who do they love. We just knew it would either end happily (together)  or tragically (not together). But HSDS’s romance is entirely different, and so much more suspenseful, like a “Will they or won’t they?” Watching Wuji and Minmin go through this love-hate relationship and all their obstacles is much more addictive because it pulls at the heartstrings and makes us root that much stronger for the woman who never gave up on her love. Yes, Huang Rong and Xiao Longnu only ever loved one man each and they prove it also. But we, the audience, knows that their love is returned and it’s only plot that keeps them apart. Compared to Zhao Min who has to fight her way through so many people (not just the other ladies, but also friends and family, and Wuji himself) to win her man’s heart, these two girls had it easy. Our Zhao Min has to work so hard and the suspense of it all compels us to watch, and whatever small bit of affection/moments/flirting we get onscreen we soak it all up as much as we can. And with so many adaptations providing different levels of fluffy/tender moments or flirting, it’s like there’s not one that has it all to satisfy our hunger, only a bit in 1986, then a bit in 2000, 2003, 2009. Only now with JZ and YC’s chemistry we are completely addicted because, IMO, they provide the most fluffy/tender non-wishywashy portrayal of our hero’s love for Zhao Min, hence why we can’t get over this and move on. Their love story is like a drug lol.

I love-hated HSDS for same reason. Don't think the author knows how to write an innocent like  Wuji and don't understand a woman like Minmin.  Being a woman I can testify for myself that I can't love the book Wuji.  It is too exhausting to love that deeply and truly such an unworthy weak wishy wash  man as book/different versions Wuji.  I have always find it kinda insulting and offensive that ZM who have it all can give it all up for such a weak and dumb man like how Wuji portrayed and written in the book.  Only a narrow mind/shortsight/shallow (have your pick lol  ...please don't be offended just stating my opinions and many years long of pint up frustration finally  here;)) MALE  can think a smart woman like ZM can continously make  all those sacrifice if he is just like all the thousands she was exposed to (her father is a general so  that # is possible)


  I hated it cuz in my opinions he and everyone (author, screen writers,  actors) messed up this amazing character big time.  I honestly believe you can come up with an amazing idea/concept but doesn't necessarily can make it great/masterpeice because people can tend to stick to what they know while writing about what they don't hence can mess up the intention or concept that glory the factor thus causing it to fail the final mark .


I believe some fanfics are great examples of this.  Why there are so many versions of products....we improve as we learn.  Thus 2019 version master the Wuji and Minmin and YX characters maybe next version the rest of the story  (or  it is hidden in the 20 missing eposide's  lol)


but I am good with leaving my HSDS journey  with JZ and Yukee:)


On 5/13/2019 at 9:50 AM, kimmortal said:

Sorry to keep bombarding this forum with my thoughts, but I have nowhere else to express them. Who can I talk to? My coworkers or my babies? Lol


Reading WJ and ZR on the island was so difficult. First, ZR is a liar and hypocrite. Second, every sentence that comes out of ZR’s mouth is her comparing herself with Minmin at best, and at worst accusing WJ of having feelings for MM (granted, she’s correct). But my god, any conversation between them was always about MM or the hypothetical question of what he would do to ZR if she ever makes (read: made) a mistake. I know the reader is privy to only relevant plot-related convos of theirs, but it still seems like their whole relationship was always going to be defined by the fact that it didn’t work out between WJ and the other girls so that’s why the only option left was ZR. That’s not how you want to start a relationship lol.


I know some fans are still upset that WJ (either in the novel or in 2009’s series) was portrayed as only choosing MM because she was the “last girl left standing”, but it seems to me that THIS Snake Island moment between ZR and WJ in the novel shows what it would have looked like if WJ truly picked whoever was left, as if to tell readers, hey look Wuji settled for whoever was there and he was unenthused and reluctant. Compare that with how he ended up with MM, he wasn’t unenthused and reluctant, he was happy. Now, does he still think about the others? Perhaps, but it’s like relishing in a beautiful past memory. As long as he keeps it quiet in his heart and mind, it’s not a crime.




On 5/13/2019 at 7:34 PM, Yitian_fan said:

@chipz03 I like dark and tragic fanfics! :) 


BTW, for everyone who's writing fanfic if you post on AOOO or fanfiction.net then you'll be able to share with more readers, keep it active for longer and also track comments etc.  I also find it easier to read vs. in posts!


Final note: Read another interesting c-fanfic which is a role-reversal-cum-time-travel AU: ZM/ZZR change roles (i.e., ZM is the fisherman's child who feeds ZWJ and gets rescued by ZSF, and ZZR is the person born a princess of the Yuan empire) plus ZZR has gone back in time so remembers the story as it is.  Of course, since I read only Ji-min (ZWJ/ZM) fanfic, ZM still creams ZZR, by firstly managing to escape Ermei and return to Wudang, getting ZSF to be her shifu, and hence being Wuji's Shishu ('uncle')!  I'm waiting for the "Hao Shishu" (Good Uncle) scene, and of course ZWJ is already grateful to ZM for feeding him and is dazzled by ZM's Taiji (as his only female disciple ZSF decides to pass his 'softest' wugong to her).  In this story ZSF with ZM turn up at WanAn to rescue the Wudang people captured by ZZR.


Brilliant plotting! (Although I think the writing a little uneven, and the role-reversal is sufficiently fun that the time-travel just adds complication without too much interest- mostly ZZR is constantly angry at ZM!) 


Hahaha... I haven't thought about those scenes in a long time, and yes, I remember all of them.  '86 had them all I think.  Which is awesome.  Perhaps this series has them too? Just that they cut them out? Wasn't there rumors that there was a lot of edited footage?

Make me wish I can read Chinese::::(

On 5/14/2019 at 12:10 AM, kimmortal said:


UGh! In the book, she manipulated a lowly Ming Cult member that was attracted to her by visiting him and looking all sad as if she wanted to talk but couldn't bear to form words, then she left. This caused the guy to worry about her so he paid her a visit later and found her trying to hang herself. (Scheming much?) Wuji returns, revives her, sees this act, feels all guilty so he pushes the wedding sooner.

All of you are right in that book Wuji is so different (yes, he kisses everybody several times very deeply on the lips LOL) in how he develops throughout the story that certain scenes needed to be changed to suit his personality. I still think the Beggar Sect bell scene would have still worked because in that scene Wuji was "acting" distant and mean to MM, while she was charming and kind to him, but in his heart he was conflicted. That would have still worked with Joseph and Yukee. Just throw that in right after he rescues her and before he strangles her.


I also want to see ZR try to assassinate MM because it showed how ruthless and evil she was, yet also very powerful in a short period of time.


Also, like people have said before, book MM never tried to implicate ZR because she's too smart to bother. But Yukee's MM confronted her out in the open, which wasn't as smart. Still, it made for some nice gifs of Joseph's eyes as we fans figured out that he's starting to suspect that something isn't right but just won't say it.


Sorry to keep making comparisons between 2019's show and book. Reading the book is how I'm managing my withdrawal. The book gives me more cute scenes and I just picture Joseph and Yukee in my mind.

Love 2019 Minmin.  Talk is cheap action speak louder...lol this wuji  showed this in all his little deed.  Silently sit down next to her so she can lean on him and get a better sleep lol xoxo 

On 5/14/2019 at 12:11 AM, chipz03 said:

That's why one of my gripes is how hypocritical the members of the Ming sect and the so called righteous sect members are. Make my blood boils to think how narrow minded they can be,  since they were once the misunderstood ones. 


It's  a good thing they make WJ more mature and definite in knowing to whom his love and heart belongs to. I feel it kinda fit the days and times that we are at now., and they did very decently in modernising the characters (as much as they could). 


Thank you all for liking the fanfic. I am very glad that you enjoy it :relaxed:. Actually, I've been mulling the idea of joining AOOO.  How do I sign up? 


A BTS pic of the cave scene at the Snake Island.  Guess WJ really like to sit close to MM lol :tounge_wink:. In the actual footage in the drama,  he seems to be sitting at the smaller stone near his foot If I remembered correctly? or at least the camera angle make it seems like that. (Another time he was sitting together with ZM was also at the cave scene,  in the BTS vid where WJ was sitting beside ZM on a larger stone,  eating his bread/bao). . Credits belong to the respective owners please 



Another thing is,  in two of the bloopers,  if I saw things correctly, JZ seems to smile/laugh nicely toward ZM: (1) in the Snake Island scene where he couldn't hold his laughter anymore (they were filming the conversation between MM and WJ before the scene where she almost fainted and he almost kissed her), (2) in the BTS of his almost wedding, when Bambi's wedding head cover slipped. Milliseconds (I happened to pause my video at this frame :lol: hrnce I caught the footage of him smiling while looking at where ZM was standing) before JZ turned his head toward Bambi,  seems (at least it is to me)  he was smiling toward ZM in front of him. 


They seemed to be alright on and off screen (cordial at the very least) ,  then why didnt they released more BTS with the OTP (I am still bitter hahaha)


I want more BTS between the main OTP that I seems to start imagining or being extra creative with the limited,  and very serious BTS of them :joy:


Okay,  sorry my overreactive imagination today :lol:.


How do I post pic (so sorry for the question if it's been asked several times before).  Can I copy pasted the pic? Thank you first and foremost.



Back to the actual drama footage.


Since I've been re-watching episode 42-43 onwards, I noticed in the scene where WJ and ZM sat in front of the farmer's hut,  as WJ was pulling ZM to his embrace, and the camera pan away.  I seem to notice that he turned his head and kiss her forehead (I think we have this discussion some times back,  whether or not he kissed her forehead). When I re-watch, I notice that his lower jaw seem to move forward and MM seems to tilt her head a bit.  Making me more convinced that he did kiss her forehead :P 


I really like this scene where ZM wiped WJ tears. Judging from his hand position beside her that seek support on the stone behind her, they stood so close to each other. Credits to their respective owners 



And this one.  Even when they were running to hide,  they still didn't want to let go of of each other's hands. As always,  credits to respective owners



Sorry for the ramblings haha, and peace all ;):mrgreen:


On 5/14/2019 at 6:18 AM, kur4p1k4 said:

Another one, I guess ZM actually eat the buns



Lol, how long did WJ just sit there and stare at her while ZM is eating? She ate 2.5 buns at least



Also from ep 42 I just realised WJ actually try to rub harder on the bite mark. so it can stay scarred longer, maybe?



And just a gif I found on the web, couldn't find the OP. Yukee being bloody awesome going up a horse :o



On 5/14/2019 at 1:38 PM, jackieusa said:

Indeed, 2019 version of ZWJ is truly a pure and upright man.  Funny I usually find this kind of characters in other dramas to be quite boring.  But here I don't find him boring at all and enjoyed watching all his interactions with all the characters excepted for ZZR.  LOL...I'm one of those fan who wish for something to happen between a man and a woman when WJ asked MM to stay for one more night.  I still remembered my reactions the first time I watched that scene.  I was thinking they better go back to that Inn and spend the night together to complete the brows painting ceremony and ditching all those Ming Sect. hypocrites.:blush:  Oh well...let wait for you guys to write some fanfic for that scene to full fill our dirty minds.:sweatingbullets:


Beside RYW, I think ZSF also approved their relationship. 


Thanks for enlightening me about what ZM said during the raining scene.  It's does make sense now.  She was waiting for him at the hotpot place the last time and WJ never show up.  This time she got really nervous he might not come back so she still waited for him even though it was a down pouring.:cry:


On 5/15/2019 at 6:32 AM, graceeedwardmom said:

@kur4p1k4 thank you kurapika for the information. ZM and ZWJ are indeed the best couple beating all the odds.

I think they are representing most of us people so we can feel the love. 


Imagine you're a man secretly harbors some forbidden desire to a girl which her status is very very high. In this case ZM is a princess while ZWJ just a rebel leader, he's not just a lowly peasant but someone with a death sentence in his name. They are so much different yet the man quickly extinguished even the slightest hope in him in having her. 

But to his surprise, the girl does not give up easily, she keep pushing even only a bit of hope she's more than ready to bet with everything she has although it almost costs her, her life. ZWJ scared to death that ZM could die under pressure from both sides. He keep asking her to go back home and live her splendid life, but she just persistent and his wall of defense just broken down. After that there's no turning back, he went ballistic on the world, and hell yeah he got the girl. It's like a man got his favorite idol/actress/model/princess as wife. 


For us ladies, ZM is the bravest one we could never be. From the moment she got swayed by him, she let herself openly although risking her life on it. She refused to bow down to anyone, she asked everyone to accept her as who she is. She know what she wants and ready to snatch it from everyone although she might face the worst outcome. Even in modern world, we ladies tend to choose the 'safest choice' for man, man in our league. ZM dared to choose ZWJ with his reputations, he is orphan with no wealth, demonic cult leader, womanizer, rebel leader with mysterious personality,  his family and friends scorned her. But she sticked firmly to her choice and she got her man. She believed this man is the one for her and will cherish her as much she cherishes him. How many of us can do or dare the same? I bet not many. In level of braveness, ZM is a dragon and i as a bee look up to in an awe.


ZM and ZWJ are the representation of our craziest, darkest, naughtiest, deepest dream but they made it possible that's why so many people love this couple. 


Sorry for the long post, everytime i visit this forum everyone here inspired me by new POVs and news. 


On 5/16/2019 at 5:27 AM, kur4p1k4 said:

@PutriSing It's not even about the "lovey-dovey" part. ZR always act like 'Woe is me' 'Shifu ordered me this ordered me that, I don't know what to do' f*** you! Nobody cares, grow up! ZR doesn't earn the tortured soul bulls*** Even Hamlet was not this insufferable.


Even remembering all the bad things she did she never even acknowledge it's a bad thing that she CHOSE to do. Just because YL is not dead it's still attempted murder, you still go to jail for that. She only always remember the oath she made to MJST, what will happen to her, it's always about her, what a psychopath.

Also in eps 40 my god when WJ wants to tell ZR that he met ZM, she still dare to say I'll get angry if I want to or not, jfc, what a pyschopath b***


Yes, that scene was good, but the WBB scene was weird I think there should be more explanation how it happen that WBB want to trap ZM. Yukee is a good actress surprisingly. I would say 41-42 is one her best, she got a few scenes alone no talking but somehow I don't want to fast forward it and when she was talking with FY was interesting  how they bait each other.


On 5/16/2019 at 11:59 AM, deminni said:

Wow guys, I am so behind! I came back and it was like 4 more pages to get through. I love it :) The love is still alive, and yay for more analyses and Joseph's new drama and Viet/Canto dubbed versions to share with our international fans. The dubbing is still a little jarring to me because I had rewatched HSDS19 version's episodes and FMVs so many times now that their voices are engraved in my mind. The Mandarin voice actors did so fantastically that it now embodies who Wu Ji and Zhao Min are to me. Epic lines in those voices just can't be beat by any other versions haha.






And so sorry for taking so long on this chapter. Life and work and everything has been chaotic and busy and fun, and I couldn't sit down long enough to properly finish the half chapter I had typed up a few weeks ago lol. Probably was the hardest chapter for me to get through writing-wise. I've also already started Chapter 7, so hopefully can post that a little more quickly than this one. I am on vacation right now, but wanted to post while I'm still at the hotel.


Title: Fortunately


Chapter 6:


妳便是我 命運安排的人

You are the one fate has arranged for me.


He doesn’t know how long they must fight until one side or the other gives out, and Wu Ji doesn’t intend for it to be him. Besides, the longer the fight persists, the more people he will have to hurt. Wu Ji hasn’t felt this wash of imminent danger since he left Wu Lin, and he notes that he does not miss it at all.


  Reveal hidden contents

Wu Ji decides today is the day he must go.


He has been a guest in da shum and da ye’s residence for a little under twenty days, and he has not seen any traces of other people besides the encounter in the forest.


Wu Ji has also slowly and successfully remedied da ye’s cough, and he has picked enough herbals for them along with penning a prescription that the elders can easily prepare. The animals are cared for, the couple’s supplies are stocked, and Wu Ji feels at ease that he is leaving them in a good place.


If he hopes to find her, he must go.


Da shum and da ye are reluctant to let him leave, especially da shum who gives Wu Ji every reason under the sun on why he should stay: he has a roof over his head, there is a clean bed and washed clothes and he and Ping On are well-fed at every meal; most importantly, Wu Ji has some semblance of a life here where he has good people as company and daily routines that bring him a form of joy he hasn’t felt in a long time. If he leaves, he is back to being unaided with his horse in the middle of a foreign landscape that is both treacherous and lonely.


But Wu Ji doesn’t mind. As tempting as it may be, he still knows that even the most enticing of reasons won’t make him stay.


He only has one reason to leave, and that reason will always eclipse every other reason.


Wu Ji thanks them an innumerous amount of times and bids farewell to da ye and his teary-eyed da shum, who ply him with enough food, water, and a handmade coat that could last him for three winters. With a final wave, Wu Ji sets out northbound continuing his search with renewed vigor.


After the streak of good luck he’s had, Wu Ji thinks he might be on the right side of fortune.






Wu Ji makes it about ten lis with Ping On when an arrow appears from within the thickness of Birch and Poplar, flying straight for his chest.


He catches it with his hand before its sharpened end could do any damage, but he is now on high alert. Wu Ji and Ping On’s pace had not been slow, and he deduces the perpetrator must be a highly skilled marksman.


He pulls on Ping On’s harness to steady and calm the aggravated horse; the silence around them is eerie, but then Wu Ji picks up on the increasing footsteps and horse hooves rapidly approaching them. Whoever is coming has been lying in wait.


From the shadows of thick trees and brushes lining the trail Wu Ji has taken, armored men and horses rush forward, and Wu Ji makes the quick decision to jump off of Ping On and whip the horse in the direction they had just come from.


He hopes that like its name, Ping On can make it back to da shum and da ye in one piece.


Wu Ji takes an immediate right into the lushness of the forest, hoping to conceal himself from the people giving chase.


He has a feeling he knows exactly whose arrow it belongs to.


More arrows fly towards his direction, and as Wu Ji dodges and strikes each one, he knows there is no hiding from the opponent.


He uses qing gong to jump out into the clearing, hoping to shake them off, but more soldiers rapidly appear from behind lines of Birchwood.


They quickly form a circular line around Wu Ji, and as he looks around at the faces of these men, he notices the shift in the center of the formation, creating an opening for the stately man sauntering in proudly on his stallion.


The only heir to the Temür clan with his piercing eyes and unsettling smirk. “Zhang Wu Ji, I’ve finally caught you.”


Wu Ji remains silent. He has tried his hardest for the last three years to stay out of Wang Bao Bao’s way, to lay low and not draw any attention to himself lest he tips off any of the General’s eyes and ears in Mongolia. When Wu Ji felt compromised, he fled. His goal wasn’t another fight, but it seems her brother has other plans.


“You have the audacity to set foot in Northern Yuan after what you did to us?” He taunts, eyes boring down on Wu Ji with a hatred that goes beyond war and country. For Wang Bao Bao, this is personal. “You may have evaded me for the last few years, but today your luck has run out.”


What ensues is another massive number of troops appearing from the brushes behind him and Wu Ji is surrounded and sorely outnumbered.


Wang Bao Bao’s smirk doesn’t leave his face.


Everything freezes for Wu Ji as the silence drags on in his consciousness. Wu Ji slows, taking long, measured breaths and concentrates on every movement in his line of sight.


Wang Bao Bao knows Wu Ji is highly skilled, and he has come prepared. He looks over to one of his troops and the man notes the flicker in his General’s eyes.


“Release the arrows!” The Yuan Commander raises his hand in signal, and suddenly a line of twenty men come forward.


Their precision nearly awes Wu Ji when they kneel in formation, bows stretched and strings pulled taut from every direction.


The Prince’s men let go of their strings in unison, and the release is deafening as a rain of arrows lance through the air.


Wu Ji readies himself, feeling the energy swiftly build in the depths of his stomach, surging forward through every strand of nerves and veins in his body. The mix of adrenaline and internal energy releases with a blast, and everything in Wu Ji’s line of sight flies outward, creating a streamlined pathway straight for the Yuan soldiers. The energy discharges, and a mix of bows and arrows and men fall to the ground.


This doesn't impede them. More men continue to come forth, firing arrows after arrows that all militantly intend to take Wu Ji’s life.


Wu Ji hears the swoosh of metal brush directly past his ear. He blocks as many as he can before pushing off the ground in a spin aided by his qing gong, using the force of his internal energy to bend and break sharp steel and shaved wood.


He then focuses on gathering them with his bare hands, eyes lasering in on every batch that comes his way. He grabs them easily like they are paintbrushes instead of arrows, then throws the sharp ends back in a circular path, knocking out the front row of men surrounding him. He repeats this until he is sure the men are tired and hesitant, worried they will end up like their brethren.


When it slows, Wu Ji breathes hard and takes in the field now littered with the remains of spearheads and men. Their blood dyes the brown of the earth with a dark crimson.


But Wang Bao Bao is determined to capture Wu Ji, dead or alive.


Wu Ji barely has a moment to catch his breath, then hears, “FIRE!”


The soldiers begin to use stealth daggers, hurling the deadly weapons straight at the lone fighter.


Wu Ji deflects the first round seamlessly and uses his nei gong 內功 to revert them back at his enemies. They drop to the ground writhing in pain.


He spins his body in the air and precisely catches the next series of blades with both hands, eyes sharp as he looks out at them mid-spin and launches the daggers at the next set of soldiers, injuring most and killing some.


Wu Ji lands solidly on the gravel, then leaps back up to avoid a third round of steel as they narrowly miss him.


The General is livid. He looks around at his fallen men, but his fury bypasses the reality before him, and all he wants is Wu Ji’s decapitated head to satisfy the hot, burning red in his gut.


“Zhang Wu Ji, you won’t be leaving here alive today.”


Wu Ji is silent as he steels himself, arms up and positioned much like his Tai Shi Fu as he focuses on Wang Bao Bao perched on top of his horse.


“You don’t want to do this.”


He scoffs menacingly, voice raw with pure hatred. “This has been everything I’ve wanted for the last three years. My arrows piercing through your worthless body. You'll die exactly how my father did. It should be an honor for you.”


His princely arrogance replaces the anger on his face as he turns to his men. “Kill him.”


There is another flurry of formation and Wu Ji begins to worry. He can defeat them one on one, but Wang Bao Bao is relentless and his troops are innumerable. Though Wu Ji knows he is capable, the amount of soldiers present is hundreds to one.


He doesn’t know how long they must fight until one side or the other gives out, and Wu Ji doesn’t intend for it to be him. Besides, the longer the fight persists, the more people he will have to hurt. Wu Ji hasn’t felt this wash of imminent danger since he left Wu Lin, and he notes that he does not miss it at all.


The men start charging towards him with swords and armor in a deathly flood, eager to kill the former leader of Ming Sect. As he is fending off the rush of people, the arrows join, too. Every skilled marksman has their eyes and weapons on him, and they are shooting at an even more rapid pace. He kicks away a group of arrows, then lands a palm strike on two more men charging at him.


The intensity of the fight grows with each passing second, and Wu Ji accelerates his blows, using even more force than before to fight back. A group of soldiers come down on him at once, and Wu Ji crosses his arms to block the men’s sword-bearing hands. As he pushes off on the weapons, he finds a second set of men charging at him in unison with militaristic precision.


Wu Ji narrowly avoids them by gliding backwards using the tips of his feet in a snaking formation.


From behind, he hears a few of them soar through the air, hoping to ambush Wu Ji, but his nei gong wards off the attack, propelling the men backwards immediately when their palms graze him.


The battle is chaotic and Wu Ji focuses on every sound, every sudden movement and directs his mind to calm and feel out the fight, the energy surging beneath his fingertips, eager to release. Wu Ji hones his focus.


He feels the pressure build within the depths of his core, moving up through his sternum, and with the slowing of his breath, he paces his heart, closes his eyes, and channels Qian Kun Da Nuo Yi 乾坤大挪移 at the center of his body. His hands guide the energy as Wu Ji feels a finite surge of adrenaline and conserved forces course through his veins, and with the outward push of his arms, a burst of power throws every patriot within his radius into the air and towards the barks of aged Birch.


When Wu Ji resets, his eyes slowly open to sharpened amber. He had not used this much force since leaving the Central Plains and suddenly he feels as alive as when he had first learned wu gong from a discreet manual inside a secluded cave.


The Mongolian soldiers around Wu Ji are restless, but hesitant. They hadn’t missed the sound of spines and bones breaking, flesh and blood colliding with the strength of nature.


Wu Ji sees a storm of emotions on Wang Bao Bao’s face.


He realizes the other man will not back down, but as Wu Ji looks around at the men littered on the ground, he thinks of da ye's son, these Mongolian sons and husbands and brothers who are sacrificing their lives not for their country's cause, but for Wang Bao Bao's insatiable need for revenge.


Wu Ji doesn’t want to keep fighting. He turns around to walk away, hoping this is enough between them.


But Wang Bao Bao won’t let him go.


The General suddenly sends another signal, and one single man leaps out from among the crowds.


The man lands in front of Wu Ji, and he recognizes him as the person the maiden in white had injured.


“It’s you…” Wu Ji pauses and he senses the man is more foe than friend.


He raises palm to fist and slightly bows to Wu Ji as way of introduction. “My name is Batu Boko. Zhang Wu Ji, I owe you my life.”


Wu Ji notices the Prince giving his soldiers the gesture to halt and stand back.


“You’re one of Wang Bao Bao’s men.”


“Yes, I am the one that led us to you.” Batu’s voice does not waver. “Seems like it can’t be helped that you and I face off today. General Köke Temür has saved my entire family, and I am indebted to him.”


Wu Ji may not want to fight, but the fight seems to keep beckoning him. He thinks at least he is fighting one man and will not have to injure many more. In the back of Wu Ji's mind, he is already pondering about his best escape route once he defeats Batu Boko.


He affirms Batu with a nod and readies his body into a dueling position.


“I will allow you fifteen moves without counterattacking as my repayment for you saving my life.”


It surprises Wu Ji that Batu is so self-assured. The other man had been injured and could have lost his life had Wu Ji not stepped in, but he sounds confident of a victory even with the concession. Wu Ji wonders if there may be more than meets the eyes.


Wu Ji prepares his first attack, and immediately springs into opened palms and stiffened forearms. He is striking the other man with every extension of his elbow, but Batu is alert and strong, easily dodging Wu Ji’s first, second, and even third attempt with nothing but speed and lightness of feet.


With moves four through eight, Wu Ji uses Qian Kun Da Nuo Yi and conducts the energy like a refined whip that could snap the other person in half, but Batu is able to split the force with the spread of his arms, creating two energy waves that knock down a row of trees on both sides.


The other man has no expression on his face. He projects a calmness that rivals even Wu Ji’s Tai Shi Fu, and there is something admirable in the other man’s ability to keep his word and competently defend against Wu Ji.


By the thirteenth strike, Wu Ji still has not grazed him. Batu’s qing gong now is immensely more powerful than when he was with the maiden in the forest. Wu Ji recalls the other man had only defended against her then as well.


Finally, on move fifteen, Wu Ji is able to land a palm strike on the man’s right shoulder, but he feels Batu’s nei gong flow the energy Wu Ji just transmitted back through his meridians and outward, creating a counter-force that propels both men in opposite directions.


They land with the sliding of heels on gravel as they plant their feet firmly. The two men regain their composure by controlling their breathing and readjusting their nei gong, eyes never leaving their opponent’s.


Wu Ji thinks he may have found his Mongolian match.


Wang Bao Bao’s voice interrupts the battle. “Zhang Wu Ji, fifteen moves are up. It’s time for your defeat.”


With his commander’s indication, Batu unflinchingly charges forward towards Wu Ji, and the man’s movement is faster than any martial arts skills Wu Ji has learned exists. Every strike is barely discernible until skin contact occurs, and when Wu Ji is able to feel its force, he hardly has a chance to counterattack. His eyes are fixed on Batu’s strikes, but even Wu Ji is having a difficult time detecting them.


When Wu Ji himself is able to strike his opponent, the man uses his entire body to shift his weight as well as Wu Ji’s, dancing and dodging in a mock wrestling match Wu Ji has only seen Mongolian men engage in as he traveled the country.


But this unique combination of wrestling agility, muscled force, and immense internal energy piques Wu Ji. He doesn’t understand Batu’s wu gong, but there is something esteemed about the other man’s ability.


Foreign lands bring foreign skills, and Wu Ji can admit he has never seen this happen through all of his encounters in Wu Lin. He is briefly reminded of the Persians but is pulled from his musings when Batu slides in feet first, hoping to take out Wu Ji’s legs.


Wu Ji narrowly avoids the attack as he leaps upward, spinning to gain better ground and find his footing.


When Wu Ji is mid-spin, concentrated on Batu and his next move, he feels a flash of brutalizing pain on his right shoulder.


Wu Ji lands clumsily and staggers backwards, clutching the crafty arrow that pierced straight through his collarbone. He looks down at the blood now freely flowing, soaking the clothes da shum had just made for him and notes the color is a darker tinge than usual. There is a numbness that is spreading along his arm and neck far too quickly for a normal injury.


Wu Ji’s eyes fly up to Wang Bao Bao, who puts down his bow slowly, his own eyes firm on Wu Ji. He remains seated on his warhorse with a hardened expression. If he feels any trace of remorse, Wu Ji can’t see it.


Even Batu Boko looks marginally shocked at the underhanded tactic his revered General just applied.


But Wu Ji isn’t surprised. He is far too familiar with how much vengeance changes a person.


Wu Ji grits his teeth and bears down, letting out a slight wince as he breaks the arrow in half. He grips the wooden end and pulls, eyes piercing Wang Bao Bao as metal rips its way back out of his torn flesh. The tip of the spearhead is completely blackened.


He tosses the broken pieces to the ground and immediately uses his middle and forefinger to firmly hit two points encasing the wound, hoping to slow his bloodstream and impede the spread of the poison. The jolt of nerves freezing has Wu Ji clutching onto his numbed limb.


Maybe it is the toxin constricting his rationality, but he doesn’t understand why he feels a twinge in his heart for Wang Bao Bao. For Wu Ji, there is a feeling of defeat; that her brother, her only kin left, is the one who did this to him.


Absurdly, Wu Ji wonders if she hates him just as much.


His vision begins to blur, but Wu Ji tries to shake himself out of it.


Nothing moves around him except Wu Ji. The soldiers lift their weapons, but don’t act.


Wu Ji is so tired of fighting. He closes his eyes and suddenly lets out a choked laugh.


So this is how this ends.


When his eyes open, Wu Ji has already turned away from Wang Bao Bao and his men, and his feet are unsteadily taking him away from them.


He stumbles past Batu Boko and thinks maybe he hears Wang Bao Bao’s voice telling him to stop. If the man wants to fight fairly, Wu Ji will fight with him, but he doesn’t want to have to see her brother kill him in this way.


Wu Ji can hear Wang Bao Bao increasingly becoming more agitated the more Wu Ji walks away, and he can sense the moment her brother leaps off his horse, the sound of steel whipping through the air, echoing from behind.


Maybe this is how I will die. Min Min ah, will you cry for me like I did for you?


Wu Ji is mid-step and stumble when his world comes to a complete and grinding halt.




Wu Ji feels a jolt in his body that both surges life back into him, but also fuses his feet to the dirt and gravel beneath him. His mouth parts, but no words come out.


He knows this voice distinctly, can recognize it even in the slightest lift and fall of her sigh.


The familiar sound of someone’s qing gong rustling through the air behind him and the clinkclinkclink of metal on metal is dulled out.


For a moment, Wu Ji wonders if the stiffness that has overtaken him is due to the poison flowing into his bloodstream.


All he hears is her voice ringing in his head as a flood of memories washes over him.


A flash of regal red in a grand manor.


“I am Zhao Min and have waited here in anticipation.”


The scent of sweet perfume wafting from a ceramic wine cup, an enticing pink crescent dotting the rim.


“Zhang cong zi, by this point, I’m sure you know who I am. My father is Ru Yang Wong, esteemed commander of the Imperial Army. I am of Mongolian descent, and my real name is Min Min Temür. The Emperor pronounced me to be Zhao Min Jun Zhu, referring to the Han name I gave myself.”


An icy gaze paired with the fire and defiance in her tone, admonishing all of Wu Ji’s accusations.


“I, Min Min Temür, am capable of admitting to anything I do, but if I haven’t done it, even if you cast me into the eighteen levels of hell for eternity, I will still refuse to accept the blame.”


The very last glimpse he catches of her before the ensuing separation Wu Ji has endured for the past three years.


“Back then, I was able to risk everything to follow you. Now, I am also able to do everything in my power to stay away from you. I, Min Min Temür, can do exactly as I say. The only thing I regret is that the price I had to pay was with my father’s life.”


The clarity of her tone slices through him sharper and deeper than any metal.


Min Min.


It must be the poison, because even as the flurry of movement dies down, Wu Ji still cannot move.


Min Min.


He hears the clashing of swords behind him pick up again. Wu Ji wills himself to turn around.


He recognizes the long, cocooned veil of white, the maiden in the forest, but her voice. Her voice was Zhao Min’s.


Wu Ji feels his own voice shake when he speaks, throat tight and watery in a mix of fear and anticipation.


“Min Min… is that—”


Before he could finish, Wang Bao Bao takes the moment of distraction to rush past the figure in white and land a blow on Wu Ji’s chest, and they both expel in opposite directions from the force of Jiu Yang Shen Gong 九陽神功.


Wu Ji is driven back, but she is there to catch him, one hand around his shoulder as she steadies him. The misty veil conceals her face, but Wu Ji is certain he has his answer.


He considers the smile on his face to be foolish, but it doesn’t last very long as he tastes viscous iron instead of the salty lump lodged in his throat before.


Wu Ji tries to bear down on his teeth to staunch the blood, but to no avail. He feels a cold, crimson trail flow from the corner of his lips, erupting from the internal wound in his chest.


His legs give in and he buckles to the ground, but she is still there to catch him, a small, but immovable force ready for Wu Ji to lean on. When they both reach the ground, he lets the weight of his body fall into her, and she gently lays his head on her arm. Wu Ji tries to smile even as more blood spews from his lips.


Her hand comes up to wipe it from his face, and he tries to speak, to assure her, only to choke on the dense fluids blocking his airway. But he tries anyways; he wants to be able to tell her I’m okay. It’s okay…


It doesn’t come out.


The pain is there, muted and faded in the abstract of Wu Ji’s miasma, but everything seems to pale in comparison to the only two words repeating like a tantric mantra in his haziness.


Min Min.


Wu Ji thinks it is silly of him to be scared of blinking, but he would rather be the silliest person in the world than live out his worst fear. He fights back the murky shroud threatening to invade his vision of her, to take the sight of her away from him.


His eyes burn more than the wounds, and Wu Ji grabs on tightly to her sleeve.


He can’t let her go again.


A gust of wind breezes by them, picking up a little more of the fabric, and Wu Ji is able to catch a glimpse of her face.


He assumes if he dies now, he would die happy.


“It’s okay, Wu Ji ah.” Zhao Min tries to smile for him, too, but the moment is short-lived. She sighs unevenly, and Wu Ji knows she is steeling herself. Her expression hardens as she turns to her brother.


When Zhao Min speaks again, it is laced with contempt. “This is how you win now? By using poison and cheap shots? A righteous man would never do this.”


Wang Bao Bao scoffs, his breathing labored as he holds onto the arm that had just wounded Wu Ji, feeling pain blossom through the limb. “You are the last person who should be lecturing me. This debt owed in blood has no regard for your righteous ways.”


The General’s eyes dim with rage and anguish, and Wu Ji knows the memories must have surged back, the sight of Ru Yang Wong’s bloodied armor pierced with the arrows his Ming Sect had left behind. “You think your Zhang Jiao Zhu is defenseless? Look at all of my men he has killed. Look at how he killed my Father!”


“It wasn’t him!” Zhao Min interrupts, and she holds Wu Ji just a little bit tighter. Her voice is softer now, tired, as she looks down at the man in her arms. “It wasn’t him, and you and I both know that.”


“It doesn’t matter who it was! They all need to pay!” Wang Bao Bao’s knuckles go white while his expression emits the same darkness he feels within.


Wu Ji can understand the fury and loathing; he knows what it’s like to lose a parent.


“I understand your pain.” Wu Ji pictures Zhao Min’s brows furrowing in grief, but he knows she is determined. “I know you’re angry. I know you want to seek retribution for what happened to… your Father, but this is not the way. Hurting him, hurting yourself… you think he would want this? If you want to honor the late General, then live in his footsteps. Defeat Zhu Yuan Zhang on the battlefield!”


Wu Ji sees the moment her words rattle Wang Bao Bao, the slight faltering of his legs giving him away. His eyes momentarily shift, becoming unfocused, but he regains himself quickly and the hatred they possess return.


“Say whatever you want, but your Zhang Jiao Zhu will not be leaving here until I watch him take his last breath.”


She draws a shaky breath just as Wu Ji does, too, and slowly moves to get up, leaving Wu Ji sitting on the ground. Wu Ji instantly feels the loss of warmth when she extracts herself from him.


Zhao Min moves forward, one foot in front of the other, and in the middle of this battlefield littered with the remnants of a lethal combat, she exudes serenity in her trail of white.


The silence that stretches between Zhao Min and Wang Bao Bao is solemnly tense. For a moment, it feels like there are no soldiers around them. No blood, no sound, nothing but a pair of sibling bond hanging by a thread.


Zhao Min stands before Wang Bao Bao, whose eyes are pouring into hers in a mix of resentment and pain, and Wu Ji watches her hand come up to cup his face as she leans in to whisper something indistinguishable in the General’s ear.


Wu Ji’s vision is blurred, but he notes the stunned expression on Wang Bao Bao’s face as Zhao Min pulls away and makes her return back to Wu Ji.


“We need to go.” She gently sits him up and swings his good arm over her shoulder, lifting Wu Ji. He admires her strength for how small she is, and he remembers how perfectly she molded into his body while in his arms.


He wishes he had the strength to hug her right now.


“Can you walk?” He feels her other hand gently press against the wound on his shoulder, and when it comes back stained in sable and crimson, Wu Ji winces, but doesn’t miss the tightened grip she has on his waist.


His lips tilt up slightly from her concern, and he slowly shakes his head I’m fine.


Zhao Min nods, satisfied. “Let’s go.” She holds onto him and steadies them to leave.


He expects Wang Bao Bao to stop them, prepared for another ambush, but to his surprise, the General and his troops remain immobile as they watch Wu Ji and Zhao Min walk away.





Wu Ji endures the pain long enough until both him and Zhao Min are beyond her brother’s line of sight, and as they near da shum’s and da ye’s residence, he fuzzily wonders how she knew her way back just as his world falls into darkness.



Link: https://archiveofourown.org/works/18594964/chapters/44733871


On 5/17/2019 at 6:59 AM, LaurenPanna said:
  Reveal hidden contents



The Night before the Wedding of Zhang Wuji and Zhou Zhi Ruo:



Zhaomin sat alone in a Little Inn in Hao Zhou. On the Table, there were 1 bottle of liqueor , and 2 sets of utensils. She looked sad and Moody. Occasionally she would picked up a cup of wine and drink solemnly.



Wuji could not get to sleep. He went out to the streets strolling around. He walked past this Little Inn. Suddenly, he thought of Min, so he went in. Coincidentally, Min was also inside. He was shocked.



“Miss Zhao, Why were you here?”



Min looked up at Wuji. She was a little taken aback to see him. “Zhang Jiao Zhu, tomorrow is your big day. You are so excited that you couldn’t sleep?"



Wuji thought to himself, “You have so many enemies in Hao Zhou, it is very dangerous for you to stay here.” He can’t help worrying for her.



Min laughed and said ,”why? Zhang Jiao Zhu doesn't dare to sit down and have a drink with me?”



Wuji sat down. Min Teased him, “I am here to attend your wedding.”



Wuji panicked upon hearing that, “what do you intend to do? Don’t do anything silly.”



“Zhang Wuji, let me ask you a question. You have to answer me truthfully. Can you not marry Zhou Zhiruo?”  Min asked.



“NO.”  Wuji answered.



“Do you really love her? Do you really think you will be happy if you marry her?” Min continued asking.



Wuji braced himself up, drank a cup of wine, and said, “Miss Zhao. You better forget about me.”



Min looked up at him tenderly, “Look at me, and Answer me. “



Wuji Trembled and replied, “Yes, I love her. I will be happy if I marry her. I will be with her for my whole life.”



Hearing these words from him personally, Min Teared. “How about me then? Have you ever loved me? Have you ever thought of being with me?”



Wuji tried to hold his emotions down, and forced himself to reply, “Miss Zhao, I am just an ordinary Guy. I am not worth your time….”



Min stared at him. “Why? You don’t dare to reply my question?”



Wuji replied harshly, “I DO NOT LOVE YOU. I had never thought of being together with you. We will never have a future together. Tomorrow, I am getting married. Let it go. “



“You are lying…” Min broke down.



Wuji hold back his tears, “Sorry.”



Min couldn’t stop crying. After she calmed down, she laughed, “I understand now. You only have some feelings for me but you do not Love me. I am willing to do anything for you but you don’t even wish to try. In your heart, I am not important at all. In this chaotic world, I only ask for true love. But it ended up as a laughing stock.”



Min took out Xie Xun’s gold hair and hand over to Wuji.

“I originally planned to clash your wedding with these hair tomorrow.”



Wuji was shocked, “Why did you have my Godfather’s hair? Where is he now?”



Min answered despondently, “I can only tell you that he is in Shaolin, the rest is up to you to find out yourself.”



She wiped her tears off and said. “Zhang Wuji. I wish you happiness. May We never meet again.”



She stood up and prepared to leave upon finishing her statement.



Wuji held her arm and asked anxiously, “Where do you intend to go?”



Min replied sadly, “I can’t go back to Prince Ruyang Residence anymore, Maybe I will go Mongolia, Maybe I will go Persia., or maybe some other places. I will not bother you again. I will stay away from you until I totally forget about you. “



After Min left the Little Inn, Wuji could not control his tears flowing anymore. “Minmin…. I am so…Sorry…”



Upon Returning to General Residence, He saw the red wedding decorations on the entrance. He couldn’t help it and Cried again. Yin Liu Shu and his wife Yang Bu Hui who arrived to attend his wedding in the day time, just came back from supper. They saw him crying.



Bu Hui asked, “Brother Wuji, the one you truly love is Miss Zhao, right? Then why did you want to marry Miss Zhou? You will only be happy if you marry the one you truly love. Otherwise, the 3 of you will suffer. "



Wuji replied calmly, “it’s too late now. I had already decided. Don’t talk about it anymore.”



Bu Hui continued. “I don’t want you to have any regrets.”






The Next Day, Wedding went on Smoothly.



After the wedding, Wuji discussed with Yang Xiao and the rest on how to save Xie Xun.



When the discussion was done, it was already very late at night. He slept in the Study Room.



Subsequently, every night after that, he started to get busy with matters in Ming Sect, Zhi Ruo also need to go back to Emei to see to some matters.. They got separated after a few days after the wedding without any consummation.



Ming Sect menbers headed to Shaolin. Wuji tried to sound some information on the whereabouts of Xie Xun. He tried to break the Jin Gang Demon Slaying Grid alone but failed to save his Godfather. Cheng Kun harmed the Abbott of Shaolin and distributed the Invitation cards for Lion Slaying Session.

Zhou Zhiruo also came to Shaolin to participate in this session.


Wuji, Yang Xiao and Fan Yao, once again tried to break the Jin Gang Demon Slaying Grid together but failed. Wuji felt very despondent.


In order to boost Emei’s reputation, Zhou ZhiRuo won several fights during Shaolin duel using JiuYin White Claws. Wuji asked her what are those evil martial arts displayed by her. She replied that she will tell him after Saving God Father. Both of them worked together and successfully broke through the Jin Gang Demon Slaying Grid set by the 3 Monks.



One of the Monks recognized that Zhou Zhi Ruo used the Jiu Yin White Claws. “I thought after Guo Jing Huang Rong passed away, this Martial Arts Lost its existence forever, I am so surprised that Someone still have the knowledge of it.”



Cheng Kun was blinded by Xie Xun and lost his Martial Arts ability.



Wuji Suddenly remembered Zhao Min’s insistence about Zhuo ZhiRuo being the murderer of Snake island. With the confirmation coming from The Monk about Jiu Yin White Claws, he started to suspect Zhiruo.



He asked her about the Snake Island incident.

Zhiruo admitted that everything at the Snake island was done by her. She decided to Admit because she thought that Wuji will definitely forgive her, since She helped him save his Godfather from Shaolin, and that Zhu-Er is still alive. She felt that sooner or later he will know, so it is best to come clean with it.



Wuji was not angry. He only felt that his heart was in deep pain. And when he thought of Minmin, that pain worsen.



To be Continued. (Part 4 onwards)



Previously I promised to translate a new Weibo Fan Fic.





If The Wedding Clash Never Happen (Part 1 / 2 / 3)




Original Author Weibo Link (For Chinese reader) : https://media.weibo.cn/article?id=2309404370929407910326



Translation in Spoiler above.






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New chapter up for Hao Jiejie (Good Sister)- my English modern AU HSDS fanfic :)


https://archiveofourown.org/tags/倚天屠龙记 | Heavenly Sword and Dragon Slaying Saber (TV 2019)/works?page=1


On 5/23/2019 at 9:43 AM, LaurenPanna said:


Thanks for reading it! 


Quite some time ago, I did a short ending fanfic with dialogue added 


This is in English. I tried writing something because I could not let go of the fact that they didn't have much conversation 


Reunion in Grassland, from this moment on, We shall wander the world together.
- Ji Min Finale.
“I thought you are not coming” Leaning on his shoulder, Minmin raised her head and started to speak.
“Minmin, I told you, no matter where I am, no matter how difficult it is, I will still come back to you……… how have you been doing all these years? There isn’t a moment I stop thinking of you, missing you badly. I can’t wait to fulfill my promise to the country and come back to you. I searched frantically for you . I wanted to come back to you so badly, even if it means losing my life”
Wuji’s eyes filled with love, touched Minmin.
“After Burying Father, I had been staying with my Granny. She dotes on me a lot and is very happy to have my accompaniment. After returning to Mongol, I started living the life I yearned for. But I am not happy at all”
“Because you missed me, you are worried for me. I know” Wuji Smiled, beaming with happiness.
Minmin didn’t answer. She asked, “Wuji, What if I was dead, Or What if I fell in love with someone else? What if I was not in Mongolia at all? And you never get to find me for the rest of your life? What would you do?”
Hearing what she said, Wuji suddenly frowned and look despondent. He ever thought of all these possibilities but did not have the courage to face his fear.
“If you are really dead, I will follow you. When I thought you were killed by your dad, I promised you upon your grave that, Once I fulfilled my mission, I will not let you be lonely again.”
“ If you fell in love with someone else, I will still stay by your side to protect you, I would not let you be bullied by anyone.” Upon finishing his sentence, his eyes filled with tears uncontrollably.
Suddenly, Minmin laughed and said: “Who else would bully me, except you?”
But the moment she saw Wuji’s tormented face, she stopped laughing and look at him lovingly. She ask, “Then, What if you can’t find me for the rest of your life?”
“I don’t know, I dare not even think of that. I will keep searching for you, till the day I died.”
Minmin is very touched to hear that.
Suddenly, She shyly and playfully asked, “Is my hairpin still with you? “ 
Facing her, Wuji look into her eyes and was mersmerized by her beauty. He replied, “Yes, the hairpin and handkerchief are still with me, They represent my promise to you and They give me strength to live and move on. How can I lose them? Shall I put on the hairpin for you?
“Yes” , Minmin smiled.
Minmin finally feel a deep sense of relief. She hugged him tightly after he put on the hairpin for her. Her Wuji has come back to her safely. He is still the innocent boy with a Pure heart. There is nothing she could ever ask for than this. From this moment onwards, they can finally hold hands and wander the world together.


On 5/26/2019 at 2:02 AM, deminni said:

Slow night in the forum, so of course I figured it's the perfect time to stay up and write! This chapter was both fun and difficult to write, and I hope you guys enjoy. I am so averse to real emotions in real life, so am still unsure how I feel about this chapter hahaha


Title: Fortunately


Chapter 7:

妳便是我 命運安排的人

You are the one fate has arranged for me.




Wu Ji tries to tilt her face up; he wants to be able to tell her that everything he has done, he did for her willingly. Given the choice between this life and a life completely devoid of Zhao Min, Wu Ji will choose this path without a second thought a hundred times over.




Link: https://archiveofourown.org/works/18594964/chapters/45040090


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Okay, so I tried to make the next part of my dark Wuji fanfic (part 1 had been posted before). It was not that good, but here you go.


As this will be a dark fanfic, please read the warning and Disclaimer (all in the spoiler) before you proceed please.


Hope you like it


P.S. I plan to post the next chapter for the Chronicles of WJ-MM after their reunion at the grassland as well, perhaps a bit later tonight.


I haven't had the chance to do so, but been wanting to create a Archive of Our Own account so I can collect all my fanfics in my place for your enjoyment. So in the mean time, please bear with me posting bits and pieces of fanfic in this forum :sweatingbullets:


  Reveal hidden contents

Part 2 of the dark Wuji fanfic I wrote some time earlier



This fanfic is purely for fun fanfic writing purposes. No copyright infringement intended, and strictly no commercial gain.



As some might find this piece to be quite dark (or very dark for some), please be advised before proceeding. Nothing graphic though. THis fanfic is extremely AU, didn't follow canon at all and deviated very far away from the source material. For this piece, no historical resemblance whatsoever (so can be considered purely fictional fanfiction), and none intended. Trigger warning: this piece contained emotional turmoils and content that might be a trigger for some, so if you are not comfortable with this, please don't proceed. Again, nothing graphic though. 


Darker, conflicted portrayal of WJ, perhaps an evil WJ so if you're stickler to the canon, you might not enjoy this. Major character's death (alluded in this part). Overall, not really an uplifting type of fanfic. Unfavorable portrayals of some characters from the original sources.


Hope you enjoy!!



(Part 2)


The crowds were cheering jubilantly at the sight of their new emperor. A young man who had triumphantly led the fights against the previous dynasty, a formidable young leader who now sat on the new throne. Bedecked in his yellow robes made of the finest silk, the young man greeted his people with reassurance of re-building the peace and prosperity. He promised to return the harmony and happiness to his land and his people.


But the new emperor never once smiled. Elation and euphoria that filled the victorious land never once greeted the new emperor’s eyes.


Zhang Wuji’s eyes.


He had waited for this day. The beginning of his long awaited retribution. Ever since the day he had unwillingly bid his farewell to his wife. Ever since he had desolately buried his forever love. Ever since he had tasted his first ever thirst for vengeance.


‘Wait for me, Min-min. Once I am done with this, I will accompany you.’


Wuji had decided to ascend the throne to ensure the people could eventually enjoy the peace and stability that they had sacrificed so much to attain. But most importantly, he wanted his revenge. His paybacks toward those who had stabbed him behind the back. His vengeance for those who had caused his Min-min’s demise. An end to his tumultuous days and nights that had almost brought him down to his knees from that separation not so long time ago. A short span of time that felt like a different era for his disillusioned soul.


Wuji knew he could not recklessly exacted his revenges toward those traitors who had used him in the past. He did not want to jeopardize his chances. He had survived through these agonizing months, he had weathered harrowing nightmares even in his waking hours, so he could definitely hold a while longer. Not only for his revenges, but also for her memory. Most importantly for her memory. For her sake. When his Min-min was alive, she had never once wavered on her support toward his dream of bringing peace to his people. It had never been her wish to see the man she loved fought against her dynasty, her family, and she had never once betrayed her family. But his Min-min, his beautiful wife that now only existed inside his tormented memory had always believed in him, had always protected him, had always wanted him to finish what he had started without standing in his way. And such a selfless love had been taken away from him in order to pave the way for this victory. So for her, he would make sure to finish what he had once dreamed of achieving, he would fight for the peace of his people. Before he brought down those betrayers.


All for her. 


He began his rule with exceedingly high standard toward his former members, while surreptitiously curtailing their influence in the court by installing trustworthy and capable ministers and military generals. One mistake was all he needed to punish those who had once called him a leader but had schemed and lied to his face.  He could wait, patiently, for the court to stabilize before he moved. He would wait until his stronghold was established before he attacked. Once he had no more use of those traitors, he would deal the blow toward them. One blow by one blow. Each revenge by each revenge. So as slowly as necessary, and as surely as the sun coming up at each daybreak, he had quietly put his plans in motions. He sowed seeds of discord among those members, while waiting for his chance to move.


No. While creating his chance to move.


As the whole year had almost gone, the civilians started to settle down more comfortably as the new emperor and his government had managed to bring stability to the land. But unbeknownst to them, the palace court had been nothing but tumultuous. The new emperor had banished several of his former sect members for alleged treason after proofs had been found in their chambers. Banished to the farthest part of the land. Exiled to the loneliest and harshest edge of the kingdom.


Wuji smiled coldly as he watched the proofs submitted by his subordinates. The proofs that he had ensured the other members found in the accused’s rooms. He had schemed so perfectly that no one could link the planted evidences to him.


“Min-min, do you hate me? I am no longer your naïve and kind Wuji. I guess I have learned well from those traitors on how to scheme.” A bitter laughter echoed through the imperial chamber. The bright and luxurious room felt cold and smothering for Wuji as he downed his cup of wine.


“Min-min, why don’t you come to my dream anymore? I miss you. I miss you so badly!!”


Angrily, Wuji smashed the cup in his hand, prompting the eunuch who had stood guard in front of the chamber to come in panic, worried that the emperor was hurt. Wuji swiftly sent them out as he sat on the table, his eyes never left the wooden placard on top of a special table that he had prepared for her.


“Min-min. My Min-min. Can you come to my dream tonight? I am dying for you. Please, Min-min. Don’t turn your back on me. Don’t ignore me.”


Wuji was pleading to no one in the empty chamber. His heart could no longer break ever since it turned to ashes along with her demise. He felt empty. He felt numb. He missed her. Even if they could only meet in his dream, he would treasure it. He wanted her. He needed her. With every breath he took, he needed her.


‘Wishing for Zhao Min to be by his side’


The words that he had once written on his paper lantern suddenly came flooding back to his mind. The paper lantern that he had lighted before he found out she had been alive. In one mad moment, he had instructed the eunuchs to bring him the paper lantern boat. Dozens of them. He would lit the boats and she would be back to him. Back to his arms.


‘Do you know how much I miss you?’


How he wished he could ask her this question one more time, just like he had done that beautiful night when they became husband and wife. But no matter how long he waited, she never came. He had filled his chambers with the paper lantern boats, had lit every single one of them with the sincerest wish he could utter for her to return. To be back by his side again. And still nothing. Nothing.


He still stared at the empty chamber. He still retired to the cold bed.


Wuji had just returned from his visit to nearby villages to inspect on the development of life there, the only time he had felt a slight reprieve from the raging battle inside his mind. The peaceful looks of contentment on his people’s faces were his precious consolations, and he had always imagined, had always hoped to see how happy she would be to know that, at the very least, her Wuji did not give up on this dream. He had dismissed the rest of the court when Zhou Dian had lingered behind. His former member who had been very vocal about his rejection toward Min-min. Indifferently, Wuji picked up the report that he needed to check before he addressed the man fidgeting in front of his table.


“Zhou Dian, you seem to have something important to discuss with me?”


The older man quickly leaped to his prepared speech. He had been thinking of proposing a match, as there had been an anxious talk among the ministers that the young emperor did not have a matching empress to accompany him. A match that would benefit his position in the court as well. The mere mention of someone else to replace his Min-min was enough to incite Wuji’s fury. A cold and menacing look slowly appeared in his face, as he slowly placed the report on the table. Without hurry, he raised his face to look directly at the man who dared to propose such an idea.


“Zhou Dian, what have you just said?”


Wuji’s voice was low as he continued to stare directly at the older man’s eyes. Zhou Dian was taken aback by the coldness in his former leader’s voice, but he did not back down. He laid out the perfect match that he had been wanting the new emperor to consider. “Your majesty, the court has been worrying about finding the right match for you. I am sure the people will want to see their new emperor start his new family soon. And the matter of heir can be taken care of as well. If we send a formal match proposal, I am certain Zhou gu niang, I mean, Leader Zhou will be willing to…” Zhou Dian’s rambling was cut short when Wuji angrily cut him short.


“Zhou gu niang? Zhou Zhiruo?” the young emperor’s voice cracked as anger filled every inch of his body. Zhou Dian started to fidget even more when he felt the rage of his young emperor. “Your majesty, Zhou Dian is only suggesting a possibly the perfect match for the throne. You see, a union with one of the top sects will…”Zhou Dian’s words were once again cut short when Wuji angrily slammed the table in front of him. He could not believe the audacity of his former member to even suggest the match. “Zhou Dian!! How dare you even suggest that!!” temper had raised Wuji’s voice as fury filled him. As quickly as he could, Zhou Dian kneeled down to pacify his emperor. “Your majesty, please don’t be angry. Zhou Dian only thinks about your wellbeing. No matter what, an emperor needs an empress…”said Zhou Dian again. Furiously, Wuji rose from his seat and slowly, he walked closer toward the man he once called ‘elder brother.’


“Zhou Dian ya Zhou Dian…how quickly you forget about her,” said Wuji as his icy voice sent shiver down the elder man’s spine. A taunting sneer appeared on Wuji’s lips as he bent down to look directly at Zhou Dian’s eyes. Zhou Dian was suddenly reminded of a certain princess that had sacrificed herself for her father and brother. “How eager do you want to get rid of her memory, Zhou Dian?” asked Wuji coldly. His voice was barely above whisper, but it was enough to strike fear in the former member’s heart. “Now you want me to marry Zhou Zhiruo, you say?” asked Wuji as another cold laughter echoed through the empty room.


He brought his face closer to Zhou Dian’s, as he spilled out his well-guarded secret. “I have a wife, Zhou Dian. Her name is Zhao Min. Min-min Temur. I hope you still remember her…” said Wuji again as he clenched the man’s jaw with his hand. “But my wife is no longer here. She can no longer be here. Do you remember why, Zhou Dian? Or do you want me to refresh your memory?” asked Wuji as he tightened his clutch, his voice started to crack and his fingers trembled with fury.


“Your majesty, it was…it has always been Zhu lao si plan to..to..”Zhou Dian was now cracking under the increasing fear that Wuji had created inside his heart. “Yet you knowingly let me walk into the trap, Zhou Dian. You let me bear the brunt of your betrayals. But most appallingly, you take part in the scheme that take my wife away from me. Her blood is in your hands too, you traitor! You see, I could forgive you for your betrayals toward me, but I can never forgive you for your contribution toward Min-min’s death” hissed Wuji menacingly as he pushed the man away from him. “Guard! Come and take this man away. Put him in the solitary jail, no one can visit him. No one can talk to him!!” shouted Wuji angrily, before he turned to whisper coldly to Zhou Dian, “I want you to suffer a cold solitude that’s even worse than death, Zhou da ge...”


Wuji was quietly standing in front of his Min-min’s name placard. He poured a cup of wine onto the table. ‘Another one is down, Min-min. It won’t be long until I finish all this madness that has taunted me days and nights. Don’t be mad at me, Min-min. I broke my promise and told Zhou Dian about our union. Don’t be angry with me, please. Come to me again, Min-min. I have missed you so much. I have always missed you….” Wuji uttered his words to the quiet wooden placard. He only had Fan Yao and Zhu Lao Si left to tackle, then he could disappear from this burdensome existence. He could retreat to seclusion, giving Min-min his undivided attention as he waited for their eventual reunion again.


“Very soon, Min-min. Very soon.”




Peace all:blush:


On 5/30/2019 at 10:41 AM, kimmortal said:

Why Zhang Wuji Closes His Eyes (in my opinion)


Figure 1: "It's all my fault that she's hurt, but I'm so tired of all this. I always have to deflect her accusatory questions. I don't know how to make her happy."



Figure 2: "Zhang Wuji-ah, Zhang Wuji. You must control yourself. If you succumb to your feelings, you'll only end up hurting her."



Figure 3: *BIG SIGH* "I'm so tired of denying my feelings. I should just let nature take its course."



On 5/31/2019 at 12:49 PM, cancergirl87 said:

Loving this FMV :wub:




On 6/1/2019 at 11:50 PM, kimmortal said:

Um... I had this idea foster in the back of my mind. I have no idea where the story's even headed. Please bear with me.


What if, after throwing Zhao Min into the ocean, Zhou Zhiruo actually takes the boat to return to Central Plains alone with the secrets she's uncovered from the Heavenly (Yitian) Sword and Dragon Slaying (Tulong) Sabre? Wuji wakes to find only Xie Xun and Yin Li are there with him. But Yin Li dies from her injuries (some of them fresh) and because they've all been poisoned by Zhao Min's poison, they still deduced that it was Zhao Min who did it.


  Hide contents

A Re-imagining of Spirit Snake Island: Chapter 1


Zhang Wuji has been sitting on the ground staring at the makeshift tombstone for several hours with the sun beating down on his face. He ignored the heat. His legs were starting to feel numb. He ignored that too. He felt so useless. Here he was, the leader of Ming Cult, with one of the highest levels of martial arts that could be achieved by someone of his age, and yet he couldn’t save his cousin, Yin Li. He couldn’t even keep Zhiruo safe. He had no idea about her whereabouts. For all he knew, she could be suffering under the enemy’s hands right now, unwilling to give in to their demands. He dreaded that thought. He felt like a failure. All because of that evil witch Zhao Min.


His heart ached at the thought of her – this alluring woman who had tricked him into letting his guard down. He didn’t know why he trusted her even though everyone has told him not to. Perhaps he was overconfident in his own abilities and intellect. Perhaps he was still the naïve little boy who believed in the goodness of people. No – he knew he was only kidding himself; none of those were the true reasons.


Feeling dejected, Zhang Wuji decided to make himself useful and go gather some fruits to bring back to Godfather. Without thinking, he ended up at the shore where he first discovered that their boat was missing. He glanced at the sea, hoping to see a ship pass by. There was no ship. The waves were beating against the shoreline as the wind was blowing strong. Zhang Wuji’s eyes caught sight of a figure floating in the water. The forceful waves were pushing the figure onto shore. He recognized that delicate figure, those white and green robes, that pair of cloth boots that covered a pair of small, lovely feet. A wave of panic suddenly hit Zhang Wuji as he rushed to that body as fast as his qinggong could take him. Please don’t let her be dead. Zhang Wuji lifted the body up and quickly felt around for a pulse. He breathed a sigh of relief as he discovered she was still alive, but the pulse was very weak. Carrying Zhao Min in his arms he ran back toward the direction of the house, his emotions a mix of fear and happiness.


Seeing the house in view, Zhang Wuji called out, “Godfather, please help!”


Xie Xun opened the doors and stepped out. “What is it? What’s wrong?”


“It’s Zhao Min! She didn’t abandon us. I found her floating in the sea, unconscious.” Zhang Wuji paused. “She was poisoned by the Ten Fragrance Muscle Softener Powder too.”


Xie Xun was shocked. This turn of events completely overturned their initial theory of what had happened. “How could she be poisoned too? Wuji, you said this was her own poison that she used on the Six Major Sects. Could it be a trick of hers?”


Zhang Wuji frowned. “I don’t think so. She’s in critical condition right now. She could die any second. I’m the only one with the ability to save her, but only because the 9 Yang Divine Skill allowed me to expel the poison from my own body first. If not for that, I won’t be able to circulate my own internal energy to heal her. She couldn’t have possibly done this to herself.”


“There’s no point in theorizing now.” Xie Xun said. “The only way we’ll get any answers is if we keep her alive. You need to do what you can to save her.” The two of them carefully laid Zhao Min on one of the beds. Xie Xun quickly retreated out of the room.


With nobody else in the room and Zhao Min unconscious, Zhang Wuji does not hesitate. He carefully propped her up in a sitting position, gently removed one layer of her clothing, and placed both his palms on her back to transfer his 9 Yang Divine Energy into her body to heal her. After working hard for almost two hours, he felt that the energy circulating inside Zhao Min’s body was stabilizing. Her life was no longer in danger. As soon as Zhang Wuji lifted his palms from Zhao Min’s back, he felt her beginning to stir. Zhang Wuji held onto her shoulders and moved to lay her back down, but before he could let go Zhao Min opened her eyes and looked straight at him.


“Zhang Wuji!” Zhao Min smiled warmly. “I asked the heavens to let me see you one last time before I die. The heavens do not disappoint.”


Zhang Wuji stared at her face, her cheeks flush with affection and her eyes gleaming with tears. His voice caught in his throat. He had not realized he was holding his breath. “Don’t be silly. I would never let anything happen to you.” He surprised himself. He did not mean to say that. He felt shy as he realized he was still holding her in his arms.


Zhao Min blinked as tears streamed down her face. “Are you really here or am I dreaming?” Her voice was hoarse; she was exerting all her energy just to speak.


Zhang Wuji’s heart warmed. She’s been through so much. “I’m here. You’re going to be OK.” He caresses her face tenderly as she falls back asleep, exhausted from the transfer of internal energy. He carefully laid her down onto the bed. Sighing, and with one last glance at her small frame, he quietly left the room.


To be continued...



On 6/2/2019 at 5:20 AM, chipz03 said:

Thank you so much Lauren :blush:


Please continue kimmortal :love:. I love it and also all fanfics of ZM-WJ posted in this forum so much :wub:


Regarding the last few episodes, definitely agree that the breakneck pace and choppier edits can definitely be improved.


I was browsing weibo,  and I am not sure if I understood correctly (and my apologies if I misunderstood), but quite some fans in weibo had been trying to get the uncut versions to be released,  as this HSDS has 90% of its series on very promising ground. I also feel that this version had the best main OTP chemistry and the team seem to really pay attention to the production and the actings, effects, settings, only to let the qualities drop at the last few episodes. It's such a pity.  But so far, seems like they had not have any response or fruitful results. Originally, I think this series plan for 60 or 70 episodes but need to be cut down to 50.


Now,  this is my personal opinions folk (:blush:):

If I may choose,  I would also wish members of Ming sect to be able to accept ZM, just like other versions (i love it when they listen and appreciate her input) but after I reflect on it,  perhaps this version portrayed a more realistic situations. They were at war with her side, so there will be deep misunderstanding and hatred toward their enemies. This might sound horrible (and I am not happy with how the members so conveniently accepting toward ZR and her bad deeds but so harsh on ZM) but, even though or even if they knew how bad ZR had committed her crimes against XX,  YL (even worse than ZM),  one redeeming factor for ZR in front of the Ming members is that this lady, who is capable of such a crime, will be fighting against the same common enemy.  Getting ZR on their side will be beneficial for their fights. Since they still have the bigger battle to worry about, and it involves much higher stakes for their people and the civilians, they would choose 'the lesser of the two evils' kind of thing. They might have to choose to put ZR crazy crimes on the backseat for the sake of their battles.  Facing a common enemy is the uniting factor,  while ZM is part of this common enemy. So,  it's easier (uugh,  i hate to think this) to "accept" the bad deeds from ZR than ZM (even when what ZR did is worse then ZM). No offense please :)


I personally feel that WJ not leaving with ZM is also perhaps better,  although I also wish they could just abandon everything and explore the world together (how beautiful that would be),  but the battle is at the critical moments. I am not even sure what is the best option for both WJ and ZM.  But, if WJ left at the critical state,  it would bring down the morale of the troops. Even though he was not the military leader per se,  he is their highest leader of the sect,  kind of like the uniting symbol. If he just disappeared, the troops would feel abandoned, I am afraid.  And keeping the morale of the people is one of the most important aspect in order to fight the battles.


The heavier emphasis of this angle of ming-yuan battle are the different factor that separate this version from other prev versions for me. From this angle,  perhaps the best case scenario (at least for me)  would be: ZM waited for him in Mongolia as she had originally wanted, while he fought the battle. Ming members never found out she's still alive so no room of underhanded schemes to use her from his members. Just focused on the battle with her dynasty. No matter what the outcomes are,  it would depend on the battle they fought, not some unfair schemes hatched to unfairly get the upper hands in the raging fight. Fairer for both sides. But perhaps this storyline would be too straightforward for a tv series. 


No intended offense or ill intention whatsoever please.  Sorry if this sounds rude, not my intention please. 


Peace all!!  :blush:

Sorry to annoy anyone with all the quoting.  Wanna collect  all  fanfic to read at once instead of going back to sear

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On 6/4/2019 at 4:06 AM, chipz03 said:

Sorry for back to back post all.


While waiting for my AO3 account to be up, Here's Part 6 (7?, I lost track haha) of my previous fanfic that chronicles the aftermath of WJ-ZM's reunion at the grassland. This is completely separate from the dark Wuji piece, and this piece is lighter to some extend.


This part seems like a filler without plot though hahaha. 


There's some part of this piece that is inspired by the last episode of Legend of Zhen Huan (one of the best drama about back palace 'hou gong' intrigues starring Sun Li. I highly recommend this drama:D), on the

  Hide contents

punishment received by Empress Yishiu, which basically erased any records of her as empress.


I was thinking this bit from Legend of Zhen Huan could fit nicely (in my mind, at least :D) since in real history, Wang Baobao did not have sister named Min-min as well. So, I took the inspiration and incorporated in this part of my fanfic.


I plan to write a sliiiiightly more rated (nothing explicit though) story for the next (or one after next) chapters, but I will likely just post them on AO3 though :sweatingbullets:



  Reveal hidden contents


This fanfic is purely for fun fanfic writing purposes. No copyright infringement intended. All credits to source materials (e.g. characters) / any aspect that might be borrowed from other materials (if any) for this fanfic belong to the respective sources.


This is Alternate Universe (AU) that does not strictly follow canon/source materials. Some Out of Characters included as well.


Hope you enjoy :D


Three months had passed ever since Zhang Wuji had found Zhao Min in the grassland, and two months had gone by ever since they found their peace. Ever since they abandoned their hurt and disappointment. Ever since he embraced his beloved princess back in his arms again.


Zhang Wuji had made up his mind to ask for his Min-min’s hand when the night left them for another new day. He had dreamed of their future together, and it was time to chase this dream. He had just started walking toward the tent when he heard a distant voice from the front gate. A voice that brought back the memory of an early encounter with Zhao Min years ago at Wudang. The voice of her loyal vassal. A-San.


‘Zhang Wuji! I came here not to fight with you. I came here to have a friendly talk to you!!’


Somehow Wuji doubted that their talk would be as friendly as the older man had claimed, but he cautiously reserved his judgment. At the end of the day, it had been A-San who had accompanied Zhao Min back to the grassland. It was A-San who had kept her safe and sound throughout her journey. A fact that, if Wuji dared to be honest, still embittered him to no end.


“Why don’t you tell junzhu that you would be gone for a bit? I don’t want her to be worried when she cannot find you,”


A-San’s voice suddenly brought back his attention. Wuji hesitated for a moment before turning to the hut to inform his Min-min that he would be back soon. Highly alert, Wuji quietly followed A-San to the back stream where he loved to sit with Min-min.


“Zhang Wuji, what do you think you are doing? You are not welcomed here!”


Wuji’s suspicion was confirmed. Not a pleasant talk indeed.


“What do you plan to do? Playing around with junzhu’s feeling?”


“You have won the war and forced her brother to flee. Destroying her family is not enough for you?”


“Are you here to chase for her forgiveness to make yourself feel good?”


Several times Wuji was trying to retort A-San’s rambling before another barrage of charges was dumped on him. But the last accusation hit him where it hurt the most. It did not help that A-San’s fist had also unpleasantly landed on his jaw, pushing him off balance.  A wave of irritation surged within him, prompting him to catch A-San’s fist with his right hand as his former enemy tried to punch him again.


“A-San, I don’t know whether what I said will make you believe me, and I don’t care if you don't. I have hurt her, I will not deny that. I cannot deny that. It’s my sin that I will bring to the grave. I came here for her forgiveness, that’s true. For my consolation, that’s also true. But most importantly, I want her to heal. I need her to heal. At the end of the day, it does not matter if she refuse to forgive me. So long that I can make her let go of all her resentment, that’s enough. I want her to be happy again. I need her to be happy!”


Wuji could feel his own anger rose, but he still held back his attack. He refrained himself from fighting A-San when he felt the other man’s body started to loosen up. He could see flashes of sadness in A-San’s face, a face that he had once looked at with fury some years ago.


Fury that he could no longer find.


Perhaps these past years had washed away his hatred toward the older man and his brothers for what they had done toward his parents and his Wudang uncles. Perhaps the fact that his own vassals had plotted underhanded methods to achieve their goal had made him realized the harsh reality of their battles. Things had not been and could not be ideal in the battlefield, as both sides needed to fight for their causes. No matter what strategies that they were forced to take, no matter how bad they could lose, both sides could not easily admit defeat. And it broke his soul to see the horror that the long battles had brought upon.   


“Do you know how bad you have hurt junzhu? Not only you almost make her lose her head, but you have erased her from history. You have taken away her identity!”


A-San’s voice was breaking as he sat down. The once young and strong soldier suddenly looked so frail and tired. Wuji felt his heart stopped when he heard A-San last sentences. He did not understand.


Junzhu has not told you, hasn’t she? I should not be surprised. She’s so strong and stubborn even since she was born”


Wuji had sat quietly beside A-San when the older man finally talked. He suddenly remembered that A-San must have seen Zhao Min growing up, being with the family years before she had been born. If only their circumstances were different, he would love to hear many childhood stories of a certain stubborn lady that he had loved so deeply.


“When the emperor…former emperor found out that junzhu had released an important prisoner, the palace was livid. They wanted to punish the whole family, even us the subordinates. All of us. But junzhu was not willing to let anyone take the blame but herself. How could she let her family suffer because of her? She is too noble to let that happen. So the palace has sentenced her to death”


Wuji closed his eyes as that painful memory flooded his mind. She had almost lost her life, but where had he been? Still trying to keep his feeling to her at bay, still foolishly falling deep into Zhiruo’s lies and schemes. He almost forgot about the other man when A-San continued.


“That time, I honestly wished I could help her. Junzhu had been treating my brothers and I really well, respecting us as her senior. Yet, when she was at her most precarious moment, we could not help her. I don’t know whether it’s best to just let her face the punishment or to find a way to save her. Days went by, and the palace was kind enough to let her spend her last days with her family. But times still move forward, and that day finally came. There she was, on the stage, waiting for her execution. She never waver, and I remembered hating you even more, Zhang Wuji. All because of you! If you never came to her life, she would already be a crown princess! She would have married the crown prince and live happier life!”


Against his will, Wuji felt another surge of irritation at the mention of the crown prince. Deep inside his conscience and his mind, he knew, he understood that he did not have the right to be angry, to be jealous. But his heart had decided otherwise.


“When that traitor Ku Tou Tou barged in to save her, for a brief moment, I honestly felt a sense of relief. At the very least, she’s safe. Even the prince and young prince were secretly relieved. How could a father and brother willingly watched their beloved family member got executed like that? But our reliefs were short-lived. The palace was enraged that a promising young princess, daughter of an honorable prince and a formidable war general, someone who has commanded over troops of their soldiers, and someone they had considered a match for the heir had associated herself with their most dangerous enemies. It took a tremendous effort from the prince and young prince to beg for the emperor’s forgiveness. The prince and young prince had to make greater sacrifice to save the whole family this time. The Prince has to personally offer to..to kill his…traitor daughter.”


Wuji could hear that A-San’s voice cracked even more as the man recounted the turmoil that Zhao Min had to endure.


For him. All for him.


Yet, he had failed to protect her during her dark days. He had turned his back when she needed him the most.


“But the palace was not pacified. They wanted to erase every existence of this traitor princess who had let them down so badly. They wanted her to cease from existence forever. So they issued an edict that any mention of her would be deleted from any record in the history. They did not even spare the prince’s family record. You see, from that day, Shao Min Junzhu never existed. Min-min Temur had never been born in the family. Ever since that day, the prince never had any daughter named Min-min Temur, our young Prince never ever had a sister named Min-min Temur. It’s like..she just…she just disappears. No name can be put on her tomb, no family, no identity. Junzhu has always been proud of her family, so this sentence was even worse than a death sentence for her. From the moment that traitor took her away from the execution stage, she had existed merely as a lowly nameless fugitive, the biggest and most vilified traitor of her own country!”


“So the young prince had hatched a desperate plan to fake his sister’s death. They could not save her identity, but at least she would still be alive. That’s the most important for her family. It took a lot of effort for her brother to secretly arrange for her to settle in this piece of land. She could not even put her parents’ names on the tomb she built, lest people will find out her true identity! She might have greeted new friends here, but she could not get too close to others. If they found out about her past accusations, it would be the end for her. She has been living in the shadow with no past she could share!”


Wuji was frozen with shock as A-San continued. He knew she had suffered for him, but he never knew that she had to endure so much more than he had ever known.


For him. All for him.


Silently, Wuji walked back to the hut after his conversation with A-San. His former nemesis had recounted their journey back to the grassland. Their problems had never been about bad persons or enemies threatening their safety along the journey, but her old injuries flaring up. If it had been the former, A-San and his wife could easily tackle the issues due to their high level of martial arts skills. But it had been the latter that drove them frantic with desperation. The residual cold poison from her shoulder’s injury and her other old wounds had flared up amidst her heartbreaks and their tiring journey, but A-San and his wife had no medicinal knowledge or skills. How could they save her if they never knew how to differentiate one medicinal herb from the other? There were times when they could only helplessly watched their young lady suffered, as his wife held on to their lady’s shivering hand, and A-San felt new waves of hatred toward the man who had inflicted all these sufferings on the once bright and promising young princess.


Toward him.


A deep sigh escaped from Wuji’s lips as he inched closer to the hut. Wuji had to admit that he felt a new sense of gratitude toward the older man and his family. For all they had done for her. For all sacrifices they made to give her a more comfortable life. The throbbing pain in his jaw had been forgotten, but the heaviness inside his heart felt suffocating.


‘A-San. I promise you. From now on, I will never leave her alone anymore. She will not be nameless anymore. She will take my surname. Even though I cannot give her old life back and I cannot give her the same luxurious life as she has had before, I will give her all the things I can give her. I promise you that she will not have to live alone anymore, that she will never have to worry about her future any longer. I promise you.’


He had earnestly given A-San his oath, as a man, to protect Min-Min, and he would keep it. Even if it means giving his life away, he would keep his promise. He would protect her.


Her happiness above his. Her needs above his.


Her before him. Always her before him.



LAST POST OF OLD COMMENTS! ! Almost up to date.  So excited.  Will go back to filter out and delete repeat post once I caught up.  Sorry for so many repost:)



On 6/4/2019 at 6:18 AM, LaurenPanna said:


Cool i love it!!! 

I actually cried reading about her plight that you wrote. She has been through such a hard life


Coincidentally, in my grassland reunion in lofter, i also created a man named *le ba chi* who accompanied junzhu back to mongol and had been protecting her throughout the three years wait. She was pregnant with twins though. :p


But i like your A san who protected his owner. So loyal, with integrity.


if you guys don't mind reading chinese, and reading my plain storyline.

I shall shamelessly share my A03 link here. :P



i can't write exciting stories like you guys, But am contended to do some reflection for the series through this short stories. Now i am at Chapter 15.



On 6/10/2019 at 7:15 AM, chipz03 said:

Hiya all!!


I am back after several days off. Well, back to real life now :P


Welcome to new members and new fans of the series. Glad you enjoy the drama:love:


Finally got my AO3 account up and running, and just finished transferring my fics to the account. Looking forward to explore more of this fanfiction communities (thank you all who had introduced me to AO3)!!



(link to my profile)


Currently editing my 3rd part of the dark Wuji fanfic, will post them as soon as possible (by tomorrow, I hope :D)


Will comment more later on, and back to be more active in the forum. 


Peace all:mrgreen:


On 6/12/2019 at 12:12 AM, kimmortal said:


To clarify, I didn’t say you need to watch other stuff to understand HSDS. I said if you want to have a deeper understanding of Jin Yong’s shared universe, watching all 4 series will satisfy that. Like Marvel’s Cinematic Universe—you can watch only Doctor Strange and still understand Doctor Strange, but if you want to know what people are talking about what they mention “the incidents in New York” then you’ll need to watch other movies in the MCU. Anyway, I digress.


I’ll try to answer your questions.

1) Wuji’s mother didn’t give up the sabre. She just couldn’t beat Xie Xun and she wanted to keep her life. Later on, it didn’t matter who had the sabre on Ice-Fire Island because her priorities changed. She picked love and family first.

2) 3rd Hero of Wudang is a good guy and Wudang is known for being a famously good sect whose disciples do good deeds. Wuji’s mother and uncle hurt him to get the sabre; they didn’t need to kill him. She didn’t want to sow further discord between Heavenly Sect and Wudang so she sends him back to Wudang using a delivery service so her identity wouldn’t be known.

3) He got attacked because the culprits wanted the dragon sabre. They guy 3rd Hero fought with last saw him protecting the man who had the sabre (who was later found dead) so it was obvious that the sabre was in 3rd hero’s hands. That’s why the culprit asks him, “is the sabre in the hands of the one surnamed Yin?” Since 3rd Hero was injured when they found him, they figure he lost the sabre to this Yin person. They tortured him so he would speak. He did not say anything. They left him crippled.

4) Yin Susu (Wuji’s mom) did not lie that she wanted to help him. She really was trying to send him back to his master. Those delivery guys were supposed to hand him straight to his master at Wudang temple, not to anyone else at the foot of the mountain. Those guys f—ked up.

5) Wuji got kidnapped because as soon as 5th Hero and Yin Susu was known to be back in Central Plains mainland, news travelled fast and everybody wanted to know where Xie Xun was so they could get dragon sabre. The people who kidnapped Wuji wanted to use him as leverage to get his parents to talk (and wanted to scare him into talking too).

6) Wuji got hit with the Ice Palm as a last resort, probably out of anger, because Grandmaster Zhang Sanfeng successfully got him back. They were just really pissed. Or maybe they thought the good guys would come begging for a cure and have to reveal Xie Xun’s whereabouts.

7) All the orthodox sects hate Ming sects because the government labelled Ming sect members as evil and called them the Devil Sect. Without knowing the root cause, naturally the people of the martial world believed in this nickname as well. And it didn’t help that Xie Xun, who was 1 of 4 protectors of Ming Sect, went around killing people of orthodox sects to force his master out of hiding. He caused more people to hate Ming Sect. Nobody knew the Ming Sect’s true mission statement.

8) Like I mentioned in my earlier post, the title of the series/novel doesn’t really matter. Both sword and sabre are just MacGuffins used so that we can start the story somewhere and then we actually follow the hero through his quests and “Hero’s Journey” and character development. The true story of HSDS is about washing away old grudges and joining together all the people of the martial arts world toward a common purpose: to restore the land of the Hans and drive away the Mongolians and overthrow the Yuan Dynasty. That was the true purpose of the sword and sabre when they were forged by Guo Jing and Huang Rong back when they were defending the country against invaders. That’s the mission statement of the Ming Cult. And within this rebellion, there’s the underlying theme of bad vs good and falling in love with the enemy. Zhang Cuisan and Yin Susu were on different sides (orthodox vs unorthodox sects) and then Zhang Wuji and Zhao Min (Han vs Mongolian).


Phew! I hope that was clear. I believe that most, if not all, of your questions were actually answered in the show, hence why I think this is a good adaptation. I’m actually surprised you didn’t ask more pertinent questions like what’s the origin of the 9 Yang Manual and what the heck was it doing inside a big monkey. Lol. That, I believe, was not answered well at all in this version, because Zhang Sanfeng skipped a lot of details in his story to Zhang Wuji. But never mind that. It’s just extra information that enhances the story but doesn’t change its outcome.


There’s a new forum about wuxia that just started for anybody who’s interested in having lengthy discussions about all things wuxia related: https://jianxia.smfnew2.com/index.php


On 6/24/2019 at 12:54 AM, deminni said:

Hi everyone! Just wanted to drop this here and tell you I miss this series so much T_T Hope you all are doing well!


Fan MVs are tiding me over so here's one I found today. Love the song from Bloody Romance!







Title: Fortunately


Chapter 8:


妳便是我 命運安排的人

You are the one fate has arranged for me.




Now, there are so many layers in their history, chapters that are difficult to read and digest. The pages are yellowed and worn down from the constant thumbing of memories, flipped back and forth an innumerous amount of times over the long years of separation.


There are incomplete chapters that neither of them have read, missing pages and smeared calligraphy muddying a story that has yet to find its ending.


Link: https://archiveofourown.org/works/18594964/chapters/46008892


On 7/13/2019 at 8:34 AM, kur4p1k4 said:



Interview and photo shoot with DGSD Wang Yu Yan and Ah Zhu, HSDS Zhao Min and Zhou Zhi Ruo


HSDS part it's after the DGSD actress if all of you wanna read the original Chinese in the link. If you wanna open it click the arrow sign, just keep clicking it, it takes a while to open the whole thing. Don't click the box, that one is telling you to read it in the Baidu app.


Translation for Yukee's part, I apologise if there're mistranslation or incomprehensible English grammar


Chen Yu Qi: Magnanimous love like Zhao Min

Both Zhao Min and Zhou Zi Ruo have to confront Zhang Wu Ji’s dithering and wishy washiness, however Zhou Zhi Ruo pressure Zhang Wu Ji with “I exist, she cannot”. Zhao Min on the other hand helped Zhang Wu Ji takes care all the other girls.

Towards Zhu Er she said: You’re the person Wu Ji loves dearly; Towards Wu Ji she said: In the future we’ll go look for Xiao Zhao together. Zhao Min is firstly Zhang Wu Ji’s friend and comrade before she is his lover.

She’s not the type that demand her man to give up everything, she will accompany him and together they can enjoy all kind of sceneries, and she never have any doubts that she’s different from other people. This kind of woman, if she obtains the man she wants then she’ll truly have his heart.


-Love is not greedy, is not to be exploited, but is willing to give-

 Jin Yong wrote a great deal of female characters, Zhao Min and Huang Rong has the most similarities to each other. Both lost their mother since childhood, they are both the apple of their father’s eye. Both of them has a high intelligence, when encountering the man they like they’ll bravely pursue him

Jing Ge Ge (Guo Jing) is honest, considerate and sincere, his countryman is family to him; Zhang Jiao Zhu loves peace, even though he’s been cheated many times, yet he never put up any guard towards anybody he met. Both Huang Rong and Zhao Min have seen through various circumstances, since they were a child they’ve learnt from their father how to see through people’s intention, they’ve learn since early on to read other peoples’ mind and has the ability to protect themselves, they don’t need a smart man or even a man that can give them even more fame and wealth.

“She (Huang Rong/Zhao Min) can make money on her own, if you want fame or wealth, she can still help you attain it, she only seeks for a man with a pure heart” Rather than comparing their looks, their attitude towards works are the most similar with each other.

Zhao Min and Zhang Wu Ji’s relationship is not established on the limit of man and woman role in a relationship. She is “I will pay for everything” Young master Zhao, He is "I am friendly with everyone from both sides (orthodox/unorthodox)" Zhang Jiao Zhu. She captures, he rescues, both of their business always intersects with each other.

Not only she doesn’t ask for house, car and diamond ring, she’s the one who first send the gift. Black Jade Regrowth Ointment, so that both his uncles can stand up again.

The first time Zhang Wu Ji came across Zhao Min, from his profession to his thinking and even his conduct in society all of them can never outdo Zhao Min. She’s also different from the weak girls he knows of his age, from what he knows from his childhood, Zhao Min during this time always has foresight and she looks androgynous; She’s also different from the villainous enemy he knows, Minmin Temür attack the opponents’ idea/prejudice, she takes initiative and can befriend even her enemies.

A woman that ask for nothing and still willing to give, has capabilities, looks, and good family background, magnanimous and easy going just like your brothers, what man can resist her?


-Love is not jealous, is not doubtful, it has patience-   

When Zhao Min met Zhang Wu Ji, in his life there are already Zhou Zhi Ruo, Zhu Er, also Xiao Zhao. One has advantage as a childhood friend/sweetheart, one is young married couple also his cousin, one is an inseparable attendant. Compared to all of them, there is no guaranteed success or advantage over them for Zhao Min.

For a long time, Zhao Min did not receive any affection from Zhang Wu Ji, he also did not value her. Towards all the other girls he’s warm and tender, only towards her he’s very fierce; The things she gave him, he just conveniently gave them to other people; The sword he borrowed from her is used to cut off other girls’ shackles……

She waits for a long time, always observing, when other girls show up, she will retreat a step and start to jest “Hurry and sweet talk your woman “. Zhao Min always give Zhang Wu Ji a sense of contentment, she never demands or try to control him, even her conducts are different from the other girls.

When she knows Zhu Er’s affection towards Zhang Wu Ji, she warmly says to her: “ You’re the one Wu Ji Ge Ge love dearly”; When she knows Zhang Wu Ji is reluctant to let Xiao Zhao go, she’s the one who suggested in the future they should go see her together; When she know that Zhang Wu Ji is hesitating between her and Zhou Zhi Ruo, she freely and easily walk away and let him look for his Miss Zhou. At the same time, she also told him: “I do not care whom you have an engagement with, I only know that I want to be with you and take care of you my whole life.”  

Zhao Min only care about her own thinking, she never cares for other people’s, she also will never change herself just because she did not get the response she wants.

She of course has her wants but what she wants is not material things, not loyalty, but rather the future possibilities, when the unknown happens it can leave a thread of possibility for each other. Her three requirements: Borrowing the sabre, Postponing the wedding, Drawing the eyebrows, compared to saying “Love only me forever” all of these are more brilliant and superior.

Borrowing the sabre to let me be nearer to you, we can share an experience together for a time; Postpone the wedding so I can take you away, give me a bit of time to charm you; Draw my eyebrows so I can keep you close in my remaining time in this world, where there is me there is you.


-She feels that she’s compatible with everything-

Chen Yu Qi just like her character Zhao Min is sharp, quick-witted, confident, relax and agile.  

In her eyes, “Zhao Min is very confident, very devoted to her works and very resolute. In front of her subordinates she has the assertiveness of a leader, in front of her father she gives advise like a good daughter, when facing her love, she will persevere. Just like a beautiful and impressive rose, people want to get close but are also afraid to be pricked.

“I admire her confidence, she feels that she’s worth everything; Her cleverness, her ability to plan strategies; her decisiveness, she will never do a sloppy job. But I feel that she gives up too much for love, if Zhang Wu Ji does not exist, she can definitely obtain greater accomplishments in her works.”

Zhao Min’s cause is different from Zhou Zhi Ruo, who cannot disobey her teacher’s order; Different from Xiao Zhao who must go to Persia to save Zhang Wu Ji. Zhao Min’s cause is something that she chose to undertake herself. The first time she can calmly set up a trap for Zhang Wu Ji; After she put more importance to her love affair, she can give up her works and her country without glancing back.

Xiao Zhao, Zhu Er, Zhou Zhi Ruo all has a sense of insecurity that they’re “unworthy”, either because of appearances or because of status or because of “poorness”. But only Zhao Min who does not have this insecurity, just like Chen Yu Qi said, “She feels that she’s compatible with everything”.

This confidence “I’m worthy”, it can let her look at an enemy but not treat them as enemy. This kind of aura when an outsider feels it, they can unconsciously feel attracted.

When a woman has this kind of confidence, she can pursue magnanimously, she also can give you up without dawdling around. In the first place Zhao Min has a goal, she has a definite set of values, then she’s a woman, lastly a lover. Just like she clearly understands herself first then she can stand up, after she understand herself as a woman then she can face the other party, but the other person only notices more of her background rather than her affection.

The love she has for Zhang Wu Ji is established upon an understanding of the affection that both have for each other, never asking for reciprocation for what have been given, to give up worldly possessions, to choose to be free. She gives up a lot, but she never gives up her true self

That’s why, in the new version of Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre, the dreg of the century, wishy-washy Zhang Wu Ji at the end gave up everything and chased after Zhao Min that has gone back to her homeland and live in seclusion and became her man.

Zhao Min can obtain Zhang Wu Ji not because she steadfastly holds to never turning back, but is this: “Originally, I want to follow you without turning back and now I can also give you up without turning back. I, Minmin Temür always keep her words!”



On 7/14/2019 at 4:32 AM, chipz03 said:


Yes yes yes for this article on Zhao Min. It eloquently spell out why I super love Zhao Min character. Thank you for translating  and thanks for explaining the terms "wo ke yi", been wanting to understand the context used in the interview. :D



Warning: looong post, mainly gushing about ZM :sweat_smile:


For me,  ZM is bada*5s, even though she's not an angel.  She had done deeds that are deemed evil (although for some of the things she did, I felt that these schemes were more on the grey area as to whether those things were purely evil or not. Depending on which sides one was looking at these things she did. From her enemy's POV,  everything and all she did were evil things, but from her side, the views might not be similar).


I also agree that she never gave herself up despite giving up so many things for WJ. One thing I really like about ZM is that she's confident in herself: in her ability to command her subordinates, in her ability to carry out plans for her cause,  and in her ability to fight for the one she loved. This confidence has allowed her to establish herself and also allowed her to be certain of her feelings toward WJ and vice versa. She didn't need to isolate WJ from the other girls despite her annoyance of how he was too indecisive (heck, I would be annoyed too), because I feel that ZM valued  and respect herself more than just a damsel in distress who hang all her happiness on WJ's shoulder, who would wallow in self pity, play victim, and went on extreme jealous rampage toward any women who got even one step closer to her love.


 Nope. She was secure in herself. She knew she could hold herself up against the other women in his life. Hence,  she didn't need to stoop low just to get his attention. No way. She knew she's worthy of and can definitely win his love, fair and square.


My slight disagreement with the article was when it said that WJ didn't value ZM at first. I might be wrong but on the contrary, I felt WJ had started to admire (or at least felt intrigued with) her since their first encounter. In her,  I believe WJ saw a lady who is more than just pretty face with meek demeanor (nothing wrong with this though. No offense please) . In ZM,  he saw a girl who is pretty but also smart, even cunning.  A formidable opponent with strong charisma who dared to unapologetically challenge him. And I feel he appreciated, and got annoyed too perhaps with this quality of ZM since the get-go. This, in my opinion, was one of the reasons that quickly catapulted ZM, who came into his life the last compared to the other three ladies and at the most diadvantaged position, on top of his heart and mind. 


With her,  he is fierce,  I also agree. For me, It showed how he could be himself more when he's with ZM. He could be mad, be angry at her sly tricks (although some might be albeit based on his impressions, perhaps), be shy from her teasings, be exasperated with her wittiness. He didn't have to always tip toeing around her feeling at the expense of his own happiness, but he could be honest. And this is one of the reason why I have always rooted for WJ-ZM to be together, since I first came to know HSDS. It would not be fair for WJ if he have to always sacrifice his own wants,  needs, and happiness to make others happy, especially when it comes to life partner, where he would spend his days with. When it comes to WJ-ZM,  they were more compatible. Perhaps she sacrificed a little too much for him, this I also agree (and I wish he could express more of his dedication and love toward her) . But at the end of the day,  when it comes to compatibility, WJ and ZM shared the most similar visions of what would be a happy future for them. At the end, they both can sacrifice and let go of everything for each other. Spending their lives at her homeland together. 


When it comes to life goals and visions of future that one wants,  of course compromise between couples are necessary and important.  One can take but also needs to give. But at the end of the day, compatibility is one of the most important aspect. No matter how much compromise there will be,  if a couple lack compatibility in their life goals and visions (what I felt was the case of WJ-ZR that was showed in 2019 version) ,  that would be troublesome. If one have to be the party who always walked around eggshells, having to "betray" oneself for the rest of one's life? That sounds very tiring. 


Additionally WJ-ZM are more equal. He could lead but he also knew when he should take a step back and listen to her advice. I believe that In his eyes, she is also his trusted advisor (especially once he overcame his prejudice and suspicion againts her in the attempted murder of his cousin).


All the ladies shared deep feelings toward WJ, that's true. However,  for me,  it was not just the depth of their feelings that counts, but also how they love WJ. Jealousy is normal but jealously to the extend of going ballistic and seriously harming others are not okay. ZM loved him fiercely, actively chasing him but as she matured up,  she could also love him selflessly, like the article mentioned.


Besides Huang Rong,  ZM also reminded me of my other favorite heroine: She Saihua, the matriach from the Yang family of Song Dynasty stories. They were all strong, confident,  and smart women who could take a step back to let their men lead, but could also step up and lead themselves. With these heroines at their backs, their spouses/partners knew they could be at peace, knowing that various other matters were in capable hands. They also found capable advisors in these ladies, confidantes who could exchange ideas with them, who could give them inputs whenever they faced tribulations, and who could accept their flaws.  But being strong didn't mean these women couldnot cry. On the contrary, they could also showed weakness, they cried. But they got back up again. As a woman myself,  I felt this is the one of yhe various aspects of empowerment.


Ugh,  I could go on and on about ZM haha. I guess she's my ultimate heroine among JY's stories goddesses. 


Sorry for the wall of text all. And no offense or ill intention whatsoever please. My personal opinions folks. 


Peace all :mrgreen:


On 7/14/2019 at 9:04 PM, kur4p1k4 said:

@chipz03 @sophiesyc Please take my translation of the "我可以" with a grain of salt, hahaha. That one is the hardest to find which one is the most likely meaning since this is the internet everybody is a jokester and always trying to make memes and meta commentary :sweatingbullets: I'm still not sure that's what it really means in this context.


I'm glad everyone enjoyed the article. This will probably the last article about HSDS so I'm glad they talk more with Yukee and Bambi. Especially about ZR, as confirmed by this article I guess everyone who watched it know that she got whitewashed a lot. I don't know whether it's the right way to write/portray ZR, imo it actually makes her a weaker character overall than all other previous versions. And her reasoning, it just makes ZR a weak character with no self confidence and always blaming her circumstances rather than taking responsibilities, it just makes her bad, I don't remember the other version was this petty and self deprecating :huh: imho

Also I'm not really sure about the article heading ZR met the right person at the wrong time whether it's about SQS or WJ. I feel like it's about SQS since I truly believe at least in this version SQS attitude towards ZR (not the attempted rape one, that one still unforgivable) overall really fits ZR, since he never asked her of anything but only to let him love and take care of her. I don't think ZR really fits WJ since she's too insecure about herself and about WJ, in this version anyway.


And also for ZR's attitude "有我没她“"I exist, she cannot" I don't know how to translate that properly, it doesn't really mean she wants the other women dead, but more like if you already have me, you can't have any relation/friendship with other women (who could be a love interest), not just ZM.


When the article said that "赵公子“ "Young master Zhao" I lol'd so hard, when you think about it she does keep spending money/gifts/boats for WJ everytime they go out since the beginning to woo him :joy:

I think what the article imply is WJ did not value her as a love interest/a girl who could get jealous maybe. Even though I couldn't really blame WJ for that, since he's inexperience with this kind of feeling. WJ gave the hairpin to XZ because he thinks it's embarrassing to have a girly stuff as a man and at this point he still doesn't know that ZM is interested in him, he really thinks ZM is playing around/making a fool of him. When he knows that ZM is unhappy when you don't take good care of her stuff, he did change his attitude (the golden box). I think he only knows that ZM is not just making a fool of him and really like him when they were fighting about the bite mark, after that he becomes very docile in front of her since he just can't believe this beautiful and smart girl like him ^_^ 

Before that he really is frustrated and embarrassed that he keep getting played by ZM who always has more foresight than him, but he's still attracted to her. That's why it compounded his frustration, how can he show his good side if he keeps losing to her lol. And he still thinks that ZM never saw him more than a toy to be play with and thrown away after she's bored.



On 8/6/2019 at 2:15 AM, deminni said:

Hiiiiii! Hope everyone is well!


Just leaving this here as I have been a terrible updater. I've recently started rewatching the series again in Viet Dub and have been inspired anew now that work has slowed a bit. :)




Title: Fortunately


Chapter 9:


妳便是我 命運安排的人

You are the one fate has arranged for me.




She is silent as their affixed eyes linger, the all-consuming vibration in the air sending chills down Wu Ji’s back. The amount of love he feels for her, the longing of the past few years conveyed through the gaze he holds.


Wu Ji wants to fully give in to the urge of pulling her into him, wrapping his entire body around her to protect Zhao Min from any pain or harm that may come.


But not like this. Not in front of her father and not before he can fully repent.


Wu Ji wants to do this right. 


Link: https://archiveofourown.org/works/18594964/chapters/46008892


On 8/11/2019 at 8:12 PM, psksvp said:


Hi @deminni , @LaurenPanna 


I wonder where can I read your hsds fanfic? Is it in English?  I have written one as well. So I am interested in reading others. My fanfic can be found here https://psksvp.github.io/hsdsMe/mpt.html. It is in English. If you read it, please let me know if you hate it. :)  


On The Grassland is a continuing story from the end of JinYong’s novel; The Heavenly Sword And Dagon Saber.



On 8/12/2019 at 2:07 PM, kimmortal said:


Hi! I didn't see anyone reply to you so I figure I'll help.


@deminni's Fanfiction page is here: https://archiveofourown.org/users/deminni/pseuds/deminni
@LaurenPanna's Fanfiction page is here: https://archiveofourown.org/users/LaurenPanna/pseuds/LaurenPanna


On 12/5/2019 at 12:40 AM, chipz03 said:

Thank you for your hard work. You all are awesome!! Hope we can convey our hopes to get JZ and YC working together again. 


And yes to the hotpot :lol:, so they won't "complain" as to who actually  owe the other that hotpot meals hahaha. (though we likely will not know whether they will go out and eat hotpot. If not because YC and then JZ shared the stories themselves during their recent Weibo lives,  we won't know that JZ actually went to visit her, riding  tricycle for almost 30 mins, drenched in sweat to visit her ATWIL  filming site  at Hengdian. Then he actually invited her for a hotpot dinner that he had to cancel because he found out there were fans in the restaurant as he arrived there :sweat_smile:



Did you make up about him riding to meet her or is this something that did happen?



On 12/6/2019 at 4:16 AM, hwonhwon_stv said:

2019 Tencent video feature film effective play volume ranking 












Can't read Chinese where on graph is HsDS?


On 12/14/2019 at 8:17 PM, hwonhwon_stv said:



Joseph made a cameo in Yukee's drama. It's not wuxia drama. His role is military officer


What show is this???

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