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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2019] Heavenly Sword Dragon Slaying Saber 倚天屠龙记


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On 4/12/2019 at 4:25 AM, achng said:


Definitely, it's going at breakneck speed because we'll also have a crying at ZM's (fake) grave scene:



I really hope they are able to fit in everything logically with so few episodes left!  BTW, it says "Husband, ZWJ" on the grave



I knew it!! I can't read Chinese but I thought that there is no way on ZM tombstone Wuji would not put something like that. 


Hahaha this little piece have been bothering me for so long cuz I really want to know but couldn't get the translation anywhere till now.  THANK YOU!!



On 4/12/2019 at 5:44 AM, LaurenPanna said:


The online community said that this is a marriage certificate lol


I agree!!:) 

They seem to already acted the part since coming back to Ming Cult. 

So many hints.


1) she dress him,

2) he wouldn't let her walk away when everyone at Ming Cult want to kick her out

3) level of protectiveness skyrocketed 

4) proudly and strongly declare and stood his ground ("Marrying Miss. Zhao is also a goal of mine that will not change") So HOT! 

5) Not ashame of anyone knowing his choice. When YX tells him they can hide Minmin true identity or kill anyone who speak out about it. ZWJ said it is ok he will face the soldiers and explain. (I think YX really admire ZWJ Here for standing strong where love is concerned.  I think YX admire ZWJ the moment he proudly held Minmin''s hand and walked back into Ming Cult and stood his ground next to her while everyone express their hate....I think he wished he had fought harder for his love)

6) Asking Minmin to serve tea to his WuDang uncles. Isn't it traditional for Chinese bride to serve tea to the parents after marriage? That is also declaring his choice. I love this Wuji.



 Also when ZM stayed at the inn she called herself.  MRS. ZHANG.  she took his last name for hotel room and on her lantern I found out somewhere it said "I want to be with my husband forever"


Lol not only is theirs actions declare their status, it is also written in STONE and ink and paper.  For me that is them both signing their marriage certificate.



On 4/12/2019 at 5:51 AM, Yitian_fan said:

Oh boy! Just watched it... and ok, it's totally artificial, but as it turns out I'm a ZWJ-angst sucker... teared up listening to ZWJ's lines! :bawling:


Here's the translation for those who want to know what he says

  Hide contents

Minmin you often laugh at me for being stupid, for not being a real general. The military tactics book in Yitian is meant to be a brilliant text, yet even with that Guo Jing and his wife gave their lives to the country, how could I hope to do different?


Minmin, if you were still here with me, you would teach me what to do wouldn't you?  No, no you wouldn't, of course you wouldn't want to see me fight your father.


Minmin, wouldn't you scold me?  All I did was get lucky and learnt some wugong, but military tactics are beyond me


You're right. I am an idiot through and through.  What did I think I was I doing leading an army into battle?  In the end I couldn't defend even you!


Don't worry, when I've done what I need to do, I'll come and keep you company. I wouldn't let you be alone anymore... wait for me.


A promise to meet her in death :::( so heartbreaking.  But then he let her walk away...ahhhh


(all I can think about is "darn it!! you could have lost the love of your life 3 times without knowing and now you let her walk away AGAIN.  What if she dies while you are apart??")


SO upsetting..

BUT unfortunately I understand:( NOT HAPPY about it...but I understand...lol  ZWJ Is too kind, caring, generous, principled to allow Millions of lives to suffer/lost for just himself and ZM.  


I think Minmin is mad when she gave the ultimatum but deep down inside she wouldn't have wanted that.  Her goal was like his. Stop wars and suffering. Peace for all.


she seem the type to see the big picture and can--- when it comes to it ----makes sacrifices selflessly for others less unfortunate. 


She understands duties and responsibilities to common people and nations cuz she is a princess born and rise.  And I think she would have been disappointed in ZWJ if he just left with her.  (.....and to be honest I would too)


Thus why in the end she doesn't seem mad at him when they met again.  She only ask "why did it take you so long?"


This is what I really think about the ending.  It is cuz though she is hurting and mad. she walk away to make Wuji's conflict and struggle easier for him. So that he can focus on doing what he needed to do to bring peace. 


She has always sacrifices and do things with intention to benefit or protect ZWJ in mind from the beginning.  I wouldn't see why she would stop when it is not him who killed her father. 


Also walking away to see if he really does love her and come find her later.  See if he is really the man she knows him to be. 


I think if Minmin is man and in ZWJ Place she would do the same. Thus she understands. The death of her father just show her that things need to end quickly before it get worst and there is no turning back.  So she need ZWJ to focus and know what he wants and do it.. 


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9 hours ago, hwonhwon_stv said:

Wuji looks amazing in red wedding dress



















8 hours ago, hwonhwon_stv said:

The wedding



















8 hours ago, hwonhwon_stv said:

The innocent Wuji










My heart:)



7 hours ago, hwonhwon_stv said:



Wuji is so cute :blush:

I love this Wuji. Handsome, cute, and innocent. Especially his eyes  ......   Big eyes/innocent eyes/puppy eyes :wub:












Omg Thanks for those sharing Pictures!! I am SO happy.  He looks so happy it makes me happy. I Google search a few times and never saw those!! Lots of hearts to you!!:)

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On 4/15/2019 at 5:14 AM, LaurenPanna said:

I am just too bored waiting for final episodes:


Credit to Weibo Writer:

































Translation (pardon for bad English):

Mostly are what we discussed already, but I will just share.


Credit to Weibo writer:

Today I will write about WJ’s love towards Minmin, and how it started.

WJ love minmin, because Minmin has similar personalities as him. Why is that so?



1     At lu liu manor, they met. WJ was mersmerized by her beauty. The act of tickling her sole leading to a ice breaking session, is a start of his infatuation for her. At Wan An Temple, he let his thoughts drifted off by this when he saw her feet. This is truly infactuation. In their first hotpot session, WJ mentioned that if they are not of the opposing end, they can be bosom friends. But unfortunately, they can’t. So at that moment, WJ has already let go of this infatuation.  If the incident at Snake island never happen, Their friendship may just ceased.

2.     Second hotpot session, Minmin wanted to see the Dragon sabre and made the request to WJ. WJ agreed. XZ requested to follow, WJ’s 1st reaction is to see how minmin react. At that time, ZZR was bullied by sect members, he also made it a point to sneak at Minmin to see how she react. From this point onwards, we can be sure that, ZM has no competitiors at all. The Obstacle between WJ-Min relationship is never about ZZR or XZ, or any other love rival.



3.     On the way to Snake island, WJ listened to Minmin strategies and act accordingly, This is the beginning of Trust. At one incident, Minmin told XX that as long as she lives, she will protect WJ. And so She did what she promised, in order to save WJ, she stabbed herself during the fights with Persians. This incident, make WJ realized that she is one who kept to her promise. At the same time, he felt her protected love. Many said Minmin is like WJ’s mum, so WJ love her. But looking at it from another angle, A mother is a child’s guardian angel. WJ is a hero, but he also will feel tired and need warmth and protection when he is down. Only Minmin can sacrifice herself to do everything for him. From that moment onwards, His infactuation for Minmin turn into LOVE. They are equal, they need each other, they are bosom friends who can be there for each other, for better, for worst. To like someone is of free will. To love someone require control of inner feelings. He wants to be with her, so he has plenty of considerations and reservations that hold him back. At the beach, they bare their feelings to each other but he hold back the kiss and close his eyes. He knows, it is not easy to be together. Their similarities: They both tend to hold on to their promises to others, never go back on words. This is why, WJ did not dare to give her any promise. He did not dare to react to her promises either, because she will do whatever she promise. She kept to her words. 

WJ grew up on fire ice island, and was a happy kid. When they came back to Mainland, his parents lied to the Pugillist world that XX is dead. He refused to tell lies and reveal that XX is not dead, this cause his parents to commit suicide indirectly. From then onwards, he learnt to control his feelings and reaction due to childhood unhappiness of parents death and due to personally witness his parents death. But deep inside, he is the same as Minmin in terms of directness and straightforward nature. This is the real nature of WJ. The directness and straightforward nature of Min, is the person he yearned to be. One will only be attracted to 2 type of people. One – people who are similar to you. Two – people who you yearn to be like. WJ likes Minmin, because he can only BE HIMSELF  in front of her.



4.     Snake island. WJ knows that Minmin is a main suspect of the incident on Snake island. But he still missed her. He tried to delay his marriage with ZZR, because he love Minmin. Back to Mainland, he could not make himself kill her, he blurted out the sentence “how could you bear to hurt me then” – is a very obvious statement about his love for her. He carry her, he lend her his shoulder. In front of Minmin, there is no need to observe the “Man-Woman need to distance each other” rule.

They chatted at river side one more time, After the chat, you can clearly see that WJ did give the relationship some considerations before. And after that incident, Minmin finally give up. They met again after her execution but both of them did not mention about getting together again. Minmin only care about the truth on Snake island. Whereas WJ cook medical meal for her, protect her and show how much he trust her. This trust is truly precious. Many thought that WJ is heartless. But I disagree. He push her away because he love her. He did not want her to be accused of betraying her country for him. He wants her to have the chance to go back to her family.

6.     Minmin’s wedding clash – WJ’s only chance to break away from the wedding. This is not only her gamble, but his gamble as well. Minmin show her Will to protect all her love ones including WJ, this make him afraid of hurting her by accepting her. On the Ox cart, both of them talked about their future of wandering the world together and this finally wake him up and make him realise why he love minmin. Because their goals are the same, their desires for freedom are Aligned, unlike ZZR's goal is to be a sect leader, He only have Minmin in his heart. He decided not to avoid the relationship and protect her all his life. Another Similarities they had: Look forward to freedom, and not Status. Do anything for Love.

7.     Hairpin , Kiss – no more control of feelings. During the incident, his sect members and Uncle force him to Kill minmin. This is as if the history repeating itself. When he was young, he witness his parents being pushed to commit suicide but have no power to prevent. This time Minmin’s turn, he decided to go all out to protect her, even if he failed, he will die with her.



I started off at page

100 -->recent but today I though I skip around a bit. Wow at page 63 I found this.  So well written.


Thank you for the translation..  this is what I thought too

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On 4/21/2019 at 11:40 PM, LaurenPanna said:


I promised to Translate. Here it is. Pardon for the bad english


Credits to Author: He Xiao Xiang – from Weibo.










My Translation (Pardon for lousy English)

“So you put Minmin on the boat and let it drift away, and she nearly died? “  Wuji has been forgiving towards everyone. But the thought of Minmin who nearly died, he could not contain his anger anymore.


“Yes I did it. And I regretted not killing her on the island!” Zhou Zhiruo did not care anymore and admitted everything.


Wuji sneered with disappointment and said, “So Minmin is right. Even A Demoness like her, is no match for you, the Virtuous and gentle Emei Leader!”


Wuji did not wait for Zhiruo to continue and dash out of the room.


Dashing into Minmin’s room, he can’t wait to Hug Minmin tightly.  


“What happened? Wuji?” Minmin asked gently.


“Zhiruo did it. She admitted” Wuji replied


“What?” Minmin pushed him away gently and asked.


“Zhiruo is the culprit of everything that happened on Snake island. She did it for The Heavenly Sword and Dragon Sabre. She learnt all the venomous martial arts from those Manuals that were hidden in the weapons”


Minmin knew that the murderer is Zhou Zhiruo all along but couldn’t help feeling shock when she hear this from Wuji personally.


“Actually, when you told me that Zhiruo is the Culprit in Yuan Shuai Residence. I already have my suspicions towards her. But She is my benefactor after all. How could I suspect her? So I forced myself to stop thinking about it.”


“I knew it.” Minmin raised her eyebrow and look at Wuji proudly.

“Yes” Wuji reached for her hands, smiled and looked at her with loving eyes.


Minmin suddenly push his hands away and lamented: “When you accused me as the culprit earlier on, you nearly strangled me and were very harsh to me. Now, you know every well that ZZR is the killer, yet you were not angry at all and even feel regret for her.” Minmin looked at Wuji provocatively.


Wuji smiled gently. “Because you are the one I truly love”


Touched upon hearing his love declaration, Minmin hugged Wuji.



Wuji stroked her hair, “Minmin, I was despondent, not only because of Zhu Er’s death….  I just can’t bear the thought of you lying to me and not loving me at all.”


“Why would I lie to you?” Minmin said.   


“Even if you lied to me, I am a willing party. Because I, Zhang Wuji, had fallen head over heels for you little Demoness.”


Author’s Notes:

[2019 Wuji is really devoted. He believed in Minmin after hearing her explanation. Epi 38 – Minmin said that the Murder is too despicable. If she know who did it, she will kill her. Wuji replied, “No matter how despicable the murderer is, she is still no match for our Sassy Princess. Although he is being sarcastic, this also shows that he believe in her at that time. Most importantly, he feel a deep sense of relief and is very happy to know that Minmin is not the Culprit. Epi 42 – Though he said that he believe Zhiruo, he actually already started to suspect her. You can see that when he kept asking Minmin whether she has any other evidence to prove that. If not for the Cut Scenes, there should be more Wuji Minmin love declarations moment.]

Thank you

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On 4/22/2019 at 10:41 PM, LaurenPanna said:


Translation to my best ability… Although I do feel that , after translating, it feels funny LOL



Reunion in Grassland, from this moment on, We shall wander the world together.

-       Ji Min Finale.


“I thought you are not coming”  Leaning on his shoulder, Minmin raised her head and started to speak.


“Minmin, I told you, no matter where I am, no matter how difficult it is, I will still come back to you……… how have you been doing all these years? There isn’t a moment I stop thinking of you, missing you badly. I can’t wait to fulfill my promise to the country and come back to you. I searched frantically for you . I wanted to come back to you so badly, even if it means losing my life”

Wuji’s eyes filled with love, touched Minmin.


“After Burying Father, I had been staying with my Granny. She dotes on me a lot and is very happy to have my accompaniment. After returning to Mongol, I started living the life I yearned for. But I am not happy at all”


“Because you missed me, you are worried for me. I know”  Wuji Smiled, beaming with happiness.


Minmin didn’t answer. She asked, “Wuji, What if I was dead, Or What if I fell in love with someone else? What if I was not in Mongolia at all? And you never get to find me for the rest of your life? What would you do?”


Hearing what she said, Wuji suddenly frowned and look despondent. He ever thought of all these possibilities but did not have the courage to face his fear.


“If you are really dead, I will follow you. When I thought you were killed by your dad, I promised you upon your grave that, Once I fulfilled my mission, I will not let you be lonely again.”

“ If you fell in love with someone else, I will still stay by your side to protect you, I would not let you be bullied by anyone.”  Upon finishing his sentence, his eyes filled with tears uncontrollably.



Suddenly, Minmin laughed and said: “Who else would bully me, except you?”



But the moment she saw Wuji’s tormented face, she stopped laughing and look at him lovingly. She ask, “Then, What if you can’t find me for the rest of your life?”



“I don’t know, I dare not even think of that. I will keep searching for you, till the day I died.”



Minmin is very touched to hear that.



Suddenly, She shyly and playfully asked, “Is my hairpin still with you? “ 



Facing her, Wuji look into her eyes and was mersmerized by her beauty. He replied, “Yes, the hairpin and handkerchief are still with me, They represent my promise to you and They give me strength to live and move on. How can I lose them? Shall I put on the hairpin for you?



“Yes” , Minmin smiled.



Minmin finally feel a deep sense of relief. She hugged him tightly after he put on the hairpin for her. Her Wuji has finally come back to her safely. He is still the innocent boy with a Pure heart. There is nothing more she could ever ask for than this. From this moment onwards, they can finally hold hands and wander the world together.

Thank you!  Thank you! :)

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On 4/24/2019 at 10:58 PM, chipz03 said:

I love reading all the fanfic and has always wanted to try writing one. So here we go, my first time ever writing and sharing fanfic :sweatingbullets:.


I tried to write about the last episode until ZM and WJ reunion.i t's long and winding with nothinv really new, and perhaps the tone was sombre (been feeling down lately,  so it kinda reflected perhaps :grin:) Slight Alternate Universe (AU)  type for some of the characterizations. I put in spoilers to avoid long wall of post hahaha.  Hope you all like it. Sorry for any inaccuracies. No ill intention whatsoever please:blush:


  Reveal hidden contents

Three summers.

Almost three summers have passed ever since Zhao Min bid her forever farewell to Zhang Jiaozhu and left central plain forever. 

Zhang Jiaozhu.


That name brought back the memories of their parting that summer day. The day she finally admitted her defeat in her perilous gambles for the Wuji she used to know. She had been betting everything for her Wuji, for him to finally be honest to himself, to let himself be free to chase what he really wanted.


But that fateful day has sealed away all her dreams forever. She knew that she had lost. For so long that Zhang Jiaozhu still stood in front of her,  she knew she would not find her old Wuji back,  and it was time for her to face her reality. 

That man who was standing in front of her, wearing his white clothes befitting the unbeatable leader of the sect that led the fights against her dynasty, whose long hair neatly rest past his shoulder, was not her Wuji.


He was not the young man who wore rough cotton clothes, with his hair up on a simple bun, whose eyes shone when they shared their dreams of the beautiful future travelling the world over the boiling hotpot. She could not find that old Wuji who tickled her foot at the manor.


That man in front of her was Zhang Jiaozhu, the leader who had kept himself entangled in the conflict because of his chosen allegiance to his brothers. Those brothers who had went behind his back and plotted her father's demise.  She was not sure if he could ever extricate himself from all the expectations that befell upon him during these power struggles, and she could not care anymore. This Zhang Jiaozhu was not her beloved Wuji. 

“I could use all my life to want you, but I could also use all my life to let go of you. I will never bother Zhang Jiaozhu anymore, and I hope Zhang Jiaozhu will not bother me anymore as well” was the last words she uttered to Zhang Jiaozhu before she threw away the wooden hairpin and took her steps away from him. Despite the pained look on his tearful eyes, the eyes that, for a split moment, still reminded her of the old Wuji, she was determined to not spare a look back as she took her steps away from him, and she never looked back. 

With every step she took, she uttered her sincerest prayer for her father and her deepest apologies for him, her brother, and her families. With each step too, her resolutions to leave Zhang Jiaozhu got stronger. She knew she could survive without him, and she would survive without him. She would never pin for Zhang Jiaozhu anymore, could no longer wish for the man she left behind. She now realized that her love was not for Zhang Jiaozhu.  Never Zhang Jiaozhu.


She had no qualm severing her ties with zhang Jiaozhu but for her beloved Zhang Wuji, if she could ever find him again, she had made an oath to never love anyone else. Until the day her Wuji came back to her, if there was ever that day, she will live her life alone. Even if it takes a lifetime, she will wait for her Wuji to return. Not Zhang Jiaozhu. Never Zhang Jiaozhu.

Three summers have almost passed, and she never wavered on her oath. 

She had prepared herself for a lifetime of loneliness and solitude when she left the city, although it had been a great comfort to find that her brother has joined her when she buried their father besides their mother’s grave. Her tired heart had regained consolation and strength when she knew that her brother could ever forgive her foolishness and even arranged for their loyal vassal, A San and his new family to accompany her through her journey back to their homeland. Their company had given her solace, as she found old bonds that had withstood the years of war and upheaval, old loyalties that reminded her of her old life. Before she met Zhang Wuji. With them beside her, the journey had been smooth and safe, and she slowly regained herself back. 

This is the third summer since she said her goodbye to Zhang Jiaozhu.

She remembered the day she and her company finally reached the grassland. Her beautiful land. She was born and raised in the central plain, but she always loved when her mother told her about the beauty of their grassland. ‘If one day you can step your foot on the beautiful grassland, look around you for the vast greeneries, the clear river, the blue skies’ her mother used to say, with eyes filled with longing. She wondered if looking at those secret longing on her mother’s clear eyes that had unconsciously galvanized this yearning inside her to live her life freely, a dream that she once shared with her Wuji. 

She has lived her life alone simply as Zhao Min in her beautiful grassland. A San and his family have established their new abode nearby, while she chose the most secluded part on the piece of land that belonged to her family. She thanked heaven for her brother. She was no longer Min Min the princess, but her brother still instructed A San to secretly arrange for her to settle in their land. For her brother, she had picked herself up. She took the duties to herd the sheep, taking care of herself, moving on.

But she never forgets her oath to her Wuji. She has kindly and steadfastly rejected many offers for her hand from many in this new place. She could do what she promised she would do, and she did. She treasured new friendships she forged in her new place but she retired to her solitude at nights. She didn’t regret it, she would never regret it. 

Three summers have almost gone.


The weather suggested that the third summer would soon be gone as well, but Zhao Min still steadfastly waited for her Wuji to return. Not Zhang Jiaozhu. Never Zhang Jiaozhu. 

She wore her blue clothes today, her hair adorned with her favourite headpiece. She offered her prayers to heaven for her parents, and for her brother's safe return from the war, like she has always done in these past three summers, before she patiently herded her flock of sheep. It didn't take her long to realize one of the lambs were left behind. So focused was she on her little lamb that she did not notice a man was running toward her. A blue handkerchief in his hand.

“Min min…”

That voice stopped her dead on her track. That voice. The sound of the name that she has long forgotten. But she couldn't turn around, she did not want to turn around. What if that voice belongs to the man whom she has said goodbye to almost three summer ago? What if that voice belong to Zhang Jiaozhu, not her Wuji? 

“Min-min…is that you?”

The sound of him calling her name finally forced her to slowly turn around. She felt the minutes passed by slowly as he started to enter her line of sight.


And she finally saw him again, this man, wearing rough cotton clothes with his hair up on simple bun. Her old Wuji. Floods of emotion that she has long guarded washed over her. 

"Why only now you come?"

So much things she wanted to say, so many questions she wanted to ask, but she could only uttered that one question. She has been waiting for this Wuji to return to her for so long and she finally found him. Not Zhang Jiazhu, never Zhang Jiaozhu.

And heck yeah for Avengers: End Game. Whatever it takes!:mrgreen:


On 4/25/2019 at 1:37 AM, LaurenPanna said:



Grassland Reunion PART 3 Translation.






Credit to Weibo writer (Her original link below)



Translated article in Spoiler:

  Reveal hidden contents

The Auntie continued “It is even interesting to note that, this wiltful woman give her Son a weird name. Don’t you think it is Weird? Who would give their child such a name? Nian Niu? Cow? It is not nice at all. Doesn’t sound very auspicious to me.”




“What? Please say again!” Wuji couldn’t believe what he has just heard. He was Tearing uncontrollably at first, But when he heard of the name “Nian Niu” being mentioned, he instantly Stunned and dare not believe what he has just heard.




“I will say again then. You don’t have to talk in this kind of tone. Her son’s name is “Nian Niu”. Understand now? Why are you crying and laughing at the same time? Are you crazy?”


Auntie said impatiently. Can’t be bothered with Wuji, she walked away quickly, fearing that he may turn crazy and attack her.




Zhang Wuji felt like every single blood cell in his body has been frozed. He has a daring assumption that Nian Niu is his son. But he just did not dare to believe it. He did not want to be disappointed if this is not the truth that he wanted to hear.




He remembered that he used to name himself Zeng Ah Niu. How would he not know the reason why Minmin name her son Nian Niu?




Nian Niu Nian Niu – Missing Niu Missing Niu – Missing Zeng Ah Niu.




Suddenly, he is able to put bits and pieces together. Minmin is such a smart and confident lady. How would she marry anyone just like that? They both promised each other to stay together forever. He knows that she had forsaken the country and her family for his sake. How would she give up their relationship that easily? They love each other deeply. How would Minmin accept any other men that easily?




It must be that night! The night when he came back from Shaolin. It was raining heavily. They became husband and wife that Night. He strongly believe that this child is a result of the intimacy they had together. Nian Niu is his flesh and blood! How wonderful ! Little did he expect that they would have a child after those sweet moments.  


Thinking of the Sweet and intimate moments they both shared, Wuji felt happy and comforted.




Then, suddenly, he thought of what he had done. Refusing to leave with Minmin to Mongol, hurt her deeply. Minmin was all alone, being pregnant. She must have suffered a lot. She live alone all by herself. She has no one to care for her when she is sick. What if her old injuries acted up and had no one to turn to all those years?




He felt lousy and irresponsible as a husband. He is not even sure if she eat well and sleep well all these years? Whether their baby gave her hard time?  She has been facing Criticism all these years and he didn’t even know and can’t even be there to support her. He is such jerk, he thought to himself.




He is really grateful to Minmin for bearing him a child. This child is the best gift from the heaven. He need to see Minmin and their child as soon as possible, and tell them personally that he is wrong, he will use a whole lifetime to make amendments to them. He yearns to embrace Minmin, comfort her and let her know that he will never leave her again. He will take good care of both of them.




His heart is in pain. He owe her too much.




He quickened his pace on his way to look for Minmin. He can’t wait to hear it from Minmin personally, that Nian Niu is their Child.




Upon reaching her tent but he did not enter it, he said, “Minmin, I know you are inside. There is something I wish to ask you. Only you can tell me the truth.”




Minmin and Granny are trying to coax the Little one to sleep.




Minmin thought to herself. “The day I fear most is finally here. Blood is thicker than Water. He will find out about this child sooner or later. But She did not wish for him to find out. She did not want to have anything to do with him again. They have already been separated for 2 years and there are already a gap between them.




“Zhang Wu Ji, It is so late now. What do you want from me? “




“Minmin, please tell me that Nian Niu is our child. Is it because of that night?




Upon hearing that, Minmin frozed, she was holding her hands together very tightly with finger nails piercing through her skin that nearly bleed.


She cannot tell him the Truth! She want to have a complete break from him.






Zhao Min ah Zhao Min, it has been 2 years. You have been through the worst. You have been living peacefully all these years. You can do without him. You must be firm. Never be soft hearted!




“Mister Zhang, please stop joking. Yes you are right, I have a child now. But he is not yours.”  Minmin replied to Wuji who is outside of the Tent.




“Minmin, please don’t lie to me, If he is not mine, why did you call him Nian Niu?”




Minmin panicked. But she remain firm in her tone, and said , “Mister Zhang. Please do not read too much into it. I randomly pick this name. Nothing to do with you at all. My Child’s father has a Cow. The Cow is a symbol of our Love. So I name him to commemorate the cow.”




Now Zhao Min is truly regretful for coming out with this ridiculous name without giving much thought to it. So, she cooked up a reason to lie to Wuji.




Wuji laughed. Only Minmin would think of such a lousy excuse. In the past, he may just believe her words. But now, after experienced so much, he is no longer that Silly and foolish Zeng Ah Niu. .




“Minmin, you don’t have to lie to me. Nian Niu is our Child. I know. If he is not my son, then who is his father? I did not see you talking to any other man all these while. You lied to me, right?”


He said this with much careful thought, he feared that Minmin would push him away again.




“Zhang Wuji, His father has passed away due to illness. We got married without informing anyone. His illness came in a sudden and He passed away just like that. I feel very lucky to have married my husband. Please stop doubting my love for him. I love him and he love me deeply too.” She replied Firmly and seriously.




Zhang Wuji almost stopped breathing hearing that. He does not believe. His heart is now in pain. But he understand how Minmin feels. He is willing to wait for her to put down her grudges towards him and come back to him. He will treat her well and tell her, he has been waiting for her.




“Minmin, why did you go against your heart and lie to me? I know you are still angry and refuse to forgive me. But why won’t you admit that Nian Niu is my son?  I want the truth.”




Minmin closed her eyes and shout fiercely “ZWJ! Listen carefully! Nian Niu is my husband’s Son. My Husband is already dead. Although he is no longer with me, I do not allow you to insult him behind his back. Please do not think that I still love you. I already said. I sacrifice so much to be with you. But you hurt me because of your Brothers. 2 years ago, I already decided that I do not want you anymore. I have no more feelings for you. Why would I bear a child for you? Even the wooden hairpin is destroyed, We have nothing to do with each other anymore!”




She collapsed on the floor after she finished her piece. She had no more strength left. She fought back her tears, pretend nothing has ever happen and that She is just bidding farewell to a stranger.


But She started crying uncontrollably. She wanted to hurt him on purpose to make him leave. But her heart is in pain that she could not breathe anymore.




She knows that he is hurt too. But both of them has a gap now. Everything about them were in the past. What exists between them are grudges and family hatred. She need to end it here and now. She must not be soft hearted.




Wuji is heartbroken. Why would Minmin marry other man? He cannot accept this truth. He wish that time could turn back. IF he is given another chance to turn back time, he will not hesitate and leave with Minmin. But all is too late. So what if he is highly skilled in martial arts? So what if he is good with so many things? He has lost Minmin’s heart.




Both of them are just physically a few steps apart but it feels like a distance away.  





Thanks for the fanfics

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On 4/29/2019 at 12:08 AM, chipz03 said:

I agree that he might not want to attract attention of the guests. Although previous versions, he had mentioned or alluded that this matter related to XX? (2000 version and/or 1986? if I am not mistaken). Sometimes I wonder, ZZR did not want WJ to find XX because deep inside she really  did not understand WJ, but also perhaps she felt some fear that her bad deeds will be spilled by XX (again,  I am bit fuzzy about this part. In the previous versions, XX knew that it's ZR who did all the crimes at the Snake island right?).


I made 2nd part of my fanfic. Not that good but hope you'll like it hahaha. This is the first time (well, 2nd time after the first portion of the fanfic I made several pages back) that I ever made and shared my fanfic :sweatingbullets:


Set after he ran to hug her on the grassland, and before they rode the horses together. 

  Reveal hidden contents

A fortnight had passed ever since Zhang Wuji met his Min-min again. Fourteen ethereal days, yet he still could not believe he had finally found her again.


That fateful day, Zhao Min was tending to her little lamb who had lost its way when Wuji found her. Many words left unsaid, many questions left unasked when he ran toward her. He did not want to think of anything else, could not think of anything else. He only wanted to feel her close to him again, to let him know that she was real. That she was not just a figment of his desperate imagination, a cruel twist of reality that had tortured him in the last three years ever since he heard her farewell. Ever since he watched her back as she walked farther and farther away from him.  


“Min-min..I finally found you again”


That night, they sat on her secluded tent and they talked. They talked about all the hurts and disappointments she endured in that three years she spent by herself. They talked about her secret struggles to regain herself. They talked about her resolution to spend her lifetime a lonely maiden if she never found her Zhang Wuji again. Her temper flared when they talked about his former members’ betrayal that had caused her father’s demise. It hurt him so to see how deep he had hurt her heart. Those tearful eyes, those broken sobs had mercilessly pierced through his heart. But Wuji could not let the topic dropped. He needed to talk this out with her. He needed to clear this out with her. He knew he risked his chance to be back with her, but he knew that his Min-min needed to heal. To let all her pain, her anger, her regrets out on him. On him. He could not be her fortress three years back for he was bound by his duty toward his people, but he could now. He would. Even if he was three years too late, he could not give up. Not now. Not ever. He was willing to shoulder all her bitterness, her hatred, her anger if it could repay all the tears she had shed. All the tears caused by the betrayal of his own members. No, his former sect’s members. He could spend his eternity making it up to her. He would. Even if what she wanted was for him to give up his life. He could. He would.


Although he should thank heaven that she just kicked him out of her tent that night.


He did not give up. He could not give up. He had traveled so long, so far for her. For her forgiveness. For her heart. He could not give up. He would not give up.


Zhao Min walked out of her tent the following dawn to find Wuji sitting on the wooden bench beside her tent, nodding his head off. Sleep had lulled him away from the cold morning. This man. Wearing his rough cotton clothes with his hair up in his now-messy bun. Her old Zhang Wuji. She sighed. She had hurled hurtful words toward him last evening, she had slapped him last night, but he did not fought back. He never fought back. He did not say a word, not even a whisper of self-defense. So she sent him out of her tent. She needed time to think, needed space to bury her anger.


Yet seeing him there, his body slightly trembled from the coldness that pierced through the bones had tugged her heart. She quickly went inside and took a thick fur blanket to cover him. She noticed that he was thinner. His face was more sunken, with dark circles visible underneath his eyes. Her Wuji’s beautiful eyes.




The feel of the warm blanket had woken Wuji up. Zhao Min quickly took a step back. “I should have given you blanket last night. I am sorry. It must be very cold..” said Zhao Min as she tried to sound non-chalant. Wuji quickly stood up from the bench. He ignored the stiffness of his back, the numbness in his limbs. He did not care. All he wanted was to treasure her words, her concerns. He smiled earnestly. That smile. Zhao Min thought. Her Zhang Wuji’s smile that she had missed all the time. She quickly turned herself around. “I am going to prepare some breakfast. "You..can wait inside the tent for some warmth. It’s..too cold outside” said Zhao Min again. Her words were simple, but for Wuji, to hear her say these words were like music to his ears. He felt elated.


That cold morning, simple breakfast prepared by Zhao Min was like a feast for Wuji. He kept looking at her face as if it was his last chance. She looked thinner. Her face was pale. Suddenly his mind flew back to that time at the farmer’s hut more than three years ago. To the yesteryear when she would still fight for him, stood by him. Back when he finally realized that his strength to reject her had waned and finally evaporated. She looked so pale back then too, yet she put her brave front to trick him into believing that she had healed. She had told him that her porridge was overcooked and burnt, but he liked it. Just like he had finally admitted that he had irrevocably fallen for the lady who had prepared it so lovingly for him.


‘What have you done these past three years?’ ‘Have you always been in the grassland?’ ‘When did you finally come to your senses and abandon the leader position?’


They started to have simple talks to accompany their breakfast, and Wuji felt his heart was filled with joyful feeling. A sense of happiness that he had long forgotten amid arduous fights against the enemies and the long lonely journey back to her, a wave of emotion that he had yearned to thaw his jaded heart. He finally felt this foreign yet so familiar feeling again, a sensation that was secretly shared by Zhao Min as well.


He would fight for her heart again, even if he needed all his lifetime to bring her back again. He would. He could.



On 4/29/2019 at 12:13 AM, penforella said:

Hi All,


Is the link to fanfic in another thread? Can someone point me in the right direction?


I tried to go through previous pages to look for it but I can't keep up :blink:


Many thanks.


I am in the same boat thus why I went way back to see if I can discover and repose the fanfic to recent so it will be easier to find.


Also, I thought I was crazy to be SO stuck on WJ-MM of this version.  I never intended to get hooked on this series.  I was DONE with HSDS a long time ago cuz I gave up on finding THE WUJI. 


I BRIEFED through it cuz I like Yuke in AOL so much.  Never thought I would get hooked...


I will gave the author his credit for the idea of ZWJ...but wild cheers and FULL credit is gaven to the screen, director, production team and ESPECIALLY Joseph and Yukee of this version for perfecting Wuji and Min min. 


Thank you.  Sorry if I repose.  I started off at page 100-120...then I realize I missed a beginning of a fanfic somewhere so skipped back to page 50  (yeah, I know it is SO sad I have been reduced to this...hahaha:D) but I can't help it...and reading some of the comments from all the awesome members made me feel SO much better that I am definitely not alone in this.   Thanks all:)


On 4/29/2019 at 2:33 AM, graceeedwardmom said:
  Reveal hidden contents

Zhao Min and Wuji holding hands while talking both eyes pinned on each other with longing feeling.
She said "I've replayed the scenario of revealing my background over and over in my head. About how to tell the world and how to continue life after that but still i couldn't find the best way other than death. Zhang Wuji loves Min Min Temur and she does too. She betrayed her country and family to be with him and he insisted marrying her despite his position and resistance of the world. He didn't neglect the country or his woman.  It's just fate has take its role and the mongols takes betrayal severely. She must die otherwise Temur loyalty to the Great Khan will remain in question. She must die in order to keep the revolution free of distrust, suspicion and disintegration. Both sides of war could move on and fight for what they believe. This is the best solution i could come up with."
Zhao Min's voice trembled with teary eyes she continued "My father.... i'm sorry but he's not.... Ru Yang Wang has been a great father to me. His fatherly love is part of my life. He couldn't bear to kill me even if it takes only one stab to end everything. He... I....." She can't continue her words as Wuji pull her into his embrace tightly to give her strength she need the most. For the first time in her life, she let go everything in his embrace. All these years, she holds everything inside her tough and cruel demeanor.
"You're the heartbeat of this revolution. Min Min Temur death had solidify your reputation, your credibility is unquestionable. This is the moment we've been waiting for... The moment to unify and restore everything back to our nation. Do you understand? We can't risk what we had achieved this far. "
Wuji nodded his head and hold her tighter. He only can imagine how she been through within the enemy's camp all the years physically and emotionally. She must be tired and exhausted within all the facade.
Slowly, Zhao Min pulled her out of his embrace. She stand facing the wall and urge Wuji "I think you should return now, people would suspect you."

Helplessly Wuji asked her "So where will you go? You should at least tell me so i can be at ease"
Zhao Min give him the sweetest smile, lightly she said "Remember before the burning pagoda incident, i told you i would like to wander the world if i'm not a princess anymore. I thought it was only illusion, but you have make it possible. I thought when my original plan succeeded chaos would fall upon the people for years until i don't know when. But you change everything. People believe in you and you have a good and pure heart not bitter like me. When the Mongols leave, they will announce you as the new ruler and restore everything peacefully under your leadership. I will be around to see that happened that's my dream too."

Wuji face stiffened, "how could you said something like this after what we did tonight, what about you and me? If you wanted to leave me so badly why you come near me. You're my wife now, you have obligation to serve me and stay wih me and i must protect you.... FOREVER...."

"What???!!! Wife, we didn't have wedding, how can i be your wife??

"My parents never have wedding ceremony. I never care about that either. You know and i know deep within our hearts we belong to each other and that's what matters and i'm bedding you tonight, try to runaway from me, i will find you no matter what."
Wuji's words pierced right through her heart. They never been a proper couple as the cirscumtances forced them to think and act maturely beyond their age. Suddenly, the young girl inside Zhao Min felt ashamed and the rush of blood to her head make her blushing. The view amused Wuji, he stand up and walk towards her, she quickly bow down her head and think of what to do, but he is faster here before she decide what to do, her lips are already taken by Wuji's lips. Wuji locked them as he give the smooch and the noise it produce, once it finished Zhao Min already trapped inside his embrace again, her body is so small like it was eaten up by Wuji's broad shoulder and chest. In the silence she decides she must leave early tomorrow morning. She must not debate Wuji tonight as it will useless anyway. She quickly make a lie "I will be here for you, but you must not spend the entire night here. You must listen to me, everything will be over if they know I'm alive. I will help you dress up now."
Wuji gives in and accepts her proposal. She dressed him up and makes his hair. They are not messy but still take some time to be cared with. Both resisting the temptations in their minds, they are so close, she can't feel his heavy breath on her face.
Before leaving, Wuji tell her "I'll come to you to wander the world, I will settle everything here as soon as possible. You must wait for me."
She nodded and felt very touched. They hugged tightly before Wuji left the door.
Once he's gone, she felt like there's a big hole in heart it aches her, she cried.
She can't wait for tomorrow morning to leave the inn. She must leave now.... Away....

To be continued....


Here's my continuation of my fanfic. I'm redoing eps49 in my head and finally finished it.

Now i must push my brain to compose eps50. I hope to make my version of ending as the show disappoint me. 


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On 4/29/2019 at 4:52 AM, LaurenPanna said:

Grassland Reunion PART 6 – Xuanming Elders 

Credit to Weibo Writer.

Original Link: https://media.weibo.cn/article?id=2309404364637800922054

  Reveal hidden contents

Aggrieved, he said, “Minmin, I was so afraid you will avoid me, So I waited for you before Dawn. I scared you will leave for Sheepherding without me and not allowing me to accompany you.”



He frowned with sadness. His eyes sparkled with innocence, he look just like a child being abandoned by his parents. Minmin can’t help it but to give in to him.



Unable to reject him, she touched his face and say, “okay okay, I won’t leave you alone. Am I not here now?” 



She suddenly feel a sense of guilt towards him. But Wuji’s pathetic and pitiful look is really adorable. She laughed at herself for harboring the thought of torturing and bullying him.



“Minmin, I miss Nian Niu, Can I go in and hug him?”



She regretted being soft-hearted just now. She thought to herself, “What? Just when I started changing my attitude towards him, he starts to request for more? I can’t let him get too close to Nian Niu, otherwise, separation will be more painful in future.”  



“No ! Nian Niu is still soundly asleep. You Don’t know how to handle kids, you might wake him up if you go in now”



Zhang Wu Ji pouted and Mumbled to himself, “Nonsense he has already woke up….. I heard his voice just now….” But He did not dare to speak aloud. 



Minmin vividly heard him mumbling. “What did you say? Zhang Wuji? What are you mumbling about?” She asked.



“Nothing, Minmin. Let’s go for sheepherding now!”

He is sure that Minmin’s heart has softened gradually. But she has not totally forgiven him. If he bickered with her now, she might reject him again. He does not want her to push him away again.



The Grassland and the Sky, forms a Horizon over the field. There is no trace of life. Occasionally, you could hear Dogs barking.

The grass trembled at the gentle caress of the wind.

A tall and slim woman holding a sheep whip, relaxingly tends to a herd of Sheeps. A young man follows her wherever she goes, with ease and grace.



It has been a relaxing day for them. Although Minmin is still a little cold and aloof towards him, she didn’t chase him away or act harshly towards him.

He is contended.

“Even if she is an ice berg, I will melt her with warmth” He thought to himself. But It did not occur to him that, Once an ice is melted, it will be gone as well.





Just like any other normal day, Minmin reached home after a hard day’s work, Zhang Wuji accompanied her.

Granny waited for them at the entrance of the tent. It is a little unusual for Granny to do that because normally Granny will be playing with Nian Niu in the tent instead of welcoming her at the Entrance.



“Granny, Anything happened today?”



Granny Smiled, “there is really nothing we can hide from you.”



Overjoyed, Minmin excitedly asked, “Grandpa and brother are back?!”



Granny nodded her head and held Minmin’s hand, gesturing her to come into the tent.

“Come on in, I cooked a table of food, and we are all waiting for you. They are now playing with Nian Niu. And it had been 2 months, they missed you so much.”



Zhang Wuji heard what Granny said and was upset. He does not want his wife to be so close to other Man, and thus he followed her closely.

Granny didn’t notice him at first but when she saw Wuji’s pleading look, she said “Minmin, Invite your husband in to have dinner with us.”





Minmin pouted her lips, “Granny, He is not my husband. He has already eaten. Don’t bother about him. Let’s go in. I am so hungry now, I am craving for your Horse Milk wine.”



Zhang Wuji was puzzled. He has been with her at work the whole day. How can she not know that he has not eaten anything? She is so cunning to even think of such an excuse to chuck him aside.



Granny said, “Min, don’t lie to me. He has been out with you, working hard the whole day too. Are you sure he has taken his dinner? Please don’t say things in a fit of pique.”



She turned to Wuji, “Don’t listen to Min, She didn’t mean what she say. Come in and have dinner with us. I cooked many dishes!”





Wuji thanked Granny immediately, “Thank you Granny!, I won’t stand on ceremony then!”



He stepped into the tent without waiting for Minmin to speak.



“After all these years, he finally become smarter.” Minmin thought to herself.



Wuji has been well-mannered throughout the dinner session, pouring wine for the family, helping them to wash up. The whole family is very pleased with Wuji, and is rather impressed with his mannerism. They even reprimanded Minmin for being too harsh on him.



Minmin thought to herself, “Again! he made use of his big innocence eyes to get into the good books of others”



Wuji felt heart warming that Minmin has been well-taken care of by this kind family who treated her like their own. It would be unimaginable if she came across others with ulterior motives or hidden agenda instead of kind-hearted ones like this family.



As days go by, Wuji wakes up early to wait for Minmin, accompanies her to work daily, eats dinner with the family, stays a little longer with them and have some bonding sessions with Nian Niu nightly.

Although Minmin has not totally warmed up to him, not acknowledging that Nian Niu is his son, He is already very contended to have the chance to see them every day.



He is clear that, in order to patch back his relationship with Minmin, he needs an opportunity or rather he needs to create an opportunity to make that happen.



Wuji already had dark circles under his eyes now. Minmin could not bear to see him looking so fatigued. She told Wuji not to wake up so early but he refused to listen, as he is afraid that Minmin will leave him alone again.

There is nothing she could do, since he insisted to do that daily. So, Minmin let him be, “Well, who knows, he may give up after sometime.” She thought.



Zhang Wuji gets along really well with Grandpa, Granny and Brother. He frequently chatted with them wholeheartedly even when Minmin is not around. In fact He love chatting with them when Min min is not around, so that he can know more about her through them. Sometimes, Minmin is interested in knowing what they were discussing about, but they would just keep quiet and pretend that they are not discussing about her. Minmin is also too lazy to pursue the truth as well.



Seeing how sincere Wuji is, towards Minmin, they feel that Wuji is an honest guy with integrity. They persuaded Minmin to let go of the past.



Every night, when she saw the scars on her shoulder, she would be reminded of the sacrifices she made for him. She would sometimes dreamt of her father, and her elder brother, and of those days when she was still a Princess. If she could made amendments in time, her Father would not have died tragically. She can’t forget, she can’t let go. She really can’t.





One morning, Wuji was absent. He did not come waiting for Minmin as he usually did.

“maybe he is tired of everything now. Good to let go. I can continue with my life, not to be burdened by our relationship again”

She thought. But She is desolate. Feelings of emptiness is tearing her apart.



She sobbed with tears. She is suddenly not used to everything without Wuji.

She laughed. “Zhao Min ah. You can’t do without him now, can you? It is okay. You still have a long way ahead of you. You can forget him. You can do it.”



She went to work as usual. Time seems to pass by very slowly.



Just then, She spotted a man on a galloping horse, moving closer and closer towards her.

It is Brother.  



Brother looked panicky and nearly fell from the horse.

She has never seen Brother in such an anxious mode before.



“Why are you in panic mode? Brother? Did something happen at home?” Minmin asked.



Brother took a deep breath and said, “Minmin, Quick! Come home with me! Your husband is seriously injured. He might not be able to make it through!”



Minmin laughed, “Brother, Who taught you to lie to me? This is not funny at all, okay?”



Brother said, with a dead serious look on his face, “Minmin, why do I need to lie to you? Your husband came looking for you, but you already left. Then, 2 men appeared, they were highly skilled in Martial arts. One of them wore black, while the other one wore white. Xiao Zeng called them Xuan Ming Elders. They fought for a while and suddenly Xiao Zeng was seriously injured by them. He vomited a lot of blood and lost conscious after that.”  



Minmin frowned, “Did Zhu Lao Si send Xuan Ming Elders to assassinate Wuji too?” she thought to herself.



“Brother, don’t worry. Wuji is highly skilled in martial arts. He has the protection of Jiu Yang Shen Gong. Xuan Ming elders are of no match for him. Even if he is injured by them, he will recover in no time. Let’s go back together now!”



“Minmin, he is of no match for the both of them. They subdued him without much effort at all. He suffered a great blow from one of them and lost conscious immediately.”



Minmin starts to worry now. Xuan Ming Elders are money-minded and cunning. If they fought him openly, Wuji will surely be able to handle them. But if they were bribed by despicable being, and dirty-handedly plotted against him, then Wuji would be in trouble. Moreover, ever since Wuji arrived in Mongolia, he did not practice martial arts for a long time, and any skills unused would be left rusty…... the more she think of all possibilities that could have happened to Wuji, the more afraid she is. She galloped her horse with full speed.  



Zhang Wu Ji ! Zhang Wu ji!. Nothing must happen to you ! I may not have forgiven you, But I want you to live well, even without me.

Please don’t let anything happen to you ! Please!!!



But….. She was too late.



He is lying unconscious. He is unresponsive. It looks like he is just sleeping soundly.   






She moved her trembling fingers to feel his breath.


He is not breathing….anymore...


Thank you for the translation.  :)

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On 4/29/2019 at 9:44 AM, LaurenPanna said:
  Reveal hidden contents

#hauythien HẬU Ỷ THIÊN


Sau khi Trương Vô Kỵ đến Mông Cổ tìm Triệu Mẫn. Họ đã thành than với nhau sinh ra 1 trai và 1 gái. Con trai thì giống Trương Vô Kỵ hiền lành đôn hậu còn con gái thì thông minh bá đạo giống mẹ. Cả nhà họ sống bên nhau rất hạnh phúc. Cho đến khi Truoqng Vô Kỵ và Triệu Mẫn đều đã già con gái của họ đã gả đi, còn con trai thì đã được Trương Vô Kỵ đưa về Võ Đang theo các sư thúc bá học võ. Chỉ còn lại 2 phu thê, giờ đây Trương Vô Kỵ tuổi già sức yếu mắc phải bệnh nặng nằm liệt trên giường. Triệu Mẫn luôn ở bên cạnh chăm sóc hắn, tìm rất nhiều thầy lang chữa bệnh cho hắn, uống rất nhiều thuốc nhưng vẫn không khỏi. Hắn đã ngầm hiểu thời gian của hắn không còn nhiều nữa. Triệu Mẫn cũng hiểu nhưng nàng không thể chấp nhận được điều đó, thấy tướng công mà mình yêu thương nhất ra đi trước mình là một điều rất đau khổ. Nàng luôn ngồi túc trực bên giường bệnh của hắn. Hắn gắng sức nắm lấy tay thê tử:

-Ta biết ta không còn sống được bao lâu nữa. nàng đừng phí tiền thuốc thang cho ta nữa. Hãy lấy số tiền đó để dành cho nàng đi

-Không, thiếp không cho chàng rời bỏ thiếp. Chàng đã từng hứa sẽ ở bên cạnh thiếp cả đời không bao giờ rời xa thiếp

Triệu Mẫn vừa nói vừa rơi lệ. Trương Vô Kỵ lấy tay gạt đi nước mắt của nàng:

-Ta xin lỗi. Đời này của ta không thể thực hiện được lời hứa đó. Chỉ mong kiếp sau ta được gặp nàng sớm hơn, yêu nàng sớm hơn, chúng ta lại kết thành phu thê. Như vậy, ta lại có thể ở bên cạnh nàng không chia lìa.

-Không, thiếp không chỉ mong kiếp sau mà còn cả kiếp này, kiếp sau sau nữa chàng đều phải ở bên cạnh thiếp.

Nàng đặt tay hắn lên má mình nghẹn ngào nói ra tiếng lòng. Trương Vô Kỵ nhìn nàng một hồi lâu rồi nói:

-Được, kiếp sau sau nữa người ta yêu và muốn ở bên cạnh cả đời chỉ có mình nàng.

Hắn định đưa tay còn lại vuốt má nàng nhưng tay hắn chưa kịp chạm má nàng thì đã buông xuống giường. Hắn đã ra đi. Trong giây phút đó nàng khóc òa lên càng ngày càng lớn, nức nở gọi tên hắn. Khoảnh khắc ấy, lòng nàng như có muôn trùng con kiến đang cắn xé đau vô cùng. Hắn đi rồi, nàng ngày nhớ đêm mong, ăn không ngon, ngủ không yên. Nàng nhìn mỗi một đồ vật trong nhà đều nhớ đều nhớ đến hắn. Thương nhớ tột độ chẳng bao lâu sau nàng cũng mắc bệnh rồi qua đời. Sauk hi chết, linh hồn của Trương Vô Kỵ và Triệu Mẫn gặp nhau ở trên Thiên Đình. Hai người cùng bước qua cổng Thiên Đình bước vào đại điện quỳ trước mặt Ngọc Hoàng và các vị tiên. Ngọc Hoàng lên tiếng:

-Hai người dưới kia là ai mau khai báo danh tính

-Thảo dân là người phàm đã chết tên Trương Vô Kỵ, còn đây là thê tử của thảo dân tên Triệu Mẫn

-Thì ra là 2 ngươi. Trẫm cũng đã xem qua sổ vận mệnh của 2 người. Khi còn sống 2 người đã có 1 tình yêu đẹp khiến trẫm cũng thấy rất cảm động. Trẫm sẽ ban thưởng cho các ngươi được làm tiên trên trời các người thấy sao?

-Đa tạ ý tốt của Ngọc Đế nhưng thảo dân và thê tử chỉ muốn là 1 cặp phu thê người phàm bình thường. Không mong là tiên chỉ nguyện làm uyên ương cùng nhau trải qua hương vị hữu tình của nhân gian.

Triệu Mẫn và Trương Vô Kỵ nhìn nhau. Triệu Mẫn tiếp lời hắn:

-Không mong làm tiên, chỉ mong làm uyên ương, trên trời nguyện làm chim liền cánh, dưới đất nguyện làm cây liền cành.

Ngọc Hoàng nghe vậy liền cảm thấy thích thú:

-Được, trẫm sẽ cho các người đầu thai xuống trần tiếp tục mối lương duyên tiền kiếp.

-Đa tạ Ngọc Hoàng Đại Đế.

-Người đâu hãy đưa họ đến Tru Tiên Đài đầu thai

Ngọc Hoàng vừa dứt lời đã có 2 vị thiên tướng đi vào đại điện đưa phu thê Trương Vô Kỵ đi. Ngọc Hoàng:

-Ti Mệnh

-Có thần

Ti Mệnh là 1 vị thần trên Thiên Đình chuyên viết vận mệnh của chúng sinh. Ngọc Hoàng nói tiếp:

-Hai người đó yêu nhau như vậy khanh hãy giúp họ tạo nên 1 câu chuyện tình yêu đẹp nhưng cũng phải lắm song gió thì họ mới hiểu được đối phương quan trọng như thế nào. Như vậy mới không phụ ý tốt muốn tác thành của trẫm

-Thần tuân lệnh

Tại Tru Tiên Đài, 1 vị tiên đưa cho cặp phu thê 2 bát canh rồi nói:

-Trước khi xuống đầu thai phải uống hết bát canh này

-Đây là canh gì vậy?

-Là canh mạnh bà. Sau khi 2 người uống xong sẽ quên hết mọi ký ức của kiếp trước

-Không, ta không muốn uống. Nếu ta uống rồi thì chẳng phải ta sẽ quên nàng sao. Vậy thì ta làm sao có thể tìm thấy nàng ở kiếp sau

-Ngươi yên tâm. Ti Mệnh đại tiên tự sẽ có sắp xếp nhân duyên của 2 ng

-Ti Mệnh đại tiên là ai vậy ?

-Ti Mệnh đại tiên chính là người viết vận mệnh của chúng sinh vào sổ vận mệnh bao gồm cả nhân duyên cho đến chuyện sinh lão bệnh tử của chúng sinh.

-Thì ra là vậy

-Các ngươi mau uống đi

Vị tiên đó chia cho mỗi người 1 bát canh. Hai người cầm bát canh đó rồi nhìn nhau. Trương Vô Kỵ nói :

-Mẫn Mẫn, hẹn kiếp sau chúng ta lại gặp nhau lại kết thành phu thê. Ta nhất định sẽ đến tìm nàng.

-Thiếp đợi chàng. Cho dù có chuyện gì xảy ra thiếp cũng sẽ đợi chàng. Người thiếp muốn lấy cũng chỉ có mình chàng thôi

Nói xong 2 người cùng uống bát canh, Triệu Mẫn thì đã uống hết rồi nhảy xuống Tru Tiên Đài trước. Nhưng Trương Vô Kỵ chỉ uống 1 nửa còn 1 nửa hắn vẫn ngậm trong miệng, đến khi nhảy xuống trần hắn đã nhổ chỗ nước canh đó đi. Lúc này, trên trời đột nhiên xuất hiện 2 tia sáng giống như 2 ngôi sao cùng rơi xuống 1 bệnh viện phía tây thành phố rồi biến mất. Lúc đó có rất nhiều người nhìn thấy, họ nghĩ rằng đó là sao băng, ai ai cũng chắp tay cầu nguyện. Vì họ nghĩ rằng khi nhìn thấy sao băng thì những lời cầu nguyện của họ sẽ thành sự thật.

Tại bệnh viện Tây Thành ở phía tây thành phố Thành Đô, Tứ Xuyên :

-A ! Sinh rồi ! Chúc Mừng, chúc mừng ! Là 1 cậu bé kháu khỉnh, đáng yêu

Y tá vui mừng nói với người sản phụ đang nằm trên bàn đẻ

-Cậu nhóc! Đúng là cứng đầu. Suốt 4 tiếng đồng hồ mới sinh được cậu ra đấy! Làm mẹ cậu mệt gần hết cả hơi rồi kia kìa! Đúng là tiểu yêu tinh thích làm khổ người khác

Cô y tá đùa vs đứa trẻ vừa mới chào đời. Đứa bé cứ khóc giãy giụa lien tục trông thật đáng yêu. Bố đứa bé đứng chờ ở ngoài nghe thấy tiếng khóc của con mình cảm thấy vui sướng vô cùng. Một bác sĩ bước ra khỏi cửa thông báo tin mừng:

-Chúc mừng Tăng cảnh quan ông đã sinh được một cậu con trai khau khỉnh đáng yêu.

-Đa tạ bác sĩ Trần ông đã vất vả rồi.

-Bạn học cũ giúp đỡ nhau là chuyện bình thường thôi mà. Không cần khách khí. Ông mau đi làm thủ tục khai sinh cho bé đi

-Được tôi đi ngay

Đột nhiên điện thoại của bác sĩ Trần kêu lên:

-Anh! Chị dâu sắp sinh rồi anh mau đến đây đi.

-Ở đâu?

-Phòng cấp cứu tầng 3

-Được, anh đến ngay

Ngay lập tức bác sĩ Trần chạy lên phòng cấp cứu tầng 3 đỡ đẻ cho vợ mình. Còn Tăng cảnh quan đi làm thủ tục khai sinh cho con trai. Y tá hỏi ông:

-Họ tên cha, mẹ? Nghề nghiệp là gì?

-Tôi là cha đứa bé tên Tăng Mộ Từ, mẹ là Lưu Anh. Chúng tôi đều là cảnh sát

-Đứa bé tên gì?

-Tăng Thuấn Hy

-Xong rồi

Trong cùng một bệnh viện con gái đầu lòng của bác sĩ Trần kiêm Tổng giám đốc điều hành của bệnh viện cũng ra đời. Ông đặt tên con gái mình là Trần Ngọc Kỳ. 

Mối nhân duyên tiền kiếp của họ sẽ đi đến đâu mời đón chờ phần tiếp theo


Is this a Vietnamese Fanfic? 

Just to share... 


Looks like 






I can't read Vietnamese or Chinese ::::( and I have read most of the english  ones.   I wish I can read both...especially Chinese cuz you guys said there is so many good ones.

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On 4/29/2019 at 7:00 PM, Yitian_fan said:

@vicious219 Roger that- I'll try to add a little bit each day (I have a definite leaning towards ZM scenes! I love her lines and it's fun to think about how to keep the meaning but, even more, convey the spirit of what she's saying!)


Thanks for that fanart, it's lovely- I'm reminded of some of my favorite animes actually!


Thanks also for the all the fanfiction (so much easier to read in English than Chinese for me!)


For people who are looking for more in English, here's a few of mine (and my Beta's!) too :)  I'll be adding more chapters to both in the next few days too!


[Long format]

Zhaomin-centric exploration of what I think would should have happened in a universe where the story allows Zhaomin's cleverness, boldness and vision to fully develop. AU, unabashedly Zhaomin-Wuji (slow burn), with a twist on the usual Soul Marks.



[Collection of one-shots]

ZM/ZWJ centered one-shots, each chapter is a separate scene, mostly canon-compliant, with a little AU elements




Thanks I read most your English fanfic.. wish I can read Chinese so I can read those interesting ff you recommended.


After Min’s 'death' ZWJ tries to kill RYW, but RyW gives him a dressing down, Minmin lives of course but her family and a Mongolian prince are a bigger part of the barriers between them

* 忌敏之年少时
Child ZWJ and ZM meet!  Only 1 chapter so far, but cute!

* 绿柳成荫花满堂
ZWJ fails ZM and when he tries to kill himself, instead he is transported back to the moment at Liu Manor in the trap and he gets a second chance. Awesome in that ZWJ is TOTALLY into Minmin from the very get-go!




On 4/30/2019 at 5:09 AM, jackieusa said:

Lending her his shoulder:wub:




First thing seeing her face in the morning reaction:wub:




Heart pain hearing his uncles calling MM witch:(





P.S. Finally able to post screenshot:lol:


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On 4/30/2019 at 8:38 AM, LaurenPanna said:

Very nice read


Story from Wuji perspective, wuji personal thoughts and feeling. Only he knows 




Will translate one day

:( can't read chinese



On 4/30/2019 at 11:22 AM, ildiz said:



Same here. :D


All credits to the weibo owner. 


Love this moment.  He is so MAN!!  Lol

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On 4/30/2019 at 2:30 PM, ildiz said:

Never get tired of the kiss scene:wub:  All credits to the weibo owner.

  Hide contents



















Darn it!! ONE kiss in 50 episodes. ...sighhhhh...


On 4/30/2019 at 2:58 PM, chipz03 said:

Nice to see pages still growing in this thread. I am having withdrawal for HSDS 2019, and Wuji-MM chemistry. :bawling:


O my, I laughed so hard at the additional notes on the translation of Xiaofu's scene when she was thrown with vegetables :joy:. Totally changed the mood of the scene hahaha. But kudos to all who have spent their times and efforts subbing the episodes, translating fanfictions, weibo posts, wonderful GIFs, and sharing fanfictions. I love reading your fanfics and I thank you all for all your awesome efforts :love:


Hi bluesky888. Thank you for your comment regarding my fanfic :blush:. I planned to make several short stories that are sooomewhat connected. The first three chapters are a bit angst-heavy as I was hoping to elaborate on their meeting and eventually reunion, but I planned to extend the stories beyond the last scenes on the series (like some short chronicles type of thing haha). I hope to make future stories in lighter and happier tones. :sweatingbullets:


So, I included the 3rd part of my fanfic in the spoiler. Set between 2nd story and the last scene where they rode the horses together. Angst-heavy but hope you like it :blush:. Hopefully next parts will be lighter :sweatingbullets:

  Reveal hidden contents

Almost one month had passed ever since Zhang Wuji found Zhao Min again in the grassland.


The past month had not been kind to the two young people who once, in a distant past, held each other closely as they struggled to make peace with their demons. They had to weather storms after storms of emotional turmoil as they faced their old wounds, their old resentments. As she struggled to forgive his past decisions to accept his members’ abhorrent tactic that costed her father’s life, for she knew that he had betrayed himself to come to that decision. As he struggled to find that peace that he had been relentlessly chasing in the past years, for he knew that he would not find solace until he could seek her forgiveness.

There were times when he felt that the invincible wall between him and his love was far too wide, far too high for him to climb. But he persisted. For her happiness, he had buried his own suffering in the deepest abyss inside his heart. For his Min-min, he could endure. He would endure.

For her. All for her.


Hours passed as days and nights came and gone, leaving behind old scars and new memories. Zhao Min sat quietly on her tent, as she had been doing in the last hour. One month. Thirty sunrises. She had passed these days with him, her beloved Wuji nearby, and she knew how battered her Wuji was.


Zhao Min could see the tired eyes looking back at her when they talked about the wars he had fought alongside his former sect’s members. She saw flashes of fear, sorrow, and anger in her Wuji’s eyes that she had never seen before. Emotions that she had never wished to see on her Wuji. Her beautiful and kind Wuji.

In those tearful eyes, she saw a disillusioned young man, a disenchanted leader who had to grapple with his members’ betrayals at the expense of his true love’s feelings for the sake of their common goal of winning the battle for their people. He never told her, but he could never hide anything from her. He always smiled in front of her, but he could not deceive her. She knew that he had been hiding his own pain for her. He had forsaken his own peace for her happiness. She knew, and deep inside her heart, she could no longer bear to see him this way.


Today marked the thirtieth day after Wuji had found her in the grassland, and she had made up her mind. She could not waste their precious times wallowing in self-pity anymore. She could not let them traverse these self-destructive paths any longer. It was time for her to find that forgiveness that she once abandoned long time ago. For her to close the sorrowful chapter of her life.

It was time for her to find back the real Zhao Min, that Zhao Min who had been raised to defy the odds. It was time for her to pursue the future with her Wuji. Their future.




Her soft voice calling his name brought him back from his reverie, making him spun around so quickly that he almost lost his balance. He could not believe that he would hear that name coming out of her beautiful lips again. He dared not believe.


She beckoned him to come inside the tent, and they sat down. She was facing him, he was looking at her. And for the first time in those long years, she finally smiled. A beautiful smile that had always caught his breath away. Tears once again filled her eyes and fell down her pale cheek like little broken pearls. But this time, he still saw that smile decorating her beautiful face. This time, he could finally see a glimpse of peace on her bright eyes.


And for the first time in those long years, he let all his guards down. He let all his pain washed over him as he cried. He cried for their long-gone pasts, for the years that had slipped away from their hands. He cried for her father, for all her sufferings.


“I am so sorry, Min-min”


He uttered the unbroken litany of apologies as his body was racked by his sobs. Tears had streamed down from Zhao Min’s eyes, as she threw away any traces of lingering hesitation on her mind. She pulled him closer to her, and she hugged him. Her Zhang Wuji. She hugged him protectively, whispering her own mantra of ‘I’m sorry’ to the broken man in her embrace. He pulled her tightly to him, afraid that she would be gone if he loosened up his embrace. He was unable to let go, unwilling to let go. He had long yearned for this miracle, had dreamt of this moment at every darkness fall.


That night, they did not sleep. They could not sleep as they sat in front of the tent. Her on his embrace, his cheek on her head. Treasuring every moment underneath the starry night sky, with the burning fire to keep them warm. They had lost so much throughout the years, had suffered so much for their love, and had waited so long for this moment. For her forgiveness, for his atonement, for their happy ending.


One month and a day had passed ever since Zhang Wuji found Zhao Min on the grassland.


That morning, they adorned the clothes they had worn on that fateful day. Her blue dress, his cotton clothes. And together they rode their horses, dashing through the vast prairie.

Carefree. Untroubled.


At last, they finally found their peace.



Also, thank you so much for the update on the lofter chat of the casts, Yitian. Greatly appreciate the info


Peace all:blush:


Thanks for updating your fanfic


On 4/30/2019 at 4:17 PM, deminni said:




Love this one because this was when they first met.



Love this one, too, because this was when they met again.





More fangirling under the cut:



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